H Pylori Symptoms | Do You Want To Know The Best Natural Cure For H Pylori?

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  • Tom S
    Tom S День назад

    Great salesman!..;-)

  • les f
    les f Месяц назад

    another scam to take our money

  • les f
    les f Месяц назад

    would you just spit it out and tell us. hmmmmm

  • Just for fun Channel
    Just for fun Channel Месяц назад

    I suppose that almost everyone who watched this has h.pylori if u don't then ok

  • kevin adamson
    kevin adamson 4 месяца назад

    I live in UK and can,t find matula tea locally only online at great expense. However a combination of mastic gum, oregano oil, dandelion root , garlic and ginger worked for me for H.pylori. I tried the standard triple therapy at first but it only killed some of it due to the fact the bacteria was antibiotic resistant. The natural option was better without the side effects though it did leave a sour taste in the mouth, it also killed theSIBO and candida overgrowth witch the antibiotics didn,t in the intestines. What works for one doesn,t always work for another. The combination i used was trial and error after losing faith with modern medicine..

  • Donna Borozenski
    Donna Borozenski 5 месяцев назад

    Did the matulla make you sick and what if your on synthroid and valium

  • Byron Lin
    Byron Lin 6 месяцев назад

    fake fake fake... money making infomercial.

  • adeyemi kolawole p
    adeyemi kolawole p 7 месяцев назад

    can i use ACV to cure H.pylori infection bacteria

  • Bilal Kanj
    Bilal Kanj 7 месяцев назад

    Top video thank you for your time n help. This is what I was missing.

  • Apricot Theory
    Apricot Theory 7 месяцев назад


  • Frane Niseteo
    Frane Niseteo 7 месяцев назад

    isnt it the most disgusting to use someones helth problem to get rich?

    JULIA L 7 месяцев назад

    OMG! hidding add. So dissapointed!

  • Kris Mat
    Kris Mat 9 месяцев назад +1


  • Xiaochen Zhang
    Xiaochen Zhang 10 месяцев назад +1

    I cannot stand seeing this video here on youtube. Herbs cure H Pylori... Seriously?
    I might believe this video if I live in the world of Harry Potter....

  • Bloated Belly
    Bloated Belly 10 месяцев назад

    What's with the board and markers in his hand??...I was expecting him to at least write something...like his name or draw a happy flower..........

  • UrbanExplorer1000
    UrbanExplorer1000 Год назад

    did you take a biofilm disruptor? maybe thats why the mastic didint work

  • jesus7es7dios7
    jesus7es7dios7 Год назад +1

    just talking and talking about whatever for te first 3 minutes... get to the point...

    • Kris Mat
      Kris Mat 9 месяцев назад

      He needs to put you in a state of trance before subtly placing the product he's affiliated with and the real reason behind this video!

  • Michelle Proctor
    Michelle Proctor Год назад

    I went to my MDs just gave me meds just came back ! I did the pine nut & Echinacea & Gold seal that worked for me !!! Hat was last year ! Thank god

  • Frane Niseteo
    Frane Niseteo Год назад +11

    sorry but u look like scammer

    • Kris Mat
      Kris Mat 7 месяцев назад

      +Enter name. Enter Surname. Can't disagree with you. I am always reassured to see that not everybody's falling for that type of scamsters, because I usually get insulted over challenging their videos. People need to believe, and it's the weakness they are preying upon. They need to be exposed at every corner!!!

    • Frane Niseteo
      Frane Niseteo 7 месяцев назад

      yeah but, that(BRACO) kind of scam is kinda fair, its obvious its a scam, but this video is using science and facts as cover uknow, very sneaky...

    • Kris Mat
      Kris Mat 7 месяцев назад

      +Enter name. Enter Surname. Put a video out there. I am trying to do it here and there.
      People need to believe. Check out BRACO ; the gaze that heals. It is a joke. But more power to him!

    • Frane Niseteo
      Frane Niseteo 7 месяцев назад

      why dont someone seize this? there is people who can recognise this, and there are who dont, how to protect the ones who dont know how to recognise scam like this? i mean isnt there a law.. this is con hiding under name of good marketing...

    • roven 08
      roven 08 8 месяцев назад

      This is how scam works. Step 1: Give factual information to win trust -- Yes, Mastic Gum does work. I have tried it and there is a research proving it, in addition to many articles in NY Times, Huff Post ...
      Step 2: Scam -- Matula tea is BS, no research. Lone website and costs 100s of dollars. Don't buy

  • Loulou Chahdi
    Loulou Chahdi Год назад

    matula also not available in Holland so whats the alternative tea?

  • Reza Moradi
    Reza Moradi Год назад +3

    People, I was diagnosed with H Pylori in Jan 2015 after 3 weeks of chronic stomach painImmediately I tried triple therapy, I was fine for about 6 weeks then the symptoms came rushing backI started searching all over internet and came across numerous ideas and remedies, but no luck with finding a clear cut answerAfter few months of hell I went back to doctors, with plenty of scepticism, so the medicine specialist (not a digestive systems specialist) gave me 2-medicine therapy for 2 weeks (2 antibiotic, 1 anti acid, 1 bismuth)I didn't have much side effects with them but staying with the schedule was hard, because you cannot take them together, also there is a time between doses you have to follow, furthermore some of them should betaken before and some after food.So I did a good planning of what time to take which pill and put reminders on my iPhone.The first pill was around 5:30am after breakfast, the last one was 12 midnight before going to bedthis was it for 14 daysI also changed my brush teeth every 3 days, I mean used a new oneBut it worked !!!!!!!!I tested after 3 months, to make sure, and it was negative. I guess testing after 6 weeks is also reliableGood Luck with AllMy suggestion, trust scienceAntibiotics are not great for your body but sometimes you need them, also you can always replenish your body with probiotic, just like I did

  • Adrian Sipos
    Adrian Sipos Год назад

    H-pylori has made my life a torture since 4 good years now. H-pylori gave me asthma-like simptoms with great pressure in my chest and heart rate irregularity. The best remedy i found is Artemisia absinthium (wormwood). It cuts off the general inflamation simptoms. Both tea and tincture work. Tincture however is the faster choice for me. Antibiotics had no effect, except stomach and liver pains.

    Good health!

    • roven 08
      roven 08 8 месяцев назад

      I did three treatments of antibiotics and those didn't work. At the end of the day, it is stress related, lack of exercise, .. I had to modify my diet to have control over pain. At different times, different products worked: yogurt, mastic gum, fennel seeds, DGL

    • Edward Van Sloten
      Edward Van Sloten Год назад

      +Adrian Sipos I'm sorry to hear that it did not work. I was very fortunate that taking antibiotics gave me no serious side-effects. I hope that you have good luck dealing with your symptoms !!!

    • Adrian Sipos
      Adrian Sipos Год назад

      +Edward Van Sloten I did have antibiotics treatment under medical prescription but it did not work. The only thing i got from it is side effects like stomach and liver pain.

      And i also heard that coloidal silver actually kills it.

    • Edward Van Sloten
      Edward Van Sloten Год назад

      +Adrian Sipos Is there a reason that you haven't had a 7-day treatment with antibiotics? I'd had several years of horrible symptoms, my doc FINALLY discovered the h pylori and I did the antibiotics. WHEW! I FEEL GREAT !!!

  • Mannitherucus
    Mannitherucus Год назад

    people really tend to scam other people who are suffering big time of certain illnesses..plus bigpharma seems to mislead information and certain healthblogs are full of shit too..and thats so wrong......its really a mess..... you seem trustworthy i guess....

  • Sandeep Sunny
    Sandeep Sunny Год назад +4

    Why is that tea so expensive ?

    • Aoa Tee
      Aoa Tee 8 месяцев назад

      well because the raw herbs are probably very cheap

    • DAN8800
      DAN8800 Год назад

      +Sandeep Sunny its expensive because there is not enough competition that produces the same ingredient

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +Sandeep Sunny Why do you think it's expensive to get rid of a bacterium that causes cancer? Is that not worth the money?

  • Josh Ellery
    Josh Ellery Год назад

    Hi David, just wondering if you used probiotic drinks or supplements with the matula tea?

    • Kris Mat
      Kris Mat 9 месяцев назад

      My research shows that you are a scammer!!!

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +Josh Ellery Yes, the research shows that you can enhance H pylori treatment with probiotics. There's a video about it on my channel.

  • jeffry michineau
    jeffry michineau Год назад +5

    The reason people get different responses from different products is because there are different strains of the bacteria and some people obviously may be more or less resistant to one strain or another dependent on their strictness or regimen during treatment so stop looking for photocopies of other peoples results, try something and then try something else

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +jeffry michineau No. The biggest health problem of today is lack of education.

    • jeffry michineau
      jeffry michineau Год назад

      the biggest health problem of today is addiction   because any diet food or drink you try to get to come off of that's not good for them now or long term they have the hugh life effort problem of getting off

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +jeffry michineau I agree - people expect a quick fix, but they're indoctrinated to do so because of the way western medicine is set up. It's nobody's fault, but consistently we find that people who are willing to take time to adopt a healthier lifestyle see the best improvements in their wellbeing over time.

    • jeffry michineau
      jeffry michineau Год назад

      what I find the most in treating any nagging or incoclusive illness, is that people are not very patient even with themselves to test and try to solve illnesses in them selves and they go back and try the ever faith sapping conventional medicine simply because the quick fix is very alluring. not to mention their own palatial calling for the harmful foods and life styles they've grown accustom to

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +jeffry michineau Wise words; it's not just the different strains, rather the interaction of the human genes/immune system, etc. that creates the outcome (symptoms or no symptoms). It's also related to things like stress. The literature has shown that gut bacteria respond differently to changes in chemistry and the chemistry in the gut responds to stress. E.g. stress hormone norepinephrine encourages H pylori growth (and other bad bugs). This is why it's such an individual thing.

  • Charles Bridges
    Charles Bridges Год назад +5

    How about go to your GP and get some actual medical advice and treatment!

    • John Smith
      John Smith Год назад

      +David Hompes really? 80 is too high and stresses out your heart which raises chances for heart failure and i read that a heart rate of 81 and above means poor health

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +John Smith it's common for bloating to develop with H pylori but equally the bloating can be due to Candida, SIBO, diet, low stomach acid and other factors so it's worth keeping an open mind and not assuming the bloating will go away ust be removing H pylori.

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +John Smith According to researcher Ray Peat PhD, a heart rate at 60-65 is too low and indicates sluggish metabolism (for many reasons, including adrenal problems, low thyroid, low iron, etc.) I aim for 75-80.

    • John Smith
      John Smith Год назад

      +David Hompes my only h pylori symptom is relentless bloating

    • John Smith
      John Smith Год назад

      +David Hompes hey thanks for replying but yeah my bodys getting better at compensating for the anemia my resting heart rate is no longer affected it used to be 85-87 and I would get bouts of 100 -115 heart rate (that went away in like 2 minutes) but my resting heart rate is back down to like 60-65 ( cause I'm very fit ) but its a harder heart beat my heart just feels like its beating a little harder I have normal blood pressure tho but I've really procrastinated I haven't done anything since this post about my h pylori i want to start the natural treatments but it says u need to fix ur diet and I haven't done that yet so I first gotta make my diet a super healthy one but yeah thank for asking

  • JOrlando
    JOrlando 2 года назад +1

    The website is non informative. Why is the tea so over the top expensive? Essaic herbal idea cures cancer and its $36.00

  • The Swiff
    The Swiff 2 года назад +3

    Matula tea saved my life I had fibromyalgia, so what they told me, but had h pylori and almost died matula tea gave my life back!!! And it works

    • afi reflection
      afi reflection 5 месяцев назад

      pls can you tell me if u r still happy with that tea

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +Adrian James Cool! Yes it works pretty well for most people.

  • Lanka Fortunata
    Lanka Fortunata 2 года назад +1

    Basicaly, he is saying don't waste your time on anything else  just buy  our product and you will be back to normal. He didn't even said anything like what type of food have to be avoided. Just  change your diet and spend $160 on us.

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +Lanka “earthydiva” Fortunata Well, it's not my product so unlikely I'll be making $160 on anything. You'll find videos on foods to avoid on other videos - I can't cover everything in one videos as it's a really big topic :-)

  • bira soares
    bira soares 2 года назад

    matula seller . buhh

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +bira soares Really? It's interesting that you think I'm a Matula seller given I don't sell Matula.

  • Bernard Bertrand
    Bernard Bertrand 2 года назад

    Sorry but I don't get it , I just don't understand the URL you are oraly giving for Matula herbal formula . 
    Thank you

  • annaaliuk
    annaaliuk 2 года назад +3


    • Rigo Marin
      Rigo Marin 3 месяца назад

      When you buy matula tea does it tell you a diet to take or that's just something your saying ?

    • annaaliuk
      annaaliuk 5 месяцев назад

      Yes i have been tested twice since that time and both test come negative :)

    • afi reflection
      afi reflection 5 месяцев назад

      pls can you tell me if you still happy with that tea

    WEBSTER 2 года назад


  • patriotsrus
    patriotsrus 2 года назад

    For about two months I have had an awful pain. It began with indigestion type symptoms and migrated to the right side. They thought gallbladder so tested me, nothing to do with gallbladder,
    Liver or pancreas. The pain isn't constant now, but it hurts a lot, and tends to be in my stomach and to the right under the ribs. Anyone have an opinion on what this might be? I don't have insurance, so getting lots of tests isn't possible for me. Does this sound like it could be symptoms of h.pylori?

    • SweetChef
      SweetChef 2 года назад

      How are you feeling? Your local clinic may be able to take you with no health insurance. I know many people who have no health insurance through their jobs but they are provided free healthcare through the local clinic. You might want to check that out.

    • Pierre Gameplays
      Pierre Gameplays 2 года назад

      +patriotsrus No problem. I'm currently suffering with this bacteria and my Matula Tea finally arrived today. I will start the treatment on Friday because yesterday I ate pasta by mistake and I want to get that all out of my system. 

    • patriotsrus
      patriotsrus 2 года назад

      +Pierre Gameplays thanks so much.

    • Pierre Gameplays
      Pierre Gameplays 2 года назад

      +patriotsrus The best way to identify H.Pylori is by doing a stool test. Not sure how much it will cost on your country but in mines it was about $30.00 dollars. Not bad compared to other blood test.

    ISLAM HOUKMI 2 года назад

    hey please im 18 years old im a girl and i have H. pylori i may have diabetes its a dangerous desease ???

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +ISLAM HOUKMI H pylori can cause a lot of problems, but don't worry because you can beat it; obviously it's important to work with your doctor regarding your diabetes - is it type I or type II you may have?

  • San  Van
    San Van 2 года назад

    Does the h.pylori is really work!?
    Because I have h.pylori and I don't want to use wrong produce too much !
    Can you please let me know as soon as possible !
    Thank you !

    • Donna Borozenski
      Donna Borozenski 3 месяца назад

      afi reflection I feel better after the tea but haven't been retested yet so I don't know if I'm cured yet

    • afi reflection
      afi reflection 5 месяцев назад

      hi pls can you just tell me how you feel after that tea? pls reply me soon as u can

    • Pierre Gameplays
      Pierre Gameplays 2 года назад

      +San Van I started antibiotics but I had to stop. My Matula tea just came in today and will start taking it in a couple of days. I have done a lot of research and the product seems to be good. Just keep in mind that this ONLY kills the H.Pylori and it will take months or even 1 year to get your ulcer cured. Most of the time is the Ulcer that will keep on bothering after the H Pylori is got rid off.

  • Bella Wini
    Bella Wini 2 года назад +1

    HP was discovered in 1983 by scientists from Perth. There is one important aspect of differentiation of HP: 1) "food pain pattern", pain after eating, it suggests ulcers in the Stomach  and 70-80% caused by HP. 2) "Food can bring relief pattern" suggests ulcers in the Duodenum and 95- 100% caused by HP!!!.

  • tangobart
    tangobart 2 года назад +2

    to much bla-bla... get to the point. You can put al this info in 2 minute video.

  • Celticlight1
    Celticlight1 3 года назад

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have HP yet the breath test comes out negative?

    • Pierre Gameplays
      Pierre Gameplays Год назад

      +David Hompes Hi Dave. Thanks for the reply and let me tell you that I tried Matula Tea and it was a life changer. I feel so much better now and no more problems due to H. Pylori. I'm now taking probiotics and prebiotics to keep a good balance on my gut. I also want to drink Matula tea once a year as a natural cleaner. Think its Ok?

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +Pierre Gameplays I agree, Pierre. A good stool test can also tell you whether you have other issues such as Candida, parasites, etc. (these are some of the reasons why people don't feel better even after they have been treated).

    • David Hompes
      David Hompes  Год назад

      +Celticlight1 Yes, it is. The breath test can either give false positives (due to things like small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) or negatives where there are only small quantities of H. pylori bacteria that don't create enough urea to show up in the breath test. A stool test either looking at stool antigen or DNA through PCR amplification is the best re-test. The medical recommendation is to wait 4 weeks after completing your treatment before re-testing.

    • Pierre Gameplays
      Pierre Gameplays 2 года назад

      +Celticlight1 Stool test is the best way to know if you got rid of it.

  • Mark Panegoe
    Mark Panegoe 3 года назад

    Colloidal Silver/Gold/Copper???

  • Favour mercy
    Favour mercy 3 года назад

    @Doorsfan13. how did you use marijuana to cure your sister's h. pylori? Please i really need your help

  • Tharwat Alamro
    Tharwat Alamro 3 года назад

    plz, can u write the website, thanks

  • Mastic Best
    Mastic Best 3 года назад

    CHIOS MASTIC GUM TREATS H PYLORI  - masticbest.wordpress.com/

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    Copyright © 2009   W  K  H

  • Rob Oddi
    Rob Oddi 3 года назад +4

    nonsense. this fool is promoting garbage. do not listen to this bs.

  • Victor Arellano
    Victor Arellano 3 года назад

    I've been having stomach pains for the past 2 weeks. They put me on omeprazole and I've had bad diarrhea and Pepcid ac with the same result I'm waiting on my blood test to see if I have h pylori

  • lmar mian
    lmar mian 3 года назад

    :) nice

  • Ben Son
    Ben Son 3 года назад

    How about soy milk regarding Hp?

  • T van b
    T van b 3 года назад +5

    The New England Journal of Medicine publishes a scientific paper on mastic gum which proofs that H. Pylori is killed in 24 hrs for 99,9%, even the resitent straines. And this man is promoting an expensive tea containing cheap ingredients as from the olive tree, not even native in South Africa. So I doubt this man's intensions. Mastic Gum is proven working for most people and peptic ulcers within two weeks are mostly gone. So Dave you are talking bull and only thinking of your wallet. 

    • Alandra Chip
      Alandra Chip 3 месяца назад

      Gabriel TaO may I ask what symptoms you had? How much mastic gum did you take to treat h pylori? And did you follow a special diet protocol for the treatment?

    • ginos Nza
      ginos Nza 2 года назад

      +Gabriel TaO please send me a e mail a need more inf ginosneza@gmail.com is true about oregano oil..

    • Gabriel TaO
      Gabriel TaO 3 года назад

      Because all my symptom's were gone. when it comes to diseases, you know your body more then anyone else, yes that includes the doctors as well. there is so many alternative ways to heal yourself from many illnesses but we just have to do our own research. This is how I found Mastic Gum. I also recommend Oregano oil for H pylori - the p73 type. Western Medicine is incorrect when they tell you that you lack acidity in your stomach, its actually the opposite you want to add more acidity in your stomach. I would also recommend taking a glass of apple cider vinegar with baking soda in the morning to start. apple cider vinegar is and baking soda provide you with acidity. also remember that your stress level plays a big roll and the foods you eat. the mind is a very powerful tool and if we combine alternative medicine, we can heal ourselves from many illnesses if we only follow the laws of nature not of doctors. You see nature has giving us many natural resources to cure ourselves but we become impatient and want immediate results. the stomach and spleen in Chinese medicine is connected to the EARTH element and when we suffer from stomach illnesses a lot has to do with over-thinking, over worrying because we are not grounded to the EARTH ELEMENT. Gabe Lee l      

    • Gabriel TaO
      Gabriel TaO 3 года назад

      T Van B- I agree with you- I was cured with Mastic Gum in 24 hours after having the bacteria H Pylori for over a year.

  • fanaru cezar cristian
    fanaru cezar cristian 3 года назад

    Brocolli Sulforaphane?

  • loveisallineed
    loveisallineed 3 года назад +3

    i just learn i have it my stomach bee cramping for weeks sight i am worried

  • streetmuggedbypolice
    streetmuggedbypolice 3 года назад

    I thought a two week course of anti-biotics prescribed by your doctor cured this????? Go see your doctor for christ's sake!

  • Magdalena Stetson
    Magdalena Stetson 3 года назад

    I had the HP. I have done many things: Manuka, DGL and finally this is what is being working so far: Maceration of linen or flax.
    Add 2 tablespoon of flax seeds (Canadian organic) for a cup of cold water and let stand for 12 hours. I drink first thing in the morning. It feels great so far. I just order the Erilim. The treatment is for 14 days. I will keep you post it.

  • Magdalena Stetson
    Magdalena Stetson 3 года назад

    Have you ever tried this Medication: Erilim?
    It is a new medication that claims to kill the Pyloris.

    • afi reflection
      afi reflection 5 месяцев назад

      hi pls can you tell me what i have to do with my h.pylori .pls that is really affect my life

  • octalwolverine
    octalwolverine 3 года назад


    Does Hpylori causes anxiety attacks? And does the anxiety go away after Hpylori is completely gone from the stomach?=

  • Austine U
    Austine U 3 года назад

    hello David I have the problem of H Pylori please can you tell me more please

  • Martin Mc Donnell
    Martin Mc Donnell 4 года назад

    Zero facts,I wasted 9 mins on this video,it does not live up to the title .Just another book salesman

  • NeeNee K
    NeeNee K 4 года назад

    Just the Facts, Doç

  • Mazhar Iqbal
    Mazhar Iqbal 4 года назад

    dear sir what is mastic gum and what is name of mastic gum in Pakistan and where can i find it in Pakistan

  • Andriy Siduyev
    Andriy Siduyev 4 года назад

    Good day! I'm Samantha.I did -30 lbs last one week.More here hddiet.gs\#RVyF

  • nieloufar
    nieloufar 4 года назад

    Hi dave thanks for you postings :) Im infected with this, I am treating it atm, but its gone am i still at risk of developing stomach cancer?

  • TearsAndBlood2
    TearsAndBlood2 4 года назад

    As a Pharmacy student I haven't heard of any of these treatments for H. pilory eradication. Yes its great that people are trying alternatives to the triple therapy regime but I mean do you really really want to risk having peptic ulcer complications such as GI bleeding, Haemorrhages' and anaemia. I'm probably being quite ignorant, but I would be interested for you to send me some links to clinical trial papers that talk about these treatments

  • Enthous ad Biophilia et Sophia Catolica

    Pine nut oil? We didn't use that or hear any mention of it, but whatever helps right? Naturally, and yes I've read a little bit about it, but not much. We used Mastic gum pretty much the way you described above, but more for the purpose of healing the ulcers than killing the bug. The regimen worked very well and fairly quickly, significant improvements were seen within hours of ingestion.

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    Yes, we've heard good things about Pine nut oil. But I've also worked with people who tried it and it didn't work for them. Remember: what works for one person isn't necessarily going to work for everyone. That's why it's important to have different approaches and alternatives. Also, if you really study the research of nut oils on the body, it soon becomes clear they are dangerous, because they create oxidative damage and lipid peroxidation including omega-3).

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    Quick comment to clear up how to use Mastic gum to help improve H pylori symptoms - In my experience people have best success using mastic on empty stomach, taking 2-4 capsules per day. Check with a qualified practitioner, who is experienced in using mastic. Ensure you purchase a good brand. Consider reading The H Pylori Diet book as specific recommendations are contained therein.

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    Pleasure - anything else I can help with?

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    You're right - there isn't a single product that's right for everyone - I make this clear in my book. Just as one person can have a food allergy to shrimp, another tolerates shrimp just fine. It's the same with anything we put in our mouths. Don't forget that H pylori can move into the liver and gallbladder ducts. When this happens it can be tough to eradicate and is a constant source of reinfection. Also don't forget that H pylori appears to be able to hitch a ride on candida.

    • afi reflection
      afi reflection 5 месяцев назад

      pls i already have that tea but i lil bit worrid abut side affect maybe in future .

  • djxr8ted
    djxr8ted 4 года назад

    Inbox me as I been doing a little more than just mastic gum, I did it a long time ago & stopped it and 6 months later discovered u need 3 months on it to work. glad I learned & re-tried it, making serious progress, Have been sick, researching & self treating for 2 years, believe me when I say, jump back on the Mastic, fight through what seems like symptoms worsening / coming back & do it for 3 months no matter what. Drink heaps of water to flush out die off toxins (green tea helps heaps also)

  • djxr8ted
    djxr8ted 4 года назад

    Yes it did improve however after day 14 I had slight fatigue, nothing major that would prevent u from working, I must admit felt like sleeping midday up until day 30, now I guess u could say I'm some what used to it or the mastic gum has killed off enough of the h.pylori that the die off effect is subtle, on day 51 according to my diary & all my friends say I have come a long way (sick for 2 years & been looking very sick) I feel better week after week and intend to complete the full 3 months.

  • radlikemad
    radlikemad 4 года назад

    How far into treatment are you now? After day 14 did it improve? I stopped the mastic and did the week of antibiotics which didn't help at all! Now thinking about going back on it?

  • djxr8ted
    djxr8ted 4 года назад

    I too tried everything, if you do a search for mastic gum side effects you will find a topix thread, side effects of the gum / returning of symptoms is a die off effect of the bacteria, keep with the mastic gum. They same mastic gum takes longer than other methods and works great, I have a personal diary and days 7-14 where hell for me, return of symptoms generally unwell feeling, this will eventually pass. follow Davids diet and continue the mastic for 3 months it will likely kill it.

  • Enthous ad Biophilia et Sophia Catolica

    Lol for sure, they destroyed my sis, same as the omeprazole that they gave her a while back. When I mentioned pot I wasn't implying that one should stop seeking a cure, that's actually the opposite of what I was saying. But the suffering I watched my sister go through was so horrible and I wanted to share what helped her pain. She was cured with a combo of probiotics, mastic gum, oil of oregano and occasional Manuka honey. It worked great!

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    My pleasure - lol - yeah lots of research and personal experience. I'd cut out all the guesswork from your program and run a comprehensive stool test through Metametrix - the GI Effects 2105 or 2100. You may be able to get one from a practitioner in your area; otherwise there's a ton of info on the H pylori testing page on my website. If you try things and they don't work, I suggest finding out what's wrong in the first place, then going from there.

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    People have had a lot of success using Mastic Gum in a product called Gastromend HP. 2x2caps /day on empty stomach is the recommended dosage on the bottle. Folk also have success using a garlic extract called Allicillin, but only 2 caps per day as otherwise people cross the street from you. Also, be careful with any supplements and make sure you do not have any conditions that may be adversely affected by their use (blood clotting and pressure issues with garlic, for example).

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    That's really interesting. Thanks for sharing. I think it's worth trying for anyone because it's inexpensive. However, it will cause some people to feel worse (I've seen that happen), so be careful.

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    Not sure what you mean.

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    No, that's not the case. What do you mean by "advertising anyway. Is telling people I eradicated my H pylori using Matula Herbal Formula advertising or is it sharing fact? Broccoli may work, but how much do you need to take, for how long? Nobody knows. Colloidal silver could also work as it is antibacterial, but again there is not a proven protocol for people to follow. Same with other foods and herbs that supposedly kill H pylori. It's the detail of the program that counts.

  • David Hompes
    David Hompes  4 года назад

    Yeah that's fine, but I'm not interested in short term fix. I'm interested in long term success and optimization of health. If she's so bad, she needs some really good assistance to resolve the issue long term. That said, I'd rather have a puff on that than take antacid meds lol

  • radlikemad
    radlikemad 4 года назад

    Thank you for all the research you've done on this! I have been suffering from this the past 3 months and it is absolute HELL. Ironically i had already been gluten/dairy free prior to these symptoms. Just got my test back last week that confirmed H. pylori. I have been on 1000mg mastic gum 2xdaily for 7 days now. Within 3 days my symptoms started to improve up to 80%! But the past day or 2 they seem to be returning. So discouraged! What should i do?! Wondering if i should up the mastic..

  • gkreno1
    gkreno1 4 года назад

    Dr Marcus Franz (Hartmann-Spital)
    im 13. Bezirk /Wien

  • Mahoutsukai
    Mahoutsukai 4 года назад

    welcher Doktor ist das?

  • gkreno1
    gkreno1 4 года назад

    kolloidale silver
    wishing you the best

  • gkreno1
    gkreno1 4 года назад

    i am from Austria in my opinion he is advertising matula herbal tea
    what is the ingrediants of this product? only southafrica is not enough perhaps magic here in Vienna ther is a Doctor trying to get rid of it with
    broccoli and kolloided silver

  • shamira H.
    shamira H. 4 года назад

    Dude I was waiting for u to write something on that board I don't know the spellings of everything English is my second language -__-

  • Mamacpj
    Mamacpj 4 года назад

    PS: My intestines were so inflamed that I could feel my organs being squished and could not sleep on my sides. It felt like there was a balloon under my breasts that had been inflated and was taking up all the space. It was a constant feeling of pressure. Very scary.

  • Mamacpj
    Mamacpj 4 года назад

    I was having a very tight feeling and pains in my abdominal area the past 2 weeks. My doctor sent me for the urea breath test (don't have results yet); but the pressure was getting worse and was keeping me awake. I went to the health food store and bought some acidophilus (Kpak) which seemed to give me relief. Then read about 2 Tsp Apple Cider Vinegar in 1/2 Cup of water 4 x day (3 with meals). Unbelievable. The pressure left after 1 glass and has not returned. Day 3 and no symptoms

  • djxr8ted
    djxr8ted 4 года назад

    Hey Dave, not sure if the regulations in Australia still stand but managed to get Matula to AUS, I tried the Matula Formula and to be honest It did nothing for me, got tested afterwards and was positive for H pylori again, I think its dependent on the H Pylori Strain. Matula made me feel sick, I think its not for everyone, I had a biopsy of the stomach through gastroscopy and still positive. I have your ebook and followed the diet with no success thus far. Not sure what else to do. Any advice?

  • Enlightened Idiot
    Enlightened Idiot 4 года назад

    @coold97 what was ur sympthoms.

  • EncourageYouth
    EncourageYouth 4 года назад


  • Enthous ad Biophilia et Sophia Catolica

    Lol yes I agree, I know it's no antibiotic. It can cure some diseases but not viruses or bacteria. It can help alot with multiple sclerosis, cancer and many others, but I'm not saying it can kill H. Pylori. I said that mainly because I know how desperate some people must be, suffering like my sis did, wanting anything that'll help. The docs did nothing for us so weed was kind of like her 'tylenol' while I searched for something to address the underlying problem. We found a treatment that worked

  • Enthous ad Biophilia et Sophia Catolica

    I completely agree with what you're saying and I am opposed to pharmaceuticals for that reason. It allowed her to eat. Without it she would have one or two mouthfuls and start puking bile, but with it she was able to maintain her weight, it gave her relief from the vomiting and stomach pains. We treated the problem with a few things, mainly probiotics, oregano oil and mastic gum for the ulcers. The pot was used to help with her symptoms while I was looking for a treatment. Both worked wonders

  • hello
    hello 4 года назад

    helping her SYMPTOMs but not killing the bacteria....this is where the truth is blurred with marijuana....now Im i a medical marijauan patient myself so i just wanna say that I'm not anti pot at all....just saying that it definately does not cure diseases and people could be missing a lot of cures if they only turn to weed.....weed makes the pain go away but not the cause.

  • casper77taty
    casper77taty 4 года назад

    I was diagnosed with h-pylori I never take antibiotics that my doctor prescribed me because they destroy the intestinal flora Oreganol oil I use for 5 days but this bacterium becomes a question again. you have your book in spanish?

  • hello
    hello 4 года назад

    lol...well helping her symptoms for sure...but im sure that weed is not an antibiotic.

  • nikki
    nikki 4 года назад

    I agree with you 100% He had a white board and marks but never wrote nothing down... And He talked why to much.

  • amanda cu
    amanda cu 4 года назад

    very good information... and yes yes yes i totally agree with changing the diet... i have been fighting this for years~!! and though cutting down on wheat and dairy and not taking anything with caffeine helped alot...it always came back when i ate too much of them.. so this time i have cut them out 100 pecent and am already feeling so much better~~!! i will look into this matula~~! :D thanks for sharing~~!!

  • VVlzzy
    VVlzzy 4 года назад

    Guys if any of u are suffering with H Pylori visit altmedangel(dot)com/HPylori.htm thumbs this post up so others may see it. The treatment is quite simple.