Meanwhile... The New 007 Is A Black Woman

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • Meanwhile... the 25th Bond film is going to be filled with firsts.
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Comments • 9 933

  • Jose Luis Sanchez
    Jose Luis Sanchez 6 hours ago

    A white male playing M. Wow what a racist/sexist movie. Ralph Fiennes should be replaced by Whoopi.

  • lar har
    lar har Day ago +1

    The new Bond film.
    Scene one.
    Inside Q's laboratory..
    " Now, pay attention Bond. This might look like an ordinary kettle, and in fact, it is. Be a good girl and make us all a nice cup of tea. "

  • Penguin Pie
    Penguin Pie Day ago

    that feeling when you came for a dry gin martini but ended up with a virgin appletini

    PSYCHOBEVO Day ago

    Get over your reactionary Internet outrage and realize that Daniel Craig is still the star of the movie and he's still James Bond. Looks like the plot is simply that he's temporarily quit as 007 at the beginning of the story, so MI6 gave the 007 codename to another agent. That's it. Obviously it's still a James Bond movie, so James Bond probably going to return to his job and get his 007 title back at some point. If you people weren't so busy whining about how diversity threatens white male existence or whatever, you'd realize there's nothing to complain about here.

  • Mark Arellano
    Mark Arellano Day ago

    These people are stupid

  • Hoodoo Man
    Hoodoo Man Day ago

    A black woman 007? What's next? An alien asexual green Marxist from Mars as 007? Crazy squirrel world.

  • Slavic Eagle
    Slavic Eagle 3 days ago

    The new Superman will be played by a fat old Asian woman.

  • Georgios Koilias
    Georgios Koilias 3 days ago +3

    Donald trump is the new black panther!

  • Holger Danske
    Holger Danske 3 days ago

    JAMES BOND now a transgender black woman they finally found a way to destroy the franchise.

  • Holger Danske
    Holger Danske 3 days ago

    JAMES BOND now a transgender black woman they finally found a way to destroy the franchise.

  • jaxdeano29
    jaxdeano29 3 days ago

    this is garbage u ruined everything it was for years a dude now u took it to a black girl just like you turned gostbusters , starwars.

  • Stoutaragua
    Stoutaragua 3 days ago

    No thanks.

  • A N D Y
    A N D Y 3 days ago

    Better question will the movie not be terrible like the last one.

  • MélissaEnvy
    MélissaEnvy 4 days ago

    So the Dailymail has the entire script and film? Sounds like a hoax, this sounds ridiculous.

  • Dylan Vole's Arsenal of Bricks

    They’re right about popcorn dropping, as in I’ll drop the popcorn and walk straight out of the theatre.

  • bob hoste
    bob hoste 4 days ago

    I understand the new movement and encourage it as much as possible, but this is ridiculous. Are we still going to be allowed to be men? Equality means that it goes both ways, but shouldn't cover every topic. Some things shouldn't get pushed.

  • Daniel Christopher
    Daniel Christopher 4 days ago

    So this is why people make fun of this show...

  • andrew garabedian
    andrew garabedian 4 days ago

    Ian Fleming would be turning in his grave

  • The West
    The West 4 days ago

    Ok. I can get past this. Black James Bond bothered me because that's just not how I pictured James Bond, but a new Black 007 is really cool.

  • RonandHerm
    RonandHerm 4 days ago

    All you haters need to shut the fuck up. It's about time we get rid of all the traditional white roles and replace them with people of color. Let white people feel how it is to be sidelined for once. I support a black female bond and she will do a better job too.

  • vilod
    vilod 4 days ago +3

    The crowds reaction makes me rethink what it is I'm watching.

  • LaGuan Hayes
    LaGuan Hayes 4 days ago

    Yeah, I have to agree with all of you. This is taking it a bit too far. I'd rather have my forty acres and a mule than a black female 007. I just get the feeling I'll have to stick with the Bond not being blond.

    BERLINETTA 4 days ago


  • SantianoBe
    SantianoBe 4 days ago

    Why is the crowd cheering for this? This is so stupid. Well, at least hollywood can't complain if someone make a movie with white Shaft. That would go over well.... Or making a scandinavian mermaid a black women..... Oh wait....

  • purberri
    purberri 5 days ago +1

    That’s disappointing not sure how the fan base will embrace the change

  • Al
    Al 5 days ago

    Left wing political correctness bull crap gone way too far!

  • lexas
    lexas 5 days ago

    After Social Wars, its Jamie Lee Bonde 007. The Bond franchise lost its way a long time ago.

  • zor zor
    zor zor 6 days ago

    This show needs a new host..maybe that nice lady from ghost the muslim holidays need to be recognized only during Christian holidays...B.E.T. needs to only have white folks on it. We need to get rid of battered women shelters. We need them only for men from now on. And. In divorce court men automatically get the kids and then the women can see them every other weekend and on Wednesdays. When there's a divorce or wife should pay for the house that we still live in. We need all the non workers to go and work as hard as they can so they can pay for my food stamps and my section 8 and free healthcare. In summary every time you see the word racist or toxic masculinity replace it with female and then we'll get somewhere. you have to understand the poison you're saying before you can take it out of your mouth.

  • nicklas christoffersen
    nicklas christoffersen 6 days ago +1

    007: Dr. No means no 😂

  • James Blevins
    James Blevins 6 days ago

    ... meth gators..

  • sneakcollector
    sneakcollector 6 days ago

    Hopefully it will be such a hit like ghost busters ;))) hey, and just for all that gender shit: when will "Kevin Croft as tomb raider" will air?

  • grace eubank
    grace eubank 7 days ago

    this is wht happens when u hire a female writer to write for a classic male role

  • Valerie Texan
    Valerie Texan 7 days ago

    Well black women have totally earned their chance to show their stuff. Hey black women rock.

  • Saima Baig
    Saima Baig 7 days ago +2

    What's next?
    Charlie's angels with 3 Gorgeous Men and Charlie is Ross' Paleontologist girlfriend from Friends?
    Actually, I might watch that.
    The three angels can be:
    Ryan Reynolds and Gosling
    Channing Tatum
    Henry Golding

  • zor zor
    zor zor 7 days ago +1

    I think this is a great idea!! We should fill our military and intelligence agencies with all shades of women. We also need them to be policeman fireman Navy Seals Green Berets. Just give them what they want which is a equality will not taste good and they will give it back. We need to get them signed up for the selective service with threat of jail time. We need to double their car insurance rates so they match that of men. They need to pay for every other date because that's equal. Next time you hear a bump in the night just tell your wife hey it's your turn to go check it out. Next time you're moving... have your wife and all her friends get together so they can carry the heavy furniture up three flights of stairs. When it's raining and you get a flat tire roll your window down a little and say are you almost done yet as she's out there in the mud and rain changing the tire. Tell her you'd like to spend some time with the kids and quit your job for a couple years.... society won't care... make sure when she gets home from a 10-hour workday you tell her you never have time for me and the kids... Lastly I'm attractive so I need women to open doors for me offer to do things for me for no reason... offer to pay for my meals and drinks everywhere I go and then try to get in my pants on a nightly basis. When they're done dating....they need to buy me a $600 to $8,000 ring and then buy me a house and then don't expect anything in return other than some dinner dishes cleaning and a little I love when I feel like giving it to you.....IF YOUR LUCKY AND WELL BEHAVED... every time there are money troubles in our marriage I will need to blame you as a woman for not working hard enough but when you work more hours I'm going to complain that you don't give your family any time. In summary James Bond is a man.

  • Paul Gaittens
    Paul Gaittens 8 days ago +1

    4:30 at this point I think the Dalai Lama is saying the same thing that one of my old managers used to say.
    you can't put an ugly woman at the front counter and expect to make any tips. and no that manager did not keep his job very long after making this comment. However right he may have felt he was there's certain things you just can't say.
    it's not right but being that we are human we are programmed to favor beautiful people. so what the Dalai Lama is saying is that if he's born again it should be into a beautiful woman if it is a woman because most people don't listen to women as it is that's why there's a woman movement right now majority of people only listen to powerful beautiful women you don't believe me look at your political leaders so in a nutshell I don't think that the dolly llama was really saying it in proper way but for his reincarnation to work properly you need to be put into someone who can make things happen otherwise it's a waste

  • Paul Gaittens
    Paul Gaittens 8 days ago

    1:30 I love your Batman jokes

  • Jacob Tebbe
    Jacob Tebbe 8 days ago

    I won’t lie, I’m not necessarily opposed to the idea of a black woman as 007, but I don’t really like that they’re keeping Craig involved. I love Craig’s Bond, but when one Bond enters, the other should vanish. At best, they should be mentioned as being dead, so the mantle can fall to a new operative.

  • Lizzzard Breath
    Lizzzard Breath 8 days ago

    Not enough comments about the meth-gators

    • Kaptain Kid
      Kaptain Kid 6 days ago

      @Lizzzard Breath . . . well, I see you did not comment on it either, except to point out that not enough commented. Go figure.

  • Maxwell Medford
    Maxwell Medford 8 days ago


    It could be good it could be bad, but for Something's Sake,

    • Maxwell Medford
      Maxwell Medford 7 days ago

      My only regret with this post is all caps, that's honestly it.

  • Galax Ekeanya
    Galax Ekeanya 8 days ago

    Sorry but i don't accept this, when it comes to any other 007 women they are feminine and tough, why is it that when a dark skin woman's play a tough roll. she looks like a man and none sexual or appealing, I'm black African woman and i dont look like that.

  • Totino's Pizza Rolls

    The npc croud lmao

  • 2dasimmons
    2dasimmons 8 days ago +1

    WHY NOT SOMEONE LIKE PAM GRIER? This young woman is not glamorous like a Pam Grier-type😞

  • Br Ramesh
    Br Ramesh 8 days ago

    On the one hand, folks saying the next Bond absolutely needs to be a black woman are doing identity politics. On the other hand, so are the folks saying Bond should be a white guy because it's always been a white guy. There was a time when even black characters in plays were played by white people in blackface. Doesn't mean we should go on doing that. That's actually openly racist and also stupid. The correct attitude is that at any given moment, the coolest person should be Bond. Sidney Poitier should have played Bond, Sharon Stone should have played Bond. At any given moment, pick the coolest person to be Bond regardless of everything else.

  • alexander the worst
    alexander the worst 8 days ago +1

    _entitled whining_

    • alexander the worst
      alexander the worst 8 days ago

      and honestly everyones reaction is exactly what the film studios are banking on.

      everyone has adblock but you can't adblock outrage on twitter and youtube.
      it's free advertisement.

  • Michael Tarver
    Michael Tarver 9 days ago +2

    Think its time to walk away from 007 genre..... Smh and cursing

    • Maxwell Medford
      Maxwell Medford 8 days ago

      ...why? Because of one change? Why does that make the movie less than, a movie I remind you...
      That Isn't Even Out Yet.

  • Alexander Cooney
    Alexander Cooney 9 days ago

    I have no problem with black women, intact I married one. But this kind of “take over a destroy” anything that’s white and male is a little much. What I don’t understand most is wouldn’t you feel offended when huge corporations exploit your wokeness just for money. (Trust me the don’t really care). They just go back to doing the same evil shit with ur money u so excitedly give them.

  • TrustMeImAScientist1

    Those sheep in the audience will clap at anything. Making JAMES BOND a woman is a bad move. I hope it tanks as much as Batwoman will.

  • Bevey Dillon
    Bevey Dillon 9 days ago

    I am up set why didn't they get brad pit wife or the one that play Catalina she was black if they wanted to Black Woman and she can fight. I don't know this woman who is she and I hope I like it because I love them or something anyone can play double O7 but it's got to be the right one weathers man or woman

  • An American
    An American 9 days ago

    Only Colbert’s crowd would applaud such an idiotic idea. Women and the abortion issue is all about POWER, nothing about life and death. Me Too is about POWER, not about victims and perpetrators. When Hils says ‘the future is women’, she was thinking of Steven Colbert.

  • sungjin008
    sungjin008 10 days ago


  • Synathidy
    Synathidy 10 days ago

    I mean... maybe the movie turns out to be good... but I just don't see the Bond franchise as being a good place to go for that type of substantial change and progression. I would rather see NEW stories and characters be made with actors of more diverse backgrounds, than to see that type of thing forced into the old fiction. And moreover, I REALLY dislike the idea of old 007 being around when new 007 is starting... like, why do that? I honestly feel that even showing the presence of old 007 takes away from the new 007's independence.

  • Jayde Dinnoo
    Jayde Dinnoo 10 days ago +4

    Soo many racist sexist, blind to their simplicity.
    Thanks for exposing yourselves

  • Montana C
    Montana C 10 days ago

    ... because if someone is attracted to you, then you have no power?

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day 10 days ago

    I won’t watch this shit.

  • David McGuckin
    David McGuckin 10 days ago

    Defo boycotting this !!

  • Tsukiyama Bonaparte
    Tsukiyama Bonaparte 10 days ago

    just pathetic. he wouldn't dare to insult an islamic cleric, but if its a buddhist that's ok.

  • Super Lufc
    Super Lufc 11 days ago

    Well I won't be going to see this well done on destroying a historic series.

  • Super Lufc
    Super Lufc 11 days ago +1

    Can we remake Boyz n the hood with an all white cast. 😐

  • NQ
    NQ 11 days ago

    Current movie is too politically correct to the point of trying way tooo hard to be right.