- Bull Helmet vs Spike Gear | Team Death Match

  • Published on Mar 28, 2018
  • Team death match is the name of the game.
    Team Bull vs Team Spikes... Who will win?
    Thanks to everyone who played and Congrats to the Winners
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  • tomy mathis
    tomy mathis Year ago +23

    Guy's or girls if your new or have not yet done these plz hit all of these thx 😀😀 🌟subscribe🌟👍like👍and hit the 🔱notification button🔱 thank you and welcome to the golden empire have a great day😀

  • Abdul Qandeel
    Abdul Qandeel 3 months ago

    I feel bad for u, u have no support anymore

  • Abdul Qandeel
    Abdul Qandeel 3 months ago

    Spike wins I kill hackers and pros SO BADLY WITH IT

  • Laura Noble
    Laura Noble 3 months ago +1

    Your voice is good not cringy.

  • aps unip
    aps unip 7 months ago


  • aps unip
    aps unip 7 months ago

    goldmindnuget pls make spick gear VS soilder gear

  • aps unip
    aps unip 7 months ago


  • I Want To Die
    I Want To Die 7 months ago

    Dude, you are so bad at this game ●>●

  • kubra sağır
    kubra sağır 8 months ago

    discord link? pls

  • ȚiganuDeLaColțDeStradă

    România is here,Hi from România

  • zetaj tv
    zetaj tv 9 months ago

    Mam kanał na RUclip zetaj tv wpadajcie

  • Викторияыв Вдовинангг

    GO 99999999< xD =D looooooooooooooooooooooool

  • Aerielle Balaoing
    Aerielle Balaoing 11 months ago

    Yay he revealed hi’s voice!

  • sevim karabulut
    sevim karabulut 11 months ago

    Thief and Flipper pls

  • rabie Hachicha
    rabie Hachicha 11 months ago +1

    wow its cool😀

  • Sofia Martins
    Sofia Martins Year ago


  • Jeremy Isaias Perez Leaños


  • mauricio fernandez

    Like if face reavell

  • saif mohamed
    saif mohamed Year ago


  • Kevin Hoang
    Kevin Hoang Year ago


  • gamer ???
    gamer ??? Year ago

    ohh you were fighting me second time XD

  • Strat-egy
    Strat-egy Year ago

    The golden age.

  • Mom_987 ChristianF


  • RadbarzinRMG Official

    realy fun it loks i wish so to

  • gökçen tin
    gökçen tin Year ago

    lol xD

  • monkeyballs653
    monkeyballs653 Year ago

    Anyone else notice he never lost food?

  • Kenneth Bltzr
    Kenneth Bltzr Year ago


  • Kenneth Bltzr
    Kenneth Bltzr Year ago


  • Filo Mohamed
    Filo Mohamed Year ago

    Good I am shadow fight

  • Klasicky adam cz ,

    How you play the server plz

  • Johnny Oraham
    Johnny Oraham Year ago


  • MirYa
    MirYa Year ago

    pls discord link

  • artificial
    artificial Year ago

    Half is skill
    Half is Gear

  • 神殤666
    神殤666 Year ago


  • ibrahim mohammad
    ibrahim mohammad Year ago


  • ibrahim mohammad
    ibrahim mohammad Year ago


  • Bruno Eduardo Da Silva Marques

    Bull Contra Vs Espilho

  • iRealCody
    iRealCody Year ago

    He lost doe

  • iRealCody
    iRealCody Year ago

    Bones da best

  • Zach!!!
    Zach!!! Year ago

    i love u

  • Zach!!!
    Zach!!! Year ago

    cuz i sub u, ive been watching u for a few years now

  • Zach!!!
    Zach!!! Year ago

    hi i am flame katana from moomoo, plz shout me out if u remember me playing on the 7th of april, 2018 :D

  • EZ Lucifer
    EZ Lucifer Year ago

    nice video....

  • SuSHi?
    SuSHi? Year ago +2

    Damn, I'll try to check the pings in discord faster

  • Snowy
    Snowy Year ago

    Fak I didn't know there was building in the ffa ;c

  • Prohero123 Sambalod

    Hey chocolate are fresh start?

  • Scalare Man
    Scalare Man Year ago

    A stupid team death match! Badly organized, it wasnt fair because Bull always had one or two more ppl than Spike. Dumb af

  • HeLLo !ha
    HeLLo !ha Year ago

    You should do soldier vs bull

  • Naughty Friend
    Naughty Friend Year ago

    You are good fighter but I want 1vs1 with me NaughtyFriend

  • Earl Da2
    Earl Da2 Year ago

    I wanna join gmn clan

  • gamer ???
    gamer ??? Year ago

    bue know something every hat is awesome!

  • Legendery pro
    Legendery pro Year ago

    Bones is so good in all your videos

  • Js
    Js Year ago

    -sad I miss everything :(- nice idea keep it up

  • GamingNoob
    GamingNoob Year ago

    Wheres th link for discord?

  • Alan Paik
    Alan Paik Year ago

    I dare you to fight alone against 20 tool hammers

  • bonkingvillan
    bonkingvillan Year ago

    I got facking 3-4 kills and got raped by Gaz

  • bonkingvillan
    bonkingvillan Year ago

    I love how Drakon won by camping, he legit got 0 kills

  • Deluxe
    Deluxe Year ago

    I love these teams vs teams next time you should do a king of the hill event, where the defending team has to protect the snow biome, and the attacking team attacks and takes over the hill till all players are dead

  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Year ago


  • Milky Way
    Milky Way Year ago


    • Milky Way
      Milky Way Year ago

      +ThunderBerserk, tell them to unban me then plz.

    • SynC_
      SynC_ Year ago

      Im in GMN, they don't kick me.

  • Safire Moss
    Safire Moss Year ago

    i coolkai20 you GMN wow

  • simona singiorzan


  • Subtle
    Subtle Year ago

    discord link?

  • ImFeline It
    ImFeline It Year ago

    Another great vid Gold! Don't worry about me or Phazer and focus on your future of RUclip! carry on making vids and have nice day

    • GMN
      GMN  Year ago

      thanks fam

  • Charles Ken Mercurio

    SPike gear will always win sometimes because the more you damage the Spike gear the more you will get damage xD Nice vid!

  • tran chung
    tran chung Year ago

    PS : sry i'm nott here for events ;-;
    PPS : Yay , in Discord i'm 2nd class soldier! xD
    PPPS : Make a video on the new Fortnite .io :!!!!

  • YusufI-_-
    YusufI-_- Year ago

    whats his discord i want to join

  • Jeanphreynel Binay

    4starz is in lucky.

  • Jeanphreynel Binay

    4starz is in lucky.

  • Gaming
    Gaming Year ago

    o god

    NoTZGER Year ago

    Wait turret is kill me i don't lie just i dead so i need join one guy bull helmet team jako dead but dead 2 i get bull helmet so i just run away again you delete tribe

    NoTZGER Year ago

    Bull need win

  • Fallen Phoenix
    Fallen Phoenix Year ago

    Awesome death match

  • ROYAL- T
    ROYAL- T Year ago

    Moomoo is back!

    • Viper GMN
      Viper GMN Year ago

      KakashiY simon the Oof god it be back xD

  • Ender Playz
    Ender Playz Year ago

    a team of bulls that wasn't even fair gold your so mean to spikes

  • Виталий Попов

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeee pvp k vs r team? Gold you super!!!

  • Nena Pozo
    Nena Pozo Year ago

    IVSl moomoo io plis

  • Nena Pozo
    Nena Pozo Year ago


    • Nena Pozo
      Nena Pozo Year ago

      🌻🌻 😍 🌻🌻
      🌻Love YOU🌻
      🌻🌻 🌹 🌻🌻

    • Nena Pozo
      Nena Pozo Year ago


  • David Zhang
    David Zhang Year ago

    Last time i saw gaz was when he had over 200 k and had more than a hundred jills

    • Aiden Hatton
      Aiden Hatton 11 months ago

      David Zhang you can edit commentsmjust change jills to kills bruh

    • David Zhang
      David Zhang Year ago

      I meant kills

  • CdHanz钦
    CdHanz钦 Year ago

    i wish i was part in GMN :(

  • Trap Fox
    Trap Fox Year ago

    Me nick ;-DrCat-;
    Pls server and day

  • Trap Fox
    Trap Fox Year ago

    Pls in video

  • run4me2u Hi
    run4me2u Hi Year ago

    wow good

  • Lumijek
    Lumijek Year ago

    How do I join yer discord?

  • Mighty Mouse
    Mighty Mouse Year ago

    Can you let me back in your clan, gmn Crunchy Taco banned me

  • BurntAway
    BurntAway Year ago

    I have a feeling I know... ah, he meh friend :DBy the way, lit as usual

  • Stupidly Away /Airdop

    good fight xd Imao im can play for u??? GMN

  • Rose Tan
    Rose Tan Year ago +3

    that's so cool Gold i love it :D +_=

  • 幻影解説
    幻影解説 Year ago

    wow GG gold

  • ExTreMe
    ExTreMe Year ago

    Wow, nice job fam

  • Xuhao He
    Xuhao He Year ago

    bull helmet huge advatangae...

  • Void
    Void Year ago

    Lol snova in the vid

  • Eric Bensen
    Eric Bensen Year ago

    I'm ipad but just because I'm iPad does not make me a noob my spam is great thanks to u I know how to counter insta-kill :D gg.

  • Eric Bensen
    Eric Bensen Year ago

    0:43 I MET DRAKON IN AN Expermentil

  • laura vidal
    laura vidal Year ago

    cuandoestava jugando

  • laura vidal
    laura vidal Year ago


  • YoungFlexer_Lego
    YoungFlexer_Lego Year ago

    was these fans you were playing with.

    • YoungFlexer_Lego
      YoungFlexer_Lego Year ago

      thx for telling me. I appreciate it.

    • SynC_
      SynC_ Year ago

      Lucas Reed They are actual friends/clan.

  • RocKenbErG
    RocKenbErG Year ago

    gold you shouldve known not to invite me to your thing on Fortnite on last stream cuz i played Fortnite for 1 month with NO WINS and i forgot to clarify that so give me ring in Fortnite when i have about 1o wins ( ill tell you xD) but this was also fun sorry i coudnt be in the event or something OOF