Tapas Tour & OLDEST RESTAURANT in The WORLD in Madrid Spain

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
  • On this food adventure, I went to tour the San Miguel Market in Madrid, Spain. This is a great place to visit, sampling some of the best Madrid's market food has to offer. After the market, I went to El Sur to eat gambas which is shrimp with garlic sauce, and I had some Cuban pulled pork. That pork was my favorite dish there. For dessert, I ate churros with hot chocolate, and this place was incredibly packed so get ready to wait in line! To end my food day, I went to one of the oldest restaurants in Spain, Botin and it's famous for its roast suckling pig!
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    ✧ Mercado San Miguel (Madrid) Market
    ✧ Taberna el Sur
    ✧ Viandas de Salamanca
    ✧ Bar La Campana
    ✧ Chocolatería San Ginés
    ✧ Restaurante Botin
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  • OtterWithAGun
    OtterWithAGun 5 days ago

    When he went into the market, I was thinking that I don't think going to Spain was a food priority for me. His reviews did not seem as of Spanish was good...the more he reviewed the food, especially the oldest restaurant...yeah.... looks like I need to head to Spain now.

  • bigmanoncampes
    bigmanoncampes 5 days ago +2

    The oldest restaurant in the world is truly shows why it's still around. Very great pork and potatoes.

  • G. E.
    G. E. 8 days ago

    Food from Spain is not the best, it lacks flavour and spice, it's not like Mexica, Peruvian or Indonesian....it's more on the bland side.

  • David Hanych
    David Hanych 9 days ago

    i mean restaurante botin is literally older than the uS so

  • SaffronOak
    SaffronOak 11 days ago

    You ate so much bro you are literally a dumpling you are stuffed

  • du ck
    du ck 12 days ago

    I love how the sea monster has the word rape next to it

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 12 days ago

    This video makes me hungry for some reason. I just subscribed because entertaining foodie video.

  • antonino rivilli
    antonino rivilli 17 days ago

    For the best empanadas argentina is your place

  • D García
    D García 22 days ago

    A local here: I would suggest to avoid touristy places like Mercado de San Miguel and places around Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol. Those are too touristy: expensive for bad quality. Madrid is a great place to taste awesome things. Do your research, I will pay off

  • Bronson
    Bronson 26 days ago

    I guess you get real good at making a dish when your family's been serving it for 300 years.

  • J Stephens
    J Stephens 27 days ago

    I love your videos, I guess it is because I love to eat. Ironically, watching you eat makes me want to try new things but seems to suppress my appetite, as if I had eaten it with you. But it is really ironic that you mentioned the "MOTHERland of suckling pig." I wonder if most people know that a sucking pig is still feeding at the breast of its mother. Check it out at Wikipedia or other sources. I am not a vegetarian, but I do have some limits. The idea of eating a baby pig (suckling), cow (veal) or sheep (lamb) grosses me out. Sorry, if it does not bother you or most viewers. This is a personal thing and I am not being critical.

  • Sally Walker
    Sally Walker 28 days ago

    Not overly impressed by the tapas.

  • GHOSTY !!!!?
    GHOSTY !!!!? Month ago

    I wonder what his favorite dish is. It must be hard to pick because he’s always trying new foods

    FRIENDLY JEW Month ago

    Let's turn that city into Africa! 😃

  • MsAlohaAlice
    MsAlohaAlice Month ago

    Sandwiches and empanadas Look dry, dry and dry.

  • Kevin Chhoeut
    Kevin Chhoeut Month ago

    ,n ,,,,,,n. , , , n. Qqqq

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago

    And don’t just go to tourist destinations the city has so much to offer every little street has something

  • Alex K
    Alex K Month ago

    If you ever go to Madrid again I recommend bar Laredo in chamartin best churros and chocolate ever

  • Geraldine Laxamana
    Geraldine Laxamana Month ago

    Love your videos! 👍☺️

  • قرايتي ثم قرايتي

    hate pork

  • قرايتي ثم قرايتي


  • Minna Piña
    Minna Piña Month ago

    I love the crunchy bread...

  • 1kinu T
    1kinu T Month ago

    You can fit an amazing amount of food in your mouth! I am so impressed. You can also eat a whole lot for such a svelt guy--hate you for that. I'd be a few tons if i could eat like you. I absolutely love the food in Spain, especially the seafood. Have you ever gotten a stomach ache from something you ate (anywhere, not just in Spain)?

  • Edit name
    Edit name Month ago

    2:30 women vanishes..?.?

  • Devito
    Devito Month ago

    Dang they love bread

  • Devito
    Devito Month ago

    1:47 it just says rape

  • martin quinn
    martin quinn Month ago

    Don’t no how you can eat so Mutch

  • Samantha Deron II
    Samantha Deron II Month ago

    *Mikey:* So, my strategy today-- EAT THE HECK OUT OF THIS PLACE!

  • Pei K
    Pei K Month ago

    I miss Spain. Thanks for the vlog, Mike! yuppers, suckling pig is awesome in Spain

  • i sucked a cock just
    i sucked a cock just 2 months ago

    i want to eat those with rice:(

  • Ritankar Sasmal
    Ritankar Sasmal 2 months ago

    every time u try to make a sandwich out of anything is entertaining to see LOL

  • Rafael P L
    Rafael P L 2 months ago

    11:40 I've been there! That's good but not the best at all, you can find the best ones in galicia

  • Noahshl
    Noahshl 2 months ago

    You say to serano Spanish pork??? My heart falls down 💔💔

  • b b
    b b 2 months ago

    You are so good at eating bravo

  • Odeck Vlogs
    Odeck Vlogs 2 months ago

    Hi Guys. New account here. If you want food Vlogs you can subscribe to my channel. Thank you. :)

  • Matt Nobrega
    Matt Nobrega 2 months ago

    Looks good

  • Eric Pratt
    Eric Pratt 2 months ago

    I hope Mike is keeping track of his cholesterol level and getting his heart checked on a regular basis. That was a lot of fatty food he ate in this video. Don't want him to drop dead from a heart attack.

  • julie Wallis
    julie Wallis 2 months ago

    I love pork cheek and yours looked perfect.

  • Linda B
    Linda B 2 months ago

    Everything looked soooo delicious.roast pork lamb prawns calamari...holy moly! I need to go to Spain. All the food I love in a country where I might he able to speak a little of the language. Sigh.

  • M Yau
    M Yau 2 months ago

    At 17:18
    Lady: you don't eat dinner after this.
    Mike: pretty bold of you to assume that of me.

  • GiGi- ROBLOX
    GiGi- ROBLOX 2 months ago +1

    Lol you look like Jackie chan

  • VidYouMate
    VidYouMate 2 months ago

    the monster fish is a bit scary. i love this video, good food. i look forward to go in Spain

  • M-SIB
    M-SIB 2 months ago


  • Lan jacquez
    Lan jacquez 3 months ago

    All the foods you've I introduced are and should be monumental. .

  • science poli
    science poli 3 months ago

    So similar to german food

  • Edna Noguera
    Edna Noguera 3 months ago

    Have you done a food tour at New Orleans? My boyfriend and I love your videos!!! We are going to Vietnam and following your food guide!!🤗 Thank you for all your awesome videos!!!✌️🍽

  • Jita'ame suluma
    Jita'ame suluma 3 months ago

    tapas are meant not to be eaten as a meal , they are a snack you nibble while your drinking to stop you getting drunk, so the salt percentage will be higher because your not meant to stuff half a pie in your mouth at once , roflmao , your so funny

    • Jita'ame suluma
      Jita'ame suluma 3 months ago

      btw if you cook the pork i said , take the skin off before you soak it , salt and oil it and roast it

    • Jita'ame suluma
      Jita'ame suluma 3 months ago

      if you can only get sweet cider use cooking apples and do not let the onions caramel before adding

  • pan B tiến Dũng
    pan B tiến Dũng 3 months ago

    Nhiều món ăn ngon quá bạn ơi

  • Lyn's Cuisine
    Lyn's Cuisine 3 months ago

    visit Portugal on your next travel for sure you will like it there😀 . They have delicious foods and rich culture.

  • technofreak
    technofreak 3 months ago

    Crazy, never saw a line like that in San Gines when was in Madrid 😂 We just walked in and where served in like five minutes. Guess I was lucky!

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel 3 months ago

    I really like that you don't drink, Mike. Because you show you can enjoy life, flavours, and pleasures without doing alcohol. Good on you!

  • Derpy Potato2
    Derpy Potato2 3 months ago

    1:48 there's a sea monster. It's called rape

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 3 months ago

    Way better than Mark Wiener

  • Kevin Nix
    Kevin Nix 3 months ago

    Was that ham raw? I've never seen it like that. Personally I like my ham dry.

  • Monica G. Davis
    Monica G. Davis 3 months ago

    Mike is playing with his food AGAIN! 😋

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani 3 months ago

    Again, mikey got me mixing curries at home

  • Kp S
    Kp S 3 months ago

    Glad to see mike following tourist 101. If ur from north americs and travel... Canadian flag on luggage and yourself for better service qnd treatment. Never fails.

  • Fuchuan Li
    Fuchuan Li 3 months ago

    hey Mike , tumbs up for your channel!! love your vibe!! if u came again to spain text!! you missed all the good seafood !!!

  • Melvin Palisoc
    Melvin Palisoc 3 months ago

    Hey Mikey, which one is better, Lechon in Cebu Philippines or this one in Madrid Spain?

  • exlibrisas
    exlibrisas 3 months ago

    That's Europe for you. I remember dining in the cellar of 19 century Palace in Latvia.

  • Kyle Jiang
    Kyle Jiang 3 months ago

    It really is 油条 😂😂



  • Ana Falcão
    Ana Falcão 3 months ago

    Someone knows if he's already went to Portugal?

  • Charlie1821
    Charlie1821 3 months ago

    meat to bread ratio in most of Europe is always off

  • Grace Victoria White
    Grace Victoria White 3 months ago

    Love the open sandwich/pork /potato/prawn/garlic butter bread . perfect tapas surf n turf .

  • Mochi norig
    Mochi norig 3 months ago

    Who records mike when he eats??? Like at 2:09

  • HikaruRain
    HikaruRain 3 months ago

    The reason why Paella tastes so bad here in the US is because they use a premade mix from a box and canned seafood in their Paella. It is actually disgusting. I prefer fresh ingredients they taste so much better.

  • {CEB}
    {CEB} 3 months ago

    15:18 poster of a model in a pile of potatoes xD

  • Nathan Kuhn
    Nathan Kuhn 3 months ago

    Mikey has the biggest stomach known to man.

  • Nathan Kuhn
    Nathan Kuhn 3 months ago

    Did anyone see the sign on the huge fish that said rape

  • Agatha Lomnev
    Agatha Lomnev 3 months ago

    It’s not bacon it’s jamón, also jamón can not be juicy because it been cured, the ones that you buy at a supermarket is mushy.

  • Death
    Death 3 months ago

    Gross, very over weight neck beard man bun soy boy.

  • Steffei
    Steffei 3 months ago

    what I learned from Mikey Chen is how you combine dishes super yummy.

  • S
    S 4 months ago

    Glad you enjoyed it! That woman offering you a bit of her porra is what Spain is all about; sharing what we love and welcoming everyone, even when eating :)

  • Michael Hoang
    Michael Hoang 4 months ago

    Spanish food don’t look to good or the taste imo.

  • Andy Reed
    Andy Reed 4 months ago

    Spain was already on my world tour list. You are not making it any easier. 😳

  • CBR_Jay
    CBR_Jay 4 months ago

    Spanish food is by far some of the best. I’m not just being biased, I’m from Mallorca haha.

  • omar lala
    omar lala 4 months ago

    Im i the only personal who thinks the meat here is raw.?

  • krystal guzmán
    krystal guzmán 4 months ago

    I swear while he was eating what looks like a mini pie for a brief second I thought I smelled chocolate 😂 😂

  • Csenge Bardosi
    Csenge Bardosi 4 months ago

    A lot of the foods you ate were made in Spain. Of course it’ll be amazing quality

  • Calysto
    Calysto 4 months ago +1

    Am I the only one who noticed the lady casually strolling by with a hatchet in her hand at 5:07 ?

  • Hope Sunshine
    Hope Sunshine 4 months ago

    I can't eat things that still have eyes on them

  • cracked obsidian
    cracked obsidian 4 months ago


  • Pias Foodlife
    Pias Foodlife 4 months ago

    its been a long time since I watch your vlog but still 2million still.... what happen are you still active online

  • heavenknows1977
    heavenknows1977 4 months ago +9

    Thanks mikey for visiting us and im glad you enjoyed the food.. And probably i am the one who prepared your suckling pig and lamb.😁😁.
    Hope to meet you in person when you get back to visit madrid.
    Un abrazote muy fuerte!. 👌👌

  • uno gran bola de caca
    uno gran bola de caca 4 months ago

    1:08 hahahahaha

  • Mo Hunter
    Mo Hunter 4 months ago

    The tag next to the sea monster at 1:47, does it say Rape on it? O.o

  • Rudy Klobas
    Rudy Klobas 4 months ago

    Does Mike travel with someone or is he by himself throughout these trips?

  • Luis Miguel Luna Pais
    Luis Miguel Luna Pais 4 months ago

    Spanish don't know how to eat, if you want some very good fresh seafood you should come to Portugal, have you see any sea near Madrid? Not fresh.

  • ygjhbknm ghvjbjn
    ygjhbknm ghvjbjn 4 months ago +1

    Great bro but you should go Turkey especially Istanbul :)

  • jackielynne76 Exaxtly
    jackielynne76 Exaxtly 4 months ago

    Ahhhhh...this videos food looks amazing...how is the pricing...curious about that from other countries

  • LordBaconXVI.
    LordBaconXVI. 4 months ago

    No croquettes tho? :S

  • Yvonne Thai
    Yvonne Thai 4 months ago

    Lol at the nice lady who said no dinner after that churro girlll he's mikey chen whatchu talkin about hahha

  • Coli Flower
    Coli Flower 4 months ago

    Next time try some original local places... That was not the best choice

  • jambroqc
    jambroqc 4 months ago

    Food is miraculously good in all of Spain but the true heaven is in San Sebastian.

  • aingea v
    aingea v 4 months ago

    next tapas tour you do, you HAVE to go to Dali in boston. amazing place and the decorations are so cute

  • Aubreylovell
    Aubreylovell 4 months ago

    Wish I was there the food looks so amazing!!! I think I definitely have Spain on my places to visit❤️🧡❤️

  • Matt Connors
    Matt Connors 4 months ago

    Deadheads are everywhere! 23:14

  • Matt Connors
    Matt Connors 4 months ago

    The look of pure joy 22:06

  • Mark Torres
    Mark Torres 4 months ago

    Coincidentally, I went to Madrid 3 days after this video. Had that pork cheek at El Sur and it’s as good as you said it was! The meat pie from that sandwich shop was amazing too!