How we can start to heal the pain of racial division | Ruby Sales

  • Published on Mar 12, 2019
  • "Where does it hurt?" It's a question that activist and educator Ruby Sales has traveled the US asking, looking deeply at the country's legacy of racism and searching for sources of healing. In this moving talk, she shares what she's learned, reflecting on her time as a freedom fighter in the civil rights movement and offering new thinking on pathways to racial justice.
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Comments • 552

  • Vaughan Vanderstarren
    Vaughan Vanderstarren 12 days ago

    This woman talks far too slowly, and her talk should be played at double speed. I don’t think she’s racist (“racism” is a ridiculously overused accusation), but I also don’t think she has any original or specific points. She speaks of redemption rather than punishment, believes white people themselves aren’t the problem but rather institutionalized racism, i.e., systemic bias (which she refers to as “the culture of whiteness,” which is probably causing her to be misunderstood and disliked), and that technology should be used to unite rather than divide. I agree with all this, but these are generic, elementary ideas that I don’t feel are worthy of a twenty-minute speech.

  • elessar29311
    elessar29311 Month ago

    The comments on this vid prove her fuckin point... y'all are sad

  • Joshua Nelson
    Joshua Nelson Month ago

    Why are blacks so racist? They have all black schools, all black TV, all black bars/clubs and all black towns. They segregate themselves and say whites are doing it. They make 13 percent of out population and commit 55 percent of all violent and drug crimes, but whites get blamed for that as well. They're the most racist people on earth next to Muslims. Look at south Africa! Trump 2020!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones 2 months ago

    No hateful comments here.

  • MedicineMan007
    MedicineMan007 2 months ago

    I thought this was that new Metamucil commercial.

  • Muffin Love
    Muffin Love 2 months ago

    What is white culture? Like honestly I don't know? I am a white person and where I come from there are almost all white people I was 12 years old when I first met an African American person him and his 2 sisters were the only none white people in our school. So if anyone would know anything about white culture it would be me but those 3 kids were not treated any different from anyother student in my school they ate lunch they had friends they got good grades they were treated as equals. They all went on in life as everyone else did too. Now does thay mean everyone was nice to them no definently not but there were lots and lots of kids who weren't treated nicely like I was picked on all the time but thats life just because you're skin is a different color doesn't mean you are any different the world hurts sometimes white people pick on other white people and vs versa people can be jerks sometimes thats life. Only one race and thats the human race.

  • A A
    A A 2 months ago

    lmao idiot. i'm not gonna go donate my paycheck to some black person just because of something that happened before my ancestors even came to America.

  • __
    __ 2 months ago

    Replace every "white" or "whiteness" with "black" or "blackness".
    Reconcile one sounding racist and the other sounding "woke".
    Realize this woman is a clown.
    Keep up the good work tedtalks. I'm sure your viewership won't be affected by promoting stupidity.
    Stay woke.

  • Ger Loke
    Ger Loke 3 months ago

    First off, stop attacking people with your psychic abilities. That's where it all begins. There is no reason for a man to wake up and say, I'm going to be racist, unless he got attacked in his dream by a racist filth with psychic abilities with a selfish agenda. Those voices in your head? They are psychics. Living breathing human being with psychic abilities and an agenda to ruin your mind.

  • AJ Cee
    AJ Cee 3 months ago

    Hard evidence that age does not equal wisdom. You're being pretty racist TED for using your platform to have this racist black woman embarrass herself like this.

  • Issurah King
    Issurah King 3 months ago +1

    Although the truth of which she speaks offends many of you, I am grateful for her bravery to share her experiences. Racism doesn’t exist? I wish... but if we have dialogue about the atrocities that have been committed on our soil, and the racial issues that continue to persist, then we have a chance at actually defeating racism. Look up incarceration rates, wage disparities, housing inequity, healthcare disparities. Racism pervades the lives if minorities in ways that many with privilege cannot even fathom.

  • Sherone Thompson
    Sherone Thompson 3 months ago +5

    Thank you Ms. Sales for sharing your story. I can't believe all of these negative comments. People really think this story is promoting racism? When people won't acknowledge that many systems were built to oppress certain races, racism continues to thrive in the hearts and minds of those whose lineage benefits from these systems.

  • buzzy
    buzzy 3 months ago

    did she have a stroke before presenting?

  • Potential Propaganda
    Potential Propaganda 3 months ago

    Who's here from Greyson Warnerbuilt?

  • sharde26
    sharde26 3 months ago

    Wow, this is really racist.

  • JustSomeDude iGuess
    JustSomeDude iGuess 3 months ago +1

    She isn't saying stop racism with more racisim as some of the comments say
    Edit: the only true to stop racism is interracial relationships, all off spring become mixed there for creating one race

    • Potential Propaganda
      Potential Propaganda 3 months ago

      @JustSomeDude iGuess of course that's true, not every little thing of anything is entirely bad, there are tame parts of despicable speeches and passages all the time. Different ways of doing things is a given, that's why we have freedom of expression in order to properly counter those different things in order to narrow down to the best option. Her ideas are included. Every idea undergoes that speech and whatever is dismissed based on the right evidence and principles and her's is no exception. Of course we should all take her into consideration, then after we do that, we narrow things out. It's obvious you don't solve problems based on assumptions like she's doing, that's why we're all demeaning her. Even her proposal for discussion is flawed, since she's treating it as if we approach an entire group of people as if they're all, you know, rehabilitating convicts, even now.

    • JustSomeDude iGuess
      JustSomeDude iGuess 3 months ago

      @Potential Propaganda and i understand that, you're right in saying it's not fair to lump all white people as morons in desparate need of rehabilitation. It really does more harm than good to generalize like that, also i think racism today can be boiled down to people wanting to be part of some sort movement despite it already fulfilling it's purpose or others just wanting attention in the worst ways possible. Racism as a whole has been defeated and delt with except for a select few incidents in my opinion. All I'm tying to say is, yes a good bit of what she said was wrong but there was some good to take from her speech. Both sides are way too eager to make villans of eachother it's why i don't agree with the comments that say its all bad, call me naive but i truly do want to believe that eventually we will all realise that we generally want the same thing, we all just have different ways of getting to it.

    • Potential Propaganda
      Potential Propaganda 3 months ago +1

      @JustSomeDude iGuess saying an entire culture is bad? Where's the sense in that? If she wanted a dialogue she wouldn't have singled them out so much, and this bogeyman-like "circle of whiteness". The dialogue she wants is as if she wants to reason with a group of villains who've ALL been hurt, and are ALL corrupted even today. That's literally saying whites, all of them, cause racism, and she wants to treat them like rehabilitating convicts, the whole of them, even now, when nowadays a discussion is needed, except not the one she's suggesting, but one where people are individuals instead of guilt bearers for their entire race, on both sides. The true way to stop racism is to simply do it the same way we did it last time, which really shouldn't take long seeing as how the last one was 13 years. And it shouldn't even be that hard seeing as how everyone's getting richer now.

    • JustSomeDude iGuess
      JustSomeDude iGuess 3 months ago

      @Potential Propaganda twas nothing but wishful thinking, i mean a guy can dream right? I think she was just saying white culture is the problem, going off of that it sounded like she was trying to say rasism is brought about from hurt. We just need to figure out where it hurts for black and white people then go from there, I'm not going to lie some stuff she said make it sound like she was calling for "reverse racism" but it sounds more like she just wants proper dialoge.

    • Potential Propaganda
      Potential Propaganda 3 months ago +1

      That is what she's saying, unless you want to prove us wrong. Speaking of interracial relationships, the intersectional crowd is starting to go against them anyway by saying you can't be in a relationship with a white person if you're not white, and that you have to only be in a relationship with one race.

      Also the whole world ain't Paraguay.

  • Kyser
    Kyser 3 months ago +1

    Need to change the description to Searching for racism and not looking for any sort of legacy for healing.

  • Edward
    Edward 3 months ago

    'Culture of whiteness'? What a disgusting racist woman. I never knew Ted talks were now a platform for hate speech

  • Joe Puhel
    Joe Puhel 3 months ago +4

    Morgan Freeman said to end it stop talking about it

  • Max Doom
    Max Doom 3 months ago +3

  • commander cody
    commander cody 3 months ago

    she is a racist to the core!! she is profiteering from her claim of racism!!

  • The F*ckery Project
    The F*ckery Project 3 months ago +7

    so the cure for racism is more racism ?

  • Aviri Char
    Aviri Char 3 months ago

    toxic white supremacists in the comments don't realize how transparent they are in their sick hurt -- whiteness/whitism (which is essentially what racism means) has them so deluded, all they see is polar bears in snowstorms, and they whine about the people pointing out how walking-dead-blind they are

  • Mick Keker
    Mick Keker 3 months ago

    This lady is ignorant as all get out! She’s being a *HUGE* hypocrite. So it’s okay to be white, as long as you have no culture of any kind, because all white culture is racism. This has done absolutely nothing to mend racism lol.

  • David Murray
    David Murray 3 months ago +4

    DED Talks

  • Lilly Marvelle
    Lilly Marvelle 3 months ago

    Ted talks at this point have become a bad joke, l don't think I'll be wasting my time in the future.

  • Atari Kidd
    Atari Kidd 3 months ago

    So. White people are evil. Everything is racist. Geeze. I'm no longer going to watch anything Ted Talks again. They keep pushing this lunatic left wing crap.

  • Uncle Mike
    Uncle Mike 3 months ago

    Whether or not I personally agree with this woman and her platform, I look to the market (of ideas) to decide. Will activist politics, self-segregation and bitterness succeed in that market? Will the political parties and persons who stand with them publicly be rewarded or punished? Will these ideas and behaviors form the foundation for change?
    For instance, how have gay people, Asian people, Catholics, Jews, Native Americans - all groups that have literally been persecuted and disenfranchised by white Protestant men - what ideas have they promoted to change the culture, change how they were viewed and treated, and change history? Which gains more respect: violence, street protests and separatism or assimilation, education and contributing to the tax base?

  • Thomas Johnson
    Thomas Johnson 3 months ago +2

    Should I tell how as a white senior that I have been the victim of black crime 10 times in 64 years? Should I include the beating at age 12 by a dozen blacks and the two armed robberies, the car and bike theft and the break in? Number of blacks I have committed a crime against? Zero.

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson 3 months ago

      @outsideworld76I hate to say it as I have always been a pacifist, but when I go out these days I am (legally) packing heat. I am not Bronson in 'Death Wish' looking for an excuse to unload on someone, but if I can prevent it, will never be a victim again. It gets so tiresome to be on guard all the time because we cannot have a civil society. What finally pushed me over the edge was having 4 home invasions within a two block radius in a single month. I have reached my limit.

    • outsideworld76
      outsideworld76 3 months ago

      @Thomas Johnson it was a joke, you did nothing wrong but these people would almost make you apologize for being a victim of crime.

    • Thomas Johnson
      Thomas Johnson 3 months ago

      @outsideworld76 Redeem myself from what? From being unarmed?

    • outsideworld76
      outsideworld76 3 months ago

      She would probably tell you, you should redeem yourself. Every people has the ability to hate other people and this woman is no exemption.

  • TW3
    TW3 3 months ago

    There's no longer racial oppression so she's just making things that aren't issues into issues. She literally complains about trolling on the internet and lacks a clear thesis.

  • 8Inch Donkey
    8Inch Donkey 3 months ago +1

    All of the whites in the room are shamefully self hating smh such weak people

  • Nicholas Sway
    Nicholas Sway 3 months ago +2

    Quite possibly the WORST Ted talk ever!

  • Papa Grab
    Papa Grab 3 months ago +1

    The ignorance is overwhelming.
    Imagine being obsessed with race your entire life. This sad, depressed, over eating woman needs to stop the oppression obsession and live whatever life she has left without blaming others for her problems.

  • resdot animated
    resdot animated 3 months ago +6

    TED has over 30 race based videos

    • outsideworld76
      outsideworld76 3 months ago +4

      TED talks are not worth the time, these so called academic talks are filled with bigotry.

  • Peter Kazavis
    Peter Kazavis 3 months ago


  • daimon hellstrom
    daimon hellstrom 3 months ago +2

    The problem with America is blackness and black culture. Blackness is the most racist system on earth. I'm white and I grew up in black communities and I've never seen so much open and hostile racism in my entire life. Blacks obsess over race.

  • eleven38
    eleven38 3 months ago +3

    What an incredibly racist old lady.

  • paulbrown357
    paulbrown357 3 months ago

    I wonder how much of her giant fat body was paid for by the government's food stamps

  • marlon castro
    marlon castro 3 months ago +8

    racist video, not cool.

  • Fiasco
    Fiasco 3 months ago +8

    Unsubscribed after sitting through a few minutes of this incredibly slow moving BS

  • RyanEX2000
    RyanEX2000 3 months ago

    Needing to go back 50+ years to find sources of actual racism against black people...well done. I can find racism against white people within a few months, possibly a week if I look hard enough but you don't see white people rioting in the streets and burning down their cities cause someone looked at them the wrong way.

    Just say it like it is. You LIKE being given special treatment because of your color and the fact that it was starting to dry up scared you so shitless you needed to bring up fake instances of it to try and generate sympathy from the ignorant youth who are desperate for a cause similar to what their parents had. But they got nothing so they had to invent one. And then we get people like this Snuggie wearing race vulture swooping in to capitalize. And she has so little to work with that she has to speak slower than that turtle on Sesame Street to make it worth the time and effort.

  • asianhippy
    asianhippy 3 months ago +19

    This woman doesn't speak for me.

  • clayton henrickson
    clayton henrickson 3 months ago

    I guess my whiteness is why black on black crime is so pervasive. Sorry my birth caused 92% of the black homicides to be committed by black folks.

  • james staggs
    james staggs 3 months ago +4

    This is some of the most rank garbage I've ever heard come out of the mouth of another human. Does the US have a history of racism towards blacks? Yes. Did this woman see that personally? Yes. Does it happen now? No. Black people aren't shot and locked up just because they're black. If you're black in the US you're given many advantages that white people are not.

    • Issurah King
      Issurah King 3 months ago

      james staggs wow, you are severely misguided. Look up wage disparities, incarceration rates, housing inequities and healthcare disparities... racism is alive. Those that deny it are often the harbors of it

  • Weazelmania
    Weazelmania 3 months ago +1

    What division? It's not 1950. All minorities have been give a platform and window of opportunity and all have mostly taken that..... all but one. Mental. Prisons.

  • me nosay
    me nosay 3 months ago +9

    We can heal the pain by ignoring hate spewing ideologues.

  • Yellow Fellow
    Yellow Fellow 3 months ago +7

    What a nice lady, willing to gracefully concede us the redemption of our entire race. And all we have to do is abandon our heritage, our culture, and our identity and allow her to tell us what we should replace them all with. Such a humble, well intended, non judgemental heart.

    • SpaghettiandSauce
      SpaghettiandSauce 3 months ago +4

      IKR. I was so grateful to her for being willing to forgive me for being white if only I totally abandon my entire history, heritage and identity.
      Really sweet of the rancid old bag.

  • M W
    M W 3 months ago +9

    Life becomes a whole lot better when you stop acting like a victim. That's when you start earning respect from people of all races.

  • Robert Grant
    Robert Grant 3 months ago

    She was hilarious ! That video needs to be played at twice the speed but it is very funny and entertaining

  • lil woody
    lil woody 3 months ago +8

    13:23 she slips and her true racism comes out. She put an awful lot of effort to try deflecting it but it's right there. She doesn't even give a very good definition what her "culture of whiteness" really is. The mental gymnastics she does to not show her true feelings is good. I mean who wants to believe Grams is a raging racist? It is quite obvious she feels that making up this false monster she can absolve all woes onto it. She did interact with true racists, 50 plus years ago, we had came a very long way since then but then came BHO to reignite the fire, shift the blame and channel LBJ for the votes. There is a culture that needs to address major problems and its not the one she is addressing. There is a psychological diagnosis of this, it called projection.

  • AJ Lau
    AJ Lau 3 months ago +3

    Racist. and guys, play this at 1.75 speed or 1.5. even 1.25 is too slow for me.

  • waxpants
    waxpants 3 months ago +42

    so basically 1 white person did something bad now all whites are bad
    liberals have really gotten out of hand with the double standards and racism lately its like they still think this is the 50s

    • Aurora B
      Aurora B 3 months ago +1

      Exactly, but no matter how many hundred blacks to one white that do bad we are told, well you can't judge all blacks on that.

  • Jaxson Fanta
    Jaxson Fanta 3 months ago +4

    So I missed the speed up button for the mute button, and I am much more satisfied with that :)

  • Chrissy Liberty
    Chrissy Liberty 3 months ago +21

    So this is how it should have gone. If healing was the intent.
    "I suffered a horrifying and hideous experience during the time of racism. Can you believe how far we've come in such a short time? 12% of the population has an incredible amount of wealth, we have affirmative action, we have privileges that no other has access to. White ppl have killed themselves to make up for racism and slavery in every way possible. There are many welfare programs that help poor blacks, we have a white president who put through prison reform bills and has released black ppl serving will deserved sentences." But, nah, I want revenge so I'll push racism where it does exist non stop forever. This woman should be nowhere near a classroom. TED spreading racism. It's like a page from Hitler's play book.

  • Steve Louzon
    Steve Louzon 3 months ago +81

    TED you guys have really lost all self respect haven't you?

  • Capitan Spoiler
    Capitan Spoiler 3 months ago +72

    wow...this video is so racist

  • Thepope 111111
    Thepope 111111 3 months ago

    Lol What do you wanna bet that 200 years from now, we are still gonna hear bitching and complaining from black people.

  • Kovacs Kovacs
    Kovacs Kovacs 3 months ago +43

    This woman needs to learn to talk faster. She's not very wise, either. She wants to heal the pain of racial division by promoting further racial division? Just because someone's old doesn't make them wise or smart. It's like if you have someone who has 100 IQ and is 100 years old. They're probably just as dumb and foolish as they were decades ago.

    • I Will Rock Your Face!
      I Will Rock Your Face! 3 months ago +1

      An ape not communicating in sign language is a huge leap forward in advancement.

    • Platypus Paws
      Platypus Paws 3 months ago

      Some people as yo get even more insane or grumpy as they get older......and it is a pity if the young look up to them and are mislead.

  • Arnold Harding
    Arnold Harding 3 months ago +43

    It took this woman 20 minutes to give a 10 minute speech.

    • SpaghettiandSauce
      SpaghettiandSauce 3 months ago +2

      And in that whole 20 minutes all she managed to say was, "White people bad. Me victim".

    • Rami Gilneas
      Rami Gilneas 3 months ago +4

      You should have watched it in 2x speed. ;)

  • bloodrunsclear
    bloodrunsclear 3 months ago +8

    So now TED Talks are literally racist propaganda

  • The Hominid
    The Hominid 3 months ago +13

    Even if you increase the speed to x2, this is still so slow that rocks have been eroded faster.

  • Mark Wildt
    Mark Wildt 3 months ago +47

    If I hear the word 'racism' one more time... I am just gonna snap.

  • Onioncore
    Onioncore 3 months ago

    “the people doing this use stereotypes and myths to justify doing it”
    OH, like the stereotypes of “white privilege”, “all white people are racist, sexist, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic”, “white men are told that their skin color is their ticket to a good life and power”? S#!T like that?
    This entire thing is a racist stereotype of “white” people.
    Poor Poor old fat lady that has the ability to say anything she wants on a national stage. She seems SOOOOOOO oppressed!

  • Olivia Kirby
    Olivia Kirby 3 months ago +87

    Stop orchestrating false hoax hate crimes to push a narrative of racism that doesn't actually exist? Just sayin'!

  • Moonwatch Lunar
    Moonwatch Lunar 3 months ago +124

    TED what are you doing?!?! This women is literally saying white culture is destroying black people. That statement is completely untrue.

    • N45441
      N45441 3 months ago +1

      @J B Theo By "culture of whiteness", do you mean Western Liberalism? You're welcome btw and if you don't like it, why don't see yourself out?

    • Ferran Cabeza De Vaca
      Ferran Cabeza De Vaca 3 months ago

      @J B Theo You caen tell that she thinks that white people are the source of all evil.

    • Mick Keker
      Mick Keker 3 months ago +2

      J B Theo
      Bullshit, nice word salad. If I were to say “the culture of blackness creates high levels of crime”, how would that be different from “black culture”??? All you’re doing is playing word salad with yourself so you can feel good about hating on white people like a hypocrite. You guys say the very things we eat and such is “culture of whiteness”. Or the way we dress. I remember a few years back you guys were bitching about how we drink milk. Keep poking at us white folks though. Keep trying to tear down our identities and culture, we will crush you. I don’t want it to come to that, but you guys keep pushing us and egging us on with low IQ bullshit like “muh whiteness”.

    • Moonwatch Lunar
      Moonwatch Lunar 3 months ago +7

      @J B Theo to say that a culture is a social construct is stupid. That would be like saying oh those Spaniards and their dastardly social constructs. That's not it. Mexicans Day of the Dead is not a social construct. America's Indipendence day is not a social construct. Africa black culture is not a social construct. So why should white culture be one? And also, no, racism is not a social construct because most of society condems racism.

    • J B Theo
      J B Theo 3 months ago +2

      Moonwatch Lunar She didn’t say “white culture.” She said “culture of whiteness” and she carefully defined it. She even excluded the idea that she was talking about white people in general. So she is not claiming that “white culture” is a culture of oppression. Therefore, your analogy doesn’t hold.

  • Derek1978
    Derek1978 3 months ago

    so what about the black people who would just assume spit on a white person as say hello? The black owned businesses that will not hire you if your white and think its a virtuous thing? When white people do its its racism when black people do it its the best thing since sliced bread. A level playing field is the first thing we need, on both sides. I lived and worked in a black community and a lot of people hated me for my skin and it was considered OK. I had more than one person tell me i had to mixed cause they liked me and there was no way i was white. There is a ton a racism in the black community, like it or not.

  • Ww Lib
    Ww Lib 4 months ago +1

    You are loved by the Creator of Heaven
    and Earth and He calls you into a personal restored relationship with Him,
    through His Son and by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Jesus says, “I am the
    Light of the World,” Those who are at a low point in their lives, who are
    desperate and feel alone in despair, have only to look up. Help is a whisper
    away. The darkness cannot survive in the presence of the God who spoke “Let
    there be light”. Call on His Name, the
    Name of Jesus, the One who has forgiven and redeemed you by His death on the
    Cross. “God so loved the world that He
    gave His only Son that whoever believes on Him shall not perish, but have
    everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

  • gunter gueldschekel
    gunter gueldschekel 4 months ago +1

    At first we have to end the epidemic antiwhite racism in the media, shools and culture and with POC people and brown/muslim/Latino people

  • thou ist
    thou ist 4 months ago

    I personally think that our best bet is education education and education. When children are brought up with media rhetoric of "minorities are violent" and other similarly horrific things, even if they try to be not racist their subconscious minds will always (wrongly) take a disliking to people who are different to them, and it can be difficult to change that. The best we can do is educate our children.
    We need to close the stable door before the horse has bolted

    • waxpants
      waxpants 3 months ago

      in what world do you hear media rhetoric of "minorities are violent" in the last few years if heard nothing but the opposite
      please stop getting ur political information from corporations there all lying to you

    • Jaxson Fanta
      Jaxson Fanta 3 months ago

      so indoctrination then? No the people like you are the real problem in America.

    • thou ist
      thou ist 4 months ago

      gunter gueldschekel sure, but people with hair are either naturally blonde or brown or black haired.
      Education is all about facts. What I mean when i talk about fscts is about respecting and treating all people the same regardless of their race. Of course there are different races, but i think most kids don't need to be told that (unless they're blind) and i'm not denying that we should teach kids to understand that there are different races. In the same way that we don't treat people with naturally different hair types differently, because we aren't taught (even subconsciously) that they are different people and should be split apart, people should be taught to treat and respect all races in the same way.

    • gunter gueldschekel
      gunter gueldschekel 4 months ago

      @thou ist But the fact is: All people are either black or white or brown or asian. What you want is to indoctrinate people, to ignore the facts.
      Eudication is about facts, ONLY about facts.

    • thou ist
      thou ist 4 months ago

      gunter gueldschekel yeah, and we need to educate people not to see all people as people, and not black or white ir Asian or hispanic etc.