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Starring Joe Bereta - http://twitter.com/joebereta
Episode Animated by Bryan Wieder - http://www.twitter.com/bryanagain
Written by Matthew Brian Cohen
Produced by Joe Bereta and Michael Rainey - https://twitter.com/raineymichaelv
Executive Producer - Andy Signore - http://twitter.com/andysignore

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Автор Sara Whitley ( назад)
I learn more here than in my science class...

Автор Hijack Hornet ( назад)
We have self lacing shoes ^^ Search for nike self lacing shoes on google ;)

Автор ProfessorLa7am ( назад)
how to levitate

Автор B-KatM Egy ( назад)
Epic How To grow your own weed legally

Автор MySqueezingArm ( назад)
sourcefed died without you buddy.

Автор young_jp ( назад)

Автор THinkit 123 ( назад)
Hmmm... Its 299792.458 KM/Sec

Автор EpicSai ( назад)
Who watching this in 2071?

old is gold

Автор lorenzo benatti ( назад)

Автор Helen Land ( назад)
You don't need anything but a Delorian and a flux capacitor

Автор Helen Land ( назад)
Back to the future yesssss

Автор Shyanne Gardner ( назад)
We have self lacing shoes they're just expensive so not many people wear them

Автор stan de Man ( назад)
How to survive the terrorist attacks in Europe that almost happened to me 🙂

Автор James Todd ( назад)

Автор Manuela Pichardo ( назад)
how to survive homework

Автор johnnygorta ( назад)
Get an ocarina

Автор Rochelle Tsosie ( назад)
epic how to survive in a bank robbery

Автор Stephen Hudson ( назад)
Yeah you'd think that the govourment would've achieved this before you but ok.

Автор famanyy aduri ( назад)
How to escape jail! How bout dat

Автор Blazing torchic ( назад)
Noooooo Trent ! We will miss you Trent :( RIP

Автор Yatukih001 ( назад)
Thanks for the upload.

Автор Yatukih001 ( назад)
I time travelled here, using facebook and twitter...

Автор alpha ninyo ( назад)
How to reincarnate

Автор DABEAST _NL ( назад)
I usually understand these "smart" videos but now I'm mind blown

Автор Maximum Carnage ( назад)
how to become a criminal mastermind

Автор Victor Martinez ( назад)
Epic how to with how to basic

Автор Mr*Fi5h ( назад)
It's called a star gate

Автор xTsrifx xTsalx ( назад)
Time travel is impossible, one of many reasons is because the energy required has to be greater than all of the energy in the universe, why? Because you will have to change the entire universe to go move in time.

Another reason is that it is difficult to change something that is constantly changing and moving. . . in both Space and Time. Lets say that you only changed "YOU" and "YOUR SPACE" and went back in time, you will have to also change the space in size and shape in the time where you want to go and you would be better if you went back in time in a spaceship because you will be in empty space because earth has long and far moved away from that place and time where you went back to, unless you changed the whole universe.

Baring the hideous amount of energy to move a single electron, the amount of energy needed to navigate time travel is astronomical because you will have to first scan and map the void (which is impossible if you had the energy)

Imaging the void of space empty of all matter, that is what you will have to map and navigate to Time Travel. At the least you will need three fixed places (Smaller Than an Atom) within the void as points of navigational references, the supposed center point of the Big Bang is possible to be one.

Автор Mylittlebearcub Savage ( назад)
I think attention needs a friend😉

Автор Hit Vortex ( назад)
What if I don't put s comment, then there is a paradox. But I just put the comment so paradox solved. But what if I delete the comment, will the paradox appear again, or will it have been removed by the fact that there was a comment

Автор racks 2 ( назад)
wish we can turn back time ohh to the good old days

Автор Andres Middlebrooks ( назад)
And make obito mask

Автор Andres Middlebrooks ( назад)
Make superman eyevision

Автор Sir Phil ( назад)
Now i understand the "black holes are wormholes" theories...

Автор Edwin Ong ( назад)
how to survive a volcano eruption

Автор aaron murphy ( назад)
we have everything from back to the future since let us have it

Автор samuraishogun1 ( назад)
Yeah... I'm gonna science the hell outa today. Nothin special.

Автор BigMike ( назад)


Автор Zen.Banana Master ( назад)
I am from a few seconds/minutes (I don't really know) into the future

Автор LeonLily ( назад)
How to get superpowers?

Автор Danny Bogaerts ( назад)

Автор C0reInside ( назад)
Hello I just wanted to let you know that I finally was able to find a computer to type this message. I have seen your video and travelled back to the year 1998. I lived on the far side of china and never had any access to electricity. I was then in prison from 2009 until 2 months ago when I was released. I had to travel far to find a working computer with internet access where youtube wasn't blocked. I want to warn you do NOT travel back in time or you will be at a random place and it may be deadly!! I had a lot of luck.

Автор Tanner Shackelford ( назад)
at the very beginning of the video what he said was completely inaccurate there are self tying shoes there are microwavable pizzas and flying cars existed since 2013 they're just not mass-produced Row open to the public cuz they're impractical

Автор Snow ( назад)

Автор Matthew Baloney ( назад)
Epic how to survive riding Niagra Falls but dying later in life due to slipping on an orange peel? Bobby Leach did this.
Leach injured his leg when he slipped on an orange peel. The leg became infected, and eventually gangrene necessitated the amputation of the leg. Despite this extreme procedure, Bobby Leach died of complications two months later.

Автор javier reyes ( назад)
how to do the Fire style: fireball jutsu

Автор Fun, Friendly Topics ( назад)
Hello Epic How To was wondering if you could do an episode on hypnosis?

Автор Nyasia McDale ( назад)
How to survive being homeless

How to become invisible

Автор You@Starboyz ( назад)
How to get rich FAST!💲💲💲😁

Автор Awesome Set studios ( назад)

Автор mordern modes ( назад)
blah blahh

Автор mordern modes ( назад)
now we have it all

Автор Mr Shiro ( назад)
Epic how to: Calm down immediately when faced with a threat or danger.

Автор II NSNGAMINGTV II Meh ( назад)
you have to run faster barry!!

Автор Flashera ( назад)
do this work in india or no

Автор Richárd Meszes ( назад)
if you have negative mass, you could have negative speed, and you go back in time, but crash everything around you (like a black hole)

Автор Fairytale ( назад)
2015 whut

Автор Schulze35 ( назад)
how to Survive in Half life 2 City 17

Автор MegaMGstudios ( назад)

now i wanna know what billy guesed

Автор Dark Max ( назад)
hmm why am I not smart enough to get this :(

Автор Hilda Crisantos ( назад)

Автор Squiby ( назад)

Автор Aiden the Pasta ( назад)
if you tink about it time trave will never exsist cuz if it did there would be time travelers cominge to our year so you know

Автор Rakesh Prasad ( назад)
Anyone else love the show timeless

Автор Kyla Mosley ( назад)
How to survive a school shooting

Автор Athen Goh ( назад)

Автор great Gaming ( назад)
how to be a detective please do it

Автор Advance destiny ( назад)
I have seen the future

Автор Hacker inside ( назад)
How get out of


Автор Kade weber ( назад)

Автор Memeify ( назад)
Epic How to make a youtube comment pls

Автор Nathan Scott ( назад)
How to survive home invasion?

Автор Batman The Dark Knight ( назад)
I am stuck in 2017 inwas born in 2047

Автор Antwun Trademark ( назад)
I made a really fast tutorial on how to time travel on my channel if anyone wants to check it!

Автор AHAHAAH No. ( назад)
How To Win The Hunger Games

Автор Mafiaboyz ( назад)
my name is barry allen and am the fastest fucker slive

Автор Maureen Maister ( назад)
Hey there I am from the future trump will be assassinated and we will have a world war 3 so good luck people

Автор MrFox ( назад)
How to be immortal

Автор MrFox ( назад)
He probaly got straight A's in school

Автор Eu Sunt Andrei ( назад)
Me: Ooo! What an awesome title!
Me from after 7 mins: What did I just watch???

Автор Noel Anundi ( назад)
this will sound dumb but i imagined thinghs and it has happended

Автор PickyTheRabbit ( назад)
Could you make a video on how to escape being taken hostage by pirates? Would have been greatly appreciated

Автор Zyro_Gaming 123 ( назад)
whos watching in 2020

Автор White Knight ( назад)
How to survive mass shooting

Автор Matthew Rainey ( назад)
How to 3D Print

Автор BBwil09 ( назад)
I slowed down time and I shat my self

Автор Gordon Freeman ( назад)
Good bye Trent.

Автор ✯PeterPorker ( назад)
How to create a time paradox?

Автор marten Liam ( назад)
i acctualy have dreams where i see future events.. they only are things i see so i can't really help anyone with them.. but i still find it cool

Автор wilson games ( назад)
The universes expansion is faster than light but that's the universe so I gause it doesn't apply to its own rules

Автор Mohammed Khurrum ( назад)
do how to live on sun

Автор AAnte37 ( назад)
there is self lacing shoes

Автор raylayrr ( назад)
How to survive a school shooting

Автор Fable Freak3 ( назад)
Actually galaxies move faster than light.

Автор Xx game Changer xX ( назад)
Epic how to fly!

Автор Xx game Changer xX ( назад)
OK! If he knows all this stuff has'nt he done it before

Автор john bolderson ( назад)
Do how to survive a civil war

Автор Ice Breaker ( назад)
"One minute per minute" XD

Автор Ironic Death ( назад)
Hello there! I'm using internet explorer so this message might arrive a bit late. happy new year btw. I hope 2004 is better than last year.

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