Señorita - Shawn Mendes, Camilla Cabello | Caleb Marshall | Dance Workout

  • Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • A fun easy to follow cardio dance fitness routine to Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello's "Señorita"
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    Welcome to The Fitness Marshall channel! Get a high intensity, FUN cardio dance workout designed for EVERYONE. We are an inclusive channel that believes every person of every age, size, skin color, orientation, gender identity and religion deserves to feel sexy and confident in their own body. In order to get to where you want to go you have to first embrace your mind, body and spirit that you have TODAY. If you want to reduce stress, lose weight, burn fat, have fun or learn how to dance The Fitness Marshall is for you! Let go of your inhibitions and dance with us to all your favorite artists like, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Britney Spears, Lizzo, Beyonce, Rihanna, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber and more! SECRET TIP: You burn extra calories if you lip sync the lyrics along with the song ;) Whether you’re a pilates person, Zumba instructor, or a beginner who has never tried exercise you can find a dance here for you! ARE YOU READY TO SWEAT YOURSELF SEXY!?
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  • Lily Lou
    Lily Lou 11 hours ago

    If only all adds could be as good as this one...
    The first time I was so caught up in the video that by the time I realised it was over, I didn't had time left to catch all the information. Thanks god I found you again 😱♥️🌹

  • Skye Luu
    Skye Luu Day ago

    You guys did good and you dance really awesome you guys are amazing dancer love you Fitness Marshall😀🙂👩😃😁😊🤭

  • yulanda hall
    yulanda hall Day ago

    My. Neck crack

  • Maqbool Hussain
    Maqbool Hussain Day ago



    Cameron is my favourite😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Xian Rustin
    Xian Rustin 2 days ago

    Am I the only person who’s subscribed and didn’t come from an ad???

  • Avalon Levi
    Avalon Levi 2 days ago

    I love this video it's so funny lmao

  • Sean Pablo Carpintero

    Wtf the people at the back is a turn off

  • Tyrus Ison
    Tyrus Ison 3 days ago +2

    I freaking love it! Good workout 💪

  • Themis Panagakou
    Themis Panagakou 3 days ago

    Δένεται το βιζι

  • Thanasis Palantzas
    Thanasis Palantzas 3 days ago

    φενο5αν το στιθος

  • Sammy Jones
    Sammy Jones 4 days ago +1

    All those people casually going for a hike up the mountain meanwhile a whole Zumba session is taking place.

  • Annie Star
    Annie Star 4 days ago

    I saw this as an ad and I usually skip but I wanted to hear the song and then I got interested in ur dance. I have to sub NOW

  • • Wednesdayy • :3

    *Shawn Mendes Hands* uwu

  • Alexandra Caribé
    Alexandra Caribé 4 days ago

    OMG!! You are sooo cute and sooo funny and sooo healthy lol.

  • Dean Adriel Gelverio

    Can i Request a Birthday song by Somi

  • Decima Musa
    Decima Musa 5 days ago

    No puedo quitarle los ojos de encima a Caleb, baila increíble

  • Fhariz 29
    Fhariz 29 5 days ago

    so cute

  • خيري العايب


  • 蔡小姐
    蔡小姐 6 days ago +1


  • Decima Musa
    Decima Musa 6 days ago

    They dance beautiful

  • SoelPockychan
    SoelPockychan 7 days ago +1

    For a moment I thought those hikers were going to join and make a mob dance 🤣🤣🤣

  • Aloyhaha hanya olga yg bs hibur diriku kgn olga Boy

    i.m very enjoy with ur dance...from indonesia

  • Jazzy Prince
    Jazzy Prince 9 days ago

    I love it...

  • Richard Rostamkhan
    Richard Rostamkhan 9 days ago

    Boelero allert 🤣🤣

  • daniel Groner
    daniel Groner 9 days ago

    What’s “step touch”

  • jerome gerke
    jerome gerke 10 days ago

    Marshall in the pink hair: OOOHH!

  • Ruby Carson
    Ruby Carson 10 days ago

    Welcome little ones

  • vio love
    vio love 12 days ago

    I just love this guy in middle

  • Meisya Yuniar
    Meisya Yuniar 12 days ago

    I found this on ad and sub because you're so funny yet so inspiring

  • Rosalind Walker
    Rosalind Walker 12 days ago

    OMG, when I scroll down a search list and see a video of yours listed, I start laughing before I even open the video. Love both your crazy personality and choreography!

  • caleb
    caleb 13 days ago

    who also got this as an add? i think this is the second time i ever watched a 3 minute long add..

  • eLpAnxd 7u7
    eLpAnxd 7u7 13 days ago

    esta cagado el del centro xd

  • The Ally World
    The Ally World 13 days ago


  • AnimeNox
    AnimeNox 13 days ago

    This is the first dance workout vid of yours I’ve seen, but seriously this was super fun haha! Thank you for sharing!

  • 하람
    하람 14 days ago +1

    so exciting!!! I'm gonna try to do it everyday

  • جحيم الأنمي
    جحيم الأنمي 14 days ago

    men you areخكري

  • Hazy-day's
    Hazy-day's 14 days ago +1


  • Coelhinha :3
    Coelhinha :3 14 days ago

    Apaixonada no replay❤❤❤❤

  • c h e l s e a 一番下の人

    Got this for an ad. Anyone else?

  • Splattastic
    Splattastic 15 days ago +1

    I watched this repeatedly. It was so Interesting! I tried myself and it worked so nicely!

  • Nannith Aclan Vlogs
    Nannith Aclan Vlogs 16 days ago +1

    i try to follow their step its quite easy

  • Galaxy Unicorn
    Galaxy Unicorn 16 days ago


  • Rose Alagao
    Rose Alagao 17 days ago +1

    Your the best idol God bless 💞💞💞💞 your group Shawn

  • Dianne Balangto
    Dianne Balangto 17 days ago

    I dont know why is subscribe to you but i just want a dance tutorial because i dont know how to dance when i move my hips i look like an idiot

  • Midnight protector
    Midnight protector 18 days ago +1

    I love how yoh make everything a joke

  • Bianca Naldy
    Bianca Naldy 18 days ago

    Adoreiiiiii dança muito

  • vikki stevens
    vikki stevens 18 days ago +2

    Honestly makes me want to get up and dance! Love the enthusiasm, been hooked since the first ad I saw! ❤️

    • Lauren Renteria
      Lauren Renteria 5 days ago

      I know! It does that for me too! And he motivates and inspires me for when I choreograph and create dances! Do you like to dance too?

  • SirBKing
    SirBKing 18 days ago


  • SirBKing
    SirBKing 18 days ago

    You in the pink hear (i mean🦳)

  • Maty Gaming
    Maty Gaming 18 days ago

    The First Freaking Ad I never Skipped The Best Of All!!!

  • Spikey100000
    Spikey100000 18 days ago

    This is absolutely dreadful and I promise I will skip it every time, also you should totally fire the guy on the left

  • Pams Kitchen
    Pams Kitchen 18 days ago

    I'm just a kid so i did that on a chair XD

  • jojofromtx
    jojofromtx 19 days ago

    I swear you get gayer every video. And I’m here for it. Lol

  • Kayla Tran
    Kayla Tran 19 days ago


  • جحيم الأنمي
    جحيم الأنمي 19 days ago

    you are خكري

  • SpectrumWolf
    SpectrumWolf 19 days ago

    The guy with the blue hair literally didn't get what the script said lol

  • Yi Shao
    Yi Shao 19 days ago

    My 7-year-old daughter's favorite.

  • Aida Hucic
    Aida Hucic 19 days ago +1

    Aida hucic jag riket det dlar.😐😐

  • Ita Purwasih
    Ita Purwasih 20 days ago

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