Virginia wins 2019 National Championship vs. Texas Tech (FULL GAME)

  • Published on May 15, 2019
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Comments • 139

  • Bullwinkle Moose
    Bullwinkle Moose 11 days ago

    Ty Jerome was by far the best player on Virginia

  • Lavar Ball
    Lavar Ball 14 days ago

    When you realise t.t could have won if they allowed the layup in the final play of regulation, instead of leaving the corner 3 open....

  • Nolanator8551
    Nolanator8551 21 day ago


  • Nolanator8551
    Nolanator8551 21 day ago

    Yay virginia

  • John Carmicle
    John Carmicle 25 days ago

    Man, this was an amazing game

  • mod Mav
    mod Mav Month ago


  • Chad Williams
    Chad Williams Month ago

    This Virginia team is really underrated. They only lost 3 games all year

  • David Lofthus
    David Lofthus 2 months ago +1

    It should have been Auburn. True, dat.

    • justin holmes
      justin holmes 6 days ago

      @David Lofthus The record books will show the right team won. UVa won, call it what you will. Human error or whatever, UVa won.

    • David Lofthus
      David Lofthus Month ago

      @Firesight I was basing my statement on Auburn getting hosed by the refs in the semi. Hosed as in the refs not calling and obvious double dribble on Virginia. I could be wrong.

    • Firesight
      Firesight Month ago +1

      No, it shouldn't have. False, dat.

  • Anthony Taylor
    Anthony Taylor 2 months ago

    Wow I forgot that quick who win the national championship i.ll bet those ratings wasn't that good

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin 2 months ago +1

      I looked it up. Ratings were not good. Too bad, because it was one of the better national title games I have seen (and I have seen them all since the 1960's).

  • Mirza Maaz
    Mirza Maaz 3 months ago


  • MalhariOfficial
    MalhariOfficial 3 months ago +5

    2019 - Waho🏆 wa
    2022 - Wah🏆🏆wa

    Maybe even Wah🏆🏆🏆wa by 2023 but don’t wanna get greedy :p

  • Maria Lopez
    Maria Lopez 3 months ago +5

    Go virginia

  • Fruthery948
    Fruthery948 3 months ago

    Let's use frame by frame instant replay to decide a natl championship to see a pinky still on the ball, when Key clearly knocked the ball out. Takes away from the integrity of the game

  • steelers fan84
    steelers fan84 3 months ago

    14:00 1:17:09 7:41

  • Dustin Spence
    Dustin Spence 3 months ago +1

    Nothing like tech getting chucked by bad officials 1:32:00 miss the reach on kyle guy and gave Virginia the ball even though hunter smacked it out of his hand

  • JiPuY Vienntot
    JiPuY Vienntot 3 months ago

    No screen play from Virginia tech Clarke need some confidence in making shots and play

    • C J
      C J 3 months ago

      JiPuY Vienntot Virginia not Virginia Tech

  • Brevon Townes
    Brevon Townes 4 months ago +15

    So happy to see Hunter, Jerome and Guy all get drafted, they all will have solid careers, Hunter will be a star

  • kobokarlix
    kobokarlix 4 months ago

    Bad coaching in the final seconds by auburn.Should have fouled earlier.
    And a really ad call before the final freethrows.

  • hoos3014
    hoos3014 4 months ago +5

    Oh, man. What a game! GG Texas Tech. I'm still on Cloud 9 two months later...

  • MehariNation Sports Podcast

    I was there and US Bank Stadium was electric!!! It was my first national championship game and I sat near the Texas Tech area, the fans were heart broken after the loss.

  • da Bob
    da Bob 4 months ago +7

    I was at JPJ (1:40:28), then the "happy riot" at the UVA Corner - What a night - and every game at JPJ (and all others on TV) leading to this incredible run of "redemption" - same as last year and many years before...
    I watched UVA win their first ACC title at Capital Center in 1976... and watched Ralph Sampson and co. win game after game in U-Hall (RIP May 2019).. and the great battle of the bigs (Ralph Sampson v Patrick Ewing) at Capital Center in DC. All the way back to the incredible mayhem and Barry Parkhill's last-second shot against then #2 USC in U-Hall (1971). Last week, looking at U-Hall's soon-to-be remains, I ran into Lanny Stahurski - a player who was on the floor at that historic game. So many special moments leading to this pinnacle. Been worth the wait of half-a-century :D

  • Gigavolts574
    Gigavolts574 4 months ago +51

    Good job UVA coming from a Clemson fan. Great seeing the ACC winning Nattys in sports.

    • Firesight
      Firesight Month ago +1

      @Niger Nelly Duke should have been knocked out in the second round. They tried to win with sheer athleticism but that's not enough in the NCAAT.

    • Niger Nelly
      Niger Nelly 3 months ago +1

      Duke should have won

  • PerspectivePat
    PerspectivePat 4 months ago +6

    GO UVA !!

  • The Golden Thread
    The Golden Thread 4 months ago +10

    Can we get the full Purdue game, too? PLEASE?

    • Joanna Nguyen
      Joanna Nguyen 4 months ago

      search UVA vs Purdue on RUclip to watch whole game.

  • Byron Herrera
    Byron Herrera 4 months ago +7

    This was 1 of the best years for March Madness. It tends to filter down to the blue blood schools almost every year. Total unpredictability this year!

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago

      Thanks Byron for acknowledging that very fact about unpredictability because it seems to me so many on these sites have blamed UVa's road to the crown specifically on them! Ppl should know by now that when u advance, u can't control or dictate who your going up against in future rounds! Virginia beat everyone placed in front of them and yet they were ridiculously criticized for it

    • Byron Herrera
      Byron Herrera 2 months ago

      @Mike Martin
      Riiight, @ least you guys have success. I'm a USC Trojan fan, AWFUL most of the time lol

    • Mike Martin
      Mike Martin 2 months ago +1

      I'm a Kentucky fan and thoroughly enjoyed seeing new blood in the final. I love my team, but wish we were not a one and done school. I can't even imagine the success we would have had with juniors and seniors. It was a pleasure to watch the talent and experience of UVa and Texas Tech.

  • Taylor Harding
    Taylor Harding 4 months ago +3

    I'm ready for next season

  • Randall Megginson
    Randall Megginson 5 months ago +22

    Am I the only one that's tearing up after watching this? Again?!!!!

    • da Bob
      da Bob 4 months ago +1

      @steven jones Me too - back even before that - the Parkhill era when my Dad exposed me to UVA hoops :D

    • steven jones
      steven jones 4 months ago +6

      Nope...waited since the Sampson era...only wished my dad could have seen it

    • da Bob
      da Bob 4 months ago +2

      No, you are not ;)

  • Kenneth Jara
    Kenneth Jara 5 months ago +50

    When you realize that March Madness was more exciting than the NBA "Playoffs."

    • Qipao
      Qipao 16 days ago

      This year though is gonna be different

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago

      @C.Z. Duck and had LeBron not left the Cavs, it would have been complete chalk!

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago

      @C.Z. Duck Toronto winning the title by itself made the playoffs marvelous! Outside of that it was mostly chalk like always!

    • Kenny aka TI
      Kenny aka TI 2 months ago +2

      LOL Did you even watch the playoffs?

  • Cameron Farrell
    Cameron Farrell 5 months ago

    Double dribble

    • Firesight
      Firesight Month ago

      Foul on Ty and several uncalled travels/hacks on Auburn in the second half.

    • Andrew Furrer
      Andrew Furrer 4 months ago +1

      Personally I thought Tecmo NBA Basketball was the better Nintendo game, but for its time, Double Dribble was pretty fun.

    • Coolie Feggans
      Coolie Feggans 4 months ago

      Dribble double

    • Cameron Farrell
      Cameron Farrell 5 months ago

      @Mr Fox TTU actually but go on

  • MalhariOfficial
    MalhariOfficial 5 months ago +6

    Hoos 🔥🙌🏽❤️💯

  • Virginia Tahboub
    Virginia Tahboub 5 months ago +4

    Virginia free throws

  • commando2100
    commando2100 5 months ago +2

    Virginia has to be one of the luckiest teams to win the national championship

    • Firesight
      Firesight Month ago

      @Brad Lewis It's a lot easier and less painful to believe you were beaten unfairly than accept that you weren't. That's really all it boils down to. But being a Virginia fan, I have no sympathy for it. We had to live with the worst loss imaginable and year after year of disappointments, so if you can't live with getting beaten by the eventual champion in the Final Four on your first trip there, you really need to take a look in the mirror.

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago +1

      It's truly unbelievable that there are some still placing blame on that dbl dribble and we r five months removed from the tournament! No offense ppl out there but Auburn had themselves to blame for that semifinal loss and no one else! Any team that can't hold a four point lead within the final 15 seconds deserves to lose (that's one reason)! My second reason is that if your gonna hate on the refs, they always work both ways because their was a blatant grab of Ty Jerome's jersey which preceded that overcooked dbl dribble no call! Jerome's jersey grab was an obvious miss too! In short though, their was abso no excuse for Kyle Guy having that wide open a three attempt when Auburn was up four! Their clock mgmt and defense down the stretch were horrible!

    • Zach Pearson
      Zach Pearson Month ago

      Auburn that's all I have to say

    • Firesight
      Firesight Month ago +1

      @Zach Pearson 'The refs' are nothing more than a crutch and excuse. Virginia made incredible plays and clutch shots to win, and had plenty of bad calls go against them as well.

  • SashasGuitar Covers
    SashasGuitar Covers 5 months ago +1

    The marching band music is so annoying

  • Brevon Townes
    Brevon Townes 5 months ago +3

    No matter how many more chips UVA wins, nothing will be as sweet as this one MUTHAFUCK UNBC......WHO'S LAUGHING NOW!!!!!!!!!!

    • Brevon Townes
      Brevon Townes 4 months ago

      @xX Steve_Brule Xx that was my ha ha moment, I know unbc has respect for UVA, but as a trolled UVA fan I had to get that out Lol

    • xX Steve_Brule Xx
      xX Steve_Brule Xx 4 months ago +1

      Umbc coming has nothin but respect for uva

    • Magelund
      Magelund 4 months ago

      Brevon Townes then because they knocked out a 1 seed

  • justin holmes
    justin holmes 5 months ago +7

    Wahoo frickin wa. My team did it! We come from old Virginia!

  • Nigel 100
    Nigel 100 5 months ago +19

    Finally!!! They posted this game. I been waiting to watch!!! Thanks @marchmadness

    • Firesight
      Firesight Month ago

      Just wish they'd sync the sound properly...

  • Joanna Nguyen
    Joanna Nguyen 5 months ago +11

    As a UVA mom, i am so happy to see UVA won the national championship game. Go Hoos !!!

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago +1

      My uncle is a die-hard Virginia basketball fan and he was the first person I chatted with after they'd won it! He's been thru his share as a supporter, so I was extremely happy for him and I've been an ACC fan since '82 outside of the Tar Holes! Virginia winning was Aok with me

    • C C
      C C 5 months ago +1

      I'm a UVA dad. Daughter class of 2017. Better late than never.

  • Frosted Ice Pharoah
    Frosted Ice Pharoah 5 months ago +1

    Who else had Michigan State over Virginia?

    • Andrew Heckman
      Andrew Heckman 5 months ago

      Frosted Ice Pharoah me, even though I’m a Virginia fan (my dad went there)

  • Tracy Turner
    Tracy Turner 5 months ago +15

    A night no Hoo will ever forget. JPJ, The Corner, and The Lawn were amazing.

  • C J
    C J 5 months ago +9

    Finally the full game is out

  • John T. Cook
    John T. Cook 5 months ago +48

    I've been waiting for Virginia to win the National Championship since the early 80's (the Ralph Sampson years). Boy, I't's been a long wait. But I have a feeling this isn't the last one. Go Wahoos!!

    • John T. Cook
      John T. Cook Month ago

      @Brad Lewis I was a junior in high school that year. The next year (84, my senior year in high school) they went to the Final Four without Ralph Sampson.

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago +1

      @John T. Cook and also John I am old enough to remember those Ralph Sampson years; I vividly recall him walking off the floor after NC State had eliminated them in the '83 West Regional final during their miracle NCAA tournament run! I was in fifth grade then!

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago +3

      John, as a Virginia fan u deserve long overdue congratulations! Tony Bennett was consistently being unfairly criticized for his style of play being directly responsible for UVa's past tournament failures and kudos specifically to him for not changing that style! Their redemption and the way those kids hung in there after suffering extreme disappointment in '18 made me proud to be an ACC fan, outside of the Tar Holes that is (I despise Carolina)! Enjoy your crown!

    • da Bob
      da Bob 4 months ago

      Mike Graz Tony Bennett will surpass coach K and others if he stays in the sport long enough! 60+ wins in a couple of seasons and no sign of slowing down. A man who makes boys into fine men by lesson and example - precisely what UVA has been and should stand for going fwd. The finest anywhere. And I've got a feeling Bronco on the football side of things isn't far behind

    • Mike Graz
      Mike Graz 4 months ago

      since 78. long time in cville. what used to happen to us finally came around. more will come. we got the next nba program in college. coach b.

  • Travis Harris
    Travis Harris 5 months ago +104

    is anyone else nervously watching this game even though you know the outcome??? haha

    • Austin Van Steenburg
      Austin Van Steenburg 4 months ago +2

      Just thinking about it makes me nervous.

    • da Bob
      da Bob 4 months ago +4

      @michael neel Yep, but finally good to watch without as much anxiety! Great win - can't watch this enough - GO HOOS (and now lacrosse NCAA Champs too!)

    • michael neel
      michael neel 5 months ago +2


  • Ahsan Ashraf
    Ahsan Ashraf 5 months ago +3

    Is this available permanently? My RUclip TV recording will eventually disappear...

    • Daniel Baldwin
      Daniel Baldwin 5 months ago +1

      Think so I mean it is NCAA March Madness uploading it, and it is a NCAA game. So wouldn't that make it there property to decide what to do with it as they see fit?

  • cassidy erickson
    cassidy erickson 5 months ago +71

    One of the great title games ever

  • Bill Bill
    Bill Bill 5 months ago +10


  • Munchie
    Munchie 5 months ago +10

    Wreck em tech we will be back

    • Brad Lewis
      Brad Lewis Month ago

      Munchie, I believe you'll be just fine as long as Chris Beard is walking the sideline there! What he has done in just three full seasons is nothing short of incredible! And the job he did turning Culver from a sixth man to NBA lottery pick after all the team had lost from '18, there aren't any words! With Beard as coach and he's run a class and clean program wherever he's been, TTech, I believe is staying put as a contender!

    • C J
      C J 3 months ago


    • MalhariOfficial
      MalhariOfficial 3 months ago +1

      Good game and season tech, from a Virginia fan who saw a lot of support for and from Texas Tech down in Minny

  • #TeamOM
    #TeamOM 5 months ago +6

    Hunter Welcome to CLEVELAND

  • Poli Fn
    Poli Fn 5 months ago +9

    Bro this is like 2 months old

    • Andrew Furrer
      Andrew Furrer 4 months ago

      When it's two centuries old, it will still be phenomenal to watch.

    • Joseph Yeager
      Joseph Yeager 5 months ago


    • chris paul
      chris paul 5 months ago +1

      @Poli Fn NP, classy you replied... I had a channel, made over 300 meticulous vids, all got deleted by YT censoring, over 12 years of hard I know it's not easy.

    • Poli Fn
      Poli Fn 5 months ago

      chris paul tru my bad

    • chris paul
      chris paul 5 months ago +4

      thank the man instead of making a snide comment... do you realize how much work is involved in UL these etc. Man, I get sick of freeloaders with zero attitude of gratitude... thank you, MM!

  • Cam Bratzke
    Cam Bratzke 5 months ago +34

    Ur posting this now!

  • AwesomeE Playz_
    AwesomeE Playz_ 5 months ago +1