Drake - Energy

Energy (Official Video)
Taken from the Album - If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late
Available for download here! http://smarturl.it/IYRTITL

Share/Stream “Energy” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/79XrkTOfV1AqySNjVlygpW


Music video by Drake performing Energy. © 2015 Cash Money Records Inc.


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Длительность: 2:58
Комментарии: 41467

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Автор Twilter Co ( назад)
lmfao wow look up "Daddy Mikey - Street wars" and just thank me later

Автор MG-GAME play ( назад)
Eminem better

Автор Italo Solarte ( назад)
lol everybody that says this video isn't what it is cut out to be clearly doesn't get the theme.... "fuck the haters"

Автор Faze Jb ( назад)
This music video is weird

Автор -Rebound- ( назад)
still dont understand the dude in the begining

Автор Chaos TheEnd ( назад)
drake.. do this by yourself bro

Автор Maranda Kay ( назад)
Vanoss has more subscribers

Автор Ana Elias ( назад)
a like the song and drake

Автор Adekunbi salako ( назад)
00:05 P Reign
00:07 Roy Woods

Автор ADRIAN Gunderson-Smith ( назад)
Drakes dance kills me everytime

Автор Ethan Palomo ( назад)
drake says way too many bad word drake cool off by saying bad words and stop saying nigga fucking shit ass slut

Автор Ethan Palomo ( назад)
look at those tits

Автор Jazzie Griffin ( назад)
drake mom

Автор Comment/Review Analyzer ( назад)
My dumbass of a homie thinks this rapper called Andre 3000 better than Drake. I showed him this video and he still ain't changing his mind. Poor fool!

Автор Yousef Walker ( назад)
Tupac is the best

Автор Diego Maradona ( назад)
manager rugby

Автор Bridget ( назад)
Yous just a fake nigga acting like you started from the streets and hustled your way to this cash, Fuck no fool you come froma well off family. Save the space on youtube for some real niggas straight up.

Автор Bridget ( назад)
Drake yous just an actor, Wishin you we're DOPE LIKE GUCCI MANE. Think a g like Gucci Mane started out on fuckin degrassi ypur such a fake.

Автор eya bennaceur ( назад)
the best !!!

Автор Astrid Giordano ( назад)

Автор Francesco Toscani ( назад)
porco dio!

Автор Drake ( назад)

Автор Brian BP ( назад)

Автор satinlover14 ( назад)
wow this was super creative

Автор Tommy Campbell ( назад)
Fuck drake and all of those people he only talks about his money his girls and all of his friends

Автор Drew Spears ( назад)
I got strippers in my life but they virgins to me? WT actual F

Автор Cock Henson ( назад)
Drake a wanna be street nigga tbh

Автор Kosta Thomas ( назад)
You can't give people shit for liking a certain artist. Music taste is subjective yeah some of it might be better than others but in the end what you think only matters to you

Автор TL M ( назад)
The video and the lyrics SPEAK. Drake's eye open

Автор TL M ( назад)

Автор Edwin Castañeda ( назад)
where' the lyrics at?

Автор Viper Autism ( назад)
tryna take the whey from a nigga

Автор Lizeth Horan ( назад)

Автор LOĂÎ ( назад)
x is better

Автор Evelin Lopez ( назад)

Автор Logan Reck ( назад)
I ❤️ the music keep on doing it

Автор Vgust- king ( назад)
am I the only dude that things the guy in 1:11 looks like tupac??? the guys praying

Автор Hédi TKO ( назад)

Автор Heather Finch ( назад)
you can not thru your perals to the swines all the x

Автор Joseph Sewell ( назад)
i hate drake

Автор Andrew B ( назад)

Автор a pan ( назад)
drake is a joke

Автор Salvador Gonzalez ( назад)
1:31 why is her hair going to the left?

Автор lessly carthan ( назад)
ya really take a canadian jew seriously about this shit.what hood ya scared of real hood niggas csuse we will smoke ya entire block no talking most blastin thats why this punk industry dont promote deep voice rappers just this fozzy bear kermit the frog unic no balls image hard shit.go to dayton family murder on my block and comment me

Автор Gallos mas finos dale ( назад)

Автор MMLudwig ( назад)
0:00 What the fuck is he saying? Can't understand a damn thing that fat fuck is saying.

Автор Madison Lopez ( назад)
0:34 face swap gone wrong

Автор FreddyMac11 ( назад)
Lowkey fredo i better than drake

Автор Jarone Vance ( назад)
Biggie the School District President
Jay z the principle
Kanye the professor
J Cole the best student
50 cent the bully
Rick ross the fat hallway monitor-turned wannabe gangster
Nicki the hoe
Drake is the kid that gets pick on
Lil Wayne is the kid that was a A+ student but stop studying & is now a F student.
Diddy the fashion nigga who goes home at lunch to change new clothes
Wiz Khalifa, the stoner
Juicy J, the drunk
Big KRIT, the foreign exchange student
Bobby Shmurda, the crash dummy
Young thug, the closet homo
T.I. the drug dealer.
Gucci Mane, the dropout.
DMX the angry janitor.
Miley Cyrus is the wanna be black girl.
Big Sean is the cool kid

Автор Stephanie Brown ( назад)
Apparently, 60,087 people didn't have any energy.

Автор Antonio 04 ( назад)
so good broo!

Автор Neke Selfmade ( назад)
Lol they beat drake ass lol 😂

Автор flavio hmo velasquez ( назад)

Автор Transcend ( назад)
I got girls askin me for the code to the wifiiiiiiiiiiieh.

So they can talk about their timeliiiiiiiiiiehn.

And show me pictures of their frieeeeeeeeends.

Just to tell me thay aint really frieeeeeeeends.

Автор Transcend ( назад)
I got girls askin me for the code to the wifiiiiiiiiiiieh.

So they can talk about their timeliiiiiiiiiiehn.

And show me pictures of their frieeeeeeeeends.

Just to tell me thay aint really frieeeeeeeends.

Автор Peter Heinze ( назад)
stil lit !! never saw this vid :DD

Автор TheAvenged7xGamer ( назад)
Now this is what we call "Nigger Music"

Автор Misael Looez ( назад)
drake is a clone

Автор ƬØP KIŁŁ メ ( назад)
i hate 0:54

Автор Ivan Kelic ( назад)
luv it !!!

Автор Little Matt Foochy ( назад)
meek mill came back with fire that shit on drake

Автор joe shmoe ( назад)
The guy at 1:27 shakin the front of the bike 😂

Автор Fabs ( назад)
That part where he is on the highway with the cops represents the time OJ Simpson was in a police chase

Автор Santiago Sanchez ( назад)
i like you better then all of them

Автор J'ohn Friend ( назад)
If you got Enemies sing this shit

Автор Julian Morales ( назад)
Is the name of the song is Nigga??

Автор Dee J ( назад)
Yep enemies with these bills lol

Автор Randy Durnil ( назад)
take a serious song and make the video hilarious

Автор Jose Valdez ( назад)
boy really come up with better shit like eminem

Автор j Wolfgramm ( назад)

Автор Black Dubh ( назад)
Drake Im your number one enemy, big big enemy.

Автор RoadKillzine ( назад)
I prefer Hendrix, Jimi!!!!!!!!

Автор King Joseph ( назад)

Автор Justas Rimydis ( назад)
That girl is a racist !

Автор The Misfit ( назад)
Drake the type of nigga to put a girl in a coma to wait on him

Автор Gimmi Bill ( назад)
The Drake Track you show haters to make'em admit he's good. Cause you know I ain't no fan.

Автор MICKEY ANGEL ( назад)
i like drake he is good i think this is the only song i love cuz what he is saying is true as shit for the ones that did not like it all are just hating cuz yall now he right

Автор Koba Kgosietsile ( назад)
Ths is good

Автор Ee Mobile ( назад)
john 3.16

Автор Ee Mobile ( назад)
rip aaron hernandez be at peace

Автор CHICKEN 954 ( назад)

Автор FB Productions ( назад)
Kendrick Lamar already won

Автор emman10101 ( назад)
The Obama, OJ Simpson part just brings the emotion to this video

Автор Brad M ( назад)
beat sounds like cod black ops 1

Автор Mîçhåěł Khalifa87 ( назад)

Автор ill will ( назад)
AUTHENTIC SCARBOROUGH SOUND https://soundcloud.com/user-273386225/im-a-sav

Автор Travis Parker ( назад)

Автор Travis Parker ( назад)

Автор Rg Gino ( назад)
Drakes trash

Автор max kacz ( назад)
jeez, what happened to the real stuff? drake is so trash. look up frickin Boyz in da hood by easy-e

Автор Kamikaze GingerCat ( назад)
I can't stand Drake tbh but this is dope af

Автор Emotional Sand ( назад)
who's listening to this while taking a dump. RESPECT!!

Автор Mike Protski ( назад)
DRAKE you 0.30 is pro

Автор Indigo hernandez ( назад)
I'm here to find jbunzie as Miley

Автор King Tron ( назад)

Автор PopcornDude 20 ( назад)
When I'm over a year later....

Автор Joshua Pierce ( назад)
This song was big! 🔥 I wish I could have half as many views on my music
Working hard to be one of the best

Автор Young ( назад)
whats up wit these wack ass music videos

Автор Shine Jae ( назад)
S L E E P L E SS <3

Автор Outdoor Adventure's ( назад)
Who still here in 2017!!!

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