Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM, ONE Year Later - My FAVORITE Lens?

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Sony 24mm f/1.4 GM review after one year of intense usage.
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Comments • 156

  • Pierre T. Lambert
    Pierre T. Lambert  Month ago +5

    Good morning everyone! So what's YOUR favorite lens?!
    ▹ Watch my other videos on that lens:
    ▹ The Sony 24mm GM Price: (Amazon)
    ▹ 🔥NEW Lightroom PRESETS PACK (how I edit my photos):

    • Miriam Gajkova
      Miriam Gajkova 2 days ago

      @Steven Attaway samy is amazing

    • Dean
      Dean 15 days ago

      For me it's a toss up between the 35mm F1.8 and the 100-400mm GM. Maybe its because the 35mm is my newest lens though. I believe that you could cover everything you ever need to with the 16-35mm GM and the 100-400GM though... especially if you throw a 55mm or 85mm F.18 in your bag.

    • Guy With Camera
      Guy With Camera 17 days ago

      Brian Duaqui I didn’t know about it, no longer own the lens unfortunately. I have considered getting it again, but it pains me to leave it at home for travels. There’s a 7KG carry on limit with international flights, the 85 GM was my biggest offender.

    • Brian Duaqui
      Brian Duaqui 17 days ago

      @Guy With Camera did you upgrade the firmware of the 85 gm to ver 2.0? It came out awhile ago and I just upgraded it, now the af works better than it once did at ver 1.

    • Brian Duaqui
      Brian Duaqui 17 days ago +1

      @Steven Attaway perfect for environmental portraits however it does take some time getting the shot you want. Since it carries very little distortion, I would still try to keep my subject near the middle of the frame, but wow does it deliver creative images.

  • Jimmy Jefferson
    Jimmy Jefferson 11 hours ago

    100000000000% agree with you bro

  • JS Leger
    JS Leger 3 days ago

    It will be my next lense after getting the Sigma FE 24-70 2.8 :)

  • maxigne lou delusa
    maxigne lou delusa 3 days ago

    Can you do a review about 40mm F1.4 DG HSM Art?

    ADOUANI RIADH 4 days ago

    Great Video! Please I have a question I have a hesitation between buying the FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM and Buying FE 24mm 1.4 GM for Wedding & Daily Photo.
    I have already the FE 85mm f/1.4 GM. Which one do you recommend me?
    I am taking any other suggestion

    CODER QN 4 days ago

    The closest lens I can afford is the Sony 28mm f/2. This lens is awesome if you can't afford a $1400 lens.

  • Mikey Estrada
    Mikey Estrada 4 days ago

    Your best lens is the lens you use everyday forget about what ppl say.

  • Albert Wong
    Albert Wong 5 days ago

    I just got the lens recently. Will be getting a chance to use it to create some dance photos and environmental portraits. So, this should be awesome!

  • Joe Marzo
    Joe Marzo 8 days ago

    Those 2 lenses you mentioned near the end of the video are the exact two that I have for my a7r4. The 24 is my favorite lens of all time. Thanks so much for the video Pierre!

  • AJ Booster
    AJ Booster 8 days ago

    It took me a while and some extensive research and evaluation.Uh yes this is a beast.Absolutely best in its class.Love it.

  • GlitchLife
    GlitchLife 8 days ago +1

    I have enough money for a lens, 17-28 f2.8 tamron or the 24mm g master? I can buy either, which do I get? (I have the 28-75 and the 85)

  • PauK
    PauK 14 days ago

    Love your Videos!
    I own a a7III with a 16-35gm 2.8 right now I am thinking about selling it and get the 24mm 1.4.
    I am shooting a lot at night recently so I guess it would be a better option. I rarely find me self using my Gm on 16mm. I also don’t shoot VLogs and stuff like that. I guess I will pull the trigger and sell my 16-35. Thanks for the video!!

  • Dean
    Dean 15 days ago

    I think most people who do video choose the 24mm F1.4 as their fav, and those that only do photography choose the 35mm F1.8. I agree either paired with the 85mm is ideal. Although if you have the 35mm, you will need something else for astrophotography (I use 16-35mm F2.8). Great Video! I would love to see you do a video on lens strategies. To me I am always balancing flexibility, portability and image quality (obvious price too), but how I chose to do that definitely had some mistakes in the journey, and definitely has compromises. Anyways interested in what you think.

  • melodytalks
    melodytalks 18 days ago

    It's a fantastic lens, no doubt about it. I've 24mm GM, 55mm 1.8 zeiss & 85mm 1.8 Sony in my bag and %50 of time 24mm stays on my camera. 👌👌👌

  • Chris
    Chris 20 days ago +1

    I have 4 Sony and 2 Tamron lenses for my A7M3 and the 24mm GM was my first and still is the most used lens. 24mm just works on so many occasions for me. Just to name a few points, low light shooting is epic with this lens, the bokeh has the quality of the 85mm GM, the lens is so small and light that just like Pierre says it's much less intrusive in street photography than the usual full frame lenses and one of the best things is also that I know no other wide angle lens where distortion is such an absolute non-issue. My second most used lens is the 100mm STF GM, so I actually use my 2 prime lenses more often than my 4 zooms ;)
    PS Using prime lenses is actually very normal for all the Smartphone shooters out there, so I don't know why it shouldn't be normal on full frame cameras as well. Prime lenses are superior in many ways to zooms and the only disadvantage is actually the obvious ... the missing zoom.

  • Flash Kiddo
    Flash Kiddo 21 day ago

    Salut pierre ! Déjà avant toute chose, merci pour tous tes conseils ici où sur ta chaîne FR👏 Je voulais juste suggérer de faire cette vidéo en FR pour le public français qui pourrait bien avoir besoin des infos que tu partages dans cette vidéo😁 Continue comme ça c'est un régal!

  • William Lesourd - Photographer

    I use the Zeiss Loxia 21mm f2.8 on my a7r3. It is tack sharp and has very little distortion, but of course it is a manual lens. And whilst it’s great for architecture and 50% of my landscapes, is too wide for most street photography. As I have the 135mm GM f1.8 (fabulous lens), I am considering the 55mm or the 85mm GM.

  • Raymond Barmore
    Raymond Barmore 27 days ago +1

    I shoot with an A7RIII and my 16-35 f/2.8 has been my favorite lens thus far. I want something a bit tighter so looking at the 55 f/1.8 or maybe even the 85 f/1.8, but I keep getting distracted with this lens and a few others.

  • Michael Andrew Imagery
    Michael Andrew Imagery 28 days ago +3

    I recognize the shot at 4:40 as one from your 10 minute challenge in Chicago !!!
    Was really a great shot !

  • Andy
    Andy 29 days ago

    If it wasn't literally $2k Canadian after taxes 😥😥

  • Camila Mejia
    Camila Mejia Month ago

    I own the 16-35 f2.8 but the weight is too much for long days, I am debating if 24 or the 35 1.8, is there a lot of difference in bokeh between these? Thanks

    • Raymond Barmore
      Raymond Barmore 27 days ago

      The 16.35 f/2.8 never felt heavy to me until I shot with the 55 f/1.8. I looked at the 35 f/1.8 as well, but having the 16-35 makes me think I should get a focal length I dont already own. I spend a lot of time thinking about this exact decision. Let me know what you decide!

  • Антон Павлов

    24 1.4 or 35 1.8? Can't choose... First is awesome, but costs and arm and a leg. Second has good price but not even close in image quality...

  • deathward990
    deathward990 Month ago

    Very helpful video. But I have a question I already own a 24-105 f4 G OSS. Will this 24 1.4 be a redundant lens or will it be a really different one considering the 1400 dollar cost ?

    • Shak
      Shak Month ago +1

      I have the 24-105 f4 G and the 24mm 1.4 G master. I had the same concern before I bought it. Let me just say this: the image quality is excellent on the 24mm, the size is small, the lens is light, the low light performance is amazing, and the bokeh is out of this world. The 24- 105mm is a great lens as well though in my opinion as an all around go to lens.

    • G o L d H o R s E
      G o L d H o R s E Month ago

      24 f1.4 will have better smaller size, much better low light performance, better overall quality...

  • Nine Stories Creative

    Love this lens. So much. Great video!

  • Jessee Hackworth
    Jessee Hackworth Month ago

    24mm gm vs 28-75 tamron?

  • J Cooper
    J Cooper Month ago +1

    For landscape, nature, street and more I use Sony A7R4, Sony 24mm 1,4 GM, Zeiss Sonnar 55mm 1.8 and Sony 135mm 1,8 GM. I want Sony to make 1,4x and 2x extenders for the 135mm - thank you very much Sony !

  • Andy Miles
    Andy Miles Month ago +1

    Love the 24 f1.4, but have the Batis 85 f1.8 as the Sony 85 f1.4 is big. I’d love Sony to release an 85 F1.8 GM to the same build and features this lens has.

    • Andy Miles
      Andy Miles 23 days ago

      Yes they show it near equal to the Batis 85 f1.8 I already have, which is fantastic for the price. The build, feeling, aperture ring and optical characteristics of the Sony 24 f1.4 GM are at another level, but Sony choose to implement them as an 85 F1.4 GM, whereas the same build in an 85 F1.8 GM would be even better for me as it it would lighter.

    • Michael Hanrahan
      Michael Hanrahan 24 days ago

      Have you not seen the reviews of the existing Sony 85mm 1.8 mate? That lens is amazing

  • Jeffrey Lopez
    Jeffrey Lopez Month ago

    Selling my 24-70mm GM f2.8 and getting the 24mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.8 as you recommended! I have been debating this for far too long! Thank you!

  • Alexandra Husarek
    Alexandra Husarek Month ago

    Is there a big difference between the 24-70 GM and the 24 mm ? Okay the Aperture ...but Domhof think if i had the 2470 2.8 that I need the 24 1.4? Is it really better ?

  • Christopher Flottman
    Christopher Flottman Month ago +3

    I’m considering this lens or the Tamron 17-28 f2.8 right now. The price of the Tamron is better but everyone seems to love the 24mm GM. I love doing landscape photography but have found myself more and more interested in street. My current setup is a7riii + Tamron 28-75 f2.8.

    • Cedric Rachmad
      Cedric Rachmad 18 days ago

      Had the Tammy. The f1.4 gives you more creative space I think, plus workflow with extra buttons is great especially for video

  • jmck251
    jmck251 Month ago

    Pierre, you are an irrepressible positive force!

  • Yavor Kapitanov
    Yavor Kapitanov Month ago +1

    The thing about Sony lenses is that when they are f1,4 or f,18 they really are, unlike Sigma Art lenses which are also f1,4 but in reality they are like t1,8 or even t2 some times.

    • Yavor Kapitanov
      Yavor Kapitanov Month ago

      Ryan It is true, I’m talking about the Sigma Art lenses.

    • Ryan
      Ryan Month ago

      Not true at this point. Sigma is making some great lenses right now

  • Valentino Studio
    Valentino Studio Month ago

    did you record this with the 24mm 1.4 GM lens ?

  • Ivan Klarić
    Ivan Klarić Month ago +1

    Hi Pierre, would you suggest those two focal lenghts also on APS-C camera?

    • Ivan Klarić
      Ivan Klarić Month ago

      @Serchan Look thanks, I know that already. But there's no such lens for Nikon camera.

    • Serchan Look
      Serchan Look Month ago +1

      Sigma 16mm 1.4 (like ~24mm 2.0 on FF ) is a MUST for crop. Combine that with Sigma 30 or 56 1.4 depending on your shooting style.

  • jl ExploreTheWorld
    jl ExploreTheWorld Month ago

    This is a great lens: small, large aperture and a very useful focal length! I don't mind the price if this is only lens I am going to use in the years to come. The only reason I may not like is the distortion from a such a wide focal length. How do you feel about the distortion for portraits?

  • Ray
    Ray Month ago +2

    I’m currently shooting with the GM 85mm F1.4 love it. But definitely looking to pick up this lens within the next few months.

  • Saad
    Saad Month ago

    save almost $500 and get the zeiss 25!

    • Yavor Kapitanov
      Yavor Kapitanov 23 days ago

      sgpork Not worth the price.

    • sgpork
      sgpork 23 days ago +1

      Yavor Kapitanov u must be kidding. Batis 25 is darn fine lens.

    • Saad
      Saad Month ago

      Yavor Kapitanov yeah dxomark is fake

    • Yavor Kapitanov
      Yavor Kapitanov Month ago +1

      Definitely no, the Batis is not a good lens imo

  • Georgos Kastsaloulis
    Georgos Kastsaloulis Month ago +1

    Do you think the 24mm GM is good for wedding videography and photography as well ?? 😅👏🏼
    Btw awesome job with the videos 😁😁 !! Keep up the amazing content!!

    • Michael Hanrahan
      Michael Hanrahan 24 days ago

      Absolutely, I see tons of videos from weddings that use this lens

  • Frank Luo
    Frank Luo Month ago

    The Fov is too wide for your studio talk. Do you use an UWA on full frame?

  • Steves Vanderpool
    Steves Vanderpool Month ago

    For ME this focal length sucks. I rented it, used it, did not care for it and was not impressed by it. But that's just me. 35mm for ME is where it's at.

  • Oguz Benice
    Oguz Benice Month ago +1

    For Street Photography, it seems difficult to change lenses, or you may miss lot of good shots. My favorite lens is Tamron 28-75 F/2.8. This lens is not as fast as your 24 and 85 F/1.8 lenses, but fast enough.

  • sleepy at dawn
    sleepy at dawn Month ago

    Dude, thats totally not discrete haha. Its a big prime.

  • Chryseas S.
    Chryseas S. Month ago +3

    Ha,ha, Pierre-I certainly didn't overthink it! I bought my copy while I was waiting a ride to the airport and about to start a two month trip! It was waiting for me when I got back - talk about delayed gratification but totally worth it. As everyone who owns has been saying- it is a special lens and I can't wait to travel with it!

  • Nickk MD
    Nickk MD Month ago +1

    Ive got 35mm sigma art 1,4 for sony and 85 mm 1,8 sony today, with a7rii , hope its a good combo

    • BokehBard
      BokehBard Month ago

      The 85 1.8 is my favorite lens! It's fantastic and low profile.

  • Socrates Vela
    Socrates Vela Month ago

    That is an amazing glass. It is not for me since I feel it is too wide for my style. If you want a person to fill 40-50% of the frame, they will look distorted. You can always back up, but then you will have to crop in post. If you shoot landscape or astrophotography, you will love this glassand FL.

  • Joseph Been Defyiant
    Joseph Been Defyiant Month ago +1

    A7riv and the 24mm is my very first pro camera/lens and I'm happy with this combo.

  • sheila gatehouse
    sheila gatehouse Month ago +1

    Congrats on the new baby Pierre and Trina! Exciting sleep deprived times 😁 How old is he/she? 🤱🏻

  • BOOMhaze
    BOOMhaze Month ago +4

    The price was tough to swallow, but I take my 24 with me everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m doing astro, landscapes, street, the occasional portrait, my 24 GM is getting used for at least a bit of it. I love it!

  • Scott Dance
    Scott Dance Month ago +1

    I want that lens so badly! The 24mm GM and the 135mm GM! 👌

  • Sherard Yu
    Sherard Yu Month ago +1

    24 mini-meter 😎

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago

    Just bought and used 24mm and am loving it. For videography, which other lens would you recommend?

  • Malay Basu
    Malay Basu Month ago

    The lens has fanstastic microcontrast, very rare in Sony branded lens. And put it on an a6x00 body, it's the best 35mm lens in Sony ecosystem. It's always on my a6400.

  • Mike Lu
    Mike Lu Month ago

    Thanks Pierre. Learning a lot from your vlogs. 👍

  • Zardos Spinosa
    Zardos Spinosa Month ago

    I prefer the 35mm if it comes down to it, better a a street lens, and allows a little more detail on your subject, you dont get into peoples faces and sufficiently wide enough to capture the shot, , that said I do own the the 24mm also

  • TheMotorGuy
    TheMotorGuy Month ago +1

    He looks like Zack Snyder

  • Kacper Wilk
    Kacper Wilk Month ago

    Yes I want it so badly!

  • Deysi Barron
    Deysi Barron Month ago +1

    Thank you for your reviews! I just got my Sony a7iii and can’t decide between the Sony GM 24-70 mm or the 24mm 1.4 or the 85mm 1.4?!? I do mostly portraits, newborn, maternity and family photos and of course the occasional personal travel photos. What would you recommend? Thank you!

    • nuttawut suwannaruek
      nuttawut suwannaruek Month ago

      if you have baby i think 24 is a good for you it small lightweight ez to use it low light is great for me.

    • Deysi Barron
      Deysi Barron Month ago

      gordonyz4 - thank you for the advice!

    • gordonyz4
      gordonyz4 Month ago +1

      Definitely 1.4 lenses when baby's small, dont run around, and family photos.
      Running kids, get 24-70

  • derVlogdahalt
    derVlogdahalt Month ago +2

    When the lens costs the triple of your whole camera equipment...

  • Allen Freeman
    Allen Freeman Month ago

    Great video. I used the 24-70 GM as my main lens for years but a few months ago went 16-35 G Master and it became my favorite lens. I could see where the 24mm which is smaller, and 1.4 vs 2.8 could definitely be worth trying. I have the Sony 28 f2, which is a super sharp lens though the G Master lenses have proven superior.

  • Kit Rudd
    Kit Rudd Month ago

    Pierre the first prime lens I bought for my A7II was the Zeiss Batis 85mm f1.4 and the second was the Sony Zeiss 16-35mm f4. Going through my files I found the vast majority of the photos I took with the 16-35 were right around 24mm, and so I decided to pull the trigger on the 24mm f1.4. Since I got my A7RIII the 24mm pretty much lives on it, except when I want the compression/look of a longer focal length and voila the 85mm is there. So happy to hear your go to lens combo is what I landed on myself. I love love love the 24mm for its performance but also its size. Can’t say enough good things about this lens. Walking around, close ups of people and my dogs, wide shots in the Shenandoah National Park - it just does a great job. Super follow up to the previous video, which factored heavily into my decision to buy the 24mm in he first place.