XXXTENTACION - Train food (Audio)

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
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  • 1ne7even 17
    1ne7even 17 4 hours ago

    this is why i hate hardcore mode😭

  • madhuprashanth Pamballa


  • Yoruchi MMD
    Yoruchi MMD Day ago

    I thought train food was about a r*pe story..

  • ian dalton
    ian dalton Day ago

    I cant take the sentence " i was dressed for winter weather but the summer rays where kissing me" without a sadness to my face . No1 has any idea how many times iv listened to this song

  • Rida khan
    Rida khan 2 days ago +1

    I sadly feel like he knew he was gonna die or got a message saying he will and he wanted us to know before something happend 😢

  • EXO
    EXO 3 days ago +1

    I have a hypothesis about his death even if he will be a little far-fetched (I don't care if you call me stupid) At the time of his death xxx was 30 minutes from home and he died near a tram station( I think) but you will tell me that he wrote this song long before he died but I have a think about something, I think xxx predicted his death a lot, he had made a message in case he died, I think he even refused to be protected as if he knew it would be inevitable, a very long time ago x had made a song that said that he had made a pact with the devil so logically he had given his soul to the devil, if that is true then my hypothesis and that when x had made his pact with the devil, the devil himself had told him the day and hour of his death, following that on the same day, xxx spent his day as if nothing had happened, knowing that something was going to happen that would put an end to his life, x had to choose himself to go near a tram station 30 minutes from home! I know it's totally abused and illogical but my mind has built this thought so I share it with you ! Sorry if there are any mistakes in English, I'm French !

  • MineBros Gamers
    MineBros Gamers 4 days ago +1

    1:37 that’s when he got shot in the parking lot and the killers were stealing his stuff just listen to the background you can hear the killers taking the stuff

  • Ken
    Ken 6 days ago +1

    I love X but in my opinion my man sold his soul... he was granted fame and money in exchange for his soul. When it was finally time to die and have his soul be taken away by the devil he wanted to change but he fucked up was to late and he was taken away. Rest easy man.

  • Papi Ganja
    Papi Ganja 7 days ago

    I just wanna scream at the world.

  • This is life 98
    This is life 98 7 days ago +1

    I think he’s talking about the devil in this song which is sad

  • Alan Repoio Repoio
    Alan Repoio Repoio 7 days ago

    Rest In Peace.

  • Broken
    Broken 7 days ago

    If you think this is scary listen to it backwards It has secret message

  • Pug The Kid
    Pug The Kid 8 days ago

    This song is about him being molested.

  • Andre Green
    Andre Green 8 days ago


  • یخ شاه
    یخ شاه 8 days ago

    Goddamnit X, why did you fuck around with Obeah? *sigh* All my real ones know what I'm talking about or will soon know. I just...really hope I'm wrong about this assessment.

  • Kirby is S Tier
    Kirby is S Tier 9 days ago +2

    This reminds me of “bastard” by Tyler

    • Brielle Cosedge
      Brielle Cosedge 6 days ago

      i thought bastard sounded similar to something so i had to come and see the comparison lol

  • dope iceee
    dope iceee 10 days ago

    I remember I had walked home that day
    Content with all my misery
    Told myself it'd get better, no clue what there was next for me
    Remember there was people, walkin', talkin' in the distance
    I was dressed for winter weather
    But the summer rays were kissing me, I-
    I was lost
    [Verse 1]
    So I took a different path
    In the distance he awaited me
    Had no weapon, I'm guessin' his hands were just enough for me
    Was no question, I'm guessin' he laughed just at the sight of me
    I was lost
    I remember I had walked home that day
    Content with all my misery
    Told myself it'd get better, no clue what there was next for me
    Remember there was people, walkin', talkin' in the distance
    I was dressed for winter weather
    But the summer rays were kissing me, I-
    I was lost
    [Verse 2]
    And there he was, his presence was alarming
    As he approached, was casual, we talked 'bout self-harming
    He told me, "Kid, you shouldn't be walkin' on your own"
    He smiled and laughed, and pat my back
    He asked, "How far are you from home?"
    I said, "Maybe 30 minutes"
    His frequency distorted quick, I seen it in his image
    I should've run right fucking there, a-

    [Verse 3]
    You ever woke up on a train track, with no motherfuckin' clothes on?
    Death before your eyes, you prayin' to God, but ain't no response
    Tryna scream for hope, just a shoulder that you can lean on
    But ain't nobody comin', so you scream on and scream on and scream on
    While this evil fuck laugh at you
    Train getting closer, you still surprised that he battered you
    Tears falling harder and harder, minutes get minuscule
    Could've had a son or a daughter, now what you finna do?
    You finna die here on this train track
    'Cause clearly after death, ain't no way you can find your way back
    Thinking 'bout your previous memories, going way back
    All them fucking dreams 'bout a diamond chain and a Maybach
    Now your time finally up
    Ask yourself this final question, is you going down or up?
    Recollectin' all the moments that you never gave a fuck
    Now it's here, death has now arrived, time's finally up

  • Daniel Muller
    Daniel Muller 10 days ago

    love you x rip

  • Snow Storm
    Snow Storm 11 days ago +1

    Anyone still here in 2019

  • GMBig Blaster
    GMBig Blaster 11 days ago

    After listening to this shitty song i can tell you it's a good thing he died cuz his songs are terrible and he is not even that talented ya'll just listening to him cuz he died he is just a shitty singer

    • SteeZy_WeeZy ,
      SteeZy_WeeZy , 10 days ago

      Have you heard his older shit. Of course his newer stuff sucks.

  • Decoy XXX
    Decoy XXX 11 days ago

    M y balls drop when I heard that beat

  • Knee Ger
    Knee Ger 12 days ago +1

    Piano instrumental: *Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan.*

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite 13 days ago +1

    1:57 is important

    • SteeZy_WeeZy ,
      SteeZy_WeeZy , 10 days ago

      @Frostbite noone asked you either dipass. Nobody gives a shit about what you found important.

    • Frostbite
      Frostbite 10 days ago

      @SteeZy_WeeZy , it is too me no one asked u did they

    • SteeZy_WeeZy ,
      SteeZy_WeeZy , 10 days ago

      No its not

    3MR GAMER 14 days ago

    Rest in peace

    ZZZYUMEW4RLD 14 days ago

    guys lets not fight just enjoy the album

  • kaykay love
    kaykay love 14 days ago

    I was at some places then the train was coming while i was playing this song and started crying i miss x 😿😪😭🖤

    • SteeZy_WeeZy ,
      SteeZy_WeeZy , 10 days ago

      Omg 😭😭😭 that's so sad. I'm different and quirkey.

  • Jazzy Love
    Jazzy Love 14 days ago

    😭 miss you x

  • Thatfool Forlife
    Thatfool Forlife 14 days ago +1

    Thee most saddest song ever. It gives me chills everytime😭😭😭

  • Geek Squad
    Geek Squad 15 days ago

    This song is scary like damn

  • Josiah Gordon
    Josiah Gordon 15 days ago

    X I know you’re still out there but i just want you to know I haven’t gave up on you bro just I need you to know I love man if you are still out there I love you😥😓

  • TylerRogers OfficialMusic

    this song just makes me imagine how hopeless he must have been when he was dying. long live prince x

  • TylerRogers OfficialMusic

    this song is really gets me, its not just the lyrics but its almost like how lifeless they left him. they shot him for no reason, and left him to suffer in pain, alone, no help and with no hope. long live jah x

  • theheroinfather
    theheroinfather 18 days ago +3

    this stuff scares me because now im actually believing he predicted his death

  • Sky Walker
    Sky Walker 18 days ago

    gente quem percebeu que essa musica é a continuação de i spoke to the devil in miami?

  • Marchesi Michael
    Marchesi Michael 18 days ago

    I’m confused but it’s ok

  • Lisa Archuletta
    Lisa Archuletta 19 days ago

    He is a hero after death helping boys cope😢😢 I will love that young Man and forever mourn our loss

  • 7Jesus_Christ
    7Jesus_Christ 19 days ago


  • Dupream Randolph
    Dupream Randolph 21 day ago

    Y’all should check out my soundcloud, XO HBK DUPREAM, listen and give yourself a chance to listen to my music,❤️I appreciate it

  • ItzDerin
    ItzDerin 21 day ago

    roses are red violets are blue my life is grey when im without you . I hope you enjoy paradise and never forget that you saved so many kids.

    we all love you X.

  • LongLiveJah
    LongLiveJah 21 day ago

    Just imagine if this one had a videoclip

  • tekashy onfroy
    tekashy onfroy 21 day ago

    I love you so much, thank's for existance ❤💔

  • Diana Ayon
    Diana Ayon 21 day ago


  • Naima Jiyar
    Naima Jiyar 22 days ago

    You are dead??????????? 👀👀

  • K Nathan
    K Nathan 22 days ago

    His best track on skinz

  • Th3 CLAN
    Th3 CLAN 23 days ago

    October anyone?

  • Jüłįø Řøđŕįğůēż

    I come back everyDAY to put respect on x's name

  • xXDavy666
    xXDavy666 23 days ago

    Okay okay...
    I spoke to devil in miami-he sold his soul
    Look at me-fame
    Riot-2016/2017 xxxtentacion "death"
    Before i close my eyes-he trying to save his soul with god
    Train food-death
    Moonlight-after life

  • mxchelle
    mxchelle 23 days ago

    Hearing his voice always gives me chills...Rip X, he died a legend...

  • Not Funny Just Sarcastic

  • ッExtain
    ッExtain 24 days ago

    X died last year😭🤧

  • Rizen-Entity
    Rizen-Entity 24 days ago


  • Trevyon Primo
    Trevyon Primo 24 days ago

    I got high and listened to this. the next day got drunk and listened and so much of a "difference" bye xxxtentacion

  • Gary
    Gary 25 days ago

    it's not a song, it feels like a god damn movie in your ears.

  • Sandra Maria Lima Silva

    É eu é certo tentação estou no Brasil não se preocupe comigo estou bem meus amigos estão me ajudando não se importa comigo

  • Trevione D Washington
    Trevione D Washington 25 days ago


  • CJP 2004
    CJP 2004 26 days ago

    This song make me sad :(

  • eve and jax
    eve and jax 27 days ago


  • Heartbrokenkid 85
    Heartbrokenkid 85 27 days ago

    Train took him to hell

  • Parker Cole
    Parker Cole 28 days ago


  • Ya Boy Chase
    Ya Boy Chase 28 days ago

    Love x R.I.P. he is in a better world