Undocumented immigrants scared to get abortions, BuzzFeed reports

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • A BuzzFeed News report says undocumented immigrants are either pushing back or canceling abortion appointment out of fear of getting deported. Many say the rise of anti-immigration rhetoric by President Trump and his supporters is a major factor in their decisions. BuzzFeed News reporter Brianna Sacks joined CBSN with details on her investigation.

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  • Roxanne Daniel
    Roxanne Daniel 22 days ago

    Oh that's BS,, how many ILLEGALS run around saying they're illegal? Not to mention, Hispanics have very close family ties and are DEEPLY Religious Christians. FAKE NEWS, bc they also know having an ANCHOR BABY will help them. I'm a LEGAL US CITIZEN and I can't afford Healthcare either, does anybody care about us???????

  • Research Both Sides Equally

    Everyone should watch "180 Movie", and "Unplanned". They answer everything!

  • Chairman Mao
    Chairman Mao 27 days ago

    If you know of illegal imigrants hiding out please call
    We will round up these criminals.

  • Carl DiFrancesco
    Carl DiFrancesco 28 days ago +1

    Cant they just grab em......since YOU know they are undocumented immigrants.....and YOU know they have abortion appointments......
    Wouldn't ICE!?.....sounds like a STUPID leftist threat😂🖕🏻
    Let us stay or we wont get abortions!!!!😂😂😂😭😭😘

  • Rabinowitz Shekelstein
    Rabinowitz Shekelstein 28 days ago +4

    Great. More mouths to feed on the backs of the taxpayers.

  • Charla_ C
    Charla_ C 28 days ago +3

    Good,hope they are afraid enough to go HOME!!!

  • Katherin Keegan
    Katherin Keegan 28 days ago +1

    We need to have a better system of being notified when Congress spends our money on things that some people find objectionable like abortions. Stem cell research also falls in this category. I believe both options should be privately funded - Not funded with taxpayers money!

  • Gus Rudder
    Gus Rudder 28 days ago

    effin illegals

  • Samuel
    Samuel 28 days ago +2

    Abortions do not help, they enable infanticide.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 28 days ago


  • mrkjsmooth16
    mrkjsmooth16 28 days ago +6

    Illegal aliens need to be sterilized 💉

  • Lee Smith
    Lee Smith 28 days ago +1

    Maybe they realized the democrat plot against them.

  • Those Idiots!
    Those Idiots! 28 days ago +1

    Makes zero sense.
    FAKE NEWS!!!

  • Dicken Bahls
    Dicken Bahls 28 days ago +2

    I thought liberals were against dying babies.

    • Letonqua Jackson
      Letonqua Jackson 28 days ago +2

      The only babies liberals want alive are anchor babies.

  • Margaret Schwinden
    Margaret Schwinden 28 days ago

    Don't believe the fake news .the illegals get more BENEFITS having anchor babies.they don't believe in abortions. Another liberal propaganda .

  • Will224000
    Will224000 28 days ago +5

    Title should read:
    Illegal Migrants pump out more Anchor Babies.

    • Letonqua Jackson
      Letonqua Jackson 28 days ago

      Future Valedictorians? Because ya know, they're all valedictorians.

    • Ramiro
      Ramiro 28 days ago

      You forgot to add “-despite not wanting to”. They want to get abortions.

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago +1

      Title should be: Behold, the Wonders of God's Plan!

  • Fred A
    Fred A 28 days ago +2

    This may truly be God's work, adding more beautiful brown babies to our great country!
    I'm sorry for the mothers, but I wish you and your babies the very best!

    • Đeath Vader
      Đeath Vader 28 days ago

      @Fred A
      Anyone that believes in magical sky fairies and La-la Land doesn't have the mental stability required to debate such a complicated and delicate topic like this.

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago

      @Đeath Vader Think about it.

    • Đeath Vader
      Đeath Vader 28 days ago


  • Valerie Perez
    Valerie Perez 28 days ago +1

    Even if they are getting abortions they have to pay out of pocket in Texas. You cannot use your health insurance in Texas. It’s part of our law in Texas.

  • Cathy T
    Cathy T 28 days ago +1

    Awww bless their hearts. I hate those illegals had to be scared and cancel appt. BOTH of them ( sarcasm intended). As if theyre truly wanting abortions??? Thats their income ,food stamps,and free medical care,and section 8 housing. Give me a break🙄

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago +1

      Hey, the more beautiful brown people, the merrier!

  • Red One
    Red One 28 days ago +4

    Why is the United States contributing to this two sets of law thing. illegals aliens can do pretty much what they want long as they don't get caught by Ice???!? This sounds like a serious crime that the power of Be, is committing.

    • tfairborne501
      tfairborne501 28 days ago

      @Fred A the drive, work, vote, go to school and all against the law but it still happens by illegal aliens

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago

      @Will224000 I'm saying immigrants can't do whatever they want, dude. Pay attention.

    • Will224000
      Will224000 28 days ago

      @Fred A ... Exactly. Why do the Democrats lie?

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago +1

      No, they can't. Why the need to lie?

  • ShadowDrift
    ShadowDrift 28 days ago +4

    Good. Killing babies is not progress. I wouldn't want my tax dollars going towards a bigoted place like abortion clinics. They hate black & brown people, that's how they got started.

    • Katherin Keegan
      Katherin Keegan 26 days ago

      @Đeath Vader It is obvious you have never seen a sonogram of your own child or any child. Had you listened to the heartbeat and watch the baby move you would not be so quick to say that it is not a live person. If every woman who wanted an abortion had a sonogram first there would be less abortions.
      As far as my beliefs go, I believe in God. Last I checked God does not exclusively belong to Republicans, Democrats or any other group.
      You accuse me of listening to right wing hidden agendas, but don't seem to acknowledge that the left wing has just as many hidden agendas.
      Even though you didn't answer my question, I can tell we have nothing left to say to each other. Goodbye and thank you for taking the time to respond to me.

    • Đeath Vader
      Đeath Vader 27 days ago

      @Katherin Keegan
      Stop believing in ghosts, spirits, and magical sky fairies, and stop getting your facts from right wing sources with hidden agendas.

    • Katherin Keegan
      Katherin Keegan 28 days ago

      @Đeath Vader So you don't believe a baby is a live human being until it's born. How do you reconcile the fact that premature babies are perfectly formed human beings?

    • Đeath Vader
      Đeath Vader 28 days ago

      Claiming someone has murdered a baby is an extremely serious accusation and needs to be investigated. I'm reporting your comment to RUclip and to the proper athourities.

    • Đeath Vader
      Đeath Vader 28 days ago

      @Katherin Keegan
      You mean when it's born?

  • WTHell???
    WTHell??? 28 days ago +7

    Why should they get one? That's their anchor baby.

    • Letonqua Jackson
      Letonqua Jackson 28 days ago

      @Will224000 Ah. Daddies little girl getting upset? Get to your safe space!

    • WTHell???
      WTHell??? 28 days ago

      MGTOW wins again!!!!!

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago

      @Will224000 How? I'm praising God's work! You don't see the miracle happening before our eyes? For all the hatred whites are showing, God is showing who is really in control!

    • Will224000
      Will224000 28 days ago

      @Fred A ... YOU are a Racist !

    • Walden Jance
      Walden Jance 28 days ago

      I love/hate the 21st century man

  • trail mark
    trail mark 28 days ago

    Is it just me or has stupid become the national norm. Donald Trump did not bring evangelism into the eye of God and country, did he? Common sense can't live in reality with a logic coming out of a spiritual blindness telling us reality no longer needs to be judged on its merits it now can be judged on its feelings. Pat Robertson's Church, can't be behind our president getting elected this is just too scary. Evangelist has been caught many times in the past with its hands in our pockets taking money out of the church. Look up the lives of Jim and Tammy Bakker who are also in the same religion as Pat Robertson. Evangelist has been telling us they can heal cancer simply by touching the TV set and now they're making laws for reality to follow? People, there is a good chance this is what is living behind our money and politics today and a 99% chance that it is nothing more than a pyramid scheme linked to Wall Street feelings. Look up Pat Robertson running for president (my God loves me so much he will move a hurricane for me he says). People I remember when reality could be judged better than just alternative facts running loose in the mind with no real logic to support them.

    PS. Parents, tell your children abortion is not an answer, but if plan on leaving your children a hammer to finish the job you have started you may want to tell them that Satan city still will not be their friend even after all the work they put in to get it finished. Maybe it's God himself, that is not feeling the love coming out of this world. Children of God, be careful who you want to blame, this is a capitalist country and everyone has a right to perfect their religion even Satan. Ruling with Satan may not be better than serving God after all. There is a song that says it all... "I love the way you hate me". Thank you Pres. Donald Trump for showing up in my world, when does the vote for the legalization of suicide come up? I think I am ready to make my decision.

  • Leonaza7
    Leonaza7 28 days ago +16

    That's right... Make better choices, like, closing your legs!

    • Ramiro
      Ramiro 28 days ago


    • Đeath Vader
      Đeath Vader 28 days ago

      Wait I thought liberals were snowflakes that were overly concerned with others feelings? Good Lord you idiots flip flop more than my flip flops. Make up your mind.

    • Leonaza7
      Leonaza7 28 days ago +1

      @Fred A You know who's hateful? Democrats, I realized who the SERIOUS RACISTS are, and who really Hates America, it's why I Walked Away! The moment I questioned ideas, bam, I'm hated and bullied by the very people who used to like my comments, people like you! So ho ahead, bully me all you want, because that's what we do when we're in the left. We bully and Hate anyone with an opposing view!!!

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago

      @Leonaza7 You are clearly a sad, sad little man. You have my pity.

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago

      @Đeath Vader FYI, it's not the real Leonaza. Trolls are behind these hateful posts. Just so you know.

  • JT Smith
    JT Smith 28 days ago +6

    Good! Needed a feel good story today!

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago +3

      Ikr! I welcome as many beautiful brown babies as God will allow! I'm sorry for the mothers, but this may truly be God's work.

  • jeff mci
    jeff mci 28 days ago +4

    Good, they should be.

  • George Melo
    George Melo 28 days ago +14

    Why are illegal aliens getting more important than citizens..? I doubt illegal aliens want to abort pregnancy when the anchor baby is their future ticket to legalize their stay and get benefits☺

    • tfairborne501
      tfairborne501 28 days ago +1

      @Fred A which rape victims? The ones the left made up

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago +1

      @Leonaza7 Maybe it's just me, but I think we're going to find out Trump got a few of his rape victims pregnant.

    • Fred A
      Fred A 28 days ago +1

      Maybe this IS God's plan.

    • Leonaza7
      Leonaza7 28 days ago +1

      Its true, almost seems like Trump was right

    • George Melo
      George Melo 28 days ago +1

      @Dirk Diggler It's difficult on cellphone☺

  • Champion Wiseman
    Champion Wiseman 28 days ago


  • Gia Pacella
    Gia Pacella 28 days ago +6

    It's eas go home...

  • Dan Tran
    Dan Tran 28 days ago

    Tran Dan The Vietnamese trader was successful in 1981
    Randomly for the first prophet
    Specializes in Signature and
    The supreme adviser for the United States President -43 -44 45-Trump Wins 2020

  • Emperor Charlemagne
    Emperor Charlemagne 28 days ago +1

    The American taxpayer needs to pay for abortions to illegal immigrants. It’s only humane, right?

    • Letonqua Jackson
      Letonqua Jackson 28 days ago

      Yes. Like the invasive species of animals. Give them free rat poison.