A *NEW* Battle Royale Experience!

  • Published on Mar 30, 2018
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Comments • 3 090

  • Lachlan
    Lachlan  Year ago +787

    Double Upload Today! :)

    • Erick
      Erick 11 months ago

      Make a react video to my friends channel zenlu tv please hi name is kensu 😣👌😣😦

    • Che Norrasidah Rahmat
      Che Norrasidah Rahmat 11 months ago

      yes that very true when you at potroluem its very very hard


      Play with me my username is aleeej

    • Bradley West
      Bradley West Year ago


  • red panda
    red panda 21 day ago

    2020 anybody

  • Arie Irawan
    Arie Irawan Month ago

    Rip s1 erangal only og pubg players know what i mean

  • Thesmilingdevil 18
    Thesmilingdevil 18 Month ago

    Not bragging but I win every game

  • DoctorStrange Wyatt
    DoctorStrange Wyatt 2 months ago

    nobody tell him they were bots, just let him be happy

  • Droidy TV
    Droidy TV 2 months ago

    His forehead is too big that the camera can't fit

  • CoD Guy
    CoD Guy 3 months ago

    My record is 30 kills

  • CoD Guy
    CoD Guy 3 months ago

    My dood ur playing againts bots

  • Edward Robinson
    Edward Robinson 4 months ago

    love how he missed a dude

    GCV HAPPY 5 months ago +1

    My most kills in PUBG was 14

  • pUBGOG
    pUBGOG 5 months ago

    Is It just me or is the buggy smaller in the intro??

  • BABY Kermit26
    BABY Kermit26 5 months ago

    I love pubg

  • Jeffy palomo
    Jeffy palomo 7 months ago

    Hey lachlan want to play u and me pubg movil

  • Wyatt Turner
    Wyatt Turner 7 months ago

    Is anyone else triggered he was using the AR instead of the sniper

  • Dr. Dag
    Dr. Dag 7 months ago

    Friend me CROCYYT

  • Mallicool
    Mallicool 7 months ago +2

    Ur a bot at PUBG I’m a pro in diamond 2

  • Suhayb Musse
    Suhayb Musse 8 months ago

    I loveee 💩g

  • Toby Fischer
    Toby Fischer 8 months ago

    I got a 42 kill solo squad

  • komal eshwar
    komal eshwar 8 months ago

    All r noobs

  • muhammadl hamzah
    muhammadl hamzah 8 months ago

    2019 anyone btw lachan most pf the people are bots cuz u low rank

  • aBruha 4
    aBruha 4 8 months ago

    Lachlan pls continue playing that

  • Codigo Zipy
    Codigo Zipy 8 months ago

    This looks better than it does now

  • Rosetta Kaufman
    Rosetta Kaufman 9 months ago

    Lazerbeam is a better youtuber

  • STR44FF jacinta
    STR44FF jacinta 9 months ago

    It gets harder to win as you level up

    MUHAMMAD IBRAHIM 9 months ago

    Who miss this kind of 4x scope on snipers

  • mdpetersen1977
    mdpetersen1977 10 months ago

    There bots

  • Tony btw
    Tony btw 10 months ago

    Did anyone see that 6:17 player all the way to the rigth

  • Sj plush produtions
    Sj plush produtions 10 months ago

    Only OG fans will now when Lachlan cured and played with other people

  • The Asmr William
    The Asmr William 10 months ago

    They might have zombies in the game

  • Matthew's Studio of lego
    Matthew's Studio of lego 10 months ago

    your such a noob when i play, (Im level 96) ) you can barely get 20 kills unless you are a pro and im a pro on mobile. You get alot of kills as you just started and the game puts you in a game with noobs. Ur such a lol ass noob lachlan

  • JP Faragher
    JP Faragher 11 months ago

    They were bots

  • Mr. Hawks
    Mr. Hawks 11 months ago +1

    2019 anyone

  • rockgamer playz
    rockgamer playz 11 months ago

    Lachlan plz give me a friend request on JeshithShah

  • My Hero Gamers
    My Hero Gamers 11 months ago +1

    Because they are bots

  • Brain Gaming
    Brain Gaming 11 months ago

    Accept my friend request plz
    My username is Briansavage222

  • Dakotaz Dietmeier
    Dakotaz Dietmeier 11 months ago

    That's what I got lol

  • Erick
    Erick 11 months ago

    Hey give shoutout to zenlu tv search it up on utube

  • Che Norrasidah Rahmat
    Che Norrasidah Rahmat 11 months ago

    you realy are noob

  • Che Norrasidah Rahmat
    Che Norrasidah Rahmat 11 months ago

    your are super noob becouse m16A4 better than m416

  • Höpé Yt
    Höpé Yt Year ago +1

    2019 Pubg mobile? EBKGetdown is my ign I have almost 200+ wins diamond rank

  • Lil Gang
    Lil Gang Year ago

    pubg is one of my fav game bec 75 of them are bots 25 of them are real players

  • Lil Gang
    Lil Gang Year ago

    i love pubg

  • Sirey Lay
    Sirey Lay Year ago

    I can get16kill but no respect

  • Nation of Gaming
    Nation of Gaming Year ago +1

    2019 anyone😂😂

  • The Vortex Clan
    The Vortex Clan Year ago +2

    Lol whole server was bots 95 left after 3 minutes tho

  • asyraf danish
    asyraf danish Year ago

    Lachlan play with me

  • Lava Maze
    Lava Maze Year ago

    I love PUBG I got two 16 kill games back to back

  • Edward Herring
    Edward Herring Year ago

    Lachlan ur good cause 8 kills is more then i get in most games except this one were i had 18

  • Edii Torres
    Edii Torres Year ago

    Add me in pubg my name is scarking909

  • lavacreeper1014
    lavacreeper1014 Year ago

    Who watching this when laclan plays Fortnite?

  • farel diego
    farel diego Year ago

    0:59 there bots and not real people

  • Shane Mulligan
    Shane Mulligan Year ago

    Play pubg again

  • ZacharyAndMiles Watkiss

    If you don't carry anything in hand you go quicker

  • ZacharyAndMiles Watkiss

    I get 10 kill games

  • the. bacon
    the. bacon Year ago

    Will you play pubg mobile with me

  • Linda Contreras
    Linda Contreras Year ago

    PLAY ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emilio Castillo
    Emilio Castillo Year ago

    im good at
    pubg is easy to get kills

  • Extreme A
    Extreme A Year ago

    Both r good games but pubg doesnt require skill u can just shoot fast and win the games in fortnite u gotta have building skills

  • Captian Krabs
    Captian Krabs Year ago

    Add Me On PUBg At LtClapped

  • mrcanadianpro96
    mrcanadianpro96 Year ago

    Intro the hot man