4 Levels of Scrambled Eggs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • We challenged chefs of three different skill levels - an amateur, a home cook, and a professional - to prepare scrambled eggs. After each of them had presented their fluffy creation, we asked a food scientist to review their work. Whose huevos would you choose?

    Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/scrambled-eggs-served-in-egg
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    4 Levels of Scrambled Eggs: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

Comments • 80

  • Evan Grover
    Evan Grover 9 minutes ago

    If you buy that third egg you’re a bad person.

  • Doing A Backlfip
    Doing A Backlfip 19 minutes ago

    Where tf is frank?

  • cesar garces
    cesar garces 21 minute ago

    Plot twist hannah was the level 3 chef and everything was a lie
    Pd. bacon>caviar

  • Delvin
    Delvin 25 minutes ago +1

    Palak: I dont want to make them too fancy
    Also Palak: Puts Caviar on them and calls them fancy during presentation

  • alvin leonora
    alvin leonora Hour ago

    I would rather eat the level 1 chef's scrambled eggs.

  • Ezra Morley
    Ezra Morley 2 hours ago

    Level 5 grandma

  • Dan f16 dcc
    Dan f16 dcc 3 hours ago

    Is it me or did the first chef seemed horny,

  • Bryson Nosyrb
    Bryson Nosyrb 3 hours ago

    That level 1 chef is hot as hell

  • 『闇』ᴅᴀʀᴋɴᴇss

    But what if you DON’T know how to count to 20?

  • Keith Hynes
    Keith Hynes 4 hours ago

    Christ this was painful to watch! They're supposed to be "scrambled eggs" not "whisked eggs". It's a fail for all three of them! No idea!!

  • SamsonAKAK80
    SamsonAKAK80 4 hours ago

    All I want in the world is to make the Level-2 and Level-3 "Chefs" aka amazing women , my wives, and live for the rest of my life with them as my wives.

  • Camill Kondrakhin
    Camill Kondrakhin 5 hours ago

    "laying my bacons vertically" lol really


    Level 2 has the best dish...wtf was level 3 making??

  • J E
    J E 7 hours ago

    Why does she sterilise it in boiling water? Is the risk of salmonella really that high?! Because I’ve survived many many years of unsterilised eggs and must be a freak of nature...

  • Eating Challenge
    Eating Challenge 7 hours ago

    Expert or bird?

  • Christine Hannah
    Christine Hannah 8 hours ago

    "Plus... there's caviar in the dish. I need vodka"

  • Jázmin Kovács
    Jázmin Kovács 9 hours ago

    I prefer frank. And what kinda scrambled eggs are the chefs, that's more like a Michelin star restaurant taster

  • Z P
    Z P 10 hours ago

    I gotta give it to Hannah. That's what I'd want for breakfast. Looks great.

  • Bot 8.1
    Bot 8.1 10 hours ago

    If I'm ordering scrambled eggs (be it in a regular diner or a 5 star hotel), and if I'm getting what that level 3 chef is cooked(it's NOT scrambled egg), I'll be super pissed.

  • Juan Meneses
    Juan Meneses 11 hours ago

    Level 1 win, level 2 🤦🏻‍♂️ and level 3 l believe would taste really good but are NOT scramble eggs.

  • Ana Rita Nobre
    Ana Rita Nobre 12 hours ago

    Y'all always critique the lvl 3 chef... Let them be creative with all what they know! What was the point if all of them did the same thing?

  • M. Rafay
    M. Rafay 12 hours ago

    The level 2 chef is fineeee 😍😍 but did I hear her say my urine or it’s MURIN oh definitely MURIN 😅😂😂

  • boop bwep
    boop bwep 13 hours ago

    Number 2 did the best

  • Eric Lorenzo
    Eric Lorenzo 14 hours ago

    don't deny you fell inlove with the level 2 chef. I love her!

  • Syn Thrix
    Syn Thrix 14 hours ago

    so i found out something the more expensive the dish is the less the food is

  • Ashley Mislang
    Ashley Mislang 15 hours ago

    i thought the expert legit had a whole in her plate

  • Clare Claratehia
    Clare Claratehia 15 hours ago

    Bacon and eggs nothing beats that in the morning

  • Phakphum Nukhong
    Phakphum Nukhong 15 hours ago

    the thumbnail had me for a sec, i though the expert's scrambled eggs looks like a disc XD

  • Romar Bamba
    Romar Bamba 17 hours ago

    There's a video said its ok to put salt when mixing white n yellow egg, yet how come here its not recommendable lol.

  • TTV_ Ihitthose
    TTV_ Ihitthose 23 hours ago

    Level 2 is fine asf

  • cheese burger
    cheese burger Day ago

    Palak the nun

  • Reyhan Vivaldi
    Reyhan Vivaldi Day ago

    Level 1 wins

  • OGO DaMiniBeast
    OGO DaMiniBeast Day ago

    I have never seen washing machines cook, thanks for the content

  • Fiza Fariha
    Fiza Fariha Day ago

    I like chef palak, she is so sweet and also cooked very well..

  • Josh Medici
    Josh Medici Day ago

    Epicurious: How pompous can you make your scrambled eggs?
    Palak: Yes.

  • Ivee Lain
    Ivee Lain Day ago

    Literally what the hell did the third chef make

  • Tj Medom
    Tj Medom Day ago

    Level 3 scramble eggs...why not just eat the sterilized shells as soon as u boiled em.

  • GraceisdoingThings

    Bro. Eggs salt. Pepper cheddar mix. Chives. That's it

  • Em
    Em Day ago

    tbh I want to eat none of these eggs.
    level 1 are the most apetizing but they look rubery. some like them like that but I like mine fluffy and airy
    level 2 have a weird color and asian flavors are just not what I'm looking for when thinking "scrambled eggs"
    level 3 is just a tiny spoonful of poached eggs and look so impractical to eat

  • Siddharth Chowdary Vunnam

    Why is life so boring, including this video 🙄

  • Bhuvi Bagga
    Bhuvi Bagga Day ago

    The level 2 chef's dish was more indian than the dish made by the level 3 indian chef

  • Preston Gehrig
    Preston Gehrig Day ago

    What is wrong wuth Chef 3 hands

  • jack daniels
    jack daniels Day ago

    the first was the best / most tasty.

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe Day ago

    If that level 3 chef scrambled eggs were served to me i would have to watch a tutorial on RUclip on how to eat them

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe Day ago

    Level 2 chef made a full meal, it looks interesting though with all the cucumbers and rice

  • Rina Aria
    Rina Aria Day ago

    Level 1: Scrambled Egg when you are lazy
    Level 2: Scrambled Egg when you are hungry in Asian style
    Level 3: Is that even a Scrambled Egg?????????


    Pro chef: Plus there's caviar, I need vodka.
    Me: **swallows in burnt scrambled eggs*

    AKMLISML Day ago

    That scientist really pulls that thing on every episode.

  • Oddjob6120
    Oddjob6120 Day ago

    level two just made rubber bullets ....Level 1 did a better job by not overcooking as much as level 2 ....and level 3 ....is just for Restaurants

  • Bannor _Murphy
    Bannor _Murphy Day ago

    All wrong all Rubbish

  • Satria Indra
    Satria Indra Day ago

    Level 2 chef did the least good plating, but eating with rice is my favourite

  • sint lucrez
    sint lucrez Day ago

    Can you please make a sunny-side up egg

  • Alex Gonzalez
    Alex Gonzalez Day ago

    have 1.50$ for scrambled eggs LVL 1 to far i cant tell Lvl 3 ...............

  • Nasadia Davis
    Nasadia Davis Day ago

    I’m sorry but the amateur chef her eggs looked the best 🤨

  • Ozil Himpuia
    Ozil Himpuia Day ago

    WHeres FraNk??????

  • Whoosh me if you’re brain dead

    Level 5 Chef: breaks egg shell and takes the smallest part of it, then plate it with a side of air.

  • poev ponarak
    poev ponarak Day ago


  • Deeksha Walimbe
    Deeksha Walimbe Day ago

    The fact that level 3 chef is Indian and she could've made anda burji instead hurts me.
    Believe me, street style anda burji > any fancy restaurant offering you plain old scrambled eggs.
    (Anda burji is the hot indian cousin of scrambled eggs, it's spicy of course and freaking tasty)

  • Sebastian Bonfiglioli

    Alright so I actually made Chef 2's Asian scrambled eggs this morning and it is legit delicious af. Give it a try

  • Thomas McLaughlin

    Level 3 was clearly tryna show off and was pissing me off

  • Frag Grrl
    Frag Grrl Day ago

    If you're going to make the Asian version of scrambled eggs, make tamagoyaki. Granted it's more of a rolled up omelette, but it's better than scrambled egg salad. If you can find the recipe, I highly suggest it. It's easy to make.

  • ImnotCorey
    ImnotCorey Day ago

    Lemme catch my son paying $40 for 1 egg

  • Brian Fitzsimons


  • Kikker861
    Kikker861 Day ago

    Add ketchup. It works here.

  • Trxppie tv
    Trxppie tv Day ago

    yooo ik y’all see the pro chefs hands ik im not the only who caught that

  • Veiradaniel033@gmail.com Daniel12

    So um.. what’s level 2 chefs number?

  • Me have fame you lame OH OH OMG

    I’m not trying to be fancy I need the vodka for the caviar Me: soooo..... leave out the caviar?

  • holybananapeel
    holybananapeel Day ago

    The level 2 scrambled egg is underrated

  • Paddy O'Driscoll
    Paddy O'Driscoll 2 days ago

    How to ruin eggs at three different price points.

  • dEcmircEd
    dEcmircEd 2 days ago

    You can go Asian style and put some ginger, if you want to go creative, but puting soy sauce in eggs like that is worthy of court in Nürnberg

  • Forrest Price
    Forrest Price 2 days ago +2

    ngl level one looks the most delicious, like come on, it's bacon. Who wants fish eggs when you could have bacon

  • Raska The Slaanesh
    Raska The Slaanesh 2 days ago

    i think Hannah should leave the bacon fat in the pan, put less butter into it than after she cleaned it. The eggswouldve had a nice bacon like taste to it. Also, fats are not bad, the excessive use of them is.
    Also I think very small pieces of onion mixed into the eggs would make it better. Maybe add bits of ham as well..
    im also an amateur in cooking, but im learning.. slowly..

  • Mase Gets Buckets
    Mase Gets Buckets 2 days ago

    level three is so extra

  • magalhaesdanrley
    magalhaesdanrley 2 days ago

    Hannah wins

  • Moviemaker Ian
    Moviemaker Ian 2 days ago +1

    Level 3 is kinda trash like bro their eggs

  • Shadowdancernight
    Shadowdancernight 2 days ago

    I preffer Hannah's plate.

  • Krokietowy
    Krokietowy 2 days ago

    I need vodka to cream
    Poland: yea yea we use to everything

  • Krokietowy
    Krokietowy 2 days ago

    Where is number to 2 level chef

  • JK W
    JK W 2 days ago

    It's scramble eggs. Keep it simple.

  • Nurul Amalia Pratiwi

    Home cook is from indonesia adding rice with eggs:))