Honey: Bacteria's Worst Enemy

It may not look like it sitting in that cute bear bottle, but honey is a supercharged bacteria-killing powerhouse!

Learn more about hydrogen peroxide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVSC79nxCvI

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Автор david wan ( назад)
The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

Автор unknownvector1 ( назад)
Ok you freaked me out with the Clostridium Botulinum.

Автор Mario Juarez ( назад)
I read somewhere that honey is technically a bees "barf". true or false?

Автор Mohammad Rafik ( назад)
if u try to quit eating processed sugars which is in almost everything, then you will LOVE honey

Автор Juan Rosario ( назад)
0:06 my boyfriends cum?

Автор subha sarkar ( назад)
Then what happened when we eat it?

Автор Gabe Helfenberger ( назад)
ha! screw you bacteria.

Автор houchi69 ( назад)
Except it still may contains spores of botulinum...

Автор Mikailah Nuske ( назад)
Weird question,
can honey mess with the good bacteria in our digestive tracts or has it changed its chemical compound by then to not cause any issues?

Автор PipeGameWeak ( назад)
you look like dat kid from high school that gets a bj from the counselor

Автор sujata mourya ( назад)
Wow!!!!!! how interesting about Honey....................................................................................

Автор Ib Elite Tutor ( назад)
great video

Автор Mikej1592 ( назад)
so if I drop food on the floor all I need to do is wash it in honey and boom, good to go ;-)

Автор Nikki Dechent ( назад)
!!! I have been using honey as an antibacterial ointment for like 12 years. It's amazing!

Автор Dotchi Latham ( назад)
YouTube keeps unsubbing me from your channel. This is the fourth time I have subscribed to you.

Автор Jack Maverick Hero ( назад)
"if you wanna bee one of them...."

Автор ScientistDog ( назад)
The risk with honey is if you let it open (specially if it's cold), so air mosture condenses over its surface, and that water disolves some sugar without being saturated nor having the same low pH, so any dormant bacteria in the honey (specially Clostridium Botulinum) can grow there.

Автор Blazerelf ( назад)
what about viruses?

Автор noor abdi ( назад)
7th century people knew the benefits of honey . Islam

Автор Cuzeg Spiked ( назад)
Cues BEE Movie Memes!

Also BEES are the best.

Автор A. Nameline ( назад)
Another 5+ minute "AD" for a -5 min video. The algorithm-bot needs a day off.

Автор Commander Erik ( назад)
those honey in the plastic bear bottle is not real honey, cuz it has been filtered( take out the pollens ) then heated to kill potential life threatening bacteria, but during the process it also kills a lot of good stuff. So if u want the real honey that really kills bacteria and boost your immune system then u better go shop at the Whole Foods and look for label says " RAW, Not filtered, Not heated"

Автор xanax ( назад)
I Love bees

Автор RobotGoggles ( назад)

Автор H Maas ( назад)
Thank you! That was extremely useful information.

Автор Ed Soderlind ( назад)
the bees mehyl-glyoxyl =botulynum- sweet

Автор Ed Soderlind ( назад)
bee hive? oh bee

Автор Ed Soderlind ( назад)
yes anti bacterium BEES

Автор ADDICTED ARTIST ( назад)
Thank you bees :D

Автор Case De Carlo ( назад)
I thought it was the virus...

Автор KTM Bandz ( назад)
Anyone elede notice the video is 4:20 long? suspect 😂

Автор 1 ( назад)
Most market honey is not even close to the real farmer's honey, lots of chemicals and added sugar, basically worthless. It should be noted. Just like most of cinnamon production, dont expect the hundreds of healing properties to work from market products. Real cinnamon and honey taste 10 times better.

Автор Payapula ( назад)
I thought the immune system of infants are more powerful when compared with adults. After seeing this I need to research (Google).

Автор Erin DiPiano ( назад)
also, what if youre allergic to bees? im like deathly allergic and anything with honey makes me feel weird. like burt's bees makes my lips numb. is it because the bees transfer something into the honey?

Автор Erin DiPiano ( назад)
like how he says it antiBEEotics

Автор MrSupaBoss ( назад)
when you realize the video is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long

Автор Supetorus ( назад)
I guess it figures that something so deadly to bacteria, can safely contain one of the most deadly types of bacteria. The irony was required by nature or something.

Автор FlamingNinetales77 ( назад)
I DID A PROJECT ON THIS IN CLASS. IT IS BULL. HONEY HAS NO EFFECT. lieeeeeeees. LIIIIIIIIIIIES. Had the same effectiveness as distilled water on a nutrient agar.

Автор Colombite Cut Zy-790 ( назад)
So it's an antibeeotic

Автор Drew Williams ( назад)
So if you were to dilute the 10% of honey with the spores in it would it have enough water to continue to produce the toxin and be dangerous?

Автор MyLifeAsLiv ( назад)
I am allergic to honey

Автор [F'Sh] Yuugen ( назад)

Автор DutchDread ( назад)
So does honey get rid of acne then?

Автор DAT BOI ( назад)
Mom: theres a virus on my computer

*throws honey*

Автор Kate Parker ( назад)
Does honey suck the life out of bacteria indiscriminately? Does it kill good bacteria, too? How does that affect its health benefits?

Автор Jason Hops ( назад)
Imagine what WHITE GENOCIDE would be like.
You would have to flood EVERY and ONLY White countries with millions of non-Whites.
Then you would have to demoralize ALL Whites by screaming the R-Word! at them if they objected.
Then you would have to pass laws to FORCE integrate all those non-Whites into every facet of White society.
Then you would have to…Oh wait. This is already happening!
They say it’s “anti-racist” but it’s simply anti-White.
Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

Автор Loralyn Sanders ( назад)
So could you cover a strawberry for example in honey, let it crystallize and eat it a year later???

Автор Win Stabell ( назад)
I had gone to the doctors 3 times for an esophagus problem over a years time and they did not cure me. So, I started eating honey every day. The first day I ate honey, within seconds, my throat felt better and I haven't had any problem since then. I only eat it off and on now.

Автор Kenshee Dicdican ( назад)
So honey cures cancer!

Автор cats are cool ( назад)
I drink honey. it's quite nice.

Автор The Weekend Medic ( назад)
I also heard somewhere that vikings used honey to make mead(beer) and that actually acted as sort of an antibiotic.

correct me if I'm wrong

Автор nuni ( назад)
yes eat the bee spit

Автор Laura Sohn ( назад)
honey is also god for diabetics because it actually Lowers blood sugar

Автор Thecontrodude proversial ( назад)
Why can't we just use chemical compound that make honey and uses to make food last longer

Автор DigitalYojimbo ( назад)
I wonder if people are gonna use honey as lube now.

Автор R. Lara-Moore ( назад)
my understanding is that the honey must be raw and unfiltered to retain all these good for you properties. usually the honey in a plastic bear is the overly processed kind. heat and filtering diminishes the honey's good for you properties. read labels buy wisely ^.~

Автор Amanda Dupuis ( назад)
I'm in Missoula ;)

Автор Tomi Bairz ( назад)
The dangerousity of honey for children under the age of one comes not from botulism but from the overuse of pesticides (Neonicotionides sold by Monsanto, Bayer) that are extremely agressive nerve poisons and can accumulate in honey as it is over-used in agriculture.
Of course this can't be told in public so they have found out the "botulism cover up story" that is completely wromg as honey contains bee propolis that is the most efficient desinfection material ever created in Earth and no bacteria/parasite or virus can stand it.
It is a fake sience spread by stupid marketing people from Monsanto/Bayer.

Автор USHTRIA Albana ( назад)

Автор Xtreme J ( назад)
reading all the jokes in the comments... makes me want to put honey on my eyeballs

Автор Kari Hereditary ( назад)
I use honey to clean my face sometimes bc my skin is poop

Автор Hannah jones ( назад)
Honey is bee barf

Автор The Random Guy ( назад)
Can u put honey a wound? Or is it dangerous because of the last thing he said

Автор Robin Sattahip ( назад)
"Honey I miss you, and I'm being good, and I'd love to be with you, if only I could."

Автор icecreamget ( назад)
I don't know about anyone else, but that botulism comment at the end actually put me off a little. Y'all know what botulism is, right?

Автор Rebekah Nunes ( назад)
so can eating honey work like a vaccination to botchalism? (excuse my spelling)

Автор Johan Alhazen ( назад)
can honey destroy pseudomonas?

Автор мєяαl özєи ( назад)
الحمد الله مترجم

Автор MultiSciGeek ( назад)
Really informative... but that last fact was really scary actually.

Автор AznPr1des ( назад)
but why is there honey around my anus

Автор Archie Hem ( назад)
so basicly honey is one of the first super antibiotics made.....unless it took some time for man to find out it like a nuke to bacteria

Автор John Smith ( назад)
could i soak rotten meat/moldy fruit in honey then eat it? (i mean i doubt it but)

Автор v a ( назад)
no Dihydrogen Monoxide?.... aww,...

Автор MR Potato ( назад)
im surprised he pronounced "Manuka" properly, as a kiwi i am impressed with your Mr. green

Автор Chandraprakash G ( назад)
Hats off for using BCE and CE [Before Common Era and Common Era] !!

Автор Alexandria School of Science ( назад)
if honey is so toxic, will it kill you?

Автор Glitch 2 ( назад)
I have honey in my tea, like lots of honey, so bacteria won't stand a chance against me!

Автор Brenda Singer ( назад)
when I get a tickle in the back of my throat I usually do a tablespoon of honey. yeah.

Автор The Helghan Empire ( назад)
Got a wound?! Put some honey on it!

Erm no that would be super uncomfortable...

Автор Kevin Li ( назад)
*Looks at honey jar

Автор Neuto ( назад)
Wait, so does this glucose oxidase business mean there is a considerable amount of hydrogen peroxide in natural honey? Isn't it harmful enough to avoid honey?

And does the enzyme have a chance to activate in our gut, where the honey is somehat diluted? Or is it irreversibily inactivated in gastric acid?

Автор L Coters ( назад)
Bees are dying off, your great grandchildren wont know what honey even is...goodnight.*slams door*

Автор invisible GR ( назад)
honey=supercharged bacteria-killing powerhouse.... hahaha nailed it

Автор trashboat ( назад)
a really good cure for a sore throat is a teaspoon of honey sprinkled with ground black pepper, or sucking on half a lemon with honey on top.

Автор Uncle Lou ( назад)
Bee movie except it's about honey

Автор Amit Shrestha ( назад)
isnt he the guy from CrashCourse?

Автор Walkertongdee ( назад)
Man I totally thought this man was smarter than this. Honey is not an antibacterial. Bacteria cant grow in it thats it.

Автор civil engineering ( назад)
This is mentioned in the Koran (islam book) 1400 years ago.
GOD SAID : And your Lord inspired the bee, saying, ‘Build yourselves houses in the mountains and trees and what people construct.
Then feed on all kinds of fruit and follow the ways made easy for you by your Lord.’ From their bellies comes a drink of different colours in which there is healing for people. There truly is a sign in this for those who think.

Автор reaed me ( назад)
fools believe everything they watch on youtube.

Автор Polar Bearon ( назад)
Does honey do anything to viruses?

Автор MakinPandai ( назад)
If honey produce hidrogen peroxide, why is that harmless to us?

Автор CPT Tightpants ( назад)
Bee Defensin 1 - Seems like somebody was feeling lazy

Автор Takumi Fujiwara ( назад)
4:00 "If you wanna 'bee' one of those people." Unintentional pun? XD

Автор Miissakuravidel ( назад)
why would anyone dislike this?

Автор قصص ( назад)
وين العرب هنا
يلاه كل يعمل متابعة لحساب قصص

Автор avi singhvi ( назад)
why are u not uploading videos

Автор Mitch Winchcombe ( назад)
Greetings from New Zealand ^-^

Автор John Paul ( назад)
is their ever going to be Geo show?

Автор Katz Pajamas ( назад)
I use local honey to quell my allergies. It's a common practice, but I'd like to know exactly why this works

Автор Masashi Ng ( назад)
If we get sick, eating honey is a good idea.

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