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Outro Song: Shakka / Frisco - Walking With Elephants

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Автор RaccoonEggs ( назад)
Still waiting for my paycheck

Автор Alex Georgiev ( назад)
Hey Bucks, can you invite me in steam . I wont to play 1 in 1 whit you, because you are me favourite cs go player😊❤️❤️❤️

Автор IDeXY ( назад)
American silvers are funny af

Автор PinchPeak5203 ( назад)
"How old are you guys?"

"I'm an atheist"


Автор Boris Vladmirov ( назад)
8:09 did he said ''I think you are turkish'' ? did i hear a racist?

Автор MJRplayzz ( назад)
r u fucking serious that's me who walked in 🔥 i have the same skins and i did that on my warm up game. fuck sake bucks <3 u

Автор Magic_Fingers7w7 ( назад)
[I`m so sorry bro, I was just noscoping...]

Автор RHGravity ( назад)
disliked because of whistling...

Автор Galider 12 ( назад)
10:32 when you realized they're not in a team, they just named themselves SOAP and then their name

Автор Galider 12 ( назад)
this makes me want a smurf XD

Автор ignus Fun ( назад)
its ur best series of u

Автор MrRexthegamer ( назад)
i have seen a silver with ~2300 hours

Автор Bejamin Brundu ( назад)

Автор Question Mark ( назад)
I loved this video, I laughed for sooooo many reasons.

Автор David Wang ( назад)
Ok this commentating is fucking amazing and it makes me hard to hear his voice that goes deeper than my hard cock in my mum

Автор Nunix - CS & MINE and more ( назад)
Dude that video is just you trolling a bunch of silvers that don't know how to play the game either for the lack of resources (pc/net...) or the lack of experience and laughing of them like the retard you are.
You aren't that good either

Автор HaoPlaysGames ( назад)
omg racciib eggs is the best commentator evah

Автор Vonxy ( назад)
im gonna be honest im unraked with 8 wins i make 90% headshoot got called a hacker then i listent to russian pros in screaming... BUT I WONT GIVE UP


Автор Lexuslax Music ( назад)
This was so painful to watch...

Автор SuperNovaGaming SuperNova ( назад)
U do allot of cringe stuff

Автор wipdax ( назад)
wtf are these eyebrows

Автор Analogowa Bomba ( назад)
5:00 xdxdxd

Автор Jan W ( назад)
Speed 0.5x all at beginning sound drunk af

Автор Бесплатные скины CS GO ( назад)
A new guide on my channel for the production of cool skins in CS GO

Автор street N' Dirt fighters ( назад)
funny but clickbait.

Автор Charlie McMarson ( назад)
What the fuck is cat?

Автор Clambo ( назад)
"does anyone else feel like im carrying us?" *20 SEC LATER* kdr- 8:10, bottom fragging

Автор Horky ( назад)
Dikk mi a fasz, milyen szemöldöke van :D
És Timmy Trumper sapkája xd Legjobb :D

Автор Keo CSGO ( назад)
theyre so bad LMAOO

Автор Uruburus ( назад)
clickbait gold

Автор Abyss Gaming ( назад)
oh shit how did i not recognize his voice wtf man #i noscoped a god and hmu ill show you the silver ways and i will teach you how to be a master at silver

Автор Uksu Official ( назад)
This can't be Silver 1. They have mic and they voice chat :o

Автор ImBroXiV2 ( назад)
Im SE/Silver Elite but im playing better then that i just cant rank up I HATE THE WOOD RANK

Автор DumaC 17 ( назад)
You are fucking ugly...

Автор Alexander The grape ( назад)
How old are u guys , I'm 10... I'm an atheist... I'm 42 , this was so dumb lmao 😂

Автор Ashrune ( назад)
"I am so sorry bro, I was no scoping" OH that was mint

Автор Charlemagne The King ( назад)
you da real mvp

Автор CTI ( назад)
deadmau is such an asshole, mothafucker can't even hit a shot, but shoots you because you have an awp he wants. 4:33

Автор Azula lala ( назад)
That kid tho LOL

Автор Łukasz Klag ( назад)
s4 :D

Автор Random ( назад)
Does a simple scout no scope
gets called a legend
imma' get myself a silver 1 account to feel pro again.

Автор Gold25 Black Stars ( назад)
m8 I have 1k hours and I'm still s2 :'v

Автор SwedenMuppets !! ( назад)
Haha i love when u were so confused by 500 h and silver 1, i was silver 1 for over a year XD but now i ranked up in 8 days to silver 4

Автор rhino mc ( назад)
does anyone know how to get a silver1 smurf account for me?? its for a stream seriers i want to do

Автор szTV ( назад)
this 1 video was enough for me to subscribe...

Автор msi z97 ( назад)

Автор The Simi ( назад)
Why are you using make-up?

Автор Plumby ( назад)
omg I actually got an ad on this video... holy shit

Автор TheMrRush01 ( назад)
7:33 they lost a 4v1... O_O

Автор Stefano_destroyer 999 ( назад)
Bucks if I win which is unlikely how do I get it

Автор Dook ( назад)
Your friend sounds like the war owl XD

Автор TheBASSdGod ( назад)
Use a controller on your next wood episode?

Автор VintageSteelo ( назад)
you look like frankie munez

Автор Man Men ( назад)
im triggered im cardboard 2

Автор Cry0 PlaysGames ( назад)
ad at 4:20

Автор Knasigt EZ Can we reach 100 subs?? Without videos ( назад)

Автор roby faraa ( назад)
American silvers suck

Автор Orson ( назад)
you should do an episode where you use this account but go try hard and trigger all the silvers. that would be hilarous

Автор Rektangel ( назад)
i am so sorry i was noscoping

Автор LazyPotatoGaming ( назад)
Hey Nick I have an excuse as to why I'm s1 I only get 25 frames and can't turn fast enough and I can't see in detail because of lie graphic settings so I promise I'm not one of those clueless people xD

Автор OmgAstronaut ( назад)
Dude i got an idea how to rankup fast

Just drink coffee and start playing.. Trust me you will look like an aimboter

Автор KingFX13 ( назад)
Is this the fuckin most boring vid on YouTube?! Oh wait, no... The fact a MG1 dickhead noob is making fun of Silvers is actually quite entertaining

Автор Kippenoma ( назад)
legens and myths are basicly the same fokin thing ffs mate

Автор HArdCoRE GaMer ( назад)
buck donate Me knife please

Автор Michael Jones ( назад)
love you

Автор Sebastian Hellmuth ( назад)
you Usedom A, S and D, so it isn't Wood.

Автор Yung Zeph ( назад)
soooo did you find the wood rank?

Автор Stan Gaming ( назад)
11:09 the man in the left has the same skin to the SG 553 as I

Автор Some Random Guy ( назад)
at 5:11 you should've said you wanted an AK

Автор Tyn Nguyễn ( назад)
6:24 :)

Автор Nicholas P ( назад)
hey guys i come from the coal rank all u noobs cant go from silver to wood you gotta get through the coal first dude

Автор Channzy ( назад)
How can some people actually be Silver 1 that just amazes me.

Автор איתי יפת ( назад)
You are a champion!

Автор Generic Username ( назад)
I have played against some of those people

Автор John Stokes ( назад)
Yo everyone hit up raccoon eggs he is great

Автор Elem3nt ( назад)
i literally fucking laughed at everything bc it was hilarious as shit. keep up the dank videos. they make my days so much better. DO 2 UPLOADS A DAY PLEASEEEE LMAO

Автор RiFTLESS 7976466 ( назад)
My friend has over 1000 hours and he is in sliver two. I have just over 100 hours and I'm sliver 3.

Автор tomas loisotto ( назад)
is it bad that i have over 100 hours on csgo and i'm silver?

Автор Hamko F1 ( назад)
7:25 Look at chat lmfao

Автор Oliver Prins ( назад)
best fking vid ive seen xDDDDD

Автор Trebbo ( назад)
My fish died last week.. cm i get likes for her? #truestory :(
.....i Have other fishes So dont worry
Btw look on my newest csgo replays 🐠

Автор Samuel Pruett ( назад)
i have 650 hours and im still silver 1
i should be in the wood rank

Автор VikTm ( назад)
EU S1=WOOD5 in NA hahaha

Автор wenieler gaming ( назад)
i like that outro soooooo fucking much

Автор Jimbo ( назад)

Автор BlazeN_ ( назад)
bucks you are so bad

Автор Antony Ajji ( назад)
Can raccoon eggs do more vids like with bucks

Автор Ryee シ ( назад)
Bayonet Damascus Ft
Butterfly Crimson Ft
Bowie Night 15 Float Ft
Bowie Ultraviolet 35 Float Ft
Karambit Forest DDPat 20 Float Ft
M9 Bayonet Ultraviolet 15 Float Ft
Flip Doppler (Any Phase)

Which one should I get?

Автор Newbielim ( назад)

Автор FuzzyPopTart ( назад)
I have 2400 hours and I'm silver one my account is thatoneguythatsucksatcsgo

Автор Julien Abreu ( назад)
i saw your 500 hours at this rank xD i have 3k on ak mg level.. too much lag and 40 fps X)

Автор Tyler Comer ( назад)
dude this video had me geekin, bucks you funny mofo

Автор Kstatewildestcat Life ( назад)

Автор Kstatewildestcat Life ( назад)
Do you want free csgo skins? *SUCK MY COCK AND GET AN AWP MEDUSA*

Автор Kstatewildestcat Life ( назад)
It's it annoying to be acting like your silver one, like don't you think in your head( I could rely them all no problems) I would get annoyed af. Ik glad he doesn't abuse his power tho

Автор Kstatewildestcat Life ( назад)
He should have done the lone wolf theme song instead

Автор Willox33 Arnone ( назад)
What was for the kwebblekop comment???

Автор Dat Boi ( назад)
funniest video i have ever seen lmao

Автор LeonTheLime ( назад)
M8 I hate the wood ranks I don't play competitive much but when I do I destroy them

Автор Brovideolol ( назад)
I want that commentator dude for my video's plz!!!

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