Sweet Revenge ! Sketchy Mechanic vs Kid Cops funny kids comedy

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    He's out for sweet revenge in this family fun, kid friendly YouTube video! Sketchy Mechanic that is...he escapes from jail and is after the Little Heroes Kid cops determined to put them behind bars. What he isn't suspecting is your favorite toddler to trick him! That's right, watch little police officer Smalls pretend play and come to Ryan's rescue! They'll use their Nerf guns and other toy sleep darts to stop him in his tracks!

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    Little Heroes is a family friendly, family fun channel about two brothers having fun outdoor adventures suitable for kids of all ages! Dad often dresses up and plays pretend play criminal (Sketchy Mechanic, Disney villain, Ghostbuster, stealer, and the two kid cops have to find him, handcuff him and haul him off to jail (normally using their Nerf guns which are filled with pretend sleep darts). Our videos aim to teach kids right from wrong while using entertaining and silly content aimed for baby, toddler, preschoolers! We also feature toy unboxing, juguetes showcasing the latest magical Disney and Nickelodeon toys along with outdoor ride on cars (Avigo Kid Trax, Kidz Motor, Power Wheels, Little Tikes, Razor) power tools and more! We also have a Cartoon Network Scooby Doo and Shaggy parody series where the boys try and solve mysteries in real life but there's always a magical twist before the end of the silly scary video!

    Romans 10:13 KJV
    "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

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  • Family Toy Review - Disney Cars DinoTrux Thomas

    Lol the mechanic looks very sketchy 😂

    • Little Heroes
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      LOL he is pretty sketchy! We'll admit :)

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