Humans Are Amazing Sports

Song: Beam - Mako

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Автор Anne Tai ( назад)
I just don't get football

Автор House of Hockey ( назад)

Автор Samir Berry ( назад)
I would like to see aliens or any other spices do this

Автор Bluemoon ( назад)
Humans Are Amazing Sports <---- Bro do you even English LMFAO

Автор Ava DIY ( назад)
they were all mostly soccer but still great video.

Автор Matthias Tauk ( назад)

Автор RECTANu ( назад)
5:56 wouaw

Автор THE JWCE Bros ( назад)
This is I GREAT video I love it and have watched 10 times

Автор Legend 27 ( назад)
3:23 u can do that

Автор MR. T ( назад)
2:57 greatest dunk of all time, forget the Vince cater dunk, Jesus Christ this dunk made me launch my phone across the room.😫😫

Автор cauliflower gaming ( назад)
Where's the zach Dumas hit

Автор Danielle McMinn ( назад)

Автор Max Boy ( назад)
That incredible shot that basketball one it amazed me

Автор Armani's life ( назад)
he wrote humans are amazing sports humans are not sports

Автор Alonso Howard ( назад)
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Автор Gatsingo Mediatv ( назад)
what the f***?

Автор Jason Voorhes ( назад)
i would like to see aliens or any other species do this shit

Автор TelEctrOwn ( назад)
6:00 XD

Автор mac official ( назад)
1:06 😂

Автор Jonah Weber ( назад)
so awesome I mean it😃

Автор Joseph Stalin ( назад)
should have included aussie rules

Автор Awesome Hanson ( назад)
It's funny how my initials are H.F

Автор Nikunj Ranka ( назад)

Автор Moi Gei ( назад)
Torilla tavataan pojat

Автор Jerann Gilashmo ( назад)
Why not Zidane's volley for France. That was that best goal in soccer history

Автор Fael Touri ( назад)
oh my good it's amazing! !!

Автор harrison james ( назад)
all american sports..

Автор Bryson Fields ( назад)

Автор Bryson Fields ( назад)
Du the OBJ catch

Автор Dark Devil878 ( назад)

Автор Sparkly Raccoon ( назад)
only thing that could have been better is more live commentary on the clips.

Автор TOP TEN HOOPS ( назад)
Hey guys, Im a small basketball channel thats still growing. I would appreciate it if you guys check me out because the vids are fire.
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Автор Tom Young ( назад)
How many likes this gets is how many times I've watched this

Автор Gangstar IV ( назад)
How can human be sports gay boy

Автор Gangstar IV ( назад)
The title is fricken trash

Автор Collin Cheema ( назад)
Not one Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary?

Автор Collin Cheema ( назад)
0:43 dang. How embarrassing.

Автор Alex Toler ( назад)
People are insane

Автор Alex Toler ( назад)
Im never doing that stuff

Автор King Phil ( назад)
If there was Usain Bolt and more interesting Muhammad ali's video it could be amazing

Автор Dominic Loiurio ( назад)
5:05 best catch ever!

Автор Fact Picks ( назад)
Unbelievable sports skill.

Автор Thatbf1nub ( назад)
Anyone else feel proud to be human?, cause I sure do after watching this.

Автор Huddo O.J ( назад)
Truely amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌

Автор GreyTom ( назад)
Lol Muhammad Ali lol

Автор Jace Brake ( назад)
Hilight factory u should do best cross ups in basketball history

Автор James Stack ( назад)
The play of the day one is so stupid because the ball can't go under the basketball net it's a violation

Автор KingRemyBoss XD ( назад)
My favorites were:
2:17: Joe Adams making 8 people miss in crazy punt return touchdown
4:49: Pinch hitter Brian Kownacki diving over catcher Joe Beck to be safe at home

Автор Adam Nazari ( назад)
Love it

Автор Mitch Hughes ( назад)
When Vince Carter throws it down over the French dude I get so crazy I go vinsane

Автор Terrance Paradise ( назад)
5:07 he even tricked the camera 3 times

Автор videoschmo ( назад)
5:34 was just amazing

Автор KHURSHID Alam ( назад)
what do you guys think of boxing? I want some opinions before I try

Автор Highlight Empire ( назад)
You should do crazy ultimate frisbee catches

Автор Stefano Curnis ( назад)
what is the song? thanks

Автор Danny Digney ( назад)
Highlight factory do like the New York football gaints because I love the stuff you make and I want to have something I commin with you

Автор billibob313 ( назад)
Anyone knows who's the player at 4:16 ?

Автор Fist of Common Sense ( назад)
Not enough hockey highlights

Автор randomstreet72 ( назад)
why is the helmet catch in this it isn't THAT impressive it's only cool because it was in the last two minutes of the superbo

Автор Damian Lesperance ( назад)
humans are sports and you should go back to school

Автор Znzic Gaming ( назад)
who is watching this in 2017

Автор Jichan Kim ( назад)
Part 2?

Автор tetla3 ( назад)
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Автор O-Zone ( назад)
2:05 whats the link to that one???

Автор Robson King ( назад)
5:20 is the best one

Автор Divyansh Yadav ( назад)
please make one cricket edition

Автор Divyansh Yadav ( назад)
please make one cricket edition

Автор Majestic Edits ( назад)
Subscribe to me please

Автор Project _ Baby ( назад)
Are weall gonna sit here and act like soccer shots curves look fake lol

Автор Ethan Szilniczky ( назад)
The David Wright New York Mets One handed baseball catch and the Odel Beckham Jr. catch was amazing

Автор Ethan Szilniczky ( назад)
This Video makes me pourd to be Human cuz look what these other Human Being are doing my God

Автор Jill Shepard ( назад)
Who thot the frisbee one was editing to make look like a laser beam

Автор Ryan Lucca ( назад)
U know ur the goat when you fake the camera man 3 times in 1 play

Автор Levi Stone ( назад)
4:48, Oh my word

Автор Ricardo Martins ( назад)
que interresantwe

Автор Ricardo Martins ( назад)
ja viram o vidio ao meu lado direito wtf

Автор Ricardo Martins ( назад)

Автор Ricardo Martins ( назад)
Gostei do video agora estou numa apresentação de i9ngles

Автор Top Amazing ( назад)
Videos Nice . Howw ??

Автор Tyro™ ( назад)

Автор the blue sonew ( назад)
5:06 that guy tricked the camera man

Автор Junior Lightning ( назад)

Автор karklins aphors ( назад)

Автор Hassan Muhammad ( назад)
2:58 dude decided gravity was just a suggestion

Автор WizardOvGaming ( назад)
Omg best sports vid ever!!! The timing on the song was amazing! Idk how u did it!😜😜😎😎😍🤑🤑🤑💩

Автор WizardOvGaming ( назад)
Omg best sports vid ever!!! The timing on the song was amazing! Idk how u did it!😜😜😎😎😍🤑🤑🤑💩

Автор Neon Channel ( назад)

Автор Oscar Lopez-Cottrell ( назад)
What's the music anyone know

Автор Jay B ( назад)
Catch at 5:05 is the greatest catch I've seen in my life

Автор Niguelthewolf Howl ( назад)

Автор Elson Ting ( назад)
What's the sport in 1.39 pls?

Автор Ken Neth ( назад)
you know when ur fakes are good when the camera man falls for it too.

Автор Devin Fischer ( назад)
Odell wouldn't have ever caught that ball had he not had sticky gloves. don't get me wrong what he did was amazing but 25% was luck 25% skill 50% sticky glove. you can hate all you want but I think NFL should get rid of sticky catching gloves.

Автор Aryan Newalkar ( назад)
1.35 which is that game

Автор Snipe Stuff ( назад)
amazing video nice editing!!!

Автор Mohammed banwan ( назад)
the name of the music please.

Автор imlerith ( назад)
you forgot skateboard!!!!!

Автор eddie bennett ( назад)
That will make everybody jump

Автор eddie bennett ( назад)

Автор philossophus I. ( назад)
nice ending ;)

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