Found iPhone X Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner)

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • In this video my friends and I search Ginnie Springs for lost valuables!
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    About DALLMYD:
    Hello! My name is Jake. I'm a treasure hunter, scuba diver and RUclipr w/ 7,000,000+ subscribers! I enjoy traveling to new destinations and sharing my adventures on RUclip!
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    Found iPhone X Underwater in River While Scuba Diving! (Returned to Owner)
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  • Chris Bentley
    Chris Bentley 5 months ago +3532

    I think that guy summed it up really well. People have forgotten how to discover things, they are too wrapped up in the moment partying. I, like him, have watched hours of your videos. Btw, like the new gloves!!!

  • Esme Alexander
    Esme Alexander 19 hours ago

    What blows my mind about these videos is how good of shape everything is in still even if it's been down there for a few days like I always imagined everything corroding and eroding away right away but that doesn't happen

  • Esme Alexander
    Esme Alexander 19 hours ago

    That guy in the space tacocat shirt was the most well spoken human I've heard for a while and upon meeting his Idol let out the most articulated well-thought-out speech ever I feel like if I ever met you I'd be like Odio herb dough my name is Esme I like the colour green bye

  • Weet Lol
    Weet Lol 23 hours ago

    Im Glad that There are not just collecting Random stuff, They can also help to reduce the pollution of Our Lake,Sea,Pond and more. Im so Proud They are aslo cleaning our Earth😊💞
    They can also help to find the Valuables things to a Rightful owner :DD

    RARES YT 2 days ago

    Respect bro you are the best

  • Melody Luna
    Melody Luna 2 days ago

    Está bueno pero es mentira lo ponen ellos 😒

  • emanuel De la cruz rangel

    Que le ases alas cosas que allas

  • Emily White
    Emily White 8 days ago

    He is cleaning our earth

  • Onur Demir
    Onur Demir 8 days ago

    99%kurdu 1% video

  • papi panda
    papi panda 14 days ago +1

    my guy found some dudes sap

  • XxWinteryCashxX Gaming
    XxWinteryCashxX Gaming 15 days ago +1

    Love what your doing, keep up your work.

  • Nguyễn Sang đẹp zai


  • Carolyn Burton
    Carolyn Burton 16 days ago

    Find a 100$ and alot iPhone

  • red panda12
    red panda12 17 days ago


  • Elise Willeboordse
    Elise Willeboordse 18 days ago

    The man in the CAT clothes is amazing 🤪 and there is some Taco 🌮 on the clothes 😂

  • Kameron Westbrook
    Kameron Westbrook 18 days ago

    Hi I’m Kameron how are you

  • noel precella
    noel precella 19 days ago

    who else say his ass save that fuckin dab pen

  • noel precella
    noel precella 19 days ago

    they have the same exact laught at :50

  • Peata Selui
    Peata Selui 25 days ago

    Waouh it's really unbelievable😮😮😮

  • ko soe Lwin oo
    ko soe Lwin oo 27 days ago


  • 7 David Perez Esquivel

    CORONA :)

  • Pineapple Aeyden
    Pineapple Aeyden 27 days ago

    Can I have the pineapple sun glasses if it dose not get found.. CAUSE I HAVE A OBSESSION WITH PINEAPPLES :3

  • Harry Mcgarrison
    Harry Mcgarrison 28 days ago

    I don't think that's apple juice

  • Dylan Sobkowicz
    Dylan Sobkowicz 29 days ago +1


  • yanajen salnen vlog

    keep up the good work guys!! God Bless

  • Ben Cameron
    Ben Cameron Month ago

    Yo can we talk about the fact that they drank beer that they found in a river

  • mataewch327 plays
    mataewch327 plays Month ago

    I never stop watching your vids at night, i’ll stay up all night to watch your vids!!! Ur the best
    ! Thanks for helping the environment!

  • Оксана Мальцева

    Твой канал круче Дискавери

  • Gina Willis
    Gina Willis Month ago

    Man I’d love to do this with someone :( I find your videos amazing! Cleaning and discovering new finds. Been a long time sub of yours ^_^

  • venzmhartin paguia
    venzmhartin paguia Month ago

    number one fan from philippines

  • venzmhartin paguia
    venzmhartin paguia Month ago

    number one fan ninyo me

  • Veronica Whitford
    Veronica Whitford Month ago

    What’s the square things! Jules??

  • Olivia Foster
    Olivia Foster Month ago

    It’s so sad how much people litter into our waters

  • ghavin Bies
    ghavin Bies Month ago

    What do you do with all the stuff you find, do you restore them or use them, but anyway you should make a video on what you do with the amazing items

  • 0831558072 0831558072


  • Dino the puppet
    Dino the puppet Month ago

    I like how u pick up the trash in those river or lakes thx🙏

  • Heavenlee Simmons
    Heavenlee Simmons Month ago

    I love your videos they are always experiencing

  • Speppep
    Speppep Month ago

    What we see -lots of people.
    What they see-💵💵💵💵💵💰

  • KTA
    KTA Month ago

    Bro what if he just puts all the suff under water

  • Caleb
    Caleb Month ago +1

    Your name is dally

  • Insignia Yt
    Insignia Yt Month ago +1

    Jake sees iPhone 4: “ I think it’s a iPhone X”

  • Léo With snow
    Léo With snow Month ago

    7:20 it sounds like the voice of the singer of music act a fool

  • XxKrOmUsxX free fire
    XxKrOmUsxX free fire Month ago +1

    Coloca legendas para os fã brasileiro

  • the music and the gaming channel

    DALLMYD i lost my snorkle in enez its a turkish place. (snorkle u know the thing that u put on ur mouth and only if u stay at the surface u can breath from it) P.S im turkish my english is a little bit bad

  • YaBoi Bennn
    YaBoi Bennn Month ago

    Someone lost their dab pen

  • Levy Little
    Levy Little Month ago

    the high taco cat guy was the best

  • robert harrison
    robert harrison Month ago

    Loved that guys enthusiasm, I also appreciate yalls videos! I’m looking forward to getting my scuba cert next year and exploring and cleaning g up the environment. I’m in Tuscaloosa, AL not too far from you guys.

  • Amangeldy Katarbaev


  • Billa Hofgaard Johannessen

    Hey i’m new. You a good man you are saving the World ❤️
    I want to be like you but i cant swim❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez Month ago

    He found a cart

  • Rebekah Lish
    Rebekah Lish Month ago

    Do you vape

  • Elio David
    Elio David Month ago

    More videos ther plz

  • Irina Lazanyuk
    Irina Lazanyuk Month ago

    And me! All days!

  • Gacha_ ExE
    Gacha_ ExE Month ago

    I love the sound underwater

  • Billa Hofgaard Johannessen

    Hello i’m new🤩
    And you are a good man. Saving the World🐢🐥🐠
    From plastik🤩 so cool

  • Jennifer Wyrick
    Jennifer Wyrick Month ago

    Great speech toco cat guy

  • ER SPOT 7
    ER SPOT 7 Month ago

    Bili smua disopi gratis ongki


    Next Time you find a Bottle do a bottle flip

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