On today’s episode, Zoe highlights some hilarious art around the office featuring Jae and does her best Desiigner impression in celebration of our latest Sneaker Shopping with the Brooklyn rapper. Later, Tony goes guerilla style with this week’s Questions & Answers segment, and gives sneakerheads a closer look at the Kaws x Air Jordan 4 collab. He also picks the winner for the fake pair of Bape x NMDs giveaway.

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Автор Mathew Parvez ( назад)
https://wn.nr/BShGsj kaws giveaway

Автор bryan cuevas ( назад)
honestly they aint even that good looking

Автор Jessie B ( назад)
what's the future resale on these like in a few days or a week

Автор Santiago Palacios ( назад)
Hello , does anyone know how much it costs ?

Автор masterdmcx ( назад)
Dude in the pink is honestly someone I would not want to ever be associated with. I don't wear fakes, but the way the dude talked about the stuff makes me annoyed.

Автор James Proudstar *Warpath* ( назад)
to be fair Puerto Ricans can be any race

Автор k ( назад)
Zoe's cute AF!!

Автор Eddi Marquez ( назад)
Make a shoe shopping video when xxxtentacion is out

Автор 406ks ( назад)
TONY, when are u gonna get off Zoe's ig and actually teach yourself C4D

Автор Kyle Thomas ( назад)

Автор Kyle Thomas ( назад)

Автор Teresa Frierson ( назад)
are incredible not is incredible

Автор Faze bolt ( назад)
sooooooo hyped

Автор Tronald Dump ( назад)
imagine this colourscheme on jordan 12s

Автор Marco Bossers ( назад)
Someone who can answer me? The KAWS shirt that will drop with the shoes, will that be includes with the buy of the shoes or will it be a separate item to buy?

Автор sylvestre Phillips ( назад)

Автор neo anderson ( назад)

Автор Victoria Chiang ( назад)
Marco eating hot cheetos AGAIN???

Автор Mister E ( назад)
Black x Puerto Rican is blacan?

Автор Oreste Gallo ( назад)
Those Clorox wipes are knock-offs.

Автор Stroud Tha God ( назад)
Just in case y'all are no into that extra bullshit 6:10

Автор Justin Hoskins ( назад)
IDK who the very first young lady was that they showed (I forgot her name), but good lord have mercy she is GORGEOUS AF

Автор william font ( назад)
more nore davis cmon he is hilarious

Автор The True Street Show ( назад)
No one cares about your coworkers make with the sneakers man.

Автор Fran Nope ( назад)

Автор khwaja ibrahim ( назад)
Zoe is bae

Автор Alex Cisneros ( назад)
Zoe trying to do Desiigners yell thing is the best

Автор Jed Reston ( назад)
And is India leaving complex?

Автор Jed Reston ( назад)
You guys should have a feature of Zoey just straight cursing. hahaha...

Автор DJ Larry!!! ( назад)
*those are fly*

Автор Alejandro Garcia ( назад)

Автор Rémi Elfassi ( назад)
Rich is sooooo right about fakes "there's no way a fake sneaker could be fire" too true

Автор Wesley's Theory ( назад)
7:52 LOOOL!!!!!!!

Автор Edmond Mar ( назад)
tony: whats your ethnicity fam?

Автор alex skavronsky ( назад)
I would love to see international athletes doing sneakers shopping

The Kaws Calab is the ugliest shoe I've ever seen

Автор deon fraser ( назад)
Miami opportunity

Автор EmHo ( назад)

Автор Stay Correct ( назад)
Beija is 25/25 black n rican and 50% Dike

Автор PushAventón ( назад)
India's eyes!!!!

Автор John Jr Namoloh ( назад)
gonna make Q&A GORILLA style!
Next scene: Black guy...... GREAT FUCKING JOB

Автор John Nelson ( назад)
Do a office tour👌

Автор samuel frederick ( назад)
Who skipped to the shoes

Автор Jason Genova ( назад)
2:46 what a pompous cunt I'll rock some PK' reps any day cunt and feel no way - looking like an albino penis that jizzed too early. gtfo.

Автор In2netDave ( назад)
Zoe's Desiigner impression = cutest thing ever.

Автор Howard ( назад)
Frazer looking like a Family Matters extra

Автор bluesfear ( назад)
i cant get enough of zoe, she is too fucking cute

Автор Jesse Ramos ( назад)
Frazier is 27 #exposed

Автор Ted Angelo ( назад)
#Q&A Tony, where did Chris get that Bart Simpson shirt?

Автор Ali Madu ( назад)
Follow my Brand Instagram: @Domvtco

Автор REBELS ( назад)
Go to 6:15 to see the Jordan x Kaws!

Автор Alex Medina ( назад)
Where do I send my fan art to you guys?!

Автор Alex pelaez ( назад)
Anyone know what retail stores are selling kaws 4's

Автор Pillowz Gaming ( назад)
what's retail?

Автор Logan Hampton ( назад)
0:06 ["I CAN HOOP!"]

Автор D Phila ( назад)
Beija has that Lorde hair

Автор 64impala64impala ( назад)
shes not even 1% black wtf

Автор EasaahplaysHD ( назад)
Complex please can you go shopping with some 1 british I.e stormzy ksi

Автор AMB ( назад)
question: Julian, How can I make money by making meme's on my own without a job?

Автор Hats for Cats ( назад)
goddamnit you made me hungry with that chicken wing porn

Автор AMB ( назад)
He looks so young for 26-27.

Автор Los.G ( назад)
Don't believe the hype

Автор AMB ( назад)
Frazier is a legit JayZ dickrider. KANYE>JAY-Z

Автор Armando Sanchez ( назад)
Did someone wear those shoes and not clean them?

Автор Max Goldfarb ( назад)
Pretty embarrassing that even Complex needs to click bait.. 30 seconds of Kaws Jordan 4, SMH

Автор pono keali'i ( назад)
why u sleepin' on the shirt mockup son ?!

#psSmartMockupsYO !

Автор AJtheArmildillo 3 ( назад)
Can I work there when I get older

Автор Jay Tee ( назад)
not much time spent on the title lol clickbait

Автор Dre ( назад)
was hoping the Jordans would be more colorful

Автор Jeiner Minster ( назад)
fraizer revealed his true age! My man is either 26 or 27 :D Said he was 10 or 11, when the blueprint dropped!

Автор instantklassicks ( назад)
Does that chick not realize black is a race and not an ethnicity? lmfao

Автор Alex Cristi ( назад)
song? 6:10

Автор iDoDrugs ( назад)
I just wanna see Eminem Sneaker Shopping... Or Logic

Автор SHEBAD ( назад)
I beat my meat to this shoe

Автор Dida oe ( назад)
Wait... girls scout cookies is a fucking brand?! Omg I literally thought people call them like that because they go door to door lmfao holy shit mind blown

Автор Get Out Me Swamp Gaming ( назад)
Why is "Jordan" in the title when we see the shoes for 30 seconds out of 8 minutes.

Автор Chris Valverde ( назад)
Kirkland's are fire 🔥

Автор Jay U. Beezy ( назад)
Michael look like Mars Blackmon.

Автор Benpn Naughton ( назад)
So u can't be black and Irish now ????

Автор osmi nunez ( назад)
Can you guy show the mailroom dude some love lol

Автор Silvers Undead ( назад)
Sicing up a pair of cool greys

Автор Nicholas Plihal ( назад)
I dont want them to release a friday cause i wanama camp out for them

Автор King Dee ( назад)
Bro I would tear Beija fucking ass up mannn got damn. Black and Cuban here babbayyyyyyy to go with that black n Puerto Rican. Someone would have to pull me up off her ass

Автор LOLMASSSS2442 ( назад)

Автор Rocklyn Credo ( назад)
Whats the title of the song in the jordan mirage?

Автор filipinofantasy ( назад)
Bring wingstop to Virginia!

Автор Noble ( назад)
Aaaaaaah ki ki ki

Автор Juan Rojas ( назад)

Автор Javontaeno ( назад)
lmaoo designer is like courage the cowardly dog

Автор MikeTheProject ( назад)
the wings were cold, smh

Автор peezy merks ( назад)
those Jordans are 🔥

Автор Кирилл Надточий ( назад)
Music is dope.

Автор ossian victor ( назад)
How is all the chicks at complex so hot

Автор mommy make out day ( назад)
A special and a nice shoe that people could wait months to buy for a normal price gets sold out from fucking faggots resellers and you have to buy them for $3.000. Sneaker culture today. FUCK THIS'

Автор Raman Shekhar ( назад)
Kaws × Air Jordan 4 are 🔥

Автор Manu Gr ( назад)
Want these 😍 so much

Автор Aaron Bourbonnais ( назад)
Greatest apology in belief they trying to sort out P.C.(personal computer) vice versus Macintosh Apple logistic.

Автор Aaron Bourbonnais ( назад)
She's either in denial or protestant hispanic means like reasons in the history.

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