Michelle Obama: I am sick of all the nastiness

  • Опубликовано: 24 сен 2018
  • Former first lady Michelle Obama speaks at a voter registration rally in Las Vegas.

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  • JA G
    JA G День назад

    She disappointed me greatly as she left the White House talking about the incoming President. She started the nastiness unlike any other first lady. She is the example of what I will tell my daughter what "not" to be or do. Her husband shut down 50 Chicago public schools, shoving those poorer kids into richer schools other than giving them more funding for individual smaller classroom attention to help them catch up. Her husband deported 2Million illegals into cages - more than any other President, had the most drone strikes and gave Iran's uranium to Russia and finally bailed out Wall Street / banks during the housing crisis. Michelle Obama, is not nor will ever be my first lady.

  • jeffry hammel
    jeffry hammel 8 дней назад

    Rascist-fueled people who have made all those nasty comments on Michelle's physical state - even going so far as to question her gender - basically do not care about the beautiful spiritual and hope-filled message attatched to her glowing physical beauty, or are just jealous, hating nobodies who have real "dogs" as their spouses or in their relationships. Americans who know a great person when they see them had to deal w. these sniveling hatemongerers for so long that it seems forever and terminal. Keep on the scene and proving them wrong, Michelle! The only thing that we should try and pronounce as "terminal" is hate.

  • Greg Sam Vita
    Greg Sam Vita 10 дней назад +1

    I seen the new Sonny Franzese RUclip. How your husband and Al Sharpton, helped 100 yr old mobster get out of jail.

  • Emir Demirel
    Emir Demirel 10 дней назад

    Shi is very true voman

  • Osamede Emwinyogho
    Osamede Emwinyogho 11 дней назад

    American don't have democracy president is chosen by the Zionist elite who rule the world. You vote don't count well good speech

  • Pam_Wien
    Pam_Wien 11 дней назад

    GOAT speaker! I so looove this woman ❤️👍🏼!

  • Stuart Moser
    Stuart Moser 14 дней назад

    The pot calling the kettle black. She is a lying worthless piece of crap and the US is better off without the Obama’s.How about the voter fraud in Florida you lying hypocrite .

  • Margaret Worth
    Margaret Worth 14 дней назад

    Oh I love this lady X

  • Douglas Street
    Douglas Street 14 дней назад

    IDIOT !

    GABRIEL ANNAN 16 дней назад

    This is really good words and I love her voice

  • Ok, And What !!!
    Ok, And What !!! 17 дней назад +1

    Guaranteed, the majority of the gender comments come from jealous racist white women.

  • Peashooter Winmo
    Peashooter Winmo 20 дней назад

    Michael ObaMAN will burn in Hell for tranny gay

  • Rose Xo
    Rose Xo 21 день назад +1

    Michelle for PRESIDENT!!! Fk if Hilary can run for it why not her???

  • Michael Saunders
    Michael Saunders 22 дня назад

    Michael and his husband?
    How hatefully expressed.

  • tuttifruit007
    tuttifruit007 22 дня назад


  • Oscar Hernandez
    Oscar Hernandez 23 дня назад


    DAVID RICHARDSON 25 дней назад


  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 27 дней назад

    I wonder how big her dick "of color"is?!

  • Johnny
    Johnny 27 дней назад

    Yet another First Lady who wants to be president, please disappear Michelle your family was a dic race to this country.

  • mickeymerc260 w124
    mickeymerc260 w124 27 дней назад +1

    Shut up, bitch, and teach negro sciences at a negro college!

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 27 дней назад +1

    Can someone type out the whole speech, or send me a link to the transcript

  • PeachyMarit
    PeachyMarit 27 дней назад +2

    Can someone please type it out for me or send it to me thank you so so so so much

  • xv12commander
    xv12commander 27 дней назад

    Keep dreaming idiots, nice words can still fool you?

  • Logan 5
    Logan 5 28 дней назад

    "when they go low..we go high" ..ya right u stupid hypocrite
    your book bashes the current president.....what hypocrisy

  • Violet Blue
    Violet Blue 28 дней назад

    I wish Presidents could run again.

    • Logan 5
      Logan 5 28 дней назад

      to increase the national debt another 10 trillion dollars
      have more racial tension
      increase unemployemnt
      destabilize the middle east even further
      send billions in cash again to some middle eastern country & get nothing in return
      you dems are all fukn nut jobs

  • Tonya Raby
    Tonya Raby 28 дней назад

    Michelle Obama, Class, Intelligent, Humble, and Beautiful inside and out! Love her!

  • Theresa Elizondo
    Theresa Elizondo 28 дней назад

    Michelle Obama that's so. Right. ! I. Agree !!!

  • Asmeret Jallow
    Asmeret Jallow 29 дней назад

    yes yes

  • Asmeret Jallow
    Asmeret Jallow 29 дней назад


  • giancarlo stanton
    giancarlo stanton 29 дней назад

    CNN is fake news

    Obama was a horrible President and very weak at the same time.

  • Gabby D
    Gabby D 29 дней назад

    Michelle Obama for president!

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 29 дней назад

    18 u do now u need sex

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 29 дней назад

    Fuck U Michelle all u are rats

  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 29 дней назад


  • Sergio Garcia
    Sergio Garcia 29 дней назад

    Fuck voteing only God can stop this bushichtvoting

  • Love Coach Sylvia
    Love Coach Sylvia 29 дней назад

    I would vote for her. We need you Michelle

  • Joseph Babica
    Joseph Babica 29 дней назад


  • Joe Flo
    Joe Flo Месяц назад

    Poll places Obama as worst president since WW2

  • Joe Flo
    Joe Flo Месяц назад

    Idiot Obama Worst President in History.

  • Joe Flo
    Joe Flo Месяц назад

    Michael no one is as nasty as you nasty tranny.

    PROUD MOTHER Месяц назад

    It not hard I have a disability they help me Register to vote I’m now a proud voter I voted for mr Obama twice

  • Kathy Floyd
    Kathy Floyd Месяц назад

    She didn't teach for women not thinking .women no marriage can have 1&2 children enough ,have too much children's your body damages,mental illness didn't marriage have children man don't respect you .

  • anthony davis
    anthony davis Месяц назад

    Omg he is nasty

  • LovesTheGash
    LovesTheGash Месяц назад

    Fucking tranny

  • Irene Owens
    Irene Owens Месяц назад

    OrobB she was not very good as first lady so happy we have Malania TRUMP

  • Marcus Blackwell
    Marcus Blackwell Месяц назад

    We need u Nowwww

  • Poopy Doopy
    Poopy Doopy Месяц назад

    she is sooo ugly

  • Poopy Doopy
    Poopy Doopy Месяц назад

    it is rigged, you dumb bitch. Mexican illegals vote. Dead people's votes get counted as votes. there is election fraud. if you think otherwise you are ignorant.

  • Fortunato's
    Fortunato's Месяц назад +2

    shut the fuck she man.

  • Jenean H
    Jenean H Месяц назад +1

    Latest Liar is voter Fraud!! You are a traitor to your race Ms MultiMillionaire Kids dying in the streets and destroyed black communities you want them to buy your book!

    • Jenean H
      Jenean H Месяц назад

      Grandmothers are wise and you put down elderly and all sanity!! You are a Fake and we see it Ms first time Proud of your Country!

  • Sombra Castillo
    Sombra Castillo Месяц назад


  • Lucia Ling
    Lucia Ling Месяц назад

    She is a bossss

  • Robert Severson
    Robert Severson Месяц назад +1

    You and your damn husband started this crap now Trump has to try and clean it up how can you be frustrated when your a man I never heard of a man getting frustrating

    • Cocky Ballez
      Cocky Ballez Месяц назад

      Look here (Roberta), IF that's what a man looks like, then I choose to be GAY AF.
      GIRL (speaking to YOU Roberta), stfd. Your attempts at reckless banter has failed miserably. Now, clean your tampon and suck it easy. LOSER!!!!!👁👁

  • Carlito
    Carlito Месяц назад

    True Alpha

  • Brenton Perkins
    Brenton Perkins Месяц назад

    Men cannot have babies. But, a dumbass is called a dumbass for a reason.

  • Nancy Gray
    Nancy Gray Месяц назад

    Michelle you are a shining example of what this country is all about for those of us who believe in high moral standards. You are a role model for women and continue to inspire with your grace, intelligence and dignity. Thank you for sharing your voice of reason in the current state of chaos we are subjected to daily by the current administration. I VOTED!

  • Rosemary Prior
    Rosemary Prior Месяц назад

    Dearest Daughter, I am 72 with painful Osteoarthritis. I was unable to use the senior transportation which was my fault, YET I PERSISTED. .! I am a member of CityWell United Methodist Church here in Durham ,NC . I called my Pastor ,Clece May and he helped me get to the poll very early in the morning. I am so thankful he was willing to help me celebrate my powerful voice. God Bless America and God Bless You. Rosemary Foote Prior - Obama Volunteer 2008

  • Hari Venables
    Hari Venables Месяц назад

    Dumb housewife

  • Dan Knaup
    Dan Knaup Месяц назад +1

    Michelle, you should take lessons from Melania Trump on how a truly classy first lady acts. You and your husband are nothing but hate-filled race baiters.

    • Kenzie Lou
      Kenzie Lou Месяц назад

      Stop criticizing others what s wrong with her fashion style ?please let america moves on,the greatest country on earth.God has created the world ,people divided it.Let s try on for a better future ,because we have a new generation to come ,we must start thinking about things that more importants than to focus on.Thanks

  • Simonoves simon
    Simonoves simon Месяц назад +1

    this ex-has been, got balls for real..obama calls her mike because she is a tranny what a f-ed family,,he was born from cia operative mother was one himself--father Kenyan-kIds who knows whos they are.,,has lisp now nearly caused the destroyation of USA.DEMS RUN A PROGRAM OF DISSENSION,,, disagreement that leads to discord.

  • World Peace
    World Peace Месяц назад +1

    Go Michelle!!!!!!!

  • Lissan Kika
    Lissan Kika Месяц назад

    Please run 🏃 🏃 🏃 2020 we really needs u please please you're amazing beautiful smart 😘😘😘😍😍😍😍

  • Victoria jacquette
    Victoria jacquette Месяц назад +1

    truth our votes matter. its serious.

  • Tonya Richellé
    Tonya Richellé Месяц назад

    Intelligent, Educated, Elegant, Gracious, Beautiful annnnnnnd...just Everything!!! Yes Michelle 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • aristotlestudent
    aristotlestudent Месяц назад

    She ain't no former lady, first or otherwise, that's for sure.

  • Dolores Behrman
    Dolores Behrman Месяц назад


  • Victor Jerez
    Victor Jerez Месяц назад

    Or maybe we don’t want to take what’s given to us or pressured when we don’t like who’s running

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker Месяц назад +1

    Wonderful the wife of the most corrupt president in American history with the most corrupt Administration funded terrorism with 150 billion of our tax dollars who gave Rockets to Iran who gave rifles and machine guns to the Mexican cartel along with several other crimes Michelle did absolutely nothing in the eight years her husband ruined our economy expanded our debt more than the last five presidents combined and basically screwed America all she was good at was dividing America by spreading her racial radical racist crap and the only nastiness is having to listen to her and look at her still on television when she should go dig a couple of big holes for her and her husband to put their head in their children are turning to drugs because they can't even show their face in a college without being jaded and embarrassment from their parents and it sure is funny how Obama mr. Socialist himself that now all these Democrats socialists are coming out of the woodwork I say send all the Socialist and the whole entire bomber family to Venezuela and let them see how that's working out for them America is disgusted

    • Poopy Doopy
      Poopy Doopy Месяц назад

      Jack Parker I hear you....She is ugly as fuck too. i have honestly never seen a woman who is as ugly as her. i dont get it. even if i didnt hate her i still wouldn't understand.....

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow Месяц назад

    And then she shames fat children

  • Karen Hernandez
    Karen Hernandez Месяц назад


  • Liz Tunks
    Liz Tunks Месяц назад

    You ripped the American people of You hate American. You’re husband was the worst President the American people off.

  • Marie Floramce Joseph
    Marie Floramce Joseph Месяц назад


  • javier castellon
    javier castellon Месяц назад

    I will tell you what is "nasty". Abortion. If one is willing to vacuum out like dirt, dismember, or burn alive a little baby for money and politics. What would prevent them from lying or stealing or cheating? Democrats are not pro-women. Abortion is linked with immediate regret, anxiety, depression, addictions, low self worth, infertility, promiscuity and even suicide. Abortion kills one, hurts another.

  • Gary Herbeck
    Gary Herbeck Месяц назад

    Shut up big mike, fake!!!!

  • javier castellon
    javier castellon Месяц назад

    Democrats are not for the good of women, or society. Actively promote abortion for money and politics, they fund Planned Parenthood with our taxes. 60 million innocents killed so far. I will tell you what is "nasty". Abortion begins with the "doctor" using a vacuum to suck him or her out with a narrow tube the size of a pencil. Then is thrown away as trash. Or by inserting a cutting device inside the mother's uterus. While the baby is alive, they cut their little arms and little legs. Finally their little head from their torso. Now the doctor has to extract all the pieces from the mother. They are put aside, to make sure the whole baby is out. If the baby is too big for cutting. The mother is given chemicals that works overnight. The baby is slowly burned alive. Mother comes to the clinic the next day for the purposes of delivering a dead baby. Democrats are not pro-women. Abortion is linked to immediate regret, anxiety, depression, promiscuity, infertility, low self worth, addictions and even suicide. Abortion kills one, hurts another.

  • Fire Forbes
    Fire Forbes Месяц назад

    President's wife Michelle Obama my Michelle , I am disgusted with these people. I shall not say any names oe point fingers! But they alllllll know who they are! With all the chaos negativity nastiness going on in country and in the state of Florida. Not being paid a decent wage, struggling just to make ends meet have to work extra hours just so that we can support our families be absent out of the home where our children are left alone or neglected and some form of fashion. I mean these people couldn't come out of their house and vote so that we could have some kind of a chance for change. I am so disgusted I know at least 6 people who did not vote 6 which means there are many more just like them who did not vote. I even offered a ride to the polls, I was turned down.
    I am so sick of people complaining about everything in life but yet they do nothing to help ot try to help their situation and the same people did not vote. Every excuse in the world why they could not vote. We cannot get decent health care because the government will not pay the doctors Properly ( insurance co.) as a result deny people on Medicaid and even some Medicare Proper help . one goes to the ER and some of the doctors give you some bull excuse that you're okay everything is normal crap knowing that you have something going on inside your body and they send you on your way with a Tylenol and it looks like people are trying to get history to repeat itself! it's so disgusting with the present president fueling the fire for racism segregation We Are All One Nation!!!!!!!!Divided we fall divided we fall ! divided we fall! divided we fall! President's wife Michelle Obama divided we fall when are these people going to get that message.

  • Guivatch ALEXIS
    Guivatch ALEXIS Месяц назад

    Good job Melanie ,love you

  • William Duff
    William Duff Месяц назад

    some comments underline the how uphill the battle for decency really is. hope our children and grandchildren do better. :-)

  • Ryan Zolkiewicz
    Ryan Zolkiewicz Месяц назад


  • Gerald Dyke
    Gerald Dyke Месяц назад


    QUANNELLX Месяц назад

    This negro is pathetic.

  • Hobo Hound
    Hobo Hound Месяц назад

    well take a pill and go to sleep for ever in hell!!

  • Irene Owens
    Irene Owens Месяц назад

    Tired of her nasty mouth

  • M Leigh
    M Leigh Месяц назад

    Michelle has a long pipe bomb between her legs ....🥒🥒🥒obummers are gone yay worst president ever !!

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Pride... #walkaway
    Phuck demokraps.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Pride... #walk away...
    Phuck demokraps.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Obummer's daddy phucked goats in Africa.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Lock killery up...

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Why not tell the truth, obummer is a crack smoking gay Muslim and Michael is a tranny. Phuck demokraps.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    But, what about Barry's choice to have gay relationships with gay men ?

  • Charles Cary
    Charles Cary Месяц назад

    MICHELE were TIRED of all your and your husband's nastiness. Take your millions and stop feeling frustrated go BACK to Martha's vineyard DON'T try to BULLSHIT US that your like us your one of those HOLLYWOOD 1%.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Funny ? No... Bath house Barry phucked gay men... Phuck demokraps.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    Depression, what about Larry Sinclair, and how many BJ's he gave to obummer ? Phuck demokraps.

  • Mug Numps
    Mug Numps Месяц назад +1

    But, obummer is a crack smoking gay Muslim and Michael is a tranny. Phuck demokraps.

  • meshegna shumye
    meshegna shumye Месяц назад

    People of the truth, the Obamas and Oprah, long live and please vote ...

  • l l
    l l Месяц назад

    americans been taking for a fool... they would not fall for the same shit twice.

  • Maritza Diaz
    Maritza Diaz Месяц назад

    Beautiful lady , Beautiful Michelle

  • mahinsadeghazar
    mahinsadeghazar Месяц назад

    A wonderful Lady. I Love she

  • Heather11268
    Heather11268 Месяц назад

    Big Mike and her traitor gay husband are the ones causing the insanity.

  • patrick flanagan
    patrick flanagan Месяц назад

    just like her other half. all talk no action.