Kim Kardashian West Tells All About Parisian Gunpoint Robbery on 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'

Kim has her own theories as to the events that led up to her being robbed in Paris, France, last October.

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Автор Valentina Abbaticola ( назад)
I live in Italy and here we don't have this show so I don't know why this girl is so hated... but I wonder why so many people that don't like Kim stop by her videos

Автор Lyon ( назад)
thedrges peopled straving in the world that don't get media coverage. Instead its stories like these that are spreading everywhere. What is wrong with society today.

Автор Sam Green ( назад)
I must be the only one who wishes the had raped this dumb boasting broad...

Автор Kayjah Lola ( назад)
She lost that much jewellery but she can buy it back she's rich. So what's the problem

Автор Hahaha Muahahha ( назад)
Why are they famous??

Автор Nikhil Orpe ( назад)
whole robbery thing that's fake. but the message depicted through it is real and should be followed by everyone.. we shouldn't always post our where abouts on social media it's risky

Автор Lu Cifer ( назад)
This cunt loves any attention.

Автор John Lovelace ( назад)
They are actually dying out that's why they made all this robbery bullshit up for publicity but people are waking up and just dont care or if they do watch the show they are just curious and will go back to not giving a damn about the kardashians

Автор Brandon Tremblett ( назад)
there's more important issues in the world going on that derserve the publicity.

Автор thomas bourne ( назад)
Cmon fans.. Lets get Kim to 800 views.

Автор Priscilla Burga ( назад)
I don't feel bad for Kim. The way she was robbed, is exactly they way she robs animals of her skin/fur every time she buys that filth.

Автор Maggie Alverson ( назад)
fake as fuck!! bitch probably hired them.

Автор Celiiimar ( назад)
Thats so sad :(

Автор Sia is Love I Sia is Life ( назад)
they should´ve killed her

Автор Donielle Stenson ( назад)
where is her mentally ill husband and why isnt she with him?

Автор Ludwig Von Cocksucker ( назад)
what a pig

Автор George Maher Jr ( назад)
I think this was REAL. No one ever deserves to be robbed. I don't care how much they have or make.

Автор Sue Pron Barran ( назад)
She' just like all of those kartrashians are attention seeking whores

Автор Delores Ljuljdjuraj ( назад)
so so so fake you just want rating its disgusting to make something like that up watch out whore carma will bit you in the ass

Автор Delores Ljuljdjuraj ( назад)
its all fake. if it was real they would of killed her

Автор supernatural ( назад)
Is this story real or fake pleaseee im so f**king confused right now ? like i keep hearing double stories out of nowhere ? ufffff :(

Автор Yo Master ( назад)
omg bitch hired them lol publicity stunt

Автор Austin Carrick ( назад)
So sad 😑 People are such assholes

Автор Vladimir K ( назад)
How long are people going to talk about this damn theft?

Автор Dragon Slayer ( назад)
me to 2nd to comment

Автор Markayla Gary ( назад)
omg i fell bad for her

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