FaZe Clan vs Sidemen - MW2 Search and Destroy (6v6)

  • Published on May 6, 2019
  • It's finally here... this was a lot of fun.
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Comments • 11 063

  • Xille
    Xille Day ago

    What is the song they used for the edit in between games?

  • O.Spink14
    O.Spink14 2 days ago +1

    The editing was terrible ngl

  • Camden McMahon
    Camden McMahon 4 days ago

    I woke up to my phone with an weather alert

  • clown down jones
    clown down jones 5 days ago

    do it in the new cod

  • 2010s
    2010s 5 days ago +1

    FIFA or Call of Duty?

  • Abbaas Hussein
    Abbaas Hussein 5 days ago

    Plz do on fifa

  • gabe brown
    gabe brown 6 days ago

    shit editing there was no tension because it changed every three seconds.

    QXPZZ ON YT 7 days ago

    Has no one realized that mindofrez and Kaylen is in the background

  • declarity lol
    declarity lol 7 days ago

    yo important question
    *BO2* or *MW2*

  • apos011
    apos011 7 days ago

    Kaylen in the back haaaa

  • Josh Douglas
    Josh Douglas 9 days ago

    Kailen in the backround

  • Faisal 7G
    Faisal 7G 9 days ago +1

    Has anyone realised mindofrez is in the background

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 10 days ago

    This was such a poorly made video

  • Amiraj Singh
    Amiraj Singh 13 days ago

    6:34 wtf is mindofrez doing back there hahaha

  • MrOrANge YT
    MrOrANge YT 15 days ago

    That’s mw3 not 2

  • just slicky
    just slicky 15 days ago

    I like how mindofrez is in the background with kaylen

  • neradcub _
    neradcub _ 15 days ago

    fuck you guys go sidemen and uk!

  • Corrupt
    Corrupt 16 days ago

    Kaylin and mind of rez are in the background at 4:46

  • Synzz
    Synzz 17 days ago

    that table had a ruff day

  • dank memeer420
    dank memeer420 17 days ago +1

    It's sad to see how badly josh performed

  • Faith Blurr
    Faith Blurr 18 days ago

    It’s funny just and Harry but together are more popular than th whole of faze

  • Richard Peterkin
    Richard Peterkin 18 days ago

    Bru Mindofrez and Kaylen are in the background

  • un1qu3n4m3
    un1qu3n4m3 18 days ago

    Why is faze celebrating so much. Like it was a miracle that they were winning

  • Dizzle XBriggs
    Dizzle XBriggs 18 days ago

    Let's see who would win in disstracks

  • Chowi
    Chowi 19 days ago

    What the fuck was this

  • DEZIRE EvilNitro
    DEZIRE EvilNitro 19 days ago

    Banks is shit

  • Aidan 2003
    Aidan 2003 19 days ago +4

    The editing is so cancer you can't tell who's playing

  • Deniro Laumahina
    Deniro Laumahina 19 days ago

    Banks still sucks

  • pagnarithnorak vitiya
    pagnarithnorak vitiya 19 days ago

    Bank is legit trash

  • Kaan Gavas
    Kaan Gavas 20 days ago

    Hardscope Central

  • Hinceee 78
    Hinceee 78 20 days ago +1

    Why have I only just seen this

  • Jk Mand
    Jk Mand 20 days ago

    Do u see how curious Rez and kayden look 6:38

  • You got Mail An email
    You got Mail An email 20 days ago

    Who else came from tik tok?

  • Luke Bradley
    Luke Bradley 20 days ago

    Hi zerkaa

  • Bobby Whiting
    Bobby Whiting 20 days ago

    It’s a bit unfair

  • ITZzZz Diego
    ITZzZz Diego 20 days ago

    Jarvis and Kay were probably in their rooms waiting for them to join their lobby in fortnite

  • lostlegend 227
    lostlegend 227 20 days ago

    Testy can take all of y’all

  • Angus Bowles
    Angus Bowles 20 days ago

    Fuck Faze Banks is shit

  • Equiz
    Equiz 20 days ago

    Hardscoping faze ngl

  • Fernando Bonilla
    Fernando Bonilla 20 days ago

    Faze x Sidemen clothing?

  • Miles Takle
    Miles Takle 20 days ago

    Yo. Lot are getting hyped over a kill just calm down

  • Sergio Ducret
    Sergio Ducret 20 days ago +1

    Profesonal players vs profesonal shit talkers

  • Ayman Naaman
    Ayman Naaman 20 days ago

    Do soccer

  • Sainz132
    Sainz132 20 days ago

    Isn’t ksi supposed to be a pro

  • Chris Ochoa
    Chris Ochoa 20 days ago

    rez and kaylen in the back trynna fit in

  • Gaming Guy
    Gaming Guy 20 days ago +1

    It’s unfair I would say faze is literally gaming club or clan

  • Spiderkillzz
    Spiderkillzz 21 day ago

    Editor Is Bad

  • brofistfish 0
    brofistfish 0 21 day ago


  • Julius Joseph
    Julius Joseph 21 day ago

    Kaylen and mindofrez are in the back

  • Myles Brackenbury
    Myles Brackenbury 21 day ago

    6:36 who’s the kid in gucci in the back? lmfao

  • MLG.lad2018 Reee
    MLG.lad2018 Reee 21 day ago

    Was kaylen and mind of Rez at the back

  • Harrison Baker
    Harrison Baker 21 day ago

    Why they so proud, they are supposed to be cor kings...

  • Marley Ordoñez
    Marley Ordoñez 21 day ago +1

    3:04 MindOfRez and Kaylen are chillin im the back! Haha whaat?!

  • AntmanM
    AntmanM 21 day ago

    Your editor sucks ass btw

  • Dex Shmuck
    Dex Shmuck 21 day ago

    They don’t shut up😂 feel sorry for sidemen have to be in the same room as some screaming Americans. Hop on Fifa faze

  • KaKe _ Bomber
    KaKe _ Bomber 21 day ago

    At 6:36 is that mindofrez and is little brother in the backround?

  • Luke wilson
    Luke wilson 21 day ago

    Who remembers faze rain vape nation with the pornhub hat and robe🤣

  • LexxHVH
    LexxHVH 21 day ago

    wtf is that skype sound?

  • Zix Henny
    Zix Henny 21 day ago

    Is slbog still a thing? Competitive sniping?

  • Fruit juice
    Fruit juice 21 day ago +1

    I like how faze clan are getting hyped about killing ksi