Trump Impeachment hearings live: Public testimony from Fiona Hill and David Holmes

  • Fiona Hill and David Holmes will testify before the House Intelligence Committee starting at 9 a.m. Follow live updates here:
    Hill is a former National Security Council official who raised concerns about Rudy Giuliani and efforts to pressure Ukraine.
    Holmes is a diplomat at the U.S. embassy in Kiev, who overheard EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland discussing investigations with President Trump the day after his July 25 call with the president of Ukraine.
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Comments • 80

  • ike nilsson
    ike nilsson Month ago

    Extraordinary closing argument by Chairman Adam Schiff!

  • Lora Larose
    Lora Larose Month ago

    Here say heresay he said she said 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂dumb dumb 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Brody McCain
    Brody McCain 2 months ago

    Once Adam Schiff is gone America will be great again.

  • Christine Lardner
    Christine Lardner 2 months ago

    YOU got Caught Mr. Nunes!!

  • fabio
    fabio 2 months ago

    So pathetic is CONGRESS, bunch of a----------

  • fabio
    fabio 2 months ago

    Democrats and Hil above the law

  • Shifa Husain
    Shifa Husain 2 months ago

    I am Indian Iran saport 50000000 caror saport for iran

  • devilz reject469
    devilz reject469 2 months ago

    so why don't they want the bidens to be investigated???

  • devilz reject469
    devilz reject469 2 months ago

    Mr.Trump doesn't give a crap about what anyone says about him, he has a job to do n he does it to the best of his ability for the sake of all Americans

  • Michele M
    Michele M 3 months ago +2

    Talk about SELECTIVE EDITING! "Was there a quid pro quo. The answer was 'yes".". Fast forward to learn that the quid pro quo was not anything having to do with Aid, but for a meeting. Way do go CBS. You showed your cards early.
    PS: Not sure why anyone would be opposed to withholding aid until a DOJ investigation is complete, but then again I'm not someone who was getting enriched through a corrupt Ukraine oligarch like those who shall not be name on a foreign call (Bunter Hiden).

  • Wang Xing
    Wang Xing 3 months ago +1

    If you're honest, you have to admit that Biden's behavior was damn suspicious. This behavior in the highest positions really should never be accepted. If we're honest, Trump should actually get an award for it!

  • Shackaloo
    Shackaloo 3 months ago

    CBS = Can't Be Serious. Buncha whining Libtards. Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann 3 months ago

    Charge those teens that beat up the 14 yr old on the bus with a hate crime or we won't vote for Trump again

  • Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni
    Dr Jyoti Vardhan Sahni 3 months ago

  • Mhary Isom
    Mhary Isom 3 months ago

    Did you know that dregs is another German word for pocket change in the allemang

  • Dale Val
    Dale Val 3 months ago +3

    Yep the echo chamber repeats quid pro yo. Well I'm no longer a Dem, wk away time, this is not a trial, it a pack of liars trying to remove a duly voted president, what a joke Dems???, I'm not playing this game anymore.

  • Kelly Ray
    Kelly Ray 3 months ago +1

    Would like to hear from this witness

    • Michele M
      Michele M 3 months ago

      Interesting! It is unfortunate that our DOJ & FBI have been infiltrated & compromised. We can't trust that they will do an honest investigation.

  • Kathy Russell
    Kathy Russell 3 months ago

    I getting tired of the new coverage when last meeting?

  • tbrock
    tbrock 3 months ago

    You always hear Republicans saying that Democrats are still bitter about the election. That’s funny, they’re the only ones that say that. I guess it’s their way of coping with this impeachment. It’s something they understand because they are used to it. They were so bitter when Clinton and Obama were president so they just think that liberals must be the same way. They are so wrong.
    Liberals are actually appalled and ashamed of what this president is doing RIGHT NOW. we are concerned for the country and democracy itself. people on both sides of the aisle need to stop assuming that the other side is just fabricating controversy. We need to start assuming that the other side is motivated by genuine concern for this country.

    I THE PREACHER 3 months ago

    A Dilettante Presumptuous Theorem:
    Wake up America. If an investigation into Joe Biden and his son would help Trump in the 2020 election that means Joe and his son are guilty because that’s the only way Trump would win the next election. It’s all propaganda anyway.

  • Asgher Ali
    Asgher Ali 3 months ago +1

    America The End Go Use Drugs

  • Ken Langham
    Ken Langham 4 months ago

    Get good with the guns you have and wait on God. This will make war for all.

  • a a
    a a 4 months ago

    trump in peach

  • Raj Kirpalani
    Raj Kirpalani 4 months ago +1

    Any american that things Donald Trump is a good president is seriously deluded . His disciples Nunes and Jordan are just as bad. God help americans

  • Nafesa Zeeshan
    Nafesa Zeeshan 4 months ago

    Ukarane fales

  • Nafesa Zeeshan
    Nafesa Zeeshan 4 months ago

    Behind Russia United States election after Trump charge popularity Trump better than Obama

  • machia0705
    machia0705 4 months ago +1

    This has become a show of; “He said, she said...”
    The level of Democrat desperation grows every day. And with it comes growing support for the President.

  • Kirk Crawford
    Kirk Crawford 4 months ago +1

    Fake news! Trump exonerated. DemonRats fail again!

  • Charles W R
    Charles W R 4 months ago

    Why is every single program host on MSNBC a white? Does MSNBC believe America is a white country?

  • Aristedes Philip DuVal pka Mr.Melody TM

    #FIONAHILL committed #PERJURY and should end up in #GITMO along with #Traitor #VINDEMAN.

  • jerry graeber
    jerry graeber 4 months ago

    what happened to Hunter Biden and papa stealing #80k a month a month wow nobody cares that what I thought All Demoncrap

  • B.T.
    B.T. 4 months ago

    ZeroExperienceHunter and 6hoursJoe
    The Prepped Whisteblower
    Congenital Liar Shifty Shift
    Russian asset Steele Hillary

  • Kay Maria
    Kay Maria 4 months ago +4

    Nunes face turning red is a classic.

  • Damien Pol
    Damien Pol 4 months ago

    CBS disabled comments on their impeachment "bot" slur video and made the video unavailable outside of the USA. It's hilarious how pathetic these corrupt media dinosaurs are.

    FATCAMMAL 4 months ago +5

    2:36:57 : Hill stating Ukraine wasn't behind the election meddling, it was Russia
    6:05:30 : Incredible speech by Hill!

    • Shizu's MOMmie
      Shizu's MOMmie 2 months ago

      @Michele M
      Happy New Year Michele Girl!
      2020 is here!
      DJT, started the year off with a Bang🌠!
      ☄️IMPEACHMENT☄️ Addendum Contender: 1. ASSASSINATION Of known Terrorist: Investigation pending of Assassination without consultation with The Gang of 8, nor without "THINKING" about the contagion of negative impact on "MANY MANY" other countries and their PEOPLE!
      DJT is a candidate for DUMB AND DUMBER award, right Michele!

      Michele that's French!
      So's Yvette, Mama if Shizu's🐶🐕🐩
      Michele MA Belle and others here, no matter your political association
      life is too short for us to be mean to each other over Donald J Trump.
      He's just not worth It!
      World Peace, and neighborhood peace is a real issue that's coming between us.
      Let's not let it.
      I don't want to cuss this first week of the New Year.
      Michelle, Happy Sunday Girl💄👜💄🛍️💄👜💄🛍️
      Have the best New Year ever!

    • Michele M
      Michele M 2 months ago

      @Shizu's MOMmie Lol. How is that working out for you?

    • Brittany Campos
      Brittany Campos 2 months ago +1

      @Michele M sorry

    • Michele M
      Michele M 3 months ago

      You need a Venn diagram. Just because Russia was behind election meddling does not mean that Ukraine can't also be. They have some shared space on their circles.
      This is elementary reasoning.

    • Brittany Campos
      Brittany Campos 3 months ago

      @Liberty or Death I haven't been watching CNN

  • skyfire gaming, Lps
    skyfire gaming, Lps 4 months ago +3

    Nunes got caught, and he knows it. And we ALL know, who really are the ones holding witnesses back. It's the Republicans.

  • skyfire gaming, Lps
    skyfire gaming, Lps 4 months ago

    Every Republican who knows they're guilty, show it in different ways. Trump and Guiliani are known not to let the media get a single question in, and therefore, their reward is not having to answer any questions. This is exactly why it would be disastrous for either of these two, if they were to testify before the Intel Committee. They wouldn't be allowed to over-talk someone, as a means of avoiding questions. They would be better off pleading the 5th. Nunes face, on the other hand, is a DEAD RINGER, and is what gives him away and shows his guilt. Nunes sweats profusely around the jowl area and on the side of his face. Nunes can't control those sweat glands of his. Has anyone else notice Nunes sweating profusely ?

  • YoYoMama Sargent
    YoYoMama Sargent 4 months ago +1

    ๏ Holmes [OS] • 1:29:00-approx 1:30:00 (frustrated)
    ๏ Hill (missed big one soon after Holmes above)
    ๏ Hill • 2:26:37 July 10 meeting with Sondland and Ukrainians?where Bolton “stiffens” & abruptly ends meeting & sends Hill to listen at award Room/2:31:54 Go to Eisenberg, “not part of this drug deal that’s Sondland & Mulvaney are cooking up” anecdote
    ๏ Hill 5:20 Bolton’s rxns to certain incidents including July 10th w/ Ward Room & instructions to go to lawyers

  • RK Adaza
    RK Adaza 4 months ago +1

    Schiff and pelosi wanted joe biden's electoral victory handed to him in a silver platter. This is a direct insult to the millions of hard working men and women in america who voted for the current democratically elected president. The republicans must counteract any attempts to subjugate the will of the american people.

  • JACK
    JACK 4 months ago

    One focus of Ukrainian investigators, Kulyk said, has been money spirited unlawfully out of Ukraine and moved to the United States by businessmen friendly to the prior, pro-Russia regime of Viktor Yanukovych.
    Ukrainian businessmen “authorized payments for lobbying efforts directed at the U.S. government,” he told me. “In addition, these payments were made from funds that were acquired during the money-laundering operation. We have information that a U.S. company was involved in these payments.” That company is tied to one or more prominent Democrats, Ukrainian officials insist.

  • B.T.
    B.T. 4 months ago

    I can’t wait for the real bombshell...: Hunter, Shifty and Joe in the Senate...

  • Katherine jones
    Katherine jones 4 months ago +1

    Didn't realise CBS was a right wing propaganda station

  • Katherine jones
    Katherine jones 4 months ago +1

    Fiona Hill and David Holmes dropped an atomic bomb on the GOP and Trump's corrupt administration

  • Benny Collie
    Benny Collie 4 months ago +1

    Oh my god. *Snoring*

    • tbrock
      tbrock 3 months ago

      Benny Collie Oh my god. Ignorant.

  • shelia davis
    shelia davis 4 months ago

    Trump 2020

    • shelia davis
      shelia davis 3 months ago

      @tbrock dump dems 2020

    • tbrock
      tbrock 3 months ago

      shelia davis Dump 2020

  • Henry Fidel
    Henry Fidel 4 months ago

    Do I have this straight, America was sold out to China/Ukraine by Biden, Iran/Mid East by Obama, Russia/Libya by Hillary and if President Trumps investigates he gets impeached? Is that right? WTF!

  • robertscottsperling
    robertscottsperling 4 months ago

    A person told me that another person said that someone told someone else something that someone else told them. Wow 🤯

  • eliot
    eliot 4 months ago

    Intelligence? So far, "None Detected"!

  • Kay Maria
    Kay Maria 4 months ago

    I hope Ukraine can see who is favored and it's sure not the Ukraine people and the American people. Look how much people look stupid in these hearings lying with degrees in front of Congress, in front of their own children, classrooms in America and on international television. Would they do this for Our Lord and Savior. Money position and hidden secrets could be worth this. Wow this is history and can't be recused Do they know this? Very dumb.

  • Kay Maria
    Kay Maria 4 months ago

    Didn't trump have a wall to build where did he find time to do all of this. Maria is accused of supporting her own American people because she was against the corruption force down her throat and now all of ours.

  • Michelle Richter
    Michelle Richter 4 months ago

    Humm, Obama and Biden NOT investigating Biden son's corruption OR Trump investigating Biden's corrupt son. Seems to me both side benefited. Had it been Trumps son while Obama was President, I guarantee there would have been an investigation. All politician are out to benefit themselves. The California Reps and Senate care more about themselves and their agendas than the homeless, drug addiction and fires in their own states. They all have agendas and shame on you all for thinking one side wouldn't cut throat the other if the situation was reversed!

  • ManPower Gaming
    ManPower Gaming 4 months ago

    Politics are shady asf. I'll never pledge my allegiance to corruption. I don't know about you though... according to the comments

  • INIT
    INIT 4 months ago +1

    It's over Trump is done done

  • SR M
    SR M 4 months ago +1

    Fake News has its say, but will the American people be fooled? Fake News has a spin on all this and of course, they are negative against Trump.

  • SR M
    SR M 4 months ago

    The Democrats have been bent on impeachment no matter what from day one of this Presidency! There was no provable quid pro quo! Only opinions and conjectures by the State Department.

  • SR M
    SR M 4 months ago

    Sondland gives an opinion of what he thinks was President Trump's motives, which is not an impeachable offense, but leftist News jumps on it. Who cares what Sondland thinks!

  • Kevin Deck
    Kevin Deck 4 months ago

    They're attacking the president again. They smear facts and they don't stop. They will do anything. I didn't vote for Trump the first time around, but I will damn sure vote for him next time.

  • Andrew Sutton
    Andrew Sutton 4 months ago +3

    5:05:12 - 5:08:19 - Fiona Hill realizes Sondland was involved in a "domestic political errand" while she was involved in "national foreign policy" and those two things had just diverged.

  • Andrew Sutton
    Andrew Sutton 4 months ago

    1:54:36 - 1:56:52 - we don't pick specific cases to investigate, especially ones that would benefit the president, then an example is shown for why this matters

  • Truth Freak
    Truth Freak 4 months ago

    Give me a break....

  • SamUSA
    SamUSA 4 months ago

    So where is the evidence of President Trump's impeachable offence? "I followed the directions of the President". Nothing there. "I became concerned...". Nothing there. Click --> NEXT VIDEO

    • Joni Hanski
      Joni Hanski 4 months ago

      @SamUSA that's referring to a testimony. Which, just to make sure, is a form of evidence. Direct evidence too.

    • SamUSA
      SamUSA 4 months ago

      @Joni Hanski I'm not sure what you mean. I'm guessing you are referring to "I followed..."? Saying "I followed..." does not contain any facts about anything. What evidence?

    • Joni Hanski
      Joni Hanski 4 months ago

      You listed part of the evidence yourself?

  • Christopher Park
    Christopher Park 4 months ago +1

    What’s with all the people passing back and forth behind the interviewees? They’re like little rats scuttling past the screen.

  • Trent Pike
    Trent Pike 4 months ago +1

    Nice try Dems! God Bless America!
    Where's Hilary's Emails? What Happen to Seth Rich?

  • A seagypsy's Adventures

    Hearsay is not evidence!!!! You need to go back to school!!
    Only damage is to the democratics!

    • sahib kaur
      sahib kaur 4 months ago +2

      Actually evidence against politicians comes under exceptions to hearsay. So hearsay can be used against trump legally. Just correcting you. Not debating.

  • Herbert T. Outdoors
    Herbert T. Outdoors 4 months ago +1

    What a joke, interesting how you play incomplete clips to give a false idea of how this is going. Reid is such an idiot. Why can't you report the real news?

    • fubitz
      fubitz 4 months ago

      It's CBS what do you expect? All MSM is garbage lies.

  • Nina Divine
    Nina Divine 4 months ago

    Does it bother anyone else or strick them as wrong that there are all these people in the room staring at their phones and computers rather than pay attention to the actual Hearing!? They are not transcribing, that much is clear. Who are they and why aren't they paying attention to what is happening in the room. It's an Impeachment hearing for crying out loud.

  • Văn Trung Hiếu Official


  • Sant Ram
    Sant Ram 4 months ago

    Ja mata di

    MK ULTRA 4 months ago +2

    What your forgetting mr schiff is that the American people are asleep at the wheel and when they do think of something its of nothing bigger than themselves, not all, but i have little faith in the average people. A person can be smart, people, are stupid.

  • Mario Barahona
    Mario Barahona 4 months ago +10

    What is Jim Jordan talking about. So many words but not one was about the substance. Blah blah blah

    • Mario Barahona
      Mario Barahona 3 months ago

      Vlad Impaler okay Putin

    • Vlad Impaler
      Vlad Impaler 3 months ago

      Mario Barahona Biden threatened Ukraine with losing Aid. Son worked for Ukrainian oil company under criminal investigation

    • Tyronie
      Tyronie 4 months ago +1

      He didn't do well in law and ended up as a wrestling coach assistant.

  • Katie Coonley
    Katie Coonley 4 months ago +2

    Devin Nunes is an appalling human being.

  • Steven James
    Steven James 4 months ago

    The trouble that these people are trying to dump on President Trump is going to fall on, and crush, who ever is coming against God's anointed. Two men in Congress have already paid the ultimate price with there lives. One man was from Arizona and the other was from Baltimore Maryland. Don't believe me? You hide and watch, there will be more. And without us doing a thing. God protects his own.
    Isaiah 54:15-17
    Donald J. Trump Behold, they shall surely gather together against you, but not by me says the lord of host: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.
    Behold, I have created the smith that bloweth the coals in the fire, and that bringeth forth an instrument for his work; and I have created the waster to destroy them that fight against you.
    No weapon that is formed against Donald J.Trump shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against President Trump in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

  • RK Adaza
    RK Adaza 4 months ago +1

    A biden investigation is in order at the senate. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

  • Momma Biggs
    Momma Biggs 4 months ago +2

    Love the way msm broadcast opening statements as fact sound bites on news cast. If you actually watched the testimony under oath, all the so called witnesses, under oath, said the something. They never had the President ask for QuidPro Quo. Knew of no crimes the President committed. Don't fall fake news reporting of opening statements, watch the testimonies under oath! They think your stupid and lazy. Watch for yourself. Read the transcript for yourself, 2 pages.

    • Michele M
      Michele M 3 months ago

      I caught that too. Glad that some people are watching and have basic reasoning skills. There is hope.

  • Cory Brantley
    Cory Brantley 4 months ago +2

    Wheres all those bombshells I keep hearing about. Just more duds I guess. I hope yall cover the Biden-Ukraine probe with this much energy. Trump2020.

  • shoeless robert john joe jackson


  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 4 months ago +1

    THANK you mr.Krishnamoorthi !!!! Again this is PERSONAL opinions and ANGRY because they are getting resigned. And the are having a hard timebwith THAT!!!

  • Domenic Localzo
    Domenic Localzo 4 months ago +1

    Joe Biden should go to jail for treason and give us our money back

  • Domenic Localzo
    Domenic Localzo 4 months ago

    Trump 20/20

  • Val Mid
    Val Mid 4 months ago +3

    People: Booooooooooo! Lock him up! Impeach!
    News: *ISIS leader and his right hand man plus bin laden jr are dead*