Seth Abramson on CNN (1.24.18)

  • Published on Jan 24, 2018
  • Attorney and University of New Hampshire professor Seth Abramson speaking about Bob Mueller's interview with Jeff Sessions and possible interview with Donald Trump, as well as breaking news involving Rick Gates, Chris Wray, and Andrew McCabe, on CNN International with John Vause, Dave Jacobson, and John Thomas on January 24, 2018.

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  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 9 months ago

    You people supporting this con have been played, big time. Senate Committee Found No Collusion. This author is part of the effort to cover up the coup attempt in this nation. I have read this crap of a book from this dude and you people who are supporting this junk are sheep.

  • Bebe4 Usa
    Bebe4 Usa Year ago


  • S Cor
    S Cor Year ago

    Love Seth. Just found out you have a dog (adorable btw) named Scout. Me too. Named mine after scout finch too. Mine is a rescue chihuahua. She is a little Tom boy so name fit. Your wife has great taste in names. Be sure to tell her 😊

  • Gulfcoast Fan
    Gulfcoast Fan Year ago

    Make them believe lies and then use it to your advantage if you can prove the truth without a shadow of doubt.

  • Lalal Lange
    Lalal Lange Year ago +3

    Seth.... first time I've seen you. Love you on twitter.. thank you for all your hard work best wishes...aka. Sloppy Stacy

    • CN What I'm Saiyan?
      CN What I'm Saiyan? Year ago

      As a guy, I feel confident in saying that he’s pretty cute at 41 XD

      My new favorite Seth.

  • Sebastian Kong
    Sebastian Kong Year ago

    Wait if you're doing this CNN interview then who's tweeting from Fraude Taylor...
    LOL Claude Taylor is lowkey jealous you're on CNN while he's frauding people of their hard-earned cash so he can pursue his endeavors such as getting a new Scooby Doo van.

  • MarvelDcImage
    MarvelDcImage Year ago +1

    The entire Mueller investigation (rightly or wrongly) was sold to the public as an investigation of Trump colluding with the Russians before the election - any sort of charges or accusations on Trump not related to this initial collusion charge will backfire and not hurt Trump at all.
    If this was sold as an investigation into improper conduct by the Trump White House AFTER the election that would be a different matter - but it was not. Live by the pre-election Russia collusion accusation and die by the pre-election Russia collusion accusation.

  • daryl H
    daryl H Year ago

    video tape … We, the People, have the right to see the president's testimony !!! … FFS !!! … We pay for the investigations, and Trump's salary !!!

  • daryl H
    daryl H Year ago

    Trump doesn't want to testify … FFS !!! …. Grand Jury Subpoena … no lawyers … with Mueller present >>>>> Prison !!!

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit Year ago

      daryl H MUST HUH??? All that being said, this is a negotiation - and both sides have some leverage. As a legal matter, the president does not have to agree to answer questions at all. No citizen is required to submit to an interview by federal investigators. And although political conventional wisdom would suggest that refusing to cooperate is not a viable option, this president has successfully defied political convention before.

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit Year ago

      daryl H ONE FINAL THING YOU MUST MUST, MUST CHECK OUT... Just listen to this.....

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit Year ago

      daryl H NOW IF YOU WANT TO SEE "REAL" RACISM... JUST RUclip SWEDEN!! See what happened to them. Google "whites in Zimbabwe". Google "immigrants in Germany". Educate yourself to REAL racism, and then we'll talk about Trump.

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit Year ago

      daryl H Which leads to the third reason the media seem so eager to label Trump a racist: If they label Trump racist, they can pillory anyone who disagrees as a representative of broader American racism. The media take a Trump statement - say, Trump’s excoriation of MS-13 - and pillory it as racist, then claim that public support for Trump is evidence of widespread white privilege and institutional racism. The syllogism is simple: Trump is a racist; only racists support a racist; Americans who support Trump are racists.
      We can’t have a productive conversation that starts from the premise that Trump is a racist, and that every action he takes is therefore covered with the patina of racism.
      All of which requires us to ask a question: Is this framework useful? Perhaps Trump is a racist. Perhaps not. Either way, we can have a productive conversation about whether particular Trump statements or actions are racist. But we can’t have a productive conversation that starts from the premise that Trump is a racist overall, and that every action he takes and every statement he makes is therefore covered with the patina of racism. That conversation is about insults, not truth.

    • Roger didit
      Roger didit Year ago

      daryl H There’s another reason the media are labeling Trump himself racist: This alleviates the requirement to honestly assess his actions and statements. Rather than analyzing whether a given statement is racist, or whether it could be interpreted otherwise, the media simply use Trump’s alleged racism as a skeleton key answering every question. Trump says he wants immigration restrictions? It must be racism. He slams radical Islamic terrorism? Racism. He condemns violence in inner cities? Racism. Each of those statements could more plausibly be read as non-racist, but the charge of racism papers over all shoddy analysis.

  • Brian Koski
    Brian Koski Year ago +2

    Waterboard Trump for the truth.
    Flynn is required to take lie detector tests. Haha!

  • Purple Bird
    Purple Bird Year ago

    You need to be on TV everyday

  • Shirley Renshaw
    Shirley Renshaw Year ago +2

    Sessions .... I don’t recawll!! Sessions is toast! Hence ... trump the #loser is a something burger!Thanks Seth for keeping it real.

  • Ilovefajitas
    Ilovefajitas Year ago +8

    Check out the Sneaky Russians downvoting this amazing video! 😂

    • Brian Koski
      Brian Koski Year ago

      Their cult followers.
      Or bottrolls.

    • Steven Lewis
      Steven Lewis Year ago +1

      More likely just dumb Americans duped by Russians!

  • Alan Turner
    Alan Turner Year ago +4

    Nice job!

    FRANKIE P Year ago +7

    Very professional Seth, keep it up. 👌

  • MsBeachboxer
    MsBeachboxer Year ago +9

    Great to wake up to! Awesome job Seth! 👍

  • Janet Gagnon
    Janet Gagnon Year ago +10

    Great job Seth!