Top Travel Vloggers on YouTUBE 2017

Here's a list of our top travel vloggers and YouTube creators who are set bring you inspirational content from around the world in 2017.

The following list contains travel vloggers and creators who bring a variety of content from Travel Hacks and Advice, to City Guides and Destinations. As creators ourselves we know how dedicated these explorers are to sharing awesome content with you.

Get read to to travel the world....from your sofa!


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Автор TravelingMel ( назад)
Love the Gone with the Wynns! Great list, thanks for sharing. Just subscribed, looks like you have a great channel!
NO on High on LIFE, they broke a lot of federal laws in the US and they are tactless jerks. Sorry, just how I feel after they trashed a bunch of national parks and climbed all over the holocaust memorial and a bunch of mysogenist content..

Автор Eric Bartolo ( назад)
Not a travel blogger but I make travel videos, loads more coming soon :D

Автор Frank S ( назад)
Thanks for a great VLOG; I have two other favorites FunForLouis, a Brit that travels with a group all over, great content; the 2nd is an American, Erik Conover based out of NYC that is a solo traveler, great content; both use drones for footage and excellent location; Louis just purchased a bus in Mexico and drove with buddies back to USA; bus was originally built and in use by another VLOGGER that took it from Alaska to South America (also good); so see Louis bus series and others; Erik did a great series in Bali which looked great; again, great VLOG, I am subscribed, thanks

Автор UsTheTravelers ( назад)
Hey! I am starting my journey around the world with my boyfriend this summer and we just posted our first vlogs! One in Portugal and the other one giving some advices to plan an itinerary. We would love your feedback and especially your advices as a travel vlogger!

Автор VanCity Wanderers ( назад)
Why aren't I on there??

Автор Popart Films ( назад)
Just discovered your channel! We too are just beginning our journey as a traveling couple who vlogs. Just about to settle in and watch a few of your episodes!

Автор Alicia Faulconer ( назад)
Not sure if someone already mentioned this or not, but you forgot about Lost LeBlanc! Excellent footages this guy puts out.

Автор Mer veille ( назад)
How could you have possibly forgotten FunForLouis or Devinsupertramp? The possibly best Travelvloggers of Youtube

Автор Slow Boat Sailing ( назад)
I was surprised that you put 3 sailing vlogs on that list!

Автор Pho Your Eyes Only ( назад)
I gonna be on this list 2018🍜👀👌

Автор Adventuregrapher ( назад)
Decided to check out the suggested vlogs and actually ended up subscribing to them all (including you) :D So thanks for the great tips guys :) Feel free to check out my channel as well, I think you might enjoy it, especially some of the upcoming stuff (lots of traveling videos coming soon). Cheers!

Автор BCP '10 ( назад)
Lindsey MC is my favorite travel vlogger

Автор Dave Mendez ( назад)
where lost leblanc at?

Автор exodous02 ( назад)
Hight on Life: ' allegedly swinging on a rope from Corona Arch in Utah, which is banned; going into prohibited areas at Machu Picchu in Peru; and climbing on the Holocaust memorial in Berlin.' plus they trampled around delicate eco systems in Yellowstone and caused permanent damage in at the Salt Flats in Utah, where every high speed record is set. Why do they have to be such dicks? I hope they get like 20 years in prison. This is as bad as the Chinese guy that scratched wiring in ancient Egyptian monument. Actually, every country they screw over should get together and serve 10 years in one country, flown to the next, 10 years in that country, flown to the next. . . .

Автор Josua ( назад)
🛫If you like travel pictures, follow me on IG https://www.instagram.com/traveldistrict83/ ✌🏽

Автор Fernweh ( назад)
Hey amazing Video! We're also vlogging our worldtravels. On road since more then a year! It's good fun! Cheers from Cebu, Philippines <3

Автор Aaron Woods ( назад)
As a traveller myself, I'm always looking out for new inspiration :) so thank you guys!

Автор joel Walberg ( назад)
I personally enjoy Lost Leblanc, Gabriel Traveller, the up and coming Budgeteers, and the one that I'm not sure belongs on the list, but is very help to anyone travelling to Europe is Wolters World. If there was ever anything to be known about planning a trip to any destination in Europe this man doesn't seem to skip a beat.

Автор Miss Lily Valentine ( назад)
Erik Conover

Автор Russell Pusateri ( назад)
Lost LeBlanc is my favorite!!!

Автор Nikos Alcala ( назад)
Lost LeBlanc! 👌🏻

Автор Nico Borg ( назад)
Jon Olsson ;D

Автор Lane Fournerat ( назад)
I just found LifeofJord. He seems very down to earth. Hopefully I'll make the list one year! :)

Автор FLO NFC ( назад)
@Kombi Life search for Lost LeBlanc, Fun for Luis. N-joy it ! :) Love ya !!!!

Автор Eat Trade Travel ( назад)
Thanks for making this, as a new Youtuber we always look for inspiring content creators, Gone w/the Wynns we've been following for a long time and a couple others you mention. It will be interesting to see the others also, including your channel which showed up in my recommendation list. Thanks, Angela

Автор Dee Omar ( назад)
Amazing video!

Автор LiBondesson ( назад)
Anyone wants to take a look at my travel videos? ✈️

Автор mattperthwa ( назад)

Автор CDOG ( назад)
Lost LeBlanc?

Автор Sacha Ristic ( назад)
Thanks for the list. Always nice to see other travel vloggers. I've my own travel channel with many trips ahead of me if you wanna check it out.

Автор Paul Lawrence ( назад)
Lol, and have been following most of these guys what fantastic content. Thanks for the heads up on those I haven't yes bingeing now

Автор Kailannie Lorea ( назад)
Maybe we'll make it on the list one year!

Автор Andrew Johnson ( назад)

Автор Jacko Films ( назад)
Where's Sam Kolder in this

Автор Mike Kay ( назад)
Missing here is the Karl Watson Travel Documentaries, on a different level from this list in terms of narration and cinematography, Nat Geo quality.

Автор Grace Capon ( назад)
Fun for Louis, Mr Ben Brown & definitely Lost LeBlanc!

Автор Keith F ( назад)
Kombi life, Gone with the Wynns and Exploring Alternatives are my picks and in that order. Great adventures, positive vibes and awesome production values. Also Campervan Kevin gets a vote for being such a nice guy.

Автор Mi Vida en Moto ( назад)
Charlie sinewan

Автор EspenJ ( назад)
you should check out c90adventures. It's a british (?) guy traveling the same route as you, and apparently is at the panama channel at the moment (according to his facebook updates). Only he is traveling by a tiny honda scooter. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVqpNG1R72i21jh-nAxEk4A

Автор Streamin Freedom ( назад)
Great Vid! As a travel vloggin family, this was a great vid to get inspiration from! Thanks! I'll have to watch more of your stuff, just subscribed!

Автор TZalexandru ( назад)
What about Lost Le Blanc? He is the best travel vlogger, you can learn a lot from him, and he is funny too.

Автор Hans schernthaner ( назад)
Nobody beats you guys. Watched all your episodes. You have by far the best most interesting style.
"Where is Sharne", there was even a tear rolling down my cheek....seems like you are never short of nice ladies on board. ( But: Teaching a chick how to drive your van was truly reckless!!!)
Your determination is amazing, plus as a dog lover watching Alaska adds so much entertainment.  Good work !

Автор Hok Wanderlust ( назад)
Thank you for the share ! I discovered so many new channels !! I just subscribed to yours in the same time ! Keep going the good work your guys are amazing !

Автор Arielle 11 ( назад)
you forgot Something Devine, they have the cutest children and make the best quality travel videos there are

Автор Kayla Marie Smith ( назад)
You guys should check out Lost Leblanc. Definitely one to watch out for.

Автор S/V August Moon ( назад)
SV Delos is my current favorite but I'm really enjoying your channel as well. Just found you and I'm loving it.

Автор v0calbeatzlaughs ( назад)
Damon and Jo anyone? Well, to be fair. They blew up in 2015/2016 😂🙌

Автор Tim McBroome ( назад)
Sweet!! so much wonderfulness to watch and be inspired by. Thank you for sharing this list. I am subscribing to them all.

Автор Gary Vaughan ( назад)
I just found your channel and subscribed to all of the ones you suggested (except High On Life). I agree you should mention them, but after seeing what they did, I honestly won't support them. But I've checked out a bunch of your videos and the people you mention - BIG FAN now! And thank you for the apology - I am going to binge watch way too much now! :)

Автор Kevin Torphy ( назад)
See the world...Iohann Gueorguiev...Thanks for Kpmbi Life...love it!

Автор PopNicks Vlogs ( назад)
Why do other travel vloggers love to leave out Damon and Jo? I literally give better tips, inspiration, hacks, guides and overall advice than any other travel channels. Love Nadine and the Vaga Brothers though.

Автор Janet Eileen ( назад)
I would Recommend PhycoTraveller and ScottyDoes The are a couple who have been travelling for over 4 years. The each have their own channel, both slightly different but really interesting and informative.

Автор Capt'n Rod ( назад)
sadly i just about follow all of these :/ or maybe it should be a good thing?

Автор Fundays ( назад)
you missed jon olsson:) surfer-bus conversion on my channel if you want to check it out:)

Автор Magui Anquela ( назад)
Fun For Luis and Raya Was Here are also great!

Автор Leon Gommers ( назад)
You really mis this guy who is going from Alaska to Argentina on his bike by backroads!!


Автор Guilherme Carneiro ( назад)
I tried Expedition Overland, but after binge watching Kombi Life for the last 3 days, couldn`t do it. 40 minutes of an episode and grown men in huge SUVs are whinning in California about facing mosquitoes in Central America. They should watch you guys and rethink their attitude for a sec. Anyways, no plans on coming to Brazil? I could guide you around in exchange for some kombi life.....

Автор 53 ( назад)
plant based travellers are awesome!

Автор TriathlonLars ( назад)
I would love to be a travel blogger! Right now though I just try to find cool places to run in order to get people to see what I experience.

Автор sara dan ( назад)
what about Sarah Kristen????

Автор Lukman Prasetyo ( назад)
Thanks for the suggestions! You guys are awesome.

Автор 杜鸿良 ( назад)

Автор Praneil Chandra ( назад)
4xoverland expedition overland & rohny dahl are my top 3

Автор BminorBeats ( назад)
My all time favorite travel vlogger it's Fun for Louis...

Автор It's Chelsea ( назад)
Great videos totally subscribed ❤
My favorite is HeyNadine and VagaBrothers.. 🤗

Автор Life Users ( назад)
Awesome! Maybe one day we will be on the list! Hope so! Come and visit our vlog from Kenya!

Автор Luke Bedrosian ( назад)
FunForLouis and MrBenBrown

Автор Jack L ( назад)
you left out an amazing budget travel channel, "the budgeteers" go give those guys a watch.

Автор A2Y Travellers ( назад)
I once watched this awesome channel called A2Y Travellers, they are pretty cool people ;) haha. You should add Lost LeBlanc to your list, he is incredible. Some INCREDIBLE footage and such an inspiring journey. Oh and Psychotraveller, she is very entertaining and informative! All travellers should watch her videos as she can help with so much!

Автор Shane Cashman ( назад)
Hi I am Shane Cashman I was only just start last year videos on youtube and Shane Cashman is my YouTube name .
but I love to watch
Kombi Life
Jon Olsson
Sailing La Vagonde
Sailing SV Delos
Casey Neistat
I never miss there videos
thank you.

Автор Aiaiaii z ( назад)
And i forgot to mention Iohan Gueorguiev.. thats realy fuuken cool what hes doing. He makes great videos.. content is gold.

Автор Toby and Tamar ( назад)
You can always check out our channel if you are looking for some inspiration. It's not really a blog style channel but we strive to make quality content and we are definitely underrated at this point. Enjoy!

Автор Love Is Flowing ( назад)
Yayyy!! Thank you for the inspiration. I lived in my car 7 months last year and it actually got quite stressful (dog, heat, alone, broke...) though with some great stuff (California coast, Oregon) but I can see doing it differently and with a larger vehicle such as a bus with more money, not alone, etc., in future for a super high-vibe time. Anyway thanks so much for the channel recommendations and your channel! p e a c e

Автор JJ FISHER ( назад)
Thank you! Recently started my first travel blog/vlog. Hopefully one day you'll feature me on your channel. @ 24traveler.com

Safe travels!

Автор Gaby Kelly ( назад)
you should check redromina she has nice traveling blog.

Автор ADSG TV ( назад)
what about FUN for LOUIS

Автор Renit Rift ( назад)
There is also 8 Miles From Home easily one of the best living abroad travel vlogs about an English couple and their dog who move to Thailand with 1500 pounds ($2340 us at the time).
Synchro Travels and Campervan Culture. Awesome awesome travel vlogs as good as SvDelos and Kombilife. Gabriel Traveler is really good too. Has a very high level.

Автор Katie H. ( назад)
I recommend to go and check out Kara and Nate They vlog nearly everyday and are travelling through South America at the moment. Their content is brilliant.
I also recommend DamonAndJo, those two never fail to make me laugh.

Автор SBeauty101 ( назад)
I already follow most of these awesome people, but I have some more to check out now, thanks for sharing! I'm hoping to create a lot more travel content for my channel as well this year. So far, it's been going well! I just put out four vlogs from my trip to Sri Lanka and am currently planning a short Amsterdam getaway for April. :)

Автор Es Gee ( назад)
eff no to high on life.

Автор TL Travel ( назад)
Aw I love Hey Nadine. She (along with so many others) definitely inspire my travel vlogs & destinations. Great list of vloggers to follow! Thanks for sharing :)

Автор Atlanta Or Bust ( назад)
Come check out Atlanta or Bust and introduce yourself in the comments on one of our videos! We would be so excited to meet you and follow your adventures. My Girlfriend and I are traveling vloggers inspired by Sawyer Hartman, Devin Supertramp, and the geniuses behind Film Riot! Tell us where we should go next! Let's collaborate and make something awesome. We're giving away a 50.00 amazon gift card to our 25K subscriber. We'll have more giveaways soon!

Keep chasing your dreams!
Chat Conversation End

Автор Chelsea Vicari ( назад)
I just quit my job and started traveling because of people like this. I'm sooooo excited to make videos, too. Trying to get in touch with my creative side!

Автор Finding Nour ( назад)
Amazing video!
I hope my channel will grow enough so that I can make it to your list next year! 😊

Автор Mike Kay ( назад)
Mine is 4xoverland https://youtu.be/jTNqmLTtCBY

Автор First ONE ( назад)
Your travel blogs should definitely be at the top of the list, dollar for dollar your series is the best.

Автор The Travelling Thompsons ( назад)
What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing other channels and stories. Our subscription list just grew time for some binge watching.

Автор Gone with the Wynns ( назад)
Wow guys, thanks for the love! We found a few new channels to watch too. Feel free to join us on board for an adventure anytime...but perhaps we should get Leah sorted out with some anti nausea meds first.

Автор Sebastian Lennemann ( назад)
Fun for Louis

Автор Chris McEvoy ( назад)
I love watching Kombi Life :) .. I also enjoy watching Gone With The Wynns and all the other channels you mention except two which I will be subscribing to :) .. . Other channels I watch are , FunForLouis , Exploring With Josh , Sailboat Story ,,, SV Seeker although they are not ready to put in the water yet but it is an awesome channel , and a lot more channels I watch but just to many to list ;)

Автор Jack Flemming ( назад)
Awesome video and great editing! If you guys want to check out my newly launched travelers website store and blog feel free!
Have an awesome day!!

Автор Hey Nadine ( назад)
thanks for the shout out guys, appreciate it!! Hope your doing well!! :)

Автор Philip Patrick ( назад)
some of my favourites are Drake Paragon (The real cruising life), Accidental Sailor Girl, SV Zero, The Real Waynes World, Keep Turning Left, Follow the Boat, Sail Life, and Keep Your Daydream. I hope you like these as much as I like your channel and some of the channels you listed in your vlog. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and hug Alaska for me. ( Great Dog by the way :)).

Автор Akshay Gaikwad ( назад)
You might want to check Lost LeBlanc and TheLifeofJord

Автор Pro Driver ( назад)
Good list... but I expected to see some new names. You have told us about people who are already somewhat popular. I will add some people who I think we should watch out for: first is untie the lines- a girl sailing single handed-very down to earth and personable. Sailboat story-first few eps are not very good but they are getting better with each ep. Sail life- it is supposed to be about sailing but so far it is mostly about fixing up boats, yet it is a cool show and worth a try. Also there is RAN sailing.

Автор Jenn Resel ( назад)
Albania! Totally different than any country I have been to. Cheap, beautiful, unique culture , and amazing people. Check out my vlog to see how amazing this country really is. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLIihCWP2AU

Автор Conor Fitzpatrick ( назад)
Hi Ben and Leah, have you heard of Ventures Lives?
Adventure travel sailing videos. Living on a sailboat and cruising the Inside Passage in Alaska.

Автор Louie Richards ( назад)
My personal favorite is Kombi Life! Now on with the travels!!!

Автор insaynbcr ( назад)
You must be on the same adventure kick as I am. I have been subbed to most of the folks on your list for over a year now. Great content.

Another you could add to your list is Adventure Adrift. A couple that started from Portland Oregon and headed south to Mexico in the sail boat trying to help out the local communities as they can.

Yet another while we are on the sailing kick, is RAN Sailing. Swedish couple doing their thing.

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