How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Video for FREE! (2016/2017)

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    How do u get it to mp4

    RAINB0W 45 минут назад

    How do i change the file format to mp4

  • zain Channel
    zain Channel 1 час назад

    thank you croatcode i made my intro sucessfully

    ANDROID GAMING 4 часа назад

    Sir please can u make an 3D intro for me because I am not having PC resource so can u help me if yes reply and I will give u my what's app number

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    "how's it going bros? my name is peeeewdiepiiie!" is way better

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    How can i save/copy the intro, Windows 10.

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    💟 I can't do it

  • sakshi aggarwal
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    How to upload it with the video??

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    the music wont work

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    Thanks! At first I didn't know how to make one, so thanks!

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    Thank u

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    Thanks dude! <33

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    Thanks bro

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    How you make your intro

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    thanks bro... i appreciate this

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    Hey um I don't know what file to save it as

  • UmbreonS
    UmbreonS 1 день назад

    well not render nor well it download wtf do i do

  • George Bakalis
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  • WolfeGamer79
    WolfeGamer79 1 день назад

    how did u zoom in and out because my name is to big to fit in the template

  • Matt Tych
    Matt Tych 1 день назад

    Trying to make an intro.... but i gotta download an shitload of trash programms etc....

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    baby_young 1 день назад

    it don't work for me did not help

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    Ty for this

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    Thanks for letting me know

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    Thanks you, this is very helpful

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    Hey CroatCode, I recently came across your channel and its really been helping me! Thanks alot and keep making awesome vids like these!

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    QxeenOfQueens 1 день назад

    @CroatCode It doesn't work. ;c Please help.

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    trigunkicksas 1 день назад

    j reviews im done

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    Marcia Knox 1 день назад

    i always
    forget how to make my intro

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    very usefull!!!!

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    Nice video helped alot

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    Omg, thank you so much, helped a lot!!!

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    thank you so much

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    This looks so good, I'm in the making of my First YouTube video

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    can u make me free intro?

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    once i saw a intro of 1:32 sec! -_-

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    Guys I made an intro please check it out ❤️

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    +1 subscriber

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    Thank you so much CroatCode!

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    When I downloaded it, it worked but the sound didnt? Why? Someone please help!

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    sub for a sub!! comment once you have subscribed and I will sub back immediatley

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    Can u do it on your phone

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    you low key have no Idea how much you are helping us right now you are the best I follow you now thank you

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    Thanks for helping me it works

  • Nathan Ugorj
    Nathan Ugorj 2 дня назад

    How do you remove a texture?

  • Kenners101
    Kenners101 2 дня назад

    when I click "open in clipmaker" it will bring me to the editing screen, but the template is not there. please help!

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    NoHacksJustTom 2 дня назад

    where the fuck is text..?

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    Thanks dude

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    I thought he was gonna show us how to MAKE it, not get it off the website like anyone can e.e

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    nice it really helps me

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    Ruskii #Ass For Mine 3 дня назад

    My intro doesen't hear, help?

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    Fm-csgoTV 3 дня назад

    now u do say its for free - and its very nice tho, but, what about copyright ?

  • Annalise MSP
    Annalise MSP 3 дня назад

    How do you make it be sent to youtube

    X_RAY GAMING 3 дня назад

    Wow ive just mad a YouTube channel btw its X_RAY GAMING and this vid realy helped! Thanks!

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    it is not downloading

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    Thanks Bro Now my Vids Will BE More Cooler

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    how to connect intro with video

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    u suckk

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    I love you

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    I hate those average intros...

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    then iam a Panzoid intro builder!

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    thx for the information you helped alot with this and other videos of you and tutorials subcribed

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    Thanks man. That REALLY helped. I gave a like.

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    It's sooooo hard to choose!!! >:(

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    Great video! Very helpful! Liked and Subscribed!

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    dude i wanna intro like russo and thinknoodles plz make a intro like them and teach us

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    and how you get it in your video

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    i can't make any intro

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    thanks dude!

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    so uhh how do u upload it on youtube?

  • Skitz AH
    Skitz AH 4 дня назад

    I have made several of these and it keeps saving them as MKV and not MP4 or such. When I playback the sound isn't in the video. Also Is there a FREE video editor download that will be useful.... PLEASE HELP!!! Still nice vid