How To Make An Intro For Your YouTube Video for FREE! (2017/2018)

  • Опубликовано: 17 авг 2016
  • This awesome video will teach you how to make an intro with Panzoid for free! Unlike other videos, this video will show you updated methods on how to surf for more intro templates uploaded by the community and how to edit each template with your channel name. You don't need any software or downloads to do this, and it's completely safe, simple, and easy!
    Panzoid Intro Maker:
    Choose from a large variety of templates:
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  • I eat china food
    I eat china food 2 часа назад

    This isn't working. I've been trying for flibbin 55 yrs and haven't made any progress. My life Is either ded or a lie. Has anyone else been experiencing any difficulties?

  • xor rsps
    xor rsps 2 часа назад

    anyone know why it wont play in my theater

  • xor rsps
    xor rsps 2 часа назад

    for some reason i got to the download and it wont play in my download

  • xor rsps
    xor rsps 3 часа назад

    it dosent say type your name here

  • Minecraft gamer
    Minecraft gamer 4 часа назад


  • Jadex
    Jadex 4 часа назад

    It worked! thank you so much for the help.

  • Thevoidmaster YT
    Thevoidmaster YT 5 часов назад

    thx man

  • Little Widdjy
    Little Widdjy 5 часов назад


  • Kiana Stars
    Kiana Stars 6 часов назад

    Ik this has nun to do with the video but why does my peppermint taste like cinnamon

    AHMAD MIAN 7 часов назад

    Your owesme bro love from Pakistan

  • CaydenGamingHD
    CaydenGamingHD 10 часов назад

    Sooo, I downloaded it, and I tried putting it in Sony Vegas Pro 13, and it says it's not supported

  • Freshman luke
    Freshman luke 11 часов назад

    you are a g i liked and subed cuz you a g dog

  • Jordyn Avery
    Jordyn Avery 11 часов назад

    It said that it can't play I worked hard to do it and it might all be gone....

    ROBLOX RUNDOWN 11 часов назад


  • gameplay mania
    gameplay mania 12 часов назад

    how do you put it onto your videos?

  • habeeb moiz khan
    habeeb moiz khan 12 часов назад

    Thanks bro

  • patrick the crazy meme
    patrick the crazy meme 13 часов назад

    its good

  • catloverYTbeauty ROBLOX
    catloverYTbeauty ROBLOX 16 часов назад

    I subbed cuz u helped us

  • Fifa Alesio - Fifa 18 Mobile Content
    Fifa Alesio - Fifa 18 Mobile Content 18 часов назад

    for me is not mp4 it was mvk

  • Izy Khan
    Izy Khan 18 часов назад


  • Tajwar Sarker
    Tajwar Sarker 20 часов назад

    Your are so HELPFUL

  • Mr Fufuu
    Mr Fufuu 20 часов назад

    shout out kay joshua panganiba !

  • Logang Wolf
    Logang Wolf День назад

    Damn bro

    JD GAMING День назад

    You deserve my sub your VIDEO helped me A LOT THANK YOU!!!!

  • RP zone
    RP zone День назад

    It didn’t work

  • MasterZay
    MasterZay День назад

    but how to add it to something resolve dont let it

  • beach merk
    beach merk День назад


  • Lagout Pvper
    Lagout Pvper День назад

    I need help I made the intro on pc now I need to put it on my video that I made on my ps4 :(

  • Lagout Pvper
    Lagout Pvper День назад

    Thanks how do I put the vid on my videos for yt I made my videos on ps4 tho

    GAMING CENTRAL День назад

    thank you i needed this

  • XxDragon SkullxX
    XxDragon SkullxX День назад

    How do u post it on yt tho??

  • Rainbowcreep 1
    Rainbowcreep 1 День назад

    It’s a broken website

  • danitouffaha
    danitouffaha День назад

    thanks !!!!!!!

  • Aidan Games and More
    Aidan Games and More День назад

    there no link

  • NS.GAMING I انس حرباس
    NS.GAMING I انس حرباس День назад


  • Sprizzy
    Sprizzy День назад

    It doesn't save as a mp4, it saves as a VKM. Why is this?

  • Crafts For kids
    Crafts For kids День назад

    Thank you so much, dude!

  • iGotBandzxx
    iGotBandzxx День назад

    wait how i get the song?

  • Dylan's Park
    Dylan's Park День назад

    I once had a 52 sec intro

  • mason Yost
    mason Yost День назад

    Thank you sm I’m trying to start a channel and hopefully this can help but thank you!

  • dazzlingdivadivy
    dazzlingdivadivy День назад

    OMG TYSM this heped me so much! i was so confused on how to make an intro, but using this definetly helped

  • HoodedHedgeHog
    HoodedHedgeHog День назад

    do you have to log in?

  • Last Person Wanted 300
    Last Person Wanted 300 День назад


  • Queen Hails Plays
    Queen Hails Plays День назад

    This video helped me with my intro! Thanks soo much!!! I liked and subscribed to the vid.

  • Mellisa Kamors
    Mellisa Kamors День назад

    I add mine with iMovie

  • Brown Musings
    Brown Musings День назад

    Thanks a lot man , love ya

  • Ellie Hai
    Ellie Hai День назад

    thanks dude

  • Galore Gaming
    Galore Gaming День назад +1

    FREE INTROS! Want a intro for your channel?Ask me!All you have to do is LIKE and COMMENT on 3 of my videos, and of course, SUBSCRIBE 😄🌈 COMMENT DONE ON MY RECENT VIDEO! REMEMBER IT TAKES TIME

    THE BAKHILS День назад


  • Koruko Shitsuke
    Koruko Shitsuke День назад

    how to change music

  • krishna chaitanya
    krishna chaitanya День назад

    How can i attach the intro video to my youtube video??

  • sdth5020
    sdth5020 День назад


  • Soapx Gt
    Soapx Gt День назад

    thanks man, your the best!!!!

  • Safin95
    Safin95 День назад


  • Nety Net
    Nety Net День назад


  • Dragoncorns
    Dragoncorns День назад

    It says there is no such thing (/tool/clipmaker). Oh well imma just find out another way tho

  • The Banna Peeler
    The Banna Peeler День назад


  • bluekid98.0
    bluekid98.0 День назад

    it wont let me use my audio file it cuts out 90 percent of it

  • Tony G
    Tony G День назад

    Thx bro for the great tutorial..

  • king 321
    king 321 2 дня назад

    I don't work for me help me

  • GamingDoge42576
    GamingDoge42576 2 дня назад


  • Noodle Segootal
    Noodle Segootal 2 дня назад

    I made one that said "I jerk to loli" In the blood font, check for updates

    MX GOD MX 2 дня назад +1

    Great vid but how u change the text in the intro because text is not my channel name lol but help anyone??

  • Pixeledcandy_ Youtube
    Pixeledcandy_ Youtube 2 дня назад

    Can you make a video on wevideo how to save your edits?

  • Social Boy
    Social Boy 2 дня назад

    thanks plese make how to properly upload video and get subscribe plese plese i am big fan of your

  • diontae blacklake
    diontae blacklake 2 дня назад

    thanks 100%

  • smart boy
    smart boy 2 дня назад

    How did you make your intro?

    GAMER 4 LIFE 2 дня назад

    DUDE THNX ALLOOTTT this helped me so much but can u help me boost my channel im already ah sub just need this one thing bro .. this is the link
    to my channel i play alot of gamess

  • MO
    MO 2 дня назад

    when i click download it goes into GOM player and does not download somone please help

  • Deep Kumar Jyoti Das Indian
    Deep Kumar Jyoti Das Indian 2 дня назад

    Poka mura

  • Vane Gaming13
    Vane Gaming13 2 дня назад

    Very nice thanks for the intro!

  • aj quick feet
    aj quick feet 2 дня назад

    Thanks dude

  • Clip O Mania
    Clip O Mania 2 дня назад

    subscribe us for best movie clips :)

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    Official NCTH 2 дня назад

    Noice M8 :D

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    Xshark 2 дня назад

    It was very helpful, thank you very much

    COMEDY COUNTDOWN 2 дня назад

    thanq so much

  • Mr. Klebic
    Mr. Klebic 2 дня назад


  • Patric CupHead
    Patric CupHead 2 дня назад


  • optoshazz
    optoshazz 2 дня назад

    Thank you so much for helping me found out how to make a intro i subscribed!

  • Fakhry52 GT
    Fakhry52 GT 2 дня назад


  • Alexplayz YT playyt
    Alexplayz YT playyt 2 дня назад

    wow it worked

  • sweggy plays
    sweggy plays 3 дня назад

    Thanks so much dude! :)

  • Gadiel da beast agosto
    Gadiel da beast agosto 3 дня назад

    How do u put in your video tho ?

  • TheGaming Station
    TheGaming Station 3 дня назад

    it works thanks

  • lil jordan rap and vlogs
    lil jordan rap and vlogs 3 дня назад


  • Anime girl -my videos are kinda of fun

    Thanks man!! My INTRO IS DA BOMB!!

  • Andrew Styles
    Andrew Styles 3 дня назад

    Thanks :D

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    Trap Kingz 3 дня назад


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    Checkzdawg 3 дня назад

    not cool dude not even nice of awsome im only a kid dude

  • sabrina Coodie
    sabrina Coodie 3 дня назад

    Ofc it wrks

    FLYINGSHEEP 3 дня назад

    THANKS SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH i love my new intro

  • Typical crispy Playz
    Typical crispy Playz 3 дня назад

    How do I put it in my video for the first thing

  • Didaka Gaming
    Didaka Gaming 3 дня назад


  • Allison the Fox
    Allison the Fox 3 дня назад

    mine doesnt show up ;-; does it work for desktop mac?

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    ROBLOX RAMPAGE 3 дня назад

    can you guys sub to me please

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  • Ben Rowlett
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  • HaggardRiding757 kohn
    HaggardRiding757 kohn 3 дня назад

    hi awesome video im having a issue after i make a intro and save it to my comp it will not let me load the video or file into my video editor (davinci)? any help or ideas is greatly appreciated.