Kavanaugh Accuser May Have Hidden Agenda with Supreme Court Nominee

  • Published on Sep 18, 2018
  • With just days before Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is set to be confirmed by the Senate, Democrats are pulling no punches to block his appointment. Their tactic of using an unverified, last-minute accusation from decades ago may have a few holes in it. One America's Pearson Sharp explains.
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  • Blasian Babies
    Blasian Babies 19 days ago

    Trump nominee Justice Kavanaugh still has a nice ring to it. However, I don't put much weight in the Supremes since they are unelected body. If they render a judgement that I don't agree with, then I just don't bother obeying.

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse 22 days ago

    Fluzy Ford should be in jail. CIA daddy pulls some strings for her. Shame. Two tier justice system is USA is no longer acceptable. Democrat corrupt lawyers and judges need to be identified and thrown out

  • Garrett Zorro
    Garrett Zorro 6 months ago

    The nasty whore

  • Robert Stone
    Robert Stone 6 months ago

    Nothing surprises me anymore regarding the demonrats!

  • pixielightshadow
    pixielightshadow 6 months ago

    Bravo for this very comprehensive analysis of this circus.

  • Jeanne McCaulley
    Jeanne McCaulley 6 months ago

    she's a Delusional Disorder. She made the libnuts look like fools,

  • 1160cg
    1160cg 6 months ago

    Ms. Ford needs a fair trail and go to prison for perjury.

  • tony mcdaniel
    tony mcdaniel 6 months ago

    Anonymous I bet you can recover her social media files erased and all her google accounts she had erased. I wouldn’t doubt it if a terroist hijacks a plane and crashes it into his house before friday

  • tony mcdaniel
    tony mcdaniel 6 months ago

    If she spends any of that go fund me money she needs to be imprisoned and she should be for wasting millions of our tax dollars on this huge lie and bullshit. That go fund me money needs to be paid for the tax dollars wasted on this. Vote all red in November please

  • james Nichols
    james Nichols 6 months ago

    Christein. No one forced you up those stairs you were on your own.

  • Keirah Johnston
    Keirah Johnston 6 months ago

    YOU THINK ! ! ? ? Good grief ....you're finally waking up ! !

  • Henry Sander
    Henry Sander 6 months ago

    not the revenge you thing but this one: (I once saw with my best friend): Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned .....
    No one is angrier than a woman who has been rejected in love. This proverb is adapted from a line in the play The Mourning Bride, by William Congreve, an English author of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=a%20woman%20scorned

  • Dean Haack
    Dean Haack 6 months ago

    the democrats dont care about americans they just want power they could give a fuck less about americans just as long as they have power to control americans is all they want they go to do what ever they can do to get power back

  • Dan J
    Dan J 6 months ago

    I believe she is a total fake bastard. She had NOTHING TO LOSE!!!! She was set-up to get KAVANAUGH ............to protect ROE V WADE!!! People have to remember that people have been KILLED over abortion!!!! If she de-railed KAVS appointment, she will return to California as a HEROINE, to crowds of thousands. Even if he is appointed, she has tainted him with filth for life. I tell people that when I kill a skunk, I still end up smelling...like the skunk. She SKUNKED Kav. He will stink.

  • Tonetwisters
    Tonetwisters 6 months ago

    "May" have? First off, it's "might" have. Second: Of course ... Soros' check for a quarter mill, I'll bet.

  • S smoeky
    S smoeky 6 months ago

    Another BS story from another BS right wing rag

  • Karyn Gazetti-Johnson
    Karyn Gazetti-Johnson 6 months ago

    the foreclosed part isn't true

  • Ron DeCola
    Ron DeCola 6 months ago +1

    What a joke. The Dems should hold their heads in shame and disgrace for what they have done to ruin Judge Kavanaugh and his family. The Dems' hate and vitriol is exceeded only by their hypocrisy. They don't give a damm about this so-called victim or any other for that matter. As soon as Ms. Ford is of no use to them they'll leave her in the rear view mirror.

  • JaleelJohanson62
    JaleelJohanson62 6 months ago

    If he takes a polygraph test and passes, that would tend to nullify her having done the same. I'd have already done that days ago if I were him. Why do you think he's not been willing to do that?

  • Ken Mayers
    Ken Mayers 6 months ago

    Lawyer Katz eyes look like they are gonna pop out of their sockets. Is she doing speed heroin or both. She should be drug tested then shot in the face.

  • Im Bats
    Im Bats 6 months ago

    Can we stop calling these people our leaders. They are our representatives. Their job is to represent us, not lead us...

  • egnalag
    egnalag 6 months ago

    Desperate democrats...........they really need to grow up!

  • AMD Guru
    AMD Guru 6 months ago

    liberals act like babies, throwing tatrums and screaming at people, attacking, destroying, all because they didn't get their way in November 2016. No, actually, babies act more mature than liberals act.

  • ChrisE
    ChrisE 6 months ago

    Political parties should not be allowed.

  • Jj Just
    Jj Just 6 months ago

    "May" have? lmao let me find my shocked face....

  • Dirty Blond
    Dirty Blond 6 months ago

    Every morning I wake up, turn on the news, and hope to hear a plane with the top democrats has gone down with all lives lost.
    Every morning, I'm disappointed, yet again...

  • Jeff Clayton
    Jeff Clayton 6 months ago

    Ford needs to be hung if there is no proof after the FBI investigation!

    JASON PHELPS 6 months ago

    FAKE NEWS!! Brett's mother, Judge Martha Kavanaugh, actually threw out the case against Christine's parents, with prejudice. Look it up!

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 6 months ago

    Acts of desperation by the DemocRATS. They've got no case.

  • daniel tays
    daniel tays 6 months ago

    Its that she hates Trump and out for Revenge and doesn't care it destroys his life. Trying to get back at him because his money ruled against her parents and I thinks she making a little on this wants to come famous of this.

  • randy darino
    randy darino 6 months ago

    Time has not been kind to Ford.I guess witchcraft ages you.

  • Just Us
    Just Us 6 months ago


  • Daniel W
    Daniel W 6 months ago

    Do the math????look at this fairy tale listen to all of the facts and make your educated decision

  • Ian Aintsaying
    Ian Aintsaying 6 months ago

    She was an under age teen at a party with older kids that were drinking. She has no idea how she got to the party or how she got home. Let alone any recollection of what actually happened that night. If it even happened in the first place.

  • Dan Roberts
    Dan Roberts 6 months ago

    When do you think democrats became evil? I mean, it isn't all that recent if you think about it. Slavery was kinda evil. So was segregation and the KKK and opposing civil rights and all the other things that they did over the years. Of course now they're not even hiding their evil ways. So is it possible that the democrat party has always been evil? I'm starting to think so. They're just worse now than ever before. What do you think?

  • TheRikuideFurame
    TheRikuideFurame 6 months ago

    Martha Kavanaugh did not rule against Ford's parents. Only question here is does OAN lack the 'staff' to understand basic court documents or do they push a narrative they know to be false. Neither is particularly positive.

  • trpshooter
    trpshooter 6 months ago

    Dems are on borrowed time in this nation if they dont change their methodology of stooping to the lowest places with the lies and obstruction. Credibility counts and you have NONE!

  • Michele Roberts
    Michele Roberts 6 months ago

    Ford should be jailed and fined for her fake reports. I am tired of these women lying . I can't believe these false accuser's are American's . DRAIN THAT SWAMP. These women are making us look bad. They are saying '' lie and you can rise'' waiting 15 ,20 or 30 years ? Baloney..Take them down along with who ''they '' wanted for President. Hitlery. Get them out of our country. BURN BITCHES BURN

    • TheRikuideFurame
      TheRikuideFurame 6 months ago

      You need proof that's lying to do that. If there is proof then by all means, give her the same sentence you would a convicted rapist.

  • Terry Gabrich
    Terry Gabrich 6 months ago

    Yes she has a hidden agenda, she is a man, not a woman. That's right. She/he/it is a male to female transgender. Debra Katz is a Jew and is a male to female transgender.

  • Rose Cesena
    Rose Cesena 6 months ago


  • Child of God
    Child of God 6 months ago

    His mother didn't really go against...because the case was dismissed before she ruled on it...wanna bet she flirted with him and was ignored. Didn't her husband say she felt ignored...ah.

    • Dean Haack
      Dean Haack 6 months ago

      the dems. dont care all they want is power and dont give a dam how they get it

    • TheRikuideFurame
      TheRikuideFurame 6 months ago

      Credit to you for being one of the few who can understand basic court documents. Most can't it seems :/

  • oak
    oak 6 months ago

    Katz!!!!What a political shill. If she is involved in any way it is a criminal act against the American people...

  • zigomyheart
    zigomyheart 6 months ago

    HOW about that GO FUND ME campaign that was set up for Blas'zay Ford> Last number I saw was 700,000 donated to her for legal fund....Don't understand WHY one would donate to that fund...She surely doesn't need money, does she???? Maybe it is money being laundered to her from the ones using her as their torpedo....

  • Sun Beam
    Sun Beam 6 months ago +1

    American just find other [email protected] find a clean one,,, honest not sex abuse and he work only for part of America,,,

    TANGERINEX 6 months ago

    Confirm judge Kavanagh..... he is innocent.

  • Commander Bond
    Commander Bond 6 months ago

    Ford was one ugly girl as a teenager...makes me even more suspicious of her claim.

  • Sally Shamphan
    Sally Shamphan 6 months ago

    Tim: your response was interesting. I was just thinking of this whole war between dems and reps likening it to the Marvel Avengers Epic. I see the dems as Hydra infiltrating every aspect of society becoming this force united in one thought to control the world. And the Reps as the Avengers tryjng to stop them. But there is weakness in their resolve. The stronger dems befriending the weaker reps to change their votes and at every turn there is the fight to control the U.S. govt. The dems claims to be defenders of choice but they are not. It's all about control. The reps want a constitutional govt giving people freedom to become individuals and not soldiers of the dark force. Clearly reps are more moral but not everyone so they waver unclear in their choice and have the desire to be fair. Dems not so. They are united and if anyone wavers they are quickly brought back into line. Christians have been fighting this battle for 2000+ years. And humanity has been fighting since the beginning. Who will win? Answer? God will win.
    But it's sad to watch it all play out. What matters is the soul and the life to come. Well what do you think? Am I close?

  • Rickster P
    Rickster P 6 months ago

    What about the character of Ms. Ford? And has anyone looked at her yearbook? In “couples therapy” over the remodeling of their house?

  • Canned Poo
    Canned Poo 6 months ago


  • Given Sight
    Given Sight 6 months ago

    If I was Kavanaugh and a serial rapist the women over his shoulder during confirmation would know about it.. bad joke sorry

  • Barry Urry
    Barry Urry 6 months ago

    Please cut 4-6 db out of 1kz freq with a mid width Q on your mic! (male voice) I about went nuts! Sorry... sound engineers curse!

  • RobinChristoper
    RobinChristoper 6 months ago

    I'm sorry but she definitely looks like a troubled child as her story unfolds. Democrats should be ashamed of themselves for putting both of these people through hell.

  • S Czarnecki
    S Czarnecki 6 months ago

    I think they want the guy to walk on water, Who keeps calendars from when you were 9, Makes sense to me. Feinstein should be prosecuted for her actions

  • 謬聊
    謬聊 6 months ago

    Pee-sick-dent, scum Trump.

  • Tracey R
    Tracey R 6 months ago


  • Yolanda
    Yolanda 6 months ago

    She is a liar 🤥 trying to destroy his life

  • John R
    John R 6 months ago

    The left is Evil! Trying very hard to oppose everything that is good and right! MAGA 🇺🇸 MAGA 🇺🇸 MAGA 🇺🇸

  • sicDaVid
    sicDaVid 6 months ago

    Now there are three women with the agenda of exposing his egregious past.

  • umberto cardoso
    umberto cardoso 6 months ago

    We Had to vote RED We are in Dangerous situation because the Democrats try to abolish our freedom and our life. MY VOTE IS RED + Millions Reds Citizens 🇺🇸

  • Truth Seeker
    Truth Seeker 6 months ago

    So... what can you do when you are losing the game of chess and you have no moves that lead to victory... I know.. let's flip the playing board and scatter pieces everywhere... yeah, that a good move.

  • Paul Bach
    Paul Bach 6 months ago

    I smell Harry Reid

  • Patricia Bilinkas
    Patricia Bilinkas 6 months ago

    If this really happened to her, why didn’t she tell her parents and have them call the police? There would be a record and proof he did what she claims. It happened to me when I was 16 as I was walking home, alone. I did not know the man who attacked me, but my parents did everything to help me recover. I spoke with the police and was examined in a hospital. I helped the police sketch artist with a picture of my assailant. I did not want another female, especially as young as I, to have to endure what I was lucky enough to live through. Where has this woman been all these years if she knew who raped her? Claiming to be drunk at the time of her rape and not remembering where it happened or exactly when, dismisses her claim, in my mind, because it is something I can attest to as an unforgettable moment seared in a woman’s memory.

  • Sandesh Roberts
    Sandesh Roberts 6 months ago

    Its a political witch hunt. she is lying. cheap and dirty politics of Democrats.

  • G F
    G F 6 months ago

    We know how lefty Democrats work!
    Complete disreputable slime balls!

  • Toni Art
    Toni Art 6 months ago

    Feinsteins a moron liar always was

  • frankyg g54111
    frankyg g54111 6 months ago

    Ford's character is not good more on the predator side. Most of her friends turned on her,why scrub or erase your social media? Scrub yearbook that shows the kind of person you really are? Her past is not of a valnerable inossent little sweet girl they would prey on the younger boys remember not about sex but control over others. Who we are in the bright Sun is different than who we say in the darkness. To some the light will burn ,to others it shows our truth ,integrate,love,strength. The light will show truth and fairness.

  • Darryl
    Darryl 6 months ago

    I hope Ford crawls back in the hole she came out of.

  • CC Cooper
    CC Cooper 6 months ago


  • David Scampini
    David Scampini 6 months ago

    Although I’m a huge Kavanaugh supporter and a Trump supporter for life, this story is not entirely accurate. Please stop promoting FAKE NEWS the Libritards are doing a good enough job of it!

  • Steve Douglas
    Steve Douglas 6 months ago

    Here is what should be the criterion. If you do not meet this criterion, then you cannot make any statements and you cannot represent anyone. The criterions is: are you a lesbian? If you are, you are prevented from participating. A secondary question should be: are you a feminist? If the answer is yes, you are ostracized from this process. Get rid of the evil.

  • Debora Harper
    Debora Harper 6 months ago

    Shes a doctor, if she was a homeless, crackhead then I'd say yeah maybe it happened and derailed her. Ford has done very well in her life. Another dirty scam played by the Democrats. #walkaway

  • Guynelle Randle
    Guynelle Randle 6 months ago

    WOW! And what about all the numerous allegations against President Bill Clinton?! Rape, blow jobs, illegitimate children, etc

  • pometown
    pometown 6 months ago

    Is this how your extreme right wing media trick your deplorable uneducated immoral audience?

  • rwhdragonmaster
    rwhdragonmaster 6 months ago

    This lying BITCH should be happy anyone would want to take her close off even if they were drunk !!!!!!! She would make a freight train take a dirt road .

  • Gregg Snow
    Gregg Snow 6 months ago +2

    Their slimeball demon-crats anything goes dirt bags!😈🐖🐷

  • Bridget Ryder
    Bridget Ryder 6 months ago

    She's a dog. Nobody hit on her.

  • Terry Gassner
    Terry Gassner 6 months ago

    She is an f. Ing loser

  • Lorenzo Huamanchay
    Lorenzo Huamanchay 6 months ago

    Sad times in our democratic system. Inept, crooked senators, corrupt FBI, DOJ, dishonest Facebook, Google and media - print and tv.

  • chris kelly
    chris kelly 6 months ago

    gee her attorney looks a lot crazy. shes got those charles manson eyes. lol

  • Marcos Delgado
    Marcos Delgado 6 months ago


  • Bill Earnshaw
    Bill Earnshaw 6 months ago

    Actual great investigative reporting, Well Done....

  • Johann Riedlberger
    Johann Riedlberger 6 months ago

    Leftist media was even able to write an president out of office in Germany. There were no proof to their alleagtions.

  • Hawaiidirtrider
    Hawaiidirtrider 6 months ago

    Yea right.. it’s such a joy to say someone tried to rape you.

  • Lorien Schleper
    Lorien Schleper 6 months ago

    I must say, the headline is just shocking! I would have NEVER thought this to be the case 🙄

  • Ata TheHun
    Ata TheHun 6 months ago

    Trumpets are laughing stock for the rest of the world! Vote for the one who is making pussy grabbing legal! There is no more eligible judge in the whole US just someone who is questionable? Sad.

  • Donice N
    Donice N 6 months ago

    I hope he sues her for slander.

  • tigeraterra69
    tigeraterra69 6 months ago

    so many trolls here it's like living under a bridge111 who can believe this drivel... wat bs

  • Kronos my account got hacked

    I'm surprised you haven't figured out a law to prevent the circumvention or the undermining of an appointed official as a form of engineering malfeasance.

  • Eyota Chenoa
    Eyota Chenoa 6 months ago

    "Kavanaugh's accusers husband breaks his silence " posted today on RUclip 9/24/18.

  • Sally Shamphan
    Sally Shamphan 6 months ago

    Emma Willard: you think it's a Christian hypocracy? The hypocracy lies with indoctrinating people into thinking that God doesn't matter. He does because He is truth. I hope one day you will come to know this.

  • Heath Barker
    Heath Barker 6 months ago

    I feel sorry for all these breast feeding babies when they get older to run for office.

  • Richard Strohbach
    Richard Strohbach 6 months ago

    No shit Sherlock ! If every man or woman in this country that ever made a sexual advance towards another person during their lifetime got accused of sexual misconduct, NOBODY in this country would have a job.

  • Sally Shamphan
    Sally Shamphan 6 months ago

    Henry Gilbert: Clinton wasn't in the Whitehouse at 9/11 Bush was President.
    This is not a right wing Christian conspiracy. It's about honesty and justice.
    Radical democrat women use these instances to destroy men especially those they think might put a halt to their "choice" which is in reality a civil license to kill unborns. It's that respect for life itself at any stage that is a stake. To kill is wrong and immoral and choice doesn't take precidence over the child's right to live. Some women want power over life and death.
    They don't! Only God has that power. Don't fool youself, humans are not gods. You all think Kavanaugh may take this choice away from you but he has never said he would and of course you hate Trump. It's sad really and even if you win, in the end you lose!

  • carl edward
    carl edward 6 months ago

    That lawyer has eyes like the Hogg kid.

  • richycline
    richycline 6 months ago

    Thanks for adding to all the misinformation online. Looks like your fanbase is as poor at fact checking as you are. I haven't taken a side Kavanaugh on this yet, but this is so poorly done. Fuck you sir, you're wannabe fake news.

    • Tim Wilde
      Tim Wilde 6 months ago

      ..so you don't think that this "last minute" bogus accusations stuff is at all fishy?

  • gwidwock
    gwidwock 6 months ago

    When you have nothing left, the only hope is the Hail Mary pass to the end-zone. This is what the DEMS did to obstruct and delay the confirmation. Dianne Feinstein is a low life deplorable for leaking this to the press at the last minute. Probably orchestrated by Chuck Schumer. Very sad the DEMS are.

  • Michael Teresko
    Michael Teresko 6 months ago

    The dems will stop at nothing... Its a disgrace. Criticizing the electoral process, calling for impeachment BEFORE Trump was even sworn in, appointing a Special Prosecutor, pre dawn no knock warrants and Fisa wiretaps on Trump associates. FBI and DOJ corruptiom, Stormy Danielss Russian Collusion, Leaks to the Press, Fake news, Hollywood Celebrity insults, and a constant 24/7 beat down of our duly elected President. So sad that so many people are blind to it..
    God bless the USA.

  • keekeemyfirstcat
    keekeemyfirstcat 6 months ago

    So what is motivating the Dems against the smear pattern. How do these people sleep at night? Your life will repay your deeds one thousand fold in kind.

  • Daniel Craig McAllister

    America when to tribes go to war red and blue fking each other . Putin loves you and his little puppet Spanky trump. American so thick as shit they don't know when they have been sucker punched. Keep ripping each other's throats out you dumbass suckers every Russian is pissing themselves laughing Red and blue while your doing each other your country is being raped idiots