Making tomato soup

  • Published on Nov 19, 2018
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    For making tomato soup I just used leftover vegetables. You can use anything you have!
    bell peppers
    baby leaves
    chicken broth
    vegetable stock
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  • Jun Yoshizuki
    Jun Yoshizuki  6 months ago +4138

    普段の料理用チャンネルを作りました。^ ^ Hey everyone, thank you for watching my video! Sorry if I confused anyone with multiple channels! This channel is for more unedited, laid-back cooking vlogs where I make general everyday meals. The reason I have this on a new channel is because some people prefer the type of content on Jun’s Kitchen and aren’t interested in vlogs, so uploading these lower quality videos to Jun’s Kitchen is not good for that channel.

    • Love Lilly
      Love Lilly 20 days ago

      Constipated Carrot Honestly it’s a magic bullet probably Japanese style

    • elif cakmak
      elif cakmak Month ago

      Jun Yoshizuki you can have smoke smell if you roast your tomatoes in oven.

    • Mia Avocado Lee
      Mia Avocado Lee Month ago

      I subscribed even vef9re reading this but now k see why you created another one. It's okay. I love anything you upload guys and i love your cats so yeah

    • Maewr
      Maewr Month ago

      if we have some question or asking request. Where could i go?

    • Peaceful Tigrex
      Peaceful Tigrex Month ago

      Great idea but you should add this information to your channel descriptions.
      That's at least for me the first place to look for this kind of information.

  • F L
    F L 8 hours ago

    For your wooden cutting board, you can scrape it with a knife to remove any smell/taste. Otherwise, I have a cutting board for fish only and one for my veggies so it never gets messy or smelly in my kitchen!

  • ネイマール、ロナウド


  • Ana
    Ana 2 days ago

    Wtf sausage?????

  • Jenna Stoltzfus
    Jenna Stoltzfus 2 days ago +1

    awe I still can't believe how good of a boy poki's become! He's finally allowed in the kitchen while Jun is cooking!

  • Setos
    Setos 5 days ago +1

    Me: hey google put jun in my basket list
    Google: jun is added to your basket list,would you like to purchase it?
    Me: yes please

  • Honey Bees
    Honey Bees 6 days ago +1

    2:30 the cats so cuteee

  • The Black Cat
    The Black Cat 7 days ago

    Poki is so curious! :)

  • Bill Sere
    Bill Sere 8 days ago

    Today, your knife looks so sad it doesn't even cut tomato properly lol.

  • Hoda Alguoshy
    Hoda Alguoshy 8 days ago

    Hey Jun-san , I am ready to translate your videos transcriptions into Arabic for free . would you allow me ?

  • Ramona Avram
    Ramona Avram 9 days ago

    Don't get me wrong, you are an amazing cook and i am in love with your cats, but if I were you, I would wash everything even if it comes in a plastic bag or not, especially the cutting board..

  • p3rson4rmy
    p3rson4rmy 9 days ago


  • The secondaries
    The secondaries 10 days ago

    Y was the sausage hard and crunchy??

    JIA REN 10 days ago

    i'm going to try it this evening

  • vash347
    vash347 11 days ago

    I think there's actually 3 channels...
    The patience he's got to cook this way would kill me... It gives me anxiety but it's also why I watch. Theres so much stuff that he does that's appropriate that I would just skip through... Heck I would of probably rinsed and eaten all the stuff with my bare hands and said I had veggies for dinner lol

  • Pickle Pickleson
    Pickle Pickleson 13 days ago

    Did he just sound like genji for a second

  • GooberTron 1687
    GooberTron 1687 13 days ago +2

    I'm a simple man. I see a cat, I click

  • lulu winke
    lulu winke 15 days ago

    I love your cats and culinary talents immensely; love the white counter top with the plants in the background;
    love the idea that you love to cook, so creatively, I am thoroughly entertained with your channel, thank you very much. This is 'Mothers Day' weekend 5/10/2019; To: Our Mothers, with eternal love....

  • TexasContessa
    TexasContessa 16 days ago

    Tell us what mochi is and describe the Japanese ingredients for those of us who don't have clue. 😁

  • Amy H
    Amy H 17 days ago +1

    Damn those tomatoes look fresh

  • Francisco Torres Flores
    Francisco Torres Flores 17 days ago +1

    I think that the drawings in the cutting board are for some higiene reasons, you use the vegetable drawing side for vegetables and the pig and fish drawing for the meat

  • tri.Force
    tri.Force 18 days ago

    Anyone knows the name of that mixer?

  • Surabhi India Cover Singer

    I love your cat and I can only watch your food videos.

  • Kevin Nusywa Putra
    Kevin Nusywa Putra 18 days ago


  • laZOETje
    laZOETje 18 days ago +1

    String beans, green beans. Australians call green or bell peppers capsicum. 🤷‍♀️ head of lettuce, kop in Netherlands... same. Its the shape. Garlic cloves/ pieces are called toes in dutch.

  • RealBox
    RealBox 19 days ago

    As a cats owner. I can tell your cats loving you. Wonderful channel.

  • スノーフェニックス


  • Nayana Kumari
    Nayana Kumari 20 days ago +1

    God bless to you and your innocent cats.ur kind of Heart.take care of cats

  • 松本左都夫
    松本左都夫 20 days ago

    Happy and peaceful cats:D

  • Tanya Antony
    Tanya Antony 20 days ago +1

    I don’t know what kind of spiral this is where I’m just binging videos of a man cooking food I can’t eat while I sit here like a CAT

    but I’m liking it.

  • Love Lilly
    Love Lilly 20 days ago

    Legit that look delicious I love how he places the knife in the exact place every time he uses it and he cleans as he goes to the kitchen always stays clean I Was brought up to clean while you go as well

  • ラムネラムネ
    ラムネラムネ 21 day ago +2


  • Nivia Florentina
    Nivia Florentina 22 days ago

    What kind of mushroom?

  • I_haz_no_comments
    I_haz_no_comments 22 days ago +1

    It's like how to basic but at the end hes suppose to ruin everything. Maybe he is how to basic.

  • tiki riot
    tiki riot 22 days ago

    I am 35 years old & just learning that kidney beans come in a pod 😂 I’ve only ever seen them loose, either in a tin or dried!

  • zoe formento
    zoe formento 26 days ago

    How about buying from a wet market or farmer’s market instead of the grocery? There should be much less plastic packaging if it’s not from the grocery

  • PlayLife
    PlayLife 27 days ago

    who's here for poki? :D

  • Venn Diagram
    Venn Diagram 29 days ago

    I just watch this for the cats

  • NoobDoesTheInternet
    NoobDoesTheInternet 29 days ago

    Kidney bean...
    so you mean thats the kidney of Mr bean?

  • Graham Killian
    Graham Killian 29 days ago

    This guy legit has four channels

  • Random Stranger
    Random Stranger Month ago

    wow, Jun really teleported back in time to his old apartment because he forgot one of his ingredients.

  • Progress303
    Progress303 Month ago

    I love how mirror like that knife is.

  • 素人な白NAMAKOボーイ



  • P Heart
    P Heart Month ago

    Glad you addressed the plastic packaging issue!

  • ZeroFox75
    ZeroFox75 Month ago +7

    “I got bloody three heads of lettuce today.”
    😂😂 Yes we call then heads of lettuce and no I don’t know why either

  • Dubble U
    Dubble U Month ago +3

    When he said are you falling asleep I was too so I couldn’t see and when he said it, it scared me a lot

  • alexandre clodial
    alexandre clodial Month ago

    When he chops that pepper :
    *muda muda muda muda muda*

  • Jayson Khouas
    Jayson Khouas Month ago

    This is satisfying... at 2:30 in the morning

  • nano :3
    nano :3 Month ago

    wow.. i just touch a plastic rapper once, and my cat comes running from across the house😂

  • Sasuke Uchiha
    Sasuke Uchiha Month ago

    Jun talking to his cats is the most adorable/polite thing I’ve ever seen

  • XxItzElia PlayzxX
    XxItzElia PlayzxX Month ago

    wth i just got an ad about a girl farting on a guy and

  • Mya
    Mya Month ago

    Mmmm yes tomato soup my favorite

  • Matthew Sultan
    Matthew Sultan Month ago

    'I'm So Japanese' -JunYoshizuki.

  • Kenshin Drei
    Kenshin Drei Month ago +1

    The youtubers side that doesn't want hate.

  • troberts1
    troberts1 Month ago

    I casually mentioned to some people the tomato soup I like to make, which I put a bunch of other vegetables, mushrooms and some rice, and I blend it, I was looked at funny and almost scolded for calling it "tomato soup." Regular tomato soup, even homemade, is so BORING and has no body, no bite. And pureed squash soups are the same: 1 flavor, 1 texture, it's like eating baby food. I felt rather validated by you making a tomato based soup that has other veggies in it.
    But I think I might only blend half my soup next time, so that it's a bit less thick and more soupy. Might add more things, too. Thanks for inspiring me to change things up even a bit more.

  • Karly Kwan
    Karly Kwan Month ago

    You're giving my anxiety watching you cut veggies so fast D:

    • Karly Kwan
      Karly Kwan Month ago

      Uh dont take it seriously tho just an unpopular thought of mine :p

  • Mahima Ronnie
    Mahima Ronnie Month ago +1

    7:12 the tune is now stuck in my head!!

  • Élio Paixão
    Élio Paixão Month ago +1

    when haku was in the table he looked like he was having war flashbackloking at the camera

  • Joe
    Joe Month ago

    Everything soup

  • Wat the fung Is this?

    Jun: 7:01
    Me: 7:45

  • almira kaffilardi
    almira kaffilardi Month ago

    This is jun when he is lazy to cook

  • Sultan Dizon
    Sultan Dizon Month ago

    So those pepper are called my uncles pepper huh intersesting

  • Natalia Rakitin
    Natalia Rakitin Month ago

    pohi poki PoKi

  • cranberrry
    cranberrry Month ago

    Saran Wrap = cling film in Britain ;)

  • TheMTG666
    TheMTG666 Month ago

    Omg Jun is so polite... He even apologizes to cats often

  • Dave Parker
    Dave Parker Month ago

    i believe what you are calling sausages are what we call in the US Hot dogs. not sure I did not get that close a look at them. great dish! I never though about putting Lettuce in a soup. I use is as a garnish, in salads or on a sandwich.

  • hamiltrash Hamgelica
    hamiltrash Hamgelica Month ago +1

    "Im so Japanese"
    That was so cute!!!!

  • Gracelyn Nguyen
    Gracelyn Nguyen Month ago +2

    Poki is behaving? You two must be really good at parenting

  • robin kishmiller
    robin kishmiller Month ago

    Kitties need to inspect everything for quality...good job kitties!!!!!!

  • robin kishmiller
    robin kishmiller Month ago +1

    You are so awesome. Both of you and the cats ....wrapped in plastic. Yippy. Yummmmm. Jun will do the best for dinner. Jun you are awesome could be my son. I am old ...i can adopt you and Rachel...she is precious.

  • robin kishmiller
    robin kishmiller Month ago

    Yippy. Food delivery. Cats deserve to inspect.

  • jj
    jj Month ago +1

    Finally i recipe of jun i can make!!, thanks for the video

  • SchwuppDie Wupp
    SchwuppDie Wupp Month ago

    I wan‘t these cats

  • TrashyPan
    TrashyPan Month ago

    w h o l e s o m e

  • Sofía Anitsuga
    Sofía Anitsuga 2 months ago +3

    This is complete asmr for me, thanks.

  • azron 453
    azron 453 2 months ago

    Why poki looks likes like wanna say something...

  • distrois x
    distrois x 2 months ago

    did i just spend almost my entire saturday to watch jun cook? im def his cat T^T

  • Ana Isabel
    Ana Isabel 2 months ago

    Your face should be visíble😉😁

  • ItsBianca _
    ItsBianca _ 2 months ago +6

    I’m glad to see Poki, graduate to the big boye table!
    He’s even behaving :3

  • Hinata Uzumaki uchiha
    Hinata Uzumaki uchiha 2 months ago +3

    I love the way you explain cooking and your cats a so well mannered you got a subscriber thanks and take care of yourself.

  • mohd10s Beast master
    mohd10s Beast master 2 months ago

    Why your cat is lazy

  • Matthew Sultan
    Matthew Sultan 2 months ago

    *I'm So Japanese* wtf

  • Mutia Khair
    Mutia Khair 2 months ago +6

    I'm surprised that Poki is behaved and sit nicely. Such a good boi.

  • Nyx Metallic
    Nyx Metallic 2 months ago


  • Xexnon Strygyst
    Xexnon Strygyst 2 months ago +1

    When you thought tomato soup was tomatoes, water, salt, pepper, and corn starch

  • Raemond Rose
    Raemond Rose 2 months ago +21

    The subtitles are really good and helpful, thank you for taking the time to make them

  • DaRf DeR kEvIn SpIeLeN kOmMeN?!

    Somebody needs to count how many times Jun says Veggie

  • tulsi nalwade
    tulsi nalwade 2 months ago

    I just love your videos. They are just amazing. But y don't you shoot it clearly, it will more amazing if you show your video more clearly

  • ジョナス
    ジョナス 2 months ago

    I don't get why they must wrap everything in plastic.. o.O

  • gustavo rocque
    gustavo rocque 2 months ago


  • GamingWithGamers
    GamingWithGamers 2 months ago

    How do subtitles work lol it said "Washes veggies" instead of "Washes vegetables" or "running water" in reference to a sound.

  • SRU Dedman
    SRU Dedman 2 months ago

    Use mineral oil mixed with beeswax to keep the cutting board softer and it will protect the cutting board from absorbing the meat and veggies juices.

  • Diego Diaz
    Diego Diaz 2 months ago

    The BEST tomate soup is the gazpacho

    NIKKI 2 months ago

    Лучше бы борщ приготовил

  • u aa
    u aa 3 months ago

    Im i watch this

  • Agneta Juodenaite
    Agneta Juodenaite 3 months ago

    Did I just hear Jun just say -
    Yup my uncle is a green pepper 😂🌶️ or is it just me 😝

  • Ezra Loomis
    Ezra Loomis 3 months ago

    we cant see juns face beacause heeeeess sooo tall 😂😂😂

  • Livvy
    Livvy 3 months ago +19

    "HEAD of lettuce?!"
    I never thought about how weird that was 😂

  • Rrzzky
    Rrzzky 3 months ago +2


  • Cat Fun
    Cat Fun 3 months ago

    Give me the box!