The Bitten Biscuits Puzzle

This week is a short video on the Bitten Biscuits puzzle. It is available at Puzzlemaster. Link: https://www.puzzlemaster.ca/search/?q=bitten+biscuit

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I'm a Top-10 finisher in the US Puzzle Championship and just released a logic puzzle game on Steam! The game is called RYB: http://store.steampowered.com/app/547050

Intro song: Tekvision - Mycoplasma
Intro template: /SDJGRedstoneDJ

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Автор TheDarkOLeo ( назад)
so an intro is now called "spoiler-break"? interesting

Автор Pipokinho ( назад)
Papyrus s favorite channel

Автор Ayano Aishi 5.0 ( назад)
at first sight I thought it was another nonsensical design of fidget spinner in the thumbnail xD

Автор Thien Tran ( назад)
This is so going to help me in life...

Автор fraenzchen85 ( назад)
i expected, it had had to be solved without a hole.. that's where i would have got stuck..

Автор Jaden Inc. ( назад)
Mind blown!

Автор Mars Walls ( назад)
smfh im upset it didnt actually look like a cookie/biscuit

Автор opencabinets ( назад)
I have to wake up in 4 hours oh mygod but these videos r so cool

Автор philocal ( назад)

Автор Shouto Todoroki ( назад)
i subscribed!!☺

Автор John Hernandez ( назад)
I'd call it the bat and the owl.

Автор Alan Schwarzweller ( назад)
Do you have any videos on tips for designing puzzles? I'm a game design student, and puzzle design is something that just a bit above me. It's hard.

Автор ccatalano1000 ( назад)
I absolutely love such "minimalist" puzzles and wish there was a .pdf of it available that could be printed!

Автор Fun With Puzzles ( назад)
This puzzle was different than we usually solve.

Автор Ginny Weasley ( назад)
Time to fool people!

Read More

Автор Eye Lash ( назад)
It's not fair because the person who bit this biscuit ate some pieces away

Автор Christopher Wortman ( назад)
"puzzlers" hey there faggot, don't be so gay

Автор Lecnaj Sinalem ( назад)
just put them together already!
btw nice video! keep it up!

Автор DiMi ieţcu ( назад)
I've seen one more solution.

Автор mexicanamerican21 ( назад)
Don't quit your day job

Автор McGinner Cock ( назад)
I was thinking the solution would be to stack them to make a circle lol

Автор ReDeN1039 ( назад)
jesus youre great but you talk too much

Автор MixedUpMargie ( назад)
Its not an unusual puzzle, its a stupid one!

Автор Ayano Aishi ( назад)
i solved the puzzle 30 seconds after he showed it.

Автор Colin pierce ( назад)
you always say your a puzzle designer but i have watched a lot of your videos and have yet to see one that you have designed.. can you show some of your puzzles?

Автор Artsy Kit ( назад)
That tiny triangle in middle ..


Автор 15chillz ( назад)

Автор Matthew Joseph Harrington ( назад)
Ooo, slick. There's this instinctive desire to leave no interior gaps, but the challenge doesn't say that at all, does it?

Автор Ellen MacIsaac ( назад)
You need to get your hands out of the way. You keep handling the puzzle pieces, your fingers are always in the way. You hardly show the entire pieces without your hands being in the way. It's really frustrating.

Автор Pave Paws ( назад)
I want to see Donny Trump and George w bush solve this puzzle.

Автор Hanzo Yabe ( назад)
well if it's edible I would love to eat it

Автор Hylian Draga ( назад)
OK that really looks hard

Автор joannaz ( назад)
Wow, that's so cool!

Автор Slayer 69 ( назад)
You know whats the real puzzle? Why this is in my recomended?

Автор Mike Mason ( назад)
The spoiler break is silly AF considering its not like someone can 'work on it'.

Автор oldmanhair0 ( назад)
why not make one from biscuits

Автор Muthana Hussain ( назад)
just stack them

Автор BADDU sidhu ( назад)
unliked. because of he ad. we are already tired of the youtube ads. now you gonna add your on the top.😲

Автор WolfeyTeWoof 15 ( назад)
The ending was cringe" and happy puzzling" not a hater just made me laugh

Автор purple puppy123 ( назад)
that's easy I know how to solve it its easy peasy

Автор Kibaloves Warriors ( назад)
It kinda looks like a butterfly or moth..

Автор MerksX209A ( назад)
Next time just try to control your ADD and keep your fingers away from the puzzle so we can try to at least see the shapes and figure it out

Автор Monique Acevedo ( назад)
oh my gosh I kept trying to make it into a circle, I feel so.... not smart lol

Автор Anthony Zastoupil ( назад)
Or you could just stand them up on their edge and it would stay symmetrical

Автор NMMXIII ( назад)
OMG hurry the fuck up and show me this sorcery

Автор Joel Corriveau ( назад)
That's not symmetry

Автор friftonator5 ( назад)
puzzlers. fleb. this is very good. I love it

Автор Silent Pixel ( назад)
Man, I love me self some puzzles, love it!

Автор Jeremy Nading ( назад)

Автор Al Racette ( назад)
Now I want some biscuits... mmm... biscuits...

Автор zack davis ( назад)
10/10 wasn't disappointed and that smooth ass spoiler break won me over.

Автор Pix'elz ( назад)
he sounds like Willy wonka

Автор 1108chuck ( назад)
If you're going to make a video about a puzzle at least give us a chance to try to solve it on our own first. You kept moving the pieces and always kept your hands in the way not giving us a chance to see the entire puzzle. Why would I want the solution to a puzzle I didn't even get an attempt to solve on my own?

Автор Sir Johnhurtizard ( назад)
The first solution looks like a Batman logo

Автор Cuts rose scents ( назад)
baking air biscuts

Автор JuiceTrue ( назад)
he keeps on moving the pieces without stopping XD

Автор belly tripper ( назад)

Автор Brandy Nettleton ( назад)
Well, it does seem super easy once you know the answer! It would've driven me nuts to figure it out, though. I would've continued to try to somehow put the pieces flush together and that wouldn't have ever reached a solution.

Автор 8Bunkface8 ( назад)
this video didnt need to be 3 minutes long..get to the point next time bud.

Автор Michael McAuley ( назад)
You earned a sub

Автор ApocaIipto ( назад)
awesome stuff dude! i subscribed.
I actually recognized this puzzle from another video I watched some other time.
for a puzzle lover who has no easy accessability to a workshop, wood tool, or a community workspace, but who would like to take steps in this fascinating world of puzzle inventing or manufacturing.. would you recommend getting a small cnc machine for home use?
or rather a lazer cutter?

Автор LordOfJamm ( назад)
Every time i hear 'FLEB' I hear 'pleb'

Автор Jenith Jinxy ( назад)
I came and subed to watch the satisfaction not to improve my IQ

Автор VenusCat 01 ( назад)

Автор Lani Revera ( назад)
You are the reason why I found puzzles
Why I love puzzles
Thank you. :)))

Автор Gold Fingers ( назад)
What if you placed the pieces on top of each other and arranged them in such a way that, when you look down on it from above, it gives you a circle? Wouldn't that be symmetrical?

Автор mrbigg151 ( назад)
Very unique puzzle solver...and unique puzzles. This takes a very advanced mindset and patience

Автор New Account ( назад)

Автор Hays Dixon ( назад)
I enjoy the way this puzzle uses symmetry. I like how you spotlight puzzles with many different mechanics.

Автор swagmytwang ( назад)
I think it's a shitty puzzle

Автор Luke Sanchez ( назад)
I think putting on your shirt is harder

Автор Aaron Harris ( назад)
this puzzle fucking sucks. just put the God damn thing together already

Автор Gyr0 dols ( назад)
if this was made of real biscuits, i'd just eat them to make them symmetrical

Автор Monterey Road ( назад)
Gia Dinh la so mot vn

Автор Monterey Road ( назад)
Gia Dinh la so mot Vietnam

Автор MrBig4head ( назад)
Your videos are amazing!!! Never knew these crazy puzzles existed. (:D)

Автор Bartosz Olszewski ( назад)
it creates illuminati in the centre tho

Автор PiranhaMoe ( назад)
I can see a third solution too!

Автор Samule Wisniewski ( назад)
to me this puzzle didn't seem that hard

Автор Samule Wisniewski ( назад)
did you design any of the puzzles you review

Автор Jeff Juul ( назад)

Автор Natalie Tracy ( назад)
you are awesome! I love your puzzles you crack.

Автор Joel E. Hernández Bosch ( назад)
why arent these kind of puzzles sold on ebay?

Автор IndustryOfMagic ( назад)
0:15 what is he saying? "Naobioshi Gahar" ?

Автор paul taylor ( назад)
there is a third solution to this......

tilt them on their sides in the middle!

Автор Mr. Manladies ( назад)
wait what if you stand all the pieces up right on the dotted line, wouldn't that be a third solution?

Автор dwyllie ( назад)
I know several interesting puzzles with the same goal: to find out a symmetrical shape. Search for Trick Symmetrick - Vladimir Krasnoukhov, Symmple Puzzle - Adin Townsend 2014, Symmetrick - Vesa Timonen 2012, Ex3 - Hiroshi Yamamoto 2010, Trapezoid Symmetry Puzzle - Yasuhiro Hashimoto 2013, Symmetrix - Tadao Kitazawa 2004, Symptomino - Péter Gál 2014 and 3 Pentagons - Koshi Arai 2014. Have fun!!!

Автор SciencecraftYT // Sci ( назад)

Автор Oliver Reichenbach ( назад)
you can fold the paper at the dotted line until both sides are touching the puzzle. It will be simetrical on both side in a bent space.

Автор Dav Lee ( назад)
the first 5 seconds i thought the solution would be placing them atop one another, creating a circle. Kinda seems like putting them in a certain orientation can do so. Maybe it is one of the solutions?

Автор Moiz Vajihi ( назад)
how are u sure that makeup is the right answer?....

Автор Red Fox ( назад)
wow, such an useful item :'D

Автор Harrison Eubanks ( назад)
That is not hard

Автор Neon_man909 ( назад)
you just earned yourself a new subscriber, i also love how you have a spoilier break that is kind of like a intro. keep up the good work

Автор Sky Flier ( назад)
I think the word you're looking for is "cookie"

Автор DDevianceth ( назад)
Balance all pieces on the line, problem solved

Автор Tanya Neely ( назад)
i subscribed because the word fleb made me giggle

Автор darkhawk123 ( назад)
Moving your goddamn hands out of the shot would make this more reasonable.

Автор bladerise ( назад)
you can place all the pieces on their side for a technically infinite amount of solutions

Автор Shoot Right Here ( назад)
super cool

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