Best NEW Movie Trailers (2019)

  • Published on Jul 16, 2019
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    Included Movies in this Video are The King's Man, Mulan, Knives Out, Teen Titans Go vs. Teen Titans, Maleficent 2, Dora, Spies in Disguise, Jumanji Next Level, Paradise Hills, Charlie's Angels, Secret Obsession, Midway, The Good Liar, The Current War, The Lodge, Night Hunter, The Operative, Black and Blue, Angry Birds 2, Shaun the Sheep, Another Life, The Great Hack.
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Comments • 224

  • valiant rose
    valiant rose 13 hours ago

    so ?? .....

  • David Akiana
    David Akiana 4 days ago

    only bad movies in the cinema... i almost started to cry. when seeing that only stupid movies are on the scene. why there isnt something alternative. something must be very wrong with planet earth.

  • vic riley
    vic riley 5 days ago


  • MEC0282
    MEC0282 5 days ago

    Another Life from Netfilx is one of the biggest disappointments of the year - and the main actor is not able to pull this series out of misery...

  • adnan khan
    adnan khan 6 days ago


  • R.N V.H
    R.N V.H 8 days ago

    The soundtrack and trailer for maleficent is just DELICIOUS! 😍

  • R.N V.H
    R.N V.H 8 days ago

    I didn Not SEE Kingsman coming! I love angelina Jolie ugh... amazing!

  • Remy Carreiro
    Remy Carreiro 10 days ago

    That Mulan flick looks like it could be cool if they animated it

  • chakrafina casanova
    chakrafina casanova 11 days ago

    Lmao Dora

  • FMChimera
    FMChimera 12 days ago +1

    To say "Another Life" is bad is to insult the word bad...

  • Man With An Accent
    Man With An Accent 15 days ago

    Another life is a piece of shit.

  • shadow Gacha
    shadow Gacha 24 days ago

    Maleficent 2 comes in my birthday yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    *Dose floss*

  • B Z
    B Z 24 days ago +2

    Best FAGGY Movie Trailers (2019)

  • Ritsu_oAo
    Ritsu_oAo 24 days ago

    Watched the whole vid. Look forward to Maleficent, The King’s Man, and Black and Blue. Probably some others too but I can’t remember

  • kagolko
    kagolko 24 days ago +2

    if you're looking for Hilary Clinton from the thumbnail she's at 9:04..

    • kagolko
      kagolko 23 days ago

      @Heru- deshet 😂😂😂

    • Heru- deshet
      Heru- deshet 23 days ago +2

      That's one monster I don't need to see.

  • Mujo Arnautovic
    Mujo Arnautovic 25 days ago

    45:13 min just shit

  • Charles Allen
    Charles Allen 26 days ago

    Thumbs down on "Secret Obsession" for all those spoilers!!!
    "Black & Blue" looks Netflix ready.

  • TrustMeImAScientist1
    TrustMeImAScientist1 27 days ago

    That first movie looked like it was going to be a trailer for Fallout.

  • Genevieve Auguste
    Genevieve Auguste 28 days ago

    Ok black and blue that shit looks goooood

  • Knuckles
    Knuckles Month ago

    Where is the movie of the guy in the thumbnail

  • Kilyén Balázs
    Kilyén Balázs Month ago

    The fuck is WRONG with you ppl? Keep pushing this propaganda USA bullshit Pearl harbor is so old and out of line!

  • Tony D
    Tony D Month ago +2

    I haven't even seen the movie but I'm already rooting for Maleficent just because that witch was pushing her buttons on purpose. It wouldn't surprise me if she wanted to start a war with Maleficent anyways.

  • Charlotte Williams
    Charlotte Williams Month ago

    I don't like the look of any of them-except Mulan.
    What's wrong with movies today? Whatever next-Voltron?!?

  • Maka Soru
    Maka Soru Month ago

    I'm interested in "Knives Out" but I just hate the A-hole of a director, Rian Johnson so...

  • Hakan Besyo
    Hakan Besyo Month ago


  • Mendy Peters
    Mendy Peters Month ago

    *OMG almost an hour and not EVEN ONE*

  • Carl Harrison
    Carl Harrison Month ago

    Mulan. Not very diverse. Can we swap her for a black trans woman please.

  • Captain Jack
    Captain Jack Month ago +1

    OK The fact you don't list at least the titles and time codes in the description or pinned comment is ridiculous. Release dates would be nice also.

  • Threat Assessment
    Threat Assessment Month ago

    half a million views2500 likes 180 comments nobody wants or likes All this Holly J$w propaganda Nobody's interested in watching any of these movies

  • markmort2014
    markmort2014 Month ago

    There aint any old shit Disney wont recycle, apparently. Recycle all you like, you aint ever gonna be Marvel.

  • victor sampaio
    victor sampaio Month ago +3

    Generic actors, generic plot, welcome to Netflix

    RPS3 MOVIE TRAILERS Month ago +1

    Cant wait to see The Kingsman. 😁

  • Andrea Hinojosa
    Andrea Hinojosa Month ago

    how can i download this movie here to my pc

  • ronnie m
    ronnie m Month ago +1

    Why another Charlie's Angels 😐 and another Midway (ok the one made in 76 with an all star cast and if you like war movies..the one to watch).

  • Carlos Backup
    Carlos Backup Month ago +5

    I rather watch Dora then the new Charlie's angels.

  • Disconnect Google+
    Disconnect Google+ Month ago

    Remember, everyone: Male genital mutilation = humorous minor plot point, female genital mutilation = topic discussed by the UN. #FuckThisGayEarth

  • Mary Orosco
    Mary Orosco Month ago +1

    Cap watch your language

  • Tommy Jehma-Müller

    Iám to Young, Iàm find only so..

  • Thaddeus Kent
    Thaddeus Kent Month ago +4

    Dora: Drake's Legacy and the Temple of Croft

  • Thaddeus Kent
    Thaddeus Kent Month ago


  • Lorita Adams
    Lorita Adams Month ago

    Cool movie trailers

  • 2ndTim32
    2ndTim32 Month ago

    What no spiderman 27

  • Free 2 Woodwork
    Free 2 Woodwork Month ago

    So much to see, so little I WANT to see!
    So much junk, so little TELL A HISTORY!
    So much politics, so little ENTERTAINMENT!

  • Bauss
    Bauss Month ago

    la ana de armas esta para garcharla mientras q le pegas cabezasos en la cabeza...

  • S W
    S W Month ago

    Wow, certainly are a lot of shitty & awful movies coming out! Gotta love how the Jews in Hollywood seem to obsess with over representing niggers and spics, and trying to make them seem human instead of the animals they actual are. Sad.

  • CelestianGC
    CelestianGC Month ago +1

    I predict "Blades out" will be just as bad as "Last Jedi".

  • Charles Phiri
    Charles Phiri Month ago

    Jumanji 2 looks cool

  • Owen Sartwell (Student)

    HELP yes you watch my newest video all i need is the view to trigger it it

  • thesun collective147

    Who's fallen out of love with full on CGI? "Knives Out" looks like a riot

  • Turco949
    Turco949 Month ago +2

    Knives Out seemed like an odd remake of Clue The Movie (1985)

    • Rebumai
      Rebumai Month ago

      Probably couldn't get the license for the name

  • deelynnl
    deelynnl Month ago

    Chris Evans aka Capt America telling people to eat sh!t. ROFLOL

  • Qoako
    Qoako Month ago

    Farmaggeddon FTW!!!

  • hassan jose
    hassan jose Month ago

    2019 looks shitty

  • Mark Tiongco
    Mark Tiongco Month ago

    Ok if there’s no taking dragon with Eddie Murphy voicing it in Mulan, I’m gonna be angry pants.

  • Roger Trahan
    Roger Trahan Month ago

    Nobody cares...

  • STYLEX 361
    STYLEX 361 Month ago +1

    10:56 Mr steal your girl

    He bocome a meme soon!

  • Mark Arnott
    Mark Arnott Month ago +1

    👨‍💻 >STAR WARS : The Rise of Skywalker 🚀🛰👨‍🚀👍🤳Booked dec -What no deadpool 3? >STUBAR - Dave Bautista WWE fame👍
    👉🤷‍♂️🎬 i know this is been made Soon >😲> Aliens The ENGINEERS👍🚀🛰👨‍🚀 And LIFE OF PI -will smith👍cool
    Ford vs Ferrari 😳🤷‍♂️🏎 looks good ill watch this love history in movies👍🐨🤳MIDWAY been waiting on this WW2 attack on pearl Harbor
    AD ASTRA ? looks good Sept 🎬👍 >> COLD BLOOD - Seen it great MOVIE >> Its no2 from the hitman italian guy who befriends a girl in the 1st movie > 👍🎬🤳 > i am Mother < great aussie nz movie🎬👍
    watching TOLKIEN 🎬👍 NEXT it's ready 🍿🐨 TERMINATOR.6 ?🤷‍♂️ ok its booked 👍I'd LIKE To See A Movie about the Migration of the Aborigines who traveled from Africa 60,000 years ago To Australia ice age seen a few doco's but a movie warranted 👍fascinating story they are still finding Temples with pillars & tools weapons hidden in shelves ledges BUILT 50,000 YRS ago in Kakadu park area 😲👍 🐨🗯 OZ STRAYA the Untouched country

    • Jerry C
      Jerry C Month ago

      Making a movie about the trip from Africa to Australia might be a bad idea especially now that there is evidence that suggests that humanity might not have started where we originally thought it did.

  • Adrian Slaughter
    Adrian Slaughter Month ago

    What's the name of this movie I need to know please

  • Andrea S
    Andrea S Month ago

    Yikes. Adding the tagline that the writer of The Last Jedi did another movie is not an incentive to see it... huge red flag. Staying far away from Knives Out (also, what a stupid movie name, jeez).

  • brad jenkins
    brad jenkins Month ago +1

    I see kristen stewart I dont see the movie.