11 Breakfast Gadgets You Need In Your Life

  • Published on Oct 27, 2017
  • These kitchen devices just made breakfast time a whole lot better.
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Comments • 1 163

  • Nasty Eww
    Nasty Eww 7 days ago

    Im sorry im too cheap for these thing when i got my 4$ aparment

  • Vilja Skriko
    Vilja Skriko 7 days ago

    If you can't cook an egg or toast a bread without these weird gadgets, then you shouldn't be cooking

  • Jazzie J
    Jazzie J 12 days ago

    Chocolate chip pancakes are just weird to me.

  • cinnarapmon
    cinnarapmon 14 days ago

    i like my cereal *d r y*

  • Rosey Strawberry
    Rosey Strawberry 17 days ago

    Or you can just starve

  • bullgogi
    bullgogi 20 days ago

    *for the 8th product, just use two bowls y’all*

  • bullgogi
    bullgogi 20 days ago

    *for the 4th gadget.. just use a clean water bottle y’all*

  • :/RANDOM VIDEOS ;7!!
    :/RANDOM VIDEOS ;7!! 23 days ago

    Me: sees the cereal bowl ...
    Also me: COME TO PAPA

    EDIT: oh I just made the laugh longer


  • C A
    C A 26 days ago

    1:10 I mean, u can just use a bottle similar to that 😕

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 26 days ago +1

    The sandwich maker looks awful

  • Worldsteezy
    Worldsteezy 27 days ago

    I don’t even eat breakfast and I’m watching this..

  • Kevin Lee
    Kevin Lee 29 days ago

    U copied crazyrussianhacker

  • Ikmalreza 1998
    Ikmalreza 1998 Month ago

    No thanks.
    I can perfectly eat my breakfast without them.
    Thank you.

  • h i
    h i Month ago

    I like to eat unsalted butter

  • Muhammad Younus
    Muhammad Younus Month ago +1

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;:,:;.,.,.,...,.,-,-,-,-,-,- avav

  • draft menship
    draft menship Month ago +1

    #1 all dishes have different cooking time with different setting I’m not going to eat uncooked or over cooked food 0:22

  • Blu Intropher
    Blu Intropher Month ago

    1:44 I can do that with a bowl from Walmart

  • Revelation •
    Revelation • Month ago

    I think I'm okay with instant ramen.

  • Cows N’ Grass
    Cows N’ Grass Month ago +1

    God.... why do you need a yolk seperator?! Crack open a little of the top of an egg and pour out the egg white, then put the yolk into another bowl! You dont need ANY gadgets to seperate a yolk

  • DaxGavin Vlogs,games

    The first gadget made my head say

  • 1ZAAK
    1ZAAK Month ago

    #3 shows that they’re running out of ideas

  • Double4Filth
    Double4Filth Month ago

    0:05 some nice tits

  • Owo1134 Lee
    Owo1134 Lee Month ago

    1:10 just use a plastic water bottle

  • Noah Lani
    Noah Lani Month ago

    The whisk is probably the only thing I need, because when I mix the ingredients together some get stuck in the middle. Everything else is just weird

    • 1ZAAK
      1ZAAK Month ago

      Noah Lani, one thing that helps me is to have your hands sideways and put your palms on the handle and move them in opposite directions for just about 5-10 seconds. It won’t clean but I find that it gets most and if not all out. If it doesn’t work than you might just have a crappy whisk.

  • Random Editz Cuz Why Not

    The first one just scares me, like it’s so much stress to make sure nothing gets burnt and you have to keep checking every single thing! LIKE DUDE AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS LIKE THIS

  • Bob the Peacock
    Bob the Peacock Month ago +1

    1:09 you could just use an empty water bottle

  • yan
    yan Month ago +3

    2:30 no sorry that can’t run, milk before cereal ARE U MAD??!?!?!

  • bouncyboi
    bouncyboi Month ago

    Bru that bacon was burnt

  • Arctic_Foxx
    Arctic_Foxx Month ago

    I'm not the only one with the grilled cheese aspiration right?

  • Dana Wiharyana
    Dana Wiharyana Month ago +1

    These will just waste my money.

  • Neelu dadai
    Neelu dadai Month ago

    gurgaon maid coking job opis 8nirmal chakar pur lafa madam lafa car dog lafa 📰📰📰lee sop hepl newj....

  • Space Anubis
    Space Anubis Month ago +2

    Tovolo Yolk Out Egg Separator *exist**
    Bottle:(That can do the same) Am i a joke to you?

  • makaya
    makaya Month ago +3

    My 3 yr old cousin can cut butter😂😂😂

  • Bevis Wu
    Bevis Wu Month ago +1

    3:02 Who cleans a whisk with a sponge, I just use a towel and run water over it

  • Karen Hough
    Karen Hough Month ago

    That cereal bowl is horrible

  • Darby Kiehn
    Darby Kiehn Month ago

    egg separator is the same as a bottle is a whast of money of egg separator

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker Month ago +1

    my bely herts

  • randy Baker
    randy Baker Month ago +1

    i wont pnckakes

  • Love Em Peeps
    Love Em Peeps Month ago

    The second one was a commercial I saw on TV so many times.

    And I wanted it as a kid.

  • SqiffyMarlin
    SqiffyMarlin Month ago

    Top 10 breakfast gadgets you can only use for breakfast

  • IWillWreckYou598
    IWillWreckYou598 Month ago

    Who else like their bacon not to crispy but not to chewy?

  • Julius Akcay
    Julius Akcay Month ago +1


  • Cheryl Roeming
    Cheryl Roeming Month ago


  • MysticBlaze 112
    MysticBlaze 112 Month ago

    2:28.. *but.. I like soggy cereal*


  • Med. exe
    Med. exe Month ago +1

    Bro who cares about soggy cereal take a normal bowl unless your extra AF.

  • 버섯Tv
    버섯Tv Month ago

    How to clean that breakfast sandwich maker thing? I mean is it even possible?

  • Queen cake paws
    Queen cake paws Month ago +1

    I dont eat bacon xd :/

    • Queen cake paws
      Queen cake paws Month ago

      @samyang No, I wanna be a vegeterian when I get older. But nlw I just dont really like it that much.

    • samyang
      samyang Month ago


  • Tylish Noodles
    Tylish Noodles Month ago +1

    Anyone else like their cereal soggy?

  • Nyx Black
    Nyx Black Month ago

    2:39 to 3:00...what I find usefull. ..

  • Nyx Black
    Nyx Black Month ago

    0:25 an omelette could be a great example..but whatever....scramble it

  • Shaun
    Shaun Month ago +1

    Where do I buy these items?

    • samyang
      samyang Month ago

      I think they have a link below the vid

  • Gacha Blooming Flowers

    The dash company is a really good one. You can make a lot of stuff with the other things that make

  • ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ᴄᴏʟᴀ

    I'm the devil for liking soggy cereal.

  • Nelson
    Nelson 2 months ago

    Half of these are desperate white people havks

  • Maple Syroof
    Maple Syroof 2 months ago +1

    Just use your hands or a water bottle to seperate yolks from whites

  • Hannah Catluck
    Hannah Catluck 2 months ago

    I don’t even usually eat breakfast...

  • Vince Burgos
    Vince Burgos 2 months ago

    If you dont want your cereal to sog, just get 2 seperate bowls instead of spending money on a bowl with only 3 spoonfuls of cereal.

  • Taylor Britt
    Taylor Britt 2 months ago

    The pan and the whisk are the only two I'd consider spending money on

  • Pu3aisya
    Pu3aisya 2 months ago +1

    You imagine that I ate that much for a BREAKFAST?!

  • Vortexion Elite
    Vortexion Elite 2 months ago

    Butter cutter is complete usless