Puppy Valentine's Day Kissing Booth (SCS #182)

  • Published on Feb 10, 2019
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  • amelia dahl
    amelia dahl 21 hour ago

    Trevor you guys a funny I laugh my head off

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia 2 days ago

    I think chels had a camel toe at 11:28

  • Luline Viaud
    Luline Viaud 6 days ago +1

    Now that I'm watching this after they showed getting Bella you could actually see one of Bellas toy on the right from 14:34 to 15:30

  • Gaminghappyman 567891

    One like one cake

  • Gaminghappyman 567891

    Hey do you guys like copper or ko da

  • Bhavesh Bhatia
    Bhavesh Bhatia 7 days ago

    Please give address

  • Ivy Meneses
    Ivy Meneses 8 days ago

    Cooper is so cut😍

  • Gracie Meyer
    Gracie Meyer 9 days ago

    Please do another boating episode they are my favorite

  • Katie Neveln
    Katie Neveln 9 days ago

    I love you guys and the dogs

  • Orla Douglas
    Orla Douglas 11 days ago +1

    He came running hahaha love you Koda and cool I course chels and trev aswell

  • Mister F
    Mister F 13 days ago

    Yay keep the kitty

  • Cam Matelski
    Cam Matelski 14 days ago

    Imagine putting that on the Miami sidewalk you would get $100,000 under an hour

  • khandoker Omur Faruqe
    khandoker Omur Faruqe 14 days ago

    Kotas so cute

  • Normand Plouffe
    Normand Plouffe 15 days ago

    Copper is not interested in getting out of bed.

  • Chelsea Goudswaard
    Chelsea Goudswaard 18 days ago

    Do a home robbery prank on the dogs

  • Yoyo Foo
    Yoyo Foo 19 days ago

    I like your videos very much. Cooper is cute and Koda too.

  • Christine Michaels
    Christine Michaels 19 days ago

    I love golden tetrivers

  • alyssa holroyd
    alyssa holroyd 20 days ago

    I love you all 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  • runekey
    runekey 20 days ago

    My eyes rolled back into my head at the Van Gogh joke lol

  • bunny and brothers
    bunny and brothers 22 days ago


  • Justin Chen
    Justin Chen 22 days ago +1

    i search super cooper sunday and the first word that pops up is "cooper dies"

  • Rithmilla Wickramasinghe

    koda better of gotten the bigger piece

  • Emma Walter
    Emma Walter 25 days ago

    You guys should over done it up front

  • Noelysmar Colón
    Noelysmar Colón 25 days ago

    The way that Chelsea laughs makes me laugh😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • csamron
    csamron 26 days ago

    Love you idea do a lemonade stand. Incorporate the dogs into it. Free lemonade or to a charity for animals or just sell the picture same deal.

  • Clauss Murillo
    Clauss Murillo 27 days ago

    You guys are lucky because you can have your dogs inside but I can't 😞

  • Joendy Lopez
    Joendy Lopez 27 days ago

    Nobody kissed them

  • linda vaughan
    linda vaughan 27 days ago

    you should do cuddle koda monday

  • Slime Unicorn
    Slime Unicorn 27 days ago


  • A C0420
    A C0420 28 days ago

    One Tree Hill
    .... If you Know you Know 😂

  • Carolyn Mayo
    Carolyn Mayo 28 days ago

    I got really tickled when Coop didn’t want to get out of bed. So funny that Koda didn’t want to have his photo taken with that adorable inflated dog.

  • the Animal Girl
    the Animal Girl 29 days ago

    I got my dog (he’s a German Shepherd) the same cake mix but apparently I added waaaaayyyy to much water so it turned out being water 😂

  • Hector Hurtado
    Hector Hurtado 29 days ago

    Koda looks like the frosting😂

  • Roko Rosandic
    Roko Rosandic Month ago

    I am giving away GUCCI shirt it costs 1000 dollars but i give it fo 350

  • Lisa Charlie
    Lisa Charlie Month ago

    Kodak is my favorite dog

  • Lisa Charlie
    Lisa Charlie Month ago

    Cooper is my favorite dog

    CHAR VELASCO Month ago

    😍😎😎🙋🙋🙋💓💓💘💖💕 like if you like supercoopersunday

    CHAR VELASCO Month ago

    Love you guys

    CHAR VELASCO Month ago


  • XxPink_ LoverxX
    XxPink_ LoverxX Month ago +1

    Even though I'm later by a month,
    Prayers for the valentines shooting for all the people who lost, I'm sorry for our failure to protect you
    Love from Australia

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love Month ago +1

    I love when Koda sneezed at the beginning😂😂

  • Natalie Pastuizaca
    Natalie Pastuizaca Month ago

    OMG XD 7:48😂🤣👍🐇

  • Kaylee Fysh
    Kaylee Fysh Month ago +1

    Love you Cooper and Koda🐶🐶❤️💛💚💙💜💓💗💖💘💝

  • Sandbox _
    Sandbox _ Month ago +1

    Omg so cute i love you dog 😍😍😘😘😚😚💜💛💚❤💙

  • Lavinia Scott
    Lavinia Scott Month ago


  • Dora Contreras
    Dora Contreras Month ago +1

    1 like= 2 Kisses for Koda and coop

  • Harmony McGill
    Harmony McGill Month ago

    Love y'all

  • Erica Solis
    Erica Solis Month ago

    He said “time to wake up “then says “it is bedtime “

  • Sophia Rojas
    Sophia Rojas Month ago

    Did anyone else see coopers feet moving at like 10:00

  • Ok bye
    Ok bye Month ago

    You guys should have went to your front yard and started selling kisses

  • One Vlog At A Time With ShyShy

    I know this is random but dogs are amazing pets heres the catch every three dogs rescued from a shelter theres one cat adopted. Plz understand and go rescue a cat!:)

  • Dobre army
    Dobre army Month ago

    I got a culver cap today and you guys made it beter

  • idkbrittt
    idkbrittt Month ago

    i love the both of you sm ( yes even koda and cooper )

  • moon and Ocean games

    I think it funny that kada like only walks and Cooper runs soooooo much

  • james bussue
    james bussue Month ago


  • Patrick Park
    Patrick Park Month ago

    Nah he’s definitely 8 ft ur measurement was kinda off.(sorry if this sounded rude)

  • Benjamin Elswick
    Benjamin Elswick Month ago

    When are you and chels gonna get married

  • OrangeyMonster :D
    OrangeyMonster :D Month ago

    Omg if you end up keeping the cat when she gets a little bit older you need to see how she reacts to riding on the boat

  • Shelley Breakell
    Shelley Breakell Month ago

    Not car cat😋

  • Shelley Breakell
    Shelley Breakell Month ago

    You will get a car in next epesode

  • Vorah Kim
    Vorah Kim Month ago

    Idk why but my dog hates peanut butter

  • Ava Santiago
    Ava Santiago Month ago

    It’s not my birthday
    My dog didn’t die (I don’t even have a dog)
    But can I get a like for honesty?

  • slime and schleich horse Lover29

    I didn't have the best Valentine's day. My mimas b-day is feb-14 but my great grandma died I've been super sad

  • jp fcarb
    jp fcarb Month ago

    Do the peanut butter challenge dog lick face

  • luna Smith
    luna Smith Month ago

    Yesterday you have Cooper exactly 4 Years

  • Chloe Higgins
    Chloe Higgins Month ago +2

    Awww, cooper and the balloons, it's a true death friendship
    Like is u agree

  • Elianys Plays
    Elianys Plays Month ago

    Where is the caaaasßst

  • Nathan Mitchell
    Nathan Mitchell Month ago +1

    Does this make cooper a prostitute?😂😂

  • Team 100 Nae
    Team 100 Nae Month ago

    Why dies she look preganant?😂💀

  • Little Mouse
    Little Mouse Month ago

    Koda is like... uh... I ain't gonna sit under that thing

  • Isabella Bass
    Isabella Bass Month ago

    You spoil your dogs🐶🍪

  • Akia Ellis
    Akia Ellis Month ago

    buy a cat

  • Kathia Rodriguez
    Kathia Rodriguez Month ago

    Cooper is so cute and Kodak is just like me

  • Uldtl The worst
    Uldtl The worst Month ago

    Cooper be saying my cake now

  • TexasTbolt1003
    TexasTbolt1003 Month ago

    I’m going to Orlando this summer!

  • GachaGamerGirl Cookie

    Who is the oldest in the family?

  • Sandra Chapman
    Sandra Chapman Month ago

    I would pay for those kisses! ❤️❤️❤️

  • A is for Awesome
    A is for Awesome Month ago

    I want a dog so bad I think they are so cute! But my family are afraid and I'm not home a lot

  • Sallini 5
    Sallini 5 Month ago

    When cooper didn't want to get off the bed it was like me not wanting to go to school in the morning and trev was like my mom telling me to get up xD

  • Makayla White
    Makayla White Month ago

    Cooper has grown up so fast 😢

  • Makayla White
    Makayla White Month ago

    I haven’t watched this in a long time and watching dogs made me wanna watch this again and THEY STILL ALIVE OMG YASS IM SOOO HAPpY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MAKE MORE VIDEOS PLZ

  • Egyptian Scooba Doo
    Egyptian Scooba Doo Month ago +1

    I think your polar bear is broken

  • Rebeca Nuño
    Rebeca Nuño Month ago +1

    Trevor be a man say this to Chelsea. Roses are red violets are blue be my girl and I am for You

    MJ VLOGS & GAMING Month ago

    What is your favorite game

  • Clyde Laun
    Clyde Laun Month ago

    Koda reminds me of Snorlax a little bit

  • Toby Jensen
    Toby Jensen Month ago

    Take the boy's to the Island.

  • Tony Sandlin
    Tony Sandlin Month ago

    When RUclipr makes something out of wood lol next time get a drill drill them in lol. Love you guys

  • E Vanko
    E Vanko Month ago

    Awwww so cool I love you guys a lot hav a good day

  • isa
    isa Month ago

    They probably didn't keep the cat, as of she isn't in the video.

    • Tanu
      Tanu Month ago

      This was before they got the cat.

  • Vridhi Bhutani
    Vridhi Bhutani 2 months ago

    Hy t&c i am a great fan of you 4... I am adopting a golden retriever next month.. So doing a planning and stuff.. Can you suggest me some good shampoo and stuff products for them?

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson 2 months ago

    U can tell how good they treat there dogs cuz how not scared they are and how activ they are well koda um he’s sleeps aloud 😂

  • Campsite CB
    Campsite CB 2 months ago

    Woah weird I was watching this at 10:00 🕙

  • Abigail Ollie
    Abigail Ollie 2 months ago

    where was the kitty?... oh, never mind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. ummmmmmmm where are the fish? why does no one talk about that anymore?

  • Dani
    Dani 2 months ago

    You skipped a week is super Cooper Sunday how dare you BTW I'm okay with it I still love you

  • Angela Sweep
    Angela Sweep 2 months ago

    do you have fish

  • Donna Jones
    Donna Jones 2 months ago


  • Sentimental Woman
    Sentimental Woman 2 months ago

    You're the best dog parents!

  • The Golden Life
    The Golden Life 2 months ago

  • Sunitha Sujit
    Sunitha Sujit 2 months ago +1

    Trev make a video on the fishes you have

  • Event Magic
    Event Magic 2 months ago

    Is kodas name :dakoda /dakota/koda .

    Been noticing this for a while .
    Likenif u agree