• Published on Nov 20, 2019
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Comments • 262

  • Dominic Wong Jia Yi
    Dominic Wong Jia Yi 15 days ago +88

    No red face Krasi, the world is ending!

  • UniqueBart
    UniqueBart 11 days ago

    I stop’d at 7-0 on friday, then on Saturday I went 10-7.. lmao all the sweats are playing on the saturdays

  • Johnny Berg
    Johnny Berg 14 days ago

    4:32 How can you blame the AI and yell at EA, when your opponent clearly selects a defender placed between your striker and the goal?

  • SwingZ Legend
    SwingZ Legend 14 days ago

    Did you hear him he said AI instead of EA 4:35

  • Nathan Rago
    Nathan Rago 14 days ago

    It’s called input delay krasi which everybody has

  • Critcen
    Critcen 14 days ago

    Stop playing bad music in the background

  • kiril toshkov
    kiril toshkov 14 days ago


  • Famous Stranger
    Famous Stranger 14 days ago

    Wow what a big baby...

  • Harith Zamri
    Harith Zamri 14 days ago

    krasi im happy enough for you if you get elite 3 just dont die coz of heart attack bro.

  • Anex 96
    Anex 96 14 days ago

    Do you buy fifa coins from

  • Ray Kamikaze
    Ray Kamikaze 14 days ago +2

    Krasi: go and buy him right now!
    i wish i could

  • Hamod Sunset
    Hamod Sunset 14 days ago

    I can see ull pack cr7 2moro 😌

  • Kojo Patrick
    Kojo Patrick 14 days ago

    who was the player with thrr 'Best in the World' name?

  • Ian Davis
    Ian Davis 14 days ago

    Great effort!

  • bound by destiny
    bound by destiny 14 days ago

    Wijnaldum is a god

  • Ross Weaver
    Ross Weaver 14 days ago

    got 28-2 this week, beat krasi ;)

  • Tommy Quinn
    Tommy Quinn 14 days ago

    krasi: thinks he’s gonna enjoy a good game of fifa
    ea: hold my caprisun

  • Yung Cracker
    Yung Cracker 14 days ago


  • Constant_Craft
    Constant_Craft 14 days ago

    Did he ever show his full tactics? Including instructions?

  • Fifa faults
    Fifa faults 14 days ago

    Krasi: im going guys, i cant take this , i need a break.
    Also krasi: comes back after 5 minutes

  • Enny Helen
    Enny Helen 14 days ago

    when krasi uses players to score
    neymar:neymar zito with da finish
    messi: messi ,messi,messi

  • Mohammed Abubakar
    Mohammed Abubakar 14 days ago


  • Tran Khanhvuong
    Tran Khanhvuong 14 days ago

    This guy never sleep ? His eyes look like panda

  • ChipsDude
    ChipsDude 14 days ago +1

    Ебати гея

  • صالح
    صالح 14 days ago

    Can you show us how many goals messi score with you ?

  • Undi sputed931
    Undi sputed931 14 days ago

    ur the best

  • Voshawn Wilson
    Voshawn Wilson 14 days ago

    Why are you behaving like this ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sergio Gaytan
    Sergio Gaytan 14 days ago

    Game #1...
    I died 😂😂😂

  • CLASH with Black Eagle

    Krasi:Messi,lets go Messi

    ATIR KHAN 14 days ago

    12:15 heeeehhh

  • Mo La
    Mo La 14 days ago

    6:31 Massi massi massi

  • KingHector 7
    KingHector 7 14 days ago

    Love that Mexican song dude! 😂

  • Rhian Watson
    Rhian Watson 14 days ago

    Krasi get rttf lloris

  • Noah Warner
    Noah Warner 14 days ago

    Hey guys I’m not great at Fifa and I was just wondering if any decent players could give me some advice. I just packed RTTF Marquinhos and I don’t know when to sell him. Should I sell him now or wait for PSG to go out and then sell him so he has all the possible rating boosts or wait for him to get his rating boosts and then if PSG get someone they probably won’t beat; sell him before the game. Would appreciate any reply’s 🙏

  • alikhan alizada
    alikhan alizada 14 days ago +2

    I've never seen someone complain as much as him its crazy. he literally expects to score from anywhere whatever angle and with anyone.

  • Ibrahim Fashanu
    Ibrahim Fashanu 14 days ago

    1:36 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jerome C
    Jerome C 14 days ago

    Drinking game. Every time Krasi says "EA!, Messi, or Delay" take a shot.

  • Sebastian Ruiz
    Sebastian Ruiz 14 days ago

    Nobody :

    Krasi : meshi 🤣🤣

  • Skull RedA
    Skull RedA 15 days ago

    thank u krasi

  • Jose Manuel Framil
    Jose Manuel Framil 15 days ago

    Lol why are u using ethnic peruvian music as background music lmao

  • מתן ברקו
    מתן ברקו 15 days ago

    No top 100 no sub

    DIMITROFF1 15 days ago +2


    Krasi:Appreciete the win Meshi

  • Avatorhunt
    Avatorhunt 15 days ago

    Squad has Neymar and son

  • Vildan Nurkovic
    Vildan Nurkovic 15 days ago

    I bought messi yesterday and what you said is really true, messi is a gamechanger. He is outstanding, I can’t wait to use him in WL

  • Shackeem Black
    Shackeem Black 15 days ago

    Well done Krasi🤙🏾

  • Shaquel Ellington
    Shaquel Ellington 15 days ago

    I had to watch 27 out of 30 ads 🙄

  • Andrew Bull
    Andrew Bull 15 days ago

    krasi the CHEAT gets 27 wins guys

  • Herman Sin
    Herman Sin 15 days ago

    4:37 that was not an AI block

  • xxX!!UNKNOWN!!Xxx 2.0
    xxX!!UNKNOWN!!Xxx 2.0 15 days ago

    I live in the UK. And still the gameplay is horrible some times.

  • Jacqueline Dunlop
    Jacqueline Dunlop 15 days ago

    Go to Germany for a weekend and see what u finish in champs there

  • Mridul Sharma
    Mridul Sharma 15 days ago

    Can we all leave a like cause this man always goes his way out and works hard for us ❤️👍🏼

  • Abbo1606
    Abbo1606 15 days ago

    Show us messi’s record

  • Gabriele Tomassini
    Gabriele Tomassini 15 days ago

    you faced kurt😂😂 holy shit mate

  • King Euro
    King Euro 15 days ago

    Krasi the legend, Respect from Serbia

    DK GHETTO YOUTUBE 15 days ago

    Krasi, you say you cant select the player, but you selected him??

  • alfie harry
    alfie harry 15 days ago

    Congratulations Krasi you did amazing 👍

  • zoulhilmi21
    zoulhilmi21 15 days ago

    You guys ever noticed that Krasi only play Home matches in WL?

    • zoulhilmi21
      zoulhilmi21 14 days ago

      @Todd Drury haha. Okay bro. You do you.

    • Todd Drury
      Todd Drury 14 days ago

      So do i, so do pros whats your point

  • Bjornson The Small
    Bjornson The Small 15 days ago +1

    Thank you for grinding this game even with terrible connection. We all appreciate it

  • Sameer Shahbaz
    Sameer Shahbaz 15 days ago

    Not watching your videos since you've sold CR7
    Boooo Krasi👎👎👎👎👎

  • The GodFather
    The GodFather 15 days ago