I Tried A Full Face Of 7-Eleven Makeup

  • Published on Dec 1, 2017
  • The 24-hour convenience store 7-Eleven launched their own makeup line so I decided to get a full face of their products and wear them around for a whole day! I tried a foundation, concealer, eyebrow gel, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, fake lashes, blush, bronzer, highlighter, and setting powder. What did you guys think?
    Check out Carly Humbert's review of 7-eleven makeup here: ruclip.com/video/lmCDBIJCxEU/video.html
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +10819

    HELLO FRIENDS!! happy december!! i'm back from a ~smol~ break, i can't wait to show you guys the rest of my videos for this month! what did you think of this 7-eleven makeup? would you pick some up?

  • boby boucher
    boby boucher 5 hours ago

    damnn, that is some crazy waxy looking makeup at the 6:30 mark, and it looks very orangy as well, I know it's bargain type stuff but if people find that amount of crazy makeup looks good, they need to get their eyes checked and it's also false advertising when you think about it

  • FlowerQueen
    FlowerQueen 5 hours ago

    I always came there for slurpees and I still had no idea they were selling makeup.

  • Michelle Nar
    Michelle Nar 7 hours ago

    Booo 7-11 worker , dick move tossing them out why ?

  • Christina Critelli

    Just one question - how well do you know the taste of a crayola crayon?

  • icalossity
    icalossity Day ago

    Safiya is me everyday I love 7/11

  • The Random WEiRdo Has ArRivEd

    That’s the seven eleven also right next to the place MILK that I ALWAYS get ice cream at👌🏻

  • The Random WEiRdo Has ArRivEd

    This seven eleven is right next to me schoooool

  • maya jamal
    maya jamal 2 days ago +1

    Dont have a Good feeling for the next vid😂😂

  • Leia
    Leia 4 days ago

    They kicked you out for filming?!? You are advertising their products...

  • Spider Toes the cringe


  • Pixie Spit
    Pixie Spit 4 days ago

    😭 there's no 7 eleven where I live 😭 *grumbling* that's a bunch of crap

  • Gacha_ GLMV
    Gacha_ GLMV 4 days ago

    On the “big gulp” thing I would probably Finnish it at about 3 weeks after I got it

  • Lila Zalucky
    Lila Zalucky 4 days ago +1

    I’m honestly here for this lewk

  • pak diva
    pak diva 4 days ago

    The end face half made up is quite jarring, lol!

  • Ruby Zamora
    Ruby Zamora 5 days ago

    did the pink splatter on the Simply Me Beauty sign in the store remind you of Danganronpa? Cause it triggered some scarring memories for me XD

  • Morgan Glasure
    Morgan Glasure 5 days ago

    Didn’t even know they had makeup

  • Miricle Magic
    Miricle Magic 6 days ago

    You went to the 7 Eleven outside my karate place

  • Gray sea
    Gray sea 6 days ago

    Did you know theres flaming hot funions IM SHOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seemi Majid
    Seemi Majid 6 days ago

    Here in Pakistan we have 10 eleven

  • Billy Murray fan
    Billy Murray fan 7 days ago

    Shit made in hell by satan.
    You are a shame for RUclip

  • a.k 123
    a.k 123 8 days ago

    She is so real

  • veggiesaremurder
    veggiesaremurder 8 days ago

    Honestly...I think people pay way too much for makeup, because this looked just as good as any high end brand. I particularly liked the mascara brush with that awesome ball at the end. It was a great design. The bronzer was a great contour, too.

  • simply Jade
    simply Jade 9 days ago


  • Sarah Osborne
    Sarah Osborne 9 days ago

    @Tyler- Diet pepsi does not have aspartame

  • Shridhara G H
    Shridhara G H 9 days ago

    hi .i have the SAME brush

  • Elliot Grant
    Elliot Grant 10 days ago

    this morning tyler had wake n bake vibes and im here for it

  • The Fiery Phoenix
    The Fiery Phoenix 10 days ago

    Wait, is it called 7/11 because it's open from 7AM till 11PM? I'm from England so I don't know

  • Adut Adut
    Adut Adut 10 days ago

    I like the makeup product

  • Lynn
    Lynn 10 days ago

    You should see Japan's 7- eleven. What they have is the best.

  • Sweet Rainbow
    Sweet Rainbow 10 days ago +1

    11:17 The eyeliner on her hand 😂❤

  • Emmalee Cowey
    Emmalee Cowey 10 days ago

    I love how her videos overlap, like she has on her zodiac outfit from that video

  • chicken nugget
    chicken nugget 12 days ago

    i didn’t even know 7-11 sells makeup-

  • Christelle Nyadiyama
    Christelle Nyadiyama 12 days ago

    takis will give you cancer

  • something.lærke Gacha

    To everyone in here!

    What is best?
    Eyeliner - pen
    Eyeliner - liquid pen

    (: i'm just really curius, i'm sometimes doing my moms make up but it's hard with a pen

  • 「 once x army x reveluv 」

    i honestly think she looks so beautiful without makeup.

  • Dad Joke Sayori :3
    Dad Joke Sayori :3 13 days ago

    I really don't know why but the eyebrows are really giving me mustache vibes. Also personally I wouldn't go for the lip color but other than that it looks nice :)

  • Ashley Garnett
    Ashley Garnett 14 days ago

    you can now sue them, god bless america

  • Ashley Garnett
    Ashley Garnett 14 days ago

    but a definite help with any make up is nice cheeks and lips

  • Ashley Garnett
    Ashley Garnett 14 days ago +2

    for spur of the moment 7 11 offers an okay make up selection

  • Red Macaron
    Red Macaron 14 days ago +3

    Roses are red
    Ketchup is too
    I subscribed to you
    a long time woo...

  • Jennie Peutet
    Jennie Peutet 15 days ago


  • Sofía Fredericks
    Sofía Fredericks 15 days ago +2

    "I watched Veggie Tales I know my vegetables"
    You’ve made Bob and Larry proud

  • spoopy
    spoopy 15 days ago +2

    she’s wearing the aquarius outfit from the star sign vid

  • Felix Felicis
    Felix Felicis 15 days ago

    Cherry slushy 😔🍒 poor baby Alexei

  • MsTeacake1982
    MsTeacake1982 16 days ago +1

    I bought tons 0f make up from 7/11 in Tokyo when I was there. It was all pretty good and they had some interesting/weird products. 7/11 Japanese make up try on next time you're there....yes please!

  • Terry
    Terry 16 days ago +2

    i almost can‘t believe there is a person on this earth that has even oilier skin than me lmao, mine is so bad the us almost invaded my country but saf‘s a new game

  • Ariannys Windlord
    Ariannys Windlord 16 days ago

    Why is filming inside forbidden i dont get it

  • Tuesday Bandy
    Tuesday Bandy 17 days ago +1

    I associate this video with whoppers because I was eating whoppers while watching this video and also, you can buy whoppers at 7-eleven

  • Attayah .d
    Attayah .d 17 days ago

    crusty looks so cute

  • Kee Leichtle
    Kee Leichtle 17 days ago

    Wait, Safiya's wearing different colors and not for an outfit challenge?

    Sorry. That's the first thing I noticed when watching this lol

  • 焼きそばはうどん派


  • Carol Ilse Anne
    Carol Ilse Anne 18 days ago +2

    By the time you ate the snacks, you were beginning to gabble a bit - so funny 😎😎

  • Turkey Sandwich
    Turkey Sandwich 18 days ago

    The monarch

  • JaimeArt
    JaimeArt 18 days ago +1

    2:45 this is why Americans are fat lol.

  • Virtual Gamers
    Virtual Gamers 19 days ago

    omg i just realized safyia is not wearing black

  • Lizeth Funes
    Lizeth Funes 19 days ago

    At 4:26 I can relate to a whole new level and also know my vegetables lmao!

  • **LollyPop **
    **LollyPop ** 19 days ago

    Soooooo bushy eyebrows

  • AstronautCat 61
    AstronautCat 61 19 days ago

    10:14, how do you know what a crayon tastes like? 😂😂

  • Lily Andrews
    Lily Andrews 20 days ago +2

    How do you know what a crayon taste like😑