[Short-Clip] Conor McGregor​ and Sergey Kovalev​ exchanging words (at Michael Conlan's fight)

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Автор frithstar ( назад)
Sergey Kovalev has killed a man in the ring. Seriously look it up.

Автор 87lycanthropy ( назад)
Sergey told Conor- " look Conor you must whoop that ballerina Floyd's ass! Or else you will be the laughing stock of the boxing community.. I'm telling you. And you already know everyone thinks you will lose. So you must win."

Then Conor says- "don't worry about what people say or think about me. Trust me, I'll stop Floyd and make everyone eat their words. You seem like a stand up guy, so respect."

Sergey then walks off...

Автор fleekydeez f ( назад)
kovalev would castrate mcgregor.

Автор cwimer973 ( назад)
Check out this recap of the entrance https://youtu.be/7fOdnA81kY4

Автор Kane Kowalski ( назад)
That wasn't even an argument. They're having a conversation. It's just loud so they have to stand close.

Автор Ben Boy ( назад)
If they traded punch for punch Connor would be in a coma if not dead.

Автор Chris Carrasco ( назад)
Floyd vs McGregor. .and krusher vs ward 2 in the same card..

Автор blblblblb blblbblblbl ( назад)
mcgregor is one cocky piece of shit..

Автор Shiraz Hussain ( назад)
he's saying about the undercard u dumb fucks. kovalev n ward in the main card as well.

Автор emm powerz ( назад)
1 shot and It's light out for mcgregor... y'all better do ur googles, kovalev has killed a motherfucker in the ring.. literally... he beat the kid until he died...

Автор Robert Stephens ( назад)
Stevenson get his ass handed to him on a silver platter

Автор Robert Stephens ( назад)
firthstar I think Conor is kovalevs fanboy

Автор Robert Stephens ( назад)
hit the wrong button sorry,but but Floyd will pillow tap his way to victory!!

Автор Robert Stephens ( назад)
listen I'm not a Floyd Mayweather fan I'll be honest but Connor might be biting off more than he can chew this ain't the UFC if it was then Floyd like I said before will get his ass whooped but this is a boxing ring and like I said before cause it's a boxing ring

Автор Robert Stephens ( назад)
it was looking like kovalev was like I'm trying to watch the fight dickhead stop screaming in my ear before I knock u bitch ass out

Автор Jefke Theboss ( назад)
Looks like Sergey Kovalev want to train Conor for Boxing...

Автор Zidane 47 ( назад)
Kovalev is breakfast for Conor! He is a great Boxer but in a Streetfight or an MMA fight conor would ripped his ass after a few seconds.

Автор frithstar ( назад)
Chicken Kiev wouldn't stand a chance against the Irish one.

Автор Muhammud Ghulaam Yaseen ( назад)
Kovalev could not end Conor.
Skill set from Conor too much.

Автор mixcolor mj ( назад)
the truth is here all fucks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mnvt6gjj6yI

Автор The Truth ( назад)
Pretty sure this was friendly, but Kovalev would take McGregor's soul if they ever fought.

Автор yourleftnut1 ( назад)
in a street fight, i got the guy in red winning.. Conor's kicks are useless and his boxing is crap..

Автор СТИВЕН СИГАЛ ( назад)
Ковалёв дай ему по бароде

Автор Ray Robinson ( назад)
Kovalev messes with ppl too much. I was dying when he grabbed Stevenson's cheek like he was his little bitch. Dude straight doesn't give a fuck.

Автор John Spano ( назад)
They looked as if it was a pleasant conversation. If that shit got heated between thoes two 10 ppl would've been between them in seconds..

Автор James Matthews ( назад)
they're just talking that's it. not arguing

Автор zee raa ( назад)
is it me. or i sense that kovalev wasn't being pleasant to McGregor???

Автор beastmode32 ( назад)
lmao...he was annoyed by him..

Автор Salman Shaikh ( назад)
krusher will mess him up

Автор Dmitriy Pak ( назад)
Kovalev was asking Conor to help him get into UFC

Автор Fight Game ( назад)
For the latest beef on coner and mayweather subscribe to our channel

Автор David petit Eto'o page officielle ( назад)
This guy is doing too much now...yeah u great champ but stop being a hoe now

Автор Shan Devin ( назад)
little mcgregor wearing highheels again lol hes insecure

Автор don time ( назад)
Damn kov pressing the shit outta connor. LoL

Автор Relentless One ( назад)
Conor wears heals relax bro

Автор Haters Have Opinion ( назад)
Kovale Would Smack Conor Into A Coma!

Автор therealist811 ( назад)
Conor's passion for the art of fighting is immense, a testament to why he's such a good fighter he loves the fight game more than anything else.

Автор Alejandro Rodrigo Arraga ( назад)

Автор Superior No1 ( назад)
Conor McGregor shit 💩 His pants 😂😭

Автор Levan C. ( назад)
maybe he simply offered help, offered sparring opportunities..

Автор apacho321 ( назад)
Mr. McGregor, can I take a picture with you, please? ... or I will kill you.

Автор Oc The Gamer ( назад)
50-0 easy work

Автор 999,000,000 views ( назад)
He probably told him to fight khabib nurmagomedov but he always pulls out!

Автор Patrick Lefebvre Guitar ( назад)
Finally a video of the (not at all) heated exchange!

Автор calin vasile ( назад)
Conor got bullied and pissed himself hahaha

Автор Ilhan Dogan ( назад)
When he said something wrong Conor would kick his ass!

Автор Richard phillips ( назад)
He said I want turkey then he said no ham..

Автор BrahUAware ( назад)
I think Kovalev likes Conor, he said in an interview he enjoys watching him but then again who knows. Maybe McGregor said something and Kov got pissed or something.

Автор Josh V ( назад)
Kovalev Ward 2 as Co main confirmed.

Автор Stephen Bachman ( назад)
can anyone lip read and tell us what was said

Автор Vladimir rossia ( назад)
эта сумка коваля

Автор Wolf King ( назад)
kovalev asked for a selfie after this hahaha there's no problem! the Russians and Irish get along

Автор Stefan Sarclet ( назад)
Im pretty sure kovalev said something like if floyd fight doesnt happen you can fight me

Автор smhero ( назад)
I think McGregor was screaming because he realized something was missing in his life. He wanted a pet parrot bird to fill that hole. Feeling his pain and noticing the problem, Kovalev offered to sell him a Russian bear. McGregor agreed to buy the bear for fifty grand. Problem was that Kovalev wasn't talking about a real animal but a teddy bear. McGregor said he's fine with that, so Kovalev promised to go to the Disney store and buy him a Winnie the Pooh Bear right away.

Автор Terry Oneill ( назад)
ffs running abt like the toughest cunts in the world diluted as fk fk u in a war we see who's the bitch ffs lmbo

Автор GalaxyZ ( назад)
I wonder what he said to him?

Автор Sulaiman Khan ( назад)
for all u dumb fucks that don't know and are saying that McGregor would beat kovalev in a street fight ,kovalev knows wresting and Sambo the same shit khabibs gonna use to fuck him up ??? he's Russian for fuck sake. my Russian friend told me it's like a ritual in those kind of countries (wrestling, sambo).golovkin and lomachenko also know wrestling ..... so he ain't taking down shit😂😂😂😂

Автор LIFEBUOY ( назад)
Kovalev would literally take conors life.

Автор Londer G ( назад)
Conor is a true irishman give respect when respect is given no bs straight out and real

Автор RiZe Russia ( назад)
Куда этот цыпленок рыпается)))? Ковалев его просто отымеет!

Автор mr td202 ( назад)
sergey has praised conor numerous times, they were not talking shit. conor im sure seen kov saying good things, and if youre humble to conor hes humble back. lol

Автор Vladimir rossia ( назад)
Ну Ковалёв магрегора в боксе точно отымеет.😁

Автор Lewis Grindell ( назад)
Kovalev is explaining to Conor how to beat Floyd mayweather

Автор Sasha 888 ( назад)
Who da fuck is this guy?

Автор nero studios ( назад)
Sergey: "You have to KO your opponent in boxing because...."
Conor: "..because the runner always get UD bullshit win here!"

Автор Brandon SIMBA Silvestre Boxing ( назад)
great video. Please check out my KNOCKOUT . https://youtu.be/4VQBavAxyVw. Please subscribe to my channel Brandon SIMBA Silvestre Boxing. I'm half Filipino and Ali and Pacquiao inspired me to box and help people. Thanks. God bless

Автор thebest12700 ( назад)
lol sergeys prob askin him " you really gonna fight  fuckin Mayweather?"  then proceeded with telling him how to knock him out.

Автор hawkermustang ( назад)
He said Ward is a bitch, then Conor said I know. Floyd is a little diva bitch too.

Автор thisisgame ( назад)
conors alot taller than I thought he was

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