TROPICAL FANTASY - Sam Roi Yot Thailand

  • Published on Oct 22, 2018
    Khao Sam Roi Yot (translating to “mountain of 300 peaks,”) is located about 60 miles south of Hua Hin in Thailand along the south-western coast. It took us around four hours to drive from Bangkok to Sam Roi Yot, and is perfect for tourists who want to enjoy nature in various forms. Khao Sam Roi Yot combines limestone mountains, freshwater marshlands, coastal beaches, offshore islands and mangrove swamps. Today was our first day here so we just got familiar with the area and enjoyed a nice walk along Sam Roi Yot beach.
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  • Stuart Craigan
    Stuart Craigan 4 days ago

    Wow look how skinny you are, hahaha

  • formworksucks
    formworksucks 7 days ago

    2:52 Hey where's the rack?

  • Anthony Dowling
    Anthony Dowling 8 days ago

    > its super relaxing < Yes ,indeed Sai .

    • Anthony Dowling
      Anthony Dowling 8 days ago

      >i think that its 100% your fault< Yes he can be a knob at times ;-)

  • Scatt Kiwiman
    Scatt Kiwiman 10 days ago

    good to see people caring so much about animal even if it's a crab :-)

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 16 days ago

    Sell Sai to me, I will give 20k $ for her..

  • santhosh unnithan
    santhosh unnithan 27 days ago

    hi i like most of your videos.but todays ,i hate .bcz of the last session.respect the girl.she is not a sex toy,

  • simon chapman
    simon chapman Month ago

    Hay adam you need to respect all creatures great an small an respect sai's culture an religion you can be quite immature at times .uf you dont marry her yr a fool girl like that comes along once in a life time. I learned that the hard way i let my thai girl slip through my hands😣

  • BalaDarmidhi Balu
    BalaDarmidhi Balu Month ago

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    Pronob Barman Month ago

    Baby u so hot... But your boyfriend is not hot.

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    elangovan ramanan Month ago

    Sai being with you. I got jealous.

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    Mate you don’t sound like a real Aussie

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    Juan Paulo Month ago +1

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    This is your wife

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    Anthony Bove 2 months ago

    Sai and co-star old souls.

  • Anthony Bove
    Anthony Bove 2 months ago

    Baby Sai is so angelic. your co-star is the Teflon Don with his sunglasses.

  • Sumanta Bhowmick.
    Sumanta Bhowmick. 2 months ago

    Watch only 13.55


    Wow very nice................ 🧜‍♀️

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  • Robert Gross
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  • Brian Marty
    Brian Marty 3 months ago

    Drop dead gorgeous.

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    naveen god 3 months ago

    Hi I'm naveen from India, I have been watching ur videos from couple of days and I just enjoyed it because I just planned to go Thailand and u gave me an idea how the place could be, u both looking good . Specifically Sai😍

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  • Santosh Das
    Santosh Das 4 months ago

    Beautiful girl

  • Thirumavalavan N
    Thirumavalavan N 4 months ago +1

    Halo I'm watching this vedio very very late because of my busy schedule. All your Vedios are creating history. Everyone is unforgettable. When will be your next visit to india. I want to share a portion of your heavy expense. Thank you both. Teveyen.

  • Rolf Rijkschroefff
    Rolf Rijkschroefff 4 months ago

    Afterall...She is paid agent. Look at the hp all the time by her hand, on the other hand on those situation it is not urgent even on the beach to hold hp all the time, absurd. She is paid for RUclip rating, nothing else.

  • tawancutie
    tawancutie 4 months ago

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    Mdmchannel 4 months ago

    Most Thais eat all day

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