• Published on Dec 28, 2018
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  • Carnage720
    Carnage720 20 hours ago

    That’s not brummie 😂

  • boban Play
    boban Play 23 hours ago


  • tc
    tc Day ago

    one word...


  • Jake Naylor
    Jake Naylor 2 days ago

    Everton Everton Everton

  • SkellyKing56
    SkellyKing56 2 days ago

    As a scouser i am fumin at how he did the accent 😂

    RRP MAN 3 days ago

    aye south afriac boi (;

  • Ye S
    Ye S 3 days ago +1

    16:02 i was thinking how is Ethan throwing it at that angle and it keeps coming back to him?

  • Malinda
    Malinda 4 days ago

    Harry’s socks are matching josh’s and vik’s tshirts 😍

  • ZTKezy
    ZTKezy 5 days ago +1

    Why does Vik lose all brain function when it's his turn?

  • theflyin9pi9
    theflyin9pi9 6 days ago

    I know cause im irish

  • theflyin9pi9
    theflyin9pi9 6 days ago

    That is not irish

  • some guy
    some guy 7 days ago

    *Nazi solute....*

  • NFFC For Life
    NFFC For Life 8 days ago

    This is my favourite sentence. In Spanish (Español)
    Mi casa Es Bonita y esta en un pueblo.
    It means my house is nice and is is a village.
    This is how you would say my name is
    In español
    Me llamo Es Leo

  • Wrecked 123
    Wrecked 123 9 days ago +1

    16:26 and 2:00 were the best and not just because I’m Russian.

  • Spike Milligan
    Spike Milligan 9 days ago

    josh is such a faggot

  • Jung Kyung-Yeon
    Jung Kyung-Yeon 9 days ago

    Ethan’s american accent omg

    • Jung Kyung-Yeon
      Jung Kyung-Yeon 9 days ago

      They should speak in an american accent for a whole day 🤔

  • focused nut
    focused nut 10 days ago

    The American accent lol wow

  • christina marie
    christina marie 11 days ago

    Am I the only person who knew Josh was doing a German accent right from the get go

  • Louisa Oliva
    Louisa Oliva 12 days ago

    lol simon and harry feeling left out wth there outfit

  • TGH Beast14
    TGH Beast14 12 days ago

    Ross Barkley plays for Chelsea

  • HappyFace GamingYT
    HappyFace GamingYT 12 days ago

    If i has there i just say " shit i learn to much german and so much learning engliah dammit"

  • pussyslayr69 69
    pussyslayr69 69 13 days ago

    Love that Ethan still doesn’t realise he’s black in this vid

  • Chloe Wright
    Chloe Wright 13 days ago

    wha scouser sounds like tha lmao

  • sylvia Larison
    sylvia Larison 13 days ago +1

    I am gremen and my sister is Russia I think that the Russian was good but the gremen needs more work

  • Emily Coles
    Emily Coles 13 days ago

    I love josh

  • Emily Coles
    Emily Coles 13 days ago

    I love josh

  • Melek Sir
    Melek Sir 14 days ago

    I feel like Harry is secretly intelligent

  • Dhruv SHARMA
    Dhruv SHARMA 15 days ago

    German was so easy

  • GamingWolf
    GamingWolf 15 days ago

    Ethan’s hairline looks like the iPhone X notch.

  • ErnDogsVlogs 91
    ErnDogsVlogs 91 15 days ago +3

    Harry be looking like ‘Where’s Wally’ lol

  • Ashton Checkosis
    Ashton Checkosis 16 days ago

    U guys ever notice that Harry’s parents look like mum and Martin from morgz

  • Super Clouds
    Super Clouds 16 days ago +4

    16:48 I'm Irish and Irish people don't have an accent there are multiple accents in Ireland and I have no clue how Simon got the answer cause I didn't 😂

    • Emily
      Emily 16 days ago +1

      Claudia Michalska yeah I couldn’t understand it either but everyone has some kind of accent depending on where you’re from

  • Re:Action Crew
    Re:Action Crew 16 days ago

    I'm annoyed that they think South Africans have a retarded accent. Geezes man when i speak in Pubg, Rainbow, Fortnite and Apex people think I'm American

  • Mr Falki Jr
    Mr Falki Jr 16 days ago

    How is vik known as the smartest sideman he is so special jj is smarter than him 🙄🙄🙄🤨

  • Jezelf -
    Jezelf - 17 days ago +1

    Josh's German accent was way better than the previous 2 guys' things

  • Liana Castano
    Liana Castano 17 days ago +2

    7:42 surprised yall knew that😂😂

  • CCccttTT
    CCccttTT 17 days ago +1

    Ksi wearing those trousers he wore years ago

  • One Universe
    One Universe 18 days ago

    What is the outro song??? Sounds fire

  • MazurkA Z
    MazurkA Z 18 days ago +6

    19:28 love how jj reads it with himself 😂😂

  • AB
    AB 18 days ago

    6:10 did anyone else realise that there is a ball between harry's balls?

  • Allen Guo Vlogs
    Allen Guo Vlogs 19 days ago

    I kno this is rlly old but can anyone tell me what the song in the outro was?

  • Louis Moh
    Louis Moh 19 days ago +4

    6:32 As a chinese myself, this is the most ridiculous chinese accent i ever heard.

  • Oliver Farthing
    Oliver Farthing 19 days ago

    Did anyone else get all of them straight away

  • I play games
    I play games 19 days ago

    The Irish accent was terrible it depends where your from in Ireland then the accent changes

  • Sven Knoef
    Sven Knoef 19 days ago

    its funny that you use carp reels

  • jesse whitfield
    jesse whitfield 19 days ago

    as an australian im not that offended by the outro, it wasnt that bad

  • Anaysz
    Anaysz 19 days ago

    i knew it was german from josh

  • Cold Ice Light
    Cold Ice Light 20 days ago


  • nicole rowell
    nicole rowell 20 days ago +1

    Jj looks sick of his life😂😂

  • avrg still not below 20

    ur German und russian accent was shit

  • Ethan O’Garro
    Ethan O’Garro 20 days ago +1


  • Eliana Comer
    Eliana Comer 20 days ago +5

    10:10 proper felt attacked when they all started trying to do the scouse accent

  • Eliana Comer
    Eliana Comer 20 days ago

    JJ you’re scouse accent was a load of ass

  • Dark Shadow
    Dark Shadow 20 days ago

    If jj picked africa and his word is africa

    Playback To babatundae


    WOLF XD 21 day ago

    This is JJ worst mouth

  • Stanley Lee
    Stanley Lee 21 day ago

    If Ethan has lived in America his whole life, he would be a completely different person 😱

  • Daquan Headley
    Daquan Headley 21 day ago

    Where is the jamaiaca accent

  • vanessa milani
    vanessa milani 21 day ago

    I found Waldo

  • UnderDa
    UnderDa 21 day ago

    5:30 how is that scouse

  • Danton Goes gaming
    Danton Goes gaming 21 day ago

    What was ksi Irish accent