4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

  • We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?
    Check out the professional's recipe here on the ICE blog: www.ice.edu/blog/babka-french-toast-recipe
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    4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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  • triston george
    triston george Hour ago

    So today I was watching chopped and I was surprised to see Penny on there!

  • Vallelorum
    Vallelorum 5 hours ago

    Tbh level 2 looks better than level 3

  • Xeion Mc
    Xeion Mc 9 hours ago

    Can we talk about how the level 4 "chef" cant cook and is like that english teacher we never liked...

  • Sophie
    Sophie 14 hours ago

    French toast and ketchup??

  • badca2K
    badca2K 16 hours ago

    Gordon would destroy them

  • Patren33
    Patren33 16 hours ago

    I was in love with Emily until she added ketchup... what?!? I hate her now

  • Hendra Prasetya
    Hendra Prasetya 21 hour ago

    Emily is great comedian

  • Andrew Hayler
    Andrew Hayler Day ago

    Here in the uk, Emily’s would be called eggy bread because she kept it savoury with the ketchup etc. The other two are French toast, although all could be called eggy bread. Ketchup with eggy bread is ace👍🏻

  • Amazingly Amazed

    where's frank ?

  • Jacquetta Jim
    Jacquetta Jim Day ago

    Come on Emily🤦
    I add a splash of vanilla extract to my egg mixture lol😂😂 thought I was simple..

  • Carlako32
    Carlako32 Day ago

    Did anybody else get a craving to try french toast with ketchup? ...Just me?

  • Angela Is JuNgShooK


  • Ayesha Mohsin
    Ayesha Mohsin Day ago

    I got disappointed when the level 3 chef didn't lay their own eggs!!

  • SiaDawn
    SiaDawn Day ago

    Ketchup???? Wha-

  • trelo123
    trelo123 Day ago

    Emily has a youtube video about making a ketchup cake.

  • Maia Catherine McDougall

    i only watch the ones with emily lol

  • RottieShep CALIBRE
    RottieShep CALIBRE 2 days ago

    emily is beautiful and funny BUT...........

  • A Fun and Friendly Name


  • bou bou
    bou bou 2 days ago

    Sorry, but you american people really don't know how to make french toasts..

  • Kennedy Wild
    Kennedy Wild 3 days ago

    I always binge watch these late at night and Emily is always putting ketchup aside her food hahaha. I hate ketchup and have no idea how she eats it with food you usually don't eat ketchup with lmao.

  • Phoenix raine
    Phoenix raine 3 days ago

    Umm..only counted three levels here folks...

  • UrlzOn iPhone
    UrlzOn iPhone 3 days ago

    Ketchup on toast😳😳🕴🏾

  • Eric Sanchez
    Eric Sanchez 4 days ago

    Emily needs to be removed from this world

  • UnpopularOpinion
    UnpopularOpinion 4 days ago

    I want Lorenzo to have his own channel

  • Mel Francois
    Mel Francois 4 days ago

    Ew ketchup, French toast me an my BFF don't get along cuz of that

  • Doge dog
    Doge dog 4 days ago

    Damn it, we almost had the classic line up

  • fransptr
    fransptr 5 days ago

    Maybe in 5 years, there will be another burger or hotdog, and Emily is the level 3 chef. "... So for the dressing, I like ketchup. I'm going to make my own ketchup."

  • Vincent Castillo
    Vincent Castillo 5 days ago

    The 2nd cook gets his ingredients from special places

  • Fear Foxy
    Fear Foxy 5 days ago

    My dad lvl 500 chef that can cook a few dishes but cook them well cooks only eggs french toast and pasts

  • Mina in Japan
    Mina in Japan 5 days ago

    Ketchup? Did anyone else see that? 🤭😷

  • Nel B
    Nel B 5 days ago

    Sweet Eggy Bread, im disgusted!!

  • Chris Hovnanian
    Chris Hovnanian 5 days ago

    *Only for people that watch puck personality*
    Emily and Jamie Benn would be a perfect couple, they both LOVE ketchup

  • muziklove954
    muziklove954 6 days ago

    Emily is a level 0 chef and that ketchup proves she’s a psychopath 😂😂

  • parisereck
    parisereck 6 days ago

    To be honest level 3 was toooooooo much. I would say rather disgusting.

  • CmdrJace
    CmdrJace 6 days ago

    Emily is the epitome of a suburban mom with a kid named Aiden

  • Erick Nickson Damiano

    I'm using Emily's recipe for Mother's day breakfast for my mum.

  • Kry Oliver
    Kry Oliver 6 days ago

    This episode seemed so messy in comparison to others. Interesting

  • Kry Oliver
    Kry Oliver 6 days ago

    Why the heck would the pro chef say that 20 seconds in? XD

  • Guadalupe Gonzalez
    Guadalupe Gonzalez 7 days ago

    Lorenzo's is the best ever!!

  • The Colorful Cat Community

    Level 1:So this looks about right. I would eat this...alone in the dark, maybe.
    Level 2: I will eat this for dinner.This is fantastic.
    Level 3 : Ithinkitlooksamazingthetoastitselfiscaramelisedthebananaslooksoftandyieldingthewhippedcremefraichelooksbeautifulandsoftandpillowyandtheorangezestreallymakesmewanttodigin.

  • r c
    r c 7 days ago

    You all there are horrified/disgusted because Emily used ketchup? I use ketchup too on my French toast isn't that normal?

  • picolo2022 Games
    picolo2022 Games 7 days ago

    Idk why but u can’t stand Lorenzo

  • Ienjoy _pancakes
    Ienjoy _pancakes 7 days ago +3

    Penny's: What I know I couldn't make
    Lorenzo's: What I try to make
    Emilys: What I make( minus the ketchup)

  • Micheal Knight
    Micheal Knight 7 days ago


  • raquel-andrea
    raquel-andrea 8 days ago

    Emily has NEVER made French Toast a day in her life 😂

  • propaan pelikaan
    propaan pelikaan 8 days ago +3

    Lorenzo and penny: ok so now we add our maple syru-

  • Hite W
    Hite W 8 days ago

    Rose: Penny did it perfectly.
    Penny: *GrEaT*

  • jemima daniel
    jemima daniel 9 days ago +2

    Most of the level 3 chefs have an obsession with lemon/orange zest when they are making dessert !

  • Billy Coda
    Billy Coda 9 days ago

    Lorenzo, man, you just gave me cavities

  • Billy Coda
    Billy Coda 9 days ago

    Stankiewicz :)

  • #unicorns 4 life
    #unicorns 4 life 9 days ago

    Great. Now we are getting covid 19 adds

  • Mariana Mora
    Mariana Mora 9 days ago

    Emily inspires me . . . to never cook like her.

  • Ali the pyrofish
    Ali the pyrofish 9 days ago +1

    If you wanna go full on diabetes follow the *home cook* topping
    So much sugar

  • Nicolas Galloway
    Nicolas Galloway 10 days ago +1

    Emilyyyy😭😭 I just want to give her a hug and tell her everything will be alright

  • Rubén Gutiérrez
    Rubén Gutiérrez 10 days ago

    nothing to do against spanish TORRIJAS

  • aubry calflooking
    aubry calflooking 11 days ago

    Emily. NO.

  • remy paraskovia
    remy paraskovia 11 days ago

    I actually eat them with ketchup too, and soft cheese.
    And some bacon and ham

  • remy paraskovia
    remy paraskovia 11 days ago

    My top five chefs :

  • remy paraskovia
    remy paraskovia 11 days ago

    Penny not only show you how to make a French toast, but she also show us how to make delicious brioche chocolate bread


  • Skyfox
    Skyfox 11 days ago




  • • c r e a m x p u f f •

    Level 5 chef: *So we're gonna get some freshly layed dragon eggs,It just gives the bread a little bit of that richness of the dragon*

  • Tzippi Fuchs
    Tzippi Fuchs 11 days ago

    Hold up! Hold up! Did she call babka bread???!!!!???😱😱😱😱 I’m calling 911

  • datitingammez
    datitingammez 12 days ago

    7:11 custard is a mixture of dairy products like milk and eggs.
    Sometimes it’s cooked, sometimes it’s stirred.
    Sometimes it’s used to cook things like your turd.

    •PASTEL DREAMS• 12 days ago

    Am I the only one who eats french toast with cheese?

  • DO4M
    DO4M 13 days ago

    French toast with Ketchup; not that great!French Fries with Maple syrup on the other hand...

  • Derek Ashley
    Derek Ashley 13 days ago

    Emily is level minus 5 because if that ketchup

  • T. J. Brumfield
    T. J. Brumfield 13 days ago +3

    Rose refuses to even acknowledge Emily's ketchup topping.
    She is a monster, but I want to give her a hug.

  • fana
    fana 13 days ago

    back to the video that started it all #imWithTheKetchupQueen

    MAXIM EDITION 13 days ago +3

    Pro Chef: ‘I don’t really want it super eggy’
    Emily: ‘Mmmm, eggy!’

  • Sean B
    Sean B 13 days ago

    Nobody: Lorenzo: HAHAHAHHAHAHAAHHA

  • Randy Guardiola
    Randy Guardiola 13 days ago

    I was with the amateur cook until she put ketchup on the dish and then I was like NOPE!

  • Train Train
    Train Train 14 days ago

    i think even my food tech french toast is better than Emily''S , THATS SAYING SOMETHING.

  • connect2reality
    connect2reality 14 days ago

    Ketchup? I mean, it's creative.

  • Деница Димитрова

    С две думи: пържени филии 😂

  • Every Photo
    Every Photo 14 days ago

    Emily and Frank are the best ....remove everyone else and keep them on all show

  • Jakub Maly
    Jakub Maly 14 days ago

    Let's count to ten:
    1, 2, I've been a proffesionnal chef for 15 years, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

  • Christine Castle
    Christine Castle 15 days ago

    finally someone who makes savoury french toast, emily add some salt and peppar and you have my fav breakfast food

    • Christine Castle
      Christine Castle 15 days ago

      also if you just dip it in to coat it isnt gonna fall apart lmao

  • Malfunctioning ToasterDog

    Why is it always that the Homecook's food always looks the most appetising?

  • The Conservative Millennial

    Emily is my Spirit Animal. Just, no fucks given.

  • Maggie Z
    Maggie Z 15 days ago

    Emily made a depression meal and I love her for it