Ad Astra Review

  • Published on Sep 18, 2019
  • Director James Gray's sci-fi film, starring Brad Pitt, is grand but, rather frustratingly, it's not great.
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  • Lu X
    Lu X 8 days ago

    More like bad astra

  • Lego Fan
    Lego Fan 11 days ago

    This deserved a 9 at least

    • Jesper Kruuse-Jensen
      Jesper Kruuse-Jensen 11 days ago

      A 3.9 then. Daddy issues in space. So damn boring and pointless with a shitty message.

  • Lucca Rodrigues
    Lucca Rodrigues 14 days ago

    This ain't a superhero movie. As Astra is amazing and you should go see it now. Enough said.

  • Blake Childress
    Blake Childress 15 days ago

    This movie was beautifully bleak and somber. I think this movie will be talked about by movie analysts and critics for a long time because of it's profound and tragic messages.

  • Tim Wyckoff
    Tim Wyckoff 17 days ago

    I hated it. Boring, pretentious, sappy.

  • Daniel Lopes
    Daniel Lopes 17 days ago

    Its been years since I've seen such a boring movie.

  • Shrimperino Lea
    Shrimperino Lea 21 day ago

    Just watched the movie...personally I really liked almost everything!
    Do u know what I did not like?.....action sequences! Totally unnecessary! I hate the fact that because u are in the modern film era u need to put at least an action sequence every 20 minutes to wake up the audience, the problem is not the movie (with is super deep) but how our attention span has evolved in there last 20 years, we need fireworks every few minutes to keep our brains going and that is sad...not the movie...
    P.S: great performance by Brad!

  • Anson Lioe
    Anson Lioe 21 day ago

    Most pointless movie this year

  • L F
    L F 21 day ago +1


  • A R
    A R 21 day ago +1

    *I saw it yesterday. It was average. Wouldn’t watch it again*

  • Flaming Dragon
    Flaming Dragon 22 days ago

    Wow, another crappy review by IGN, am I surprised? Nahhh...

  • Art Offlying
    Art Offlying 23 days ago

    Saw it.. and loved it because i'm a space fan.. and there are some really nice space visuals ..For example, seeing the martian landing sequence, they should definitively work with SpaceX to make a better propaganda video for their Martian project. But the science is awfull (Earth gravity on the moon airport ? WTF ? ) and the scenario is really boring and disapointing..

  • VulKus
    VulKus 23 days ago +1

    At 0:18 I stopped watching. It’s clear you don’t understand or appreciate this genre, so you’re going to hate this film. Why even bother. Let me guess, you also think that Interstellar was directionless and boring, and Blade Runner was slow and tedious.

  • Cooper Carter
    Cooper Carter 24 days ago

    Pretty sure this reviewer should stick to Marvel flicks.

  • Kelly Booth
    Kelly Booth 25 days ago

    The trailers were awesome but, I was disappointed. I thought there was gonna be a lot of mind blowing action but sadly no.

  • Aryelish
    Aryelish 26 days ago

    How can a movie with space and Brad Pitt in it, disappoint me like This. :(

  • PureSparkles22
    PureSparkles22 26 days ago

    I saw the movie in theaters but some of the clips in the trailer weren't in the movie. did anyone else experience this?

  • Camden Osborn
    Camden Osborn 26 days ago

    Ya this movie started out pretty awsome, especially with the "fall" scene with the gigantic tower and the falling and all that. pretty cool. and then it just went downhill from there.

  • Foodrage
    Foodrage 26 days ago

    I really recommend this film if you like the Existentialism movie genre, but if you expect a lot of action you will be dissapointed , a lot of people left when I watch it. But this movie really speaks to me.

  • mrxmelanin
    mrxmelanin 26 days ago

    Why is the guy from CINEFIX talking?

  • Nick Petz
    Nick Petz 26 days ago

    Who gave you this job? Sorry but you're clueless. I won't argue it's not perfect but it's a terrific film and one the best performances I've ever seen from Brad Pitt. Solid 8.5 out of 10. Terrible review and never coming back.

  • Tarek Ali
    Tarek Ali 26 days ago +1

    As the critics say, this is a story about a son living in the long shadow of a heroic father, trying to reconcile fact over fiction. The adage 'Never meet your heroes' is certainly affirmed. However, in substance, this is a cautionary tale of human space exploration and the accompanying stupidity, madness, greed, and pride that follow such grandiose ambitions. I am certainly even more convinced humankind should focus on saving our existing spaceship, Earth, before we try to walk the stars. Some of the science also tends to stretch physics, where energy levels of phenomena defy logic. Visually mesmerizing, the film absolutely warrants an Imax viewing - the images of serene blue Neptune, in particular, haunt me. Like 'Last Jedi' I greatly deviate from the critics' consensus score on this much less beloved property.

    ALAN BERENT 27 days ago

    Like so many of the recent Marvel movies, Dad is the bad guy. Not much mention of Mom. Who drove Dad to try to escape to outer space, to GET AWAY FROM HER. Plus, the video of the destructions of earth video was by CNN. Which I'm pretty sure won't exist in the near future. At least, I hope so.😁👍

      ALAN BERENT 27 days ago

      BTW, I hope Ed Asner doesn't get any bad reviews because of this movie. 😂

    ALAN BERENT 27 days ago

    Like so many of the recent Marvel movies, Dad is the bad guy. Not much mention of Mom. Who drove Dad to try to escape to outer space, to GET AWAY FROM HER. Plus, the video of the destructions of earth video was by CNN. Which I'm pretty sure won't exist in the near future. At least, I hope so.😁👍

  • Alwyn Owen
    Alwyn Owen 27 days ago

    I think these kind of movies appeal for certain people, personally I thought it was more boring than a chemistry lesson. But hey what can you do

  • KyroEmeraldblade
    KyroEmeraldblade 27 days ago

    I don’t normally watch IGN movie reviews, so since when did the Cinefix guy move to IGN?

  • brouhajoe
    brouhajoe 27 days ago

    ***Review contains spoilers***

  • Det Nine
    Det Nine 27 days ago

    Terrible movie. No point to it. I’m all about a slow pace to a movie, but listening to Brad Pitt give himself a psych evaluation for two hours with NO POINT to it is just painful. I’ll hand it to Brad, though, it must have been a challenge to act like he has no charm or personality.
    Even worse is the physics. Go full real or go full fake. You can’t have Brad ignoring the acceleration of a rocket as it blasts away from Mars one second, the. Have the crew of said rocket suddenly smashing their heads in when they unbuckle WHILE BRAD IS STILL UNAFFECTED BY THE ACCELERATION.
    Anyone who actually likes this movie is just looking for ambiguous movie plots to over analyze and pretend like they get it while arguing with someone else who pretends like they get it, too. Plot twist: they both have to invent their own series of deleted scenes for their theories to be right.

  • ryan collyer
    ryan collyer 27 days ago

    Why did anyone like this movie?

  • J e
    J e 28 days ago

    Horrible movie. Don't waste your time. If you do please warn others.

  • Figment HF
    Figment HF 28 days ago +7

    the action sequences, except the first one, were super unnecessary. This is an awful review btw

  • Impulset0
    Impulset0 28 days ago

    Very depressing and bleak iteration of the near future. I enjoyed it but it was a bit slow in some parts.

    • Impulset0
      Impulset0 23 days ago

      @Full Life 3 I guess because, like Brad Pitts character said, we all had different romantic dreams about what the future would look like. And the same old capitalist westernization of other worlds ruins that.

    • Full Life 3
      Full Life 3 24 days ago

      Bleak? What's bleak about Applebee's on The Moon? It's motherfucking Aplebee's *ON THE MOON* that's the pinnacle of Space Travel, that's the dream.

  • lucid
    lucid 28 days ago

    So boring 😴 bad camera angles.

  • Donald Glover
    Donald Glover 28 days ago

    What a complete snooze fest. Literally fell asleep twice during the movie and I am not joking. Interstellar and Martian are two of my favourite movies so I was hyped for this. Maybe it was because I went in with the wrong mindset? Idk or maybe I'm too dumb to get it? Not a bad movie. Just boring for me. *edited for bad grammar, english is my second language

  • InfiniteBlueSky
    InfiniteBlueSky 28 days ago +2

    The movie was actually really.inovative, one that really gets you deep into film. Highly recommend watching it in theaters to get the full experience. Would rate it 8.5/10

    • Jay Corbett
      Jay Corbett 27 days ago +1

      InfiniteBlueSky Visually it’s amazing one of the best looking films I’ve seen in cinemas. Story was kinda boring though in my opinion

  • Lushyn Filmmaking
    Lushyn Filmmaking 28 days ago

    The only reason why so many people ( including me ) are dissapointed with it is cz this movie was promoted as a an action/Interstellar-vibe film with some interesting plot twist with his father. The trailer sold me that movie as the one it never was.

  • Jacque Rabie
    Jacque Rabie 29 days ago

    You're wrong, it's a fantastic movie.

  • Yousaf Almani-CR7
    Yousaf Almani-CR7 29 days ago +2

    This is my favourite movie of all times, even better than interstellar.

  • niko sorrentino
    niko sorrentino 29 days ago +4

    He had to travel for 3 months alone what excitement were you expecting for that sequence ?

  • Alexo Skykasl
    Alexo Skykasl 29 days ago

    I still remember that IGN gave Injustice 2 video game low score , just because of the storyline is dark. COD MW, Triple Frontier, etc,.

  • Anthony Cappozzo
    Anthony Cappozzo 29 days ago +1

    This movie was amazing! Visually stunning! It's a great perspective into the future. It felt like Space Odyssey, and The Abyss. Brad was spectacular. If you want action, go somewhere else. This is about relationships, and feelings. It's an intellectual film.

  • Steffen Bryde
    Steffen Bryde 29 days ago

    Woke garbage!

  • William Perry
    William Perry 29 days ago

    It looks like one of those downer films critics love.

  • Jill
    Jill 29 days ago +4

    I enjoy this movie one of Brad Pitts best performance.

  • Yggdrasill4
    Yggdrasill4 29 days ago

    It's like Space Odyssey without the mysterious Monolith, Interstellar without the artificially built wormhole, or Sphere without the time traveling spaceship and the mystical sphere it carried.

  • Fega Budisatria
    Fega Budisatria 29 days ago +1

    It's IGN review, what to expect? A brainer?

  • BakonDude
    BakonDude 29 days ago

    I like how everyone is coming for the dude his narrating this as if he's the guy that reviewed it and not just reading a script

  • Samuel Emerson
    Samuel Emerson 29 days ago +10

    It seems like this reviewer lacks a general knowledge of human emotions, and an intelligence level required to watch any film other than an MCU movie.

    • Samuel Emerson
      Samuel Emerson 25 days ago +1

      Your comment makes me feel disappointed, because it seems like many people have forgotten how to actually feel feelings. If you want to go to the movies and judge everything off of science, then you do you, but it is impossible for a person like me (most people) to walk into that theater and watch the entire movie without feeling any emotions. This film isn't really trying to be some crazy action movie, or even a super-accurate sci-fi film, it's just trying to explore a father-son dynamic in a unique and powerful way, using great acting, beautiful visuals, and emotional dialogue. When I walked into the theater, I wasn't really excited or hyped, I was actually relieved to know that I would be watching someone's life's work that has real emotions packed into it, for honestly the first time since Get Out.

    • steven G
      steven G 25 days ago

      this movie was dumber than any MCU movie. its one of the stupidest Sci fi films ive seen, The radio mask in the beginning would not only be unfeasible expensive but outright impossible to make due to its height buts its the wrong type of antenna anyway lol we use antenna dishes ! if making it go outside the atmosphere helped , why not just build it in space or on the moon lol How come we can send radio signals to and from Voyager 1 which is twice the distance away than Neptune but in this they have to go mars to send one lol And how the hell does the emp not damage Tommy lee jones ship. yet travel to earth. and it takes 30 years to travel to neptune not a few days lol why would we needing to experiment on monkeys in space if we already been living in space for decades and already created artificial gravity lol and we wont even mention surfing a nuclear explosion. why the hell would he need to nuke it anyway , why not just shut it down lol . oh yeah so we can have a big cool explosion... the film is awful and its ratings are going down every day as more people see over the hype.

  • Cristian Venjo Reyes
    Cristian Venjo Reyes 29 days ago

    i fall to sleep in watching this

  • Ariel Casanova
    Ariel Casanova 29 days ago +2

    Wow, this one's not popular with audiences. I thought it was great!

  • White Sheep
    White Sheep 29 days ago +1

    The acting is great, cgi and sceneries are amazing but the story is meh to me. There's no plot twist, no timeline or surprise element which makes this movie boring. Still Interstellar is the best in my opinion.

  • Chung Horkit
    Chung Horkit 29 days ago +1

    u are shallow af, u review this master piece like an average Super hero movie goer. Sleep-walking for over an hour? I guess its just you.

  • nick jones
    nick jones 29 days ago +1

    Finally an IGN review I agree with.. Well done.. Overrated pish

  • scoobyrex247
    scoobyrex247 29 days ago

    I love that greencast of fuju pro 400

  • Rossiko
    Rossiko 29 days ago

    This review was awful. Please see this movie. One of the best, emotional, atmosphere rich movies I've ever seen. Felt like a real story and ride the whole way through.

    • Full Life 3
      Full Life 3 24 days ago

      Honestly the part after he reached Mars was painfully slow. I almost fell asleep.

  • Nathan Combs
    Nathan Combs 29 days ago

    I couldn't disagree more, I think this movie is profound and stunning! It didn't feel slow, it felt raw and intentional with tension and suspense preceding every scene. Definitely would say this is a MUST SEE

  • Craig M
    Craig M 29 days ago +1

    To each is own, but a 6.8 for this movie is absurd. Don't let negative IGN reviews keep you away, its a great movie.

  • trial
    trial 29 days ago

    2 hours of boringness.

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris 29 days ago

    I take the inverse of IGN and Rottem Tomatoes “critics” scores. Clearly the critics are punishing the film for not advocating extreme climate change remedies with transgender superheroes saving the day.

  • Sarah Stokes
    Sarah Stokes 29 days ago

    It was a pretty bad movie, but there were some hilarious parts of the movie.