What It Takes To Make A Wedding Cake

  • Published on Oct 20, 2018
  • Madison Lee is a master of her craft. At 31, she has established herself as one of the world's foremost cake artists and sugar flower experts.
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Comments • 3 005

  • Stephanie Agustin

    i just wanna know what app she uses for her sketches lol

  • Aviar Chances
    Aviar Chances 3 hours ago

    Omg, I love the art of your cakes , its amazing ❤

  • Pink Star Channel
    Pink Star Channel 8 hours ago

    that just looks like food i would never make

  • Pree thi
    Pree thi 12 hours ago

    Well she isn't wearing a glove while mixing or during most of the process..had t been some video about indian food the comments section would be flooded with 'so unhygienic' 'wear gloves' 'do people really eat this ' and so on..double standards 🤷

  • Vriridiana Lomeli

    I respect cakes now more

  • Tala Chiragwandi

    Rare to have people like this nowadays..

  • Lamia Hussain
    Lamia Hussain Day ago

    That's what happens when your passion and profession are same so the people like that originate

  • Анна Март

    Это очень круто!!!! Вы такая сильная!

  • Paki Langi
    Paki Langi 2 days ago

    I swear I saw this on Insider's snapchat 😆😂

  • Cecilia Alcantara
    Cecilia Alcantara 2 days ago

    two words, ..... my hero !!! I LOVE YOUR WORK, that was my dream my whole life ,... never could do it !

  • Neil Godridge
    Neil Godridge 2 days ago

    When I go to a wedding all I care about is eating the cake :]

  • jayjay 154
    jayjay 154 2 days ago

    she is awesome

  • Adarshinee Jeenah
    Adarshinee Jeenah 2 days ago

    Beautiful cakes

  • Gurjot Kaur
    Gurjot Kaur 2 days ago

    first time i see someone who do his her work from heart 😘😘 good bless u sista

  • Doyoung's Pick
    Doyoung's Pick 2 days ago

    So pretty 😭😍

  • Angie C
    Angie C 3 days ago +1

    I looovve how committed she was how particular and how much she cares for her craft

  • lotrgirl27
    lotrgirl27 3 days ago

    Just out of curiosity.. Does she also cater to gluten intolerant people and vegans? I mean if you pay them big bucks that should be on the menu ;) (and is wayyy harder than just slapping a ton of fondant on a dry cake)

  • JP
    JP 3 days ago

    These are beautiful, but seriously who TF needs a four foot tall wedding cake? Lol the customers must be sooooo extra

  • Ilya
    Ilya 3 days ago

    This cake is a piece of art...how to eat it??

  • imissa bright
    imissa bright 3 days ago

    This is definitely ART 😚

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason 3 days ago

    In some parts she doesn't wear gloves and in other parts she does wear gloves
    Food service workers SHOULD ALWAYS wear gloves
    Then put her whole arm in the batter *on the floor* ...omg disgusting
    Her cakes are one bare hand or arm hair from spreading hep A or other disease/food poisoning...

    • Kimchi
      Kimchi Day ago

      Actually sometimes a clean hand is better than wearing a glove. If you watch baking videos, most of people use their bare hands when handling the batter and when they are handling the toppings of the cake. Have you never watched cake boss? There are like 10 people not wearing gloves handling the cake in every episode and it's fine.

  • sajini karthikeyan
    sajini karthikeyan 3 days ago +53

    It was only 11 min but it felt like a lifetime story completed .

  • Elizabeth James
    Elizabeth James 3 days ago

    2:05 Until here I really thought the flowers on the cake were store bought!!

  • krisi Manasieva
    krisi Manasieva 4 days ago

    Made by hand? Couldn’t they just say “handmade”, I mean if they want to go the hard way ok but like why?

  • Alanna Bishop
    Alanna Bishop 4 days ago

    I remember the only wedding I ever went too, the cake was awful, that was 9 years ago and I still remember how bad the cake was. So it’s amazing how you think about that

  • Musa Khan
    Musa Khan 4 days ago

    I WAnt to eat this cake

  • morgan.ridds
    morgan.ridds 5 days ago

    that cake looks so fuckin dense though like idk man idk

  • shamsheeda thayyil
    shamsheeda thayyil 5 days ago

    am an Indian. i love bakings. she is an amazing baker. pls respect her passion.

  • Mendes Army 4Life
    Mendes Army 4Life 6 days ago

    That cake looks worth more than I am

  • Melina Zoey
    Melina Zoey 6 days ago +2

    I Love how passionate she is 😍☺️

  • Jose Diola
    Jose Diola 7 days ago

    thats a piece of cake job..

  • Cygnette Giselle
    Cygnette Giselle 7 days ago +2

    Me at sugar flower: "babe, can I eat them after the reception, please?"

  • The Person
    The Person 8 days ago +1

    Imagine someone going up to her and beilg like
    'Excuse me? Can I have a wedding cookie instead?'
    Her: *attacks the person*

  • Evelyn Hernández Espinosa


  • Life Is beautiful
    Life Is beautiful 9 days ago +1

    How much hardwork is required to make that cake and its not even takes a seconds to cut it......sad reality.....

    • Life Is beautiful
      Life Is beautiful 6 days ago

      Ya .....they deserves every success.

    • Amanda Sham
      Amanda Sham 7 days ago

      1 min show on stage, 10 years hard work behind it. respect all great artists

  • Dominic Valentin
    Dominic Valentin 9 days ago +12

    "Let them eat cake" - Marie Antoinnete

    P.S. I know that she never actually said that line

  • Rachel .M
    Rachel .M 10 days ago

    Beautiful 💞

  • Like Shb
    Like Shb 10 days ago

    So beautiful every girl dream

  • Nutella Sammich
    Nutella Sammich 10 days ago

    Okay look. She’s talented as fk and the cakes look amazing right. But mmaaannn
    I’m so fkn amazed at how many things she can say and talk about cake.
    Like. All i can think of saying if someone asked me to describe the cakes I make, I would stop at ‘my cakes are fkn delicious.... and.... they’re beautiful... and 😳👀’

  • Geneeta Ramjit
    Geneeta Ramjit 11 days ago

    Wow you're so talented. I never did a wedding cake that big. I'm still a chef in training. Great job. Now your a fan of mine

  • isha shAh
    isha shAh 11 days ago

    The flowers look so real

  • Marry Max
    Marry Max 11 days ago +1

    Mam I'm your future student and employ at your kitchen 🤩😍👍

  • Abbey Malcolm
    Abbey Malcolm 12 days ago

    Anyone know the app she used to sketch out her design!

  • Laiba Sohail
    Laiba Sohail 12 days ago


  • Amna Kazi
    Amna Kazi 12 days ago

    Any one thinking about the money while watching the video 🤣

  • liam adler
    liam adler 12 days ago

    Great but it was made too dramatic

  • Kayla Buchok
    Kayla Buchok 13 days ago +1

    I just kinda want to know what app she used to draw the cakes

  • Hannah Irfan
    Hannah Irfan 13 days ago

    Answer: Patience and Perfection!

  • 3StarLogo
    3StarLogo 14 days ago +79

    "the entire cake is edible."
    I'm used to seeing fake layers on tv

    • AA 2954
      AA 2954 23 hours ago

      kaia may their made of sugar. She’s a SUGAR FLOWER ARTIST and baker.

    • kaia may
      kaia may Day ago +1

      3StarLogo there’s flowers? that’s what she means lmao dumby

  • Kaija 233
    Kaija 233 16 days ago +1

    How do i get into something like this? Making custom cakes or wedding cakes. It's my dream job

    • Pie Crust
      Pie Crust 6 days ago

      Probably looking into a Culinary degree or major and then starting small by working with baked goods, and then you make your way to a wedding cake bakery

  • Rima Maroc
    Rima Maroc 16 days ago

    Hard work 😓

  • Aastha Chaurasia
    Aastha Chaurasia 16 days ago +1


  • KookieBunny !
    KookieBunny ! 17 days ago +1

    Them: Requires a very beautiful and elegant cake for their wedding
    Me: *If its chocolate and has loads of frosting then I'll marry happy*

  • Jacqueline Bucovy
    Jacqueline Bucovy 17 days ago

    “Let then eat cake” hee

  • Izy You
    Izy You 17 days ago +1

    - its absolutely amazing😍😍😍

  • Temo
    Temo 18 days ago +6

    Endless respect for strong, determined people like this that know exactly what they need and want from themselves and their company to be successful in every aspect. It truly shows in her masterpieces and I can only hope that I am this good at whatever I choose to build a career from

  • Charmaine Irugalbandara

    Wonderful it's lovely good luck 😍

  • Xx Xavy
    Xx Xavy 18 days ago

    This is my dream job.

  • Xx Xavy
    Xx Xavy 18 days ago

    7:00 girl same

  • VeRoxSadie
    VeRoxSadie 20 days ago

    Beautiful art, but that's it, just something pretty to look at for those who can blow cash. Would much rather invest the money into a home or education savings for potential children.

  • Gregory Winans
    Gregory Winans 21 day ago +2

    A beautiful and stunning piece of art!

  • SMS2020 Brennan E
    SMS2020 Brennan E 21 day ago +1

    Wtf was 4:05???
    And 5:55 WTF WAS THAT FACE!
    6:57 - 7:02 that’s what she said

  • Jake Webb
    Jake Webb 21 day ago +1

    Lol she was on the ground mixing the batter, and then later putting her knee on the table moving the cake around... this channel should be called “Nasty” not Tasty

  • Jake Webb
    Jake Webb 21 day ago

    Lol that cake looked so dry...

    • Great Value Bleach
      Great Value Bleach 13 days ago

      You can't have the cake extra moist or it will fall apart. That's why you *Simple Syrup* the cake when you're done cutting and shaping it. You clearly don't know shit about baking cakes.

    KELLY PASSALAQUA 22 days ago +14

    Your cakes are gorgeous, your flowers are off the chart beautiful!!!’ Wow!

  • L. Q
    L. Q 22 days ago +27

    Those flowers are as beautiful, if not more (!) than the ones in nature. SUCH perfection. Go Madison, you define ART!

  • Tommy Drako
    Tommy Drako 23 days ago

    this cake must be expensive as hell

  • christianpappo
    christianpappo 24 days ago

    Whats the name of the app she is using to desing the cake?

  • Ana Pedocchi
    Ana Pedocchi 24 days ago

    The flowers tho

  • Galicias Gone
    Galicias Gone 24 days ago

    hygine is so basic and a head band does not do enough as hair flies, hair nets for protection should be worn. great job anyway

  • Luz Pena
    Luz Pena 26 days ago +1

    Beautiful but I think the consistency of the cake is hard

  • alyssa C
    alyssa C 26 days ago

    I love this and watching people truly love what they do and never giving up. She’s had her company since she was 21.... that’s amazing.

  • Jacqueline Sept
    Jacqueline Sept 27 days ago

    You and your hands are blessed! I love your work and the way you think.

  • Manana Koncelidze
    Manana Koncelidze 27 days ago


  • Nicole Golebiowski
    Nicole Golebiowski 27 days ago

    when I will have a wedding in the future i hope my cake will look like that :3

  • aya chahal
    aya chahal 27 days ago

    I never realised how the wedding cake can have this much value, it is the result of many people's hard work and dedication

  • Patricia Edwards
    Patricia Edwards 27 days ago

    Wow..i do share your sentiments,i can see the passion #100.

  • ab sn
    ab sn 28 days ago

    Big wedding cakes are dry

  • Lintang Cahyaningsih
    Lintang Cahyaningsih 28 days ago +52

    People just love bashing cakes with fondants. But hey, it's pretty and it takes years to master proper fondant techniques.

  • Jesus Jose Renteria
    Jesus Jose Renteria 29 days ago

    Beutiful Work. My Sincere Respects To You and Your Staff.. Bravo 👏👏👏👏👏 It's a dream to have a wedding cake like that.. 😘👬

  • Angela Hsiao
    Angela Hsiao 29 days ago

    Those sugar florals look so realistic!

  • wickandde
    wickandde 29 days ago

    I just love ott cakes like this 😍

  • d ra
    d ra 29 days ago +1

    I tough the flower is real flower it’s actually handmade

  • Morgan Carlson
    Morgan Carlson 29 days ago

    The flowers are sooooooo beautiful!

  • Wbb j
    Wbb j 29 days ago

    Ok I know u worked hard on that but still u sound so fake

  • The Person
    The Person 29 days ago

    Me trying to make a normal cake: "How much is a tablespoon again?" "What, what's brown sugar supposed to be?" "A 14-inch pan can't be that far away from a 9-inch pan, right?" "I think Celsius is the same thing as Fahrenheit..." "Wait, what's that burning smell" "I had to use PARCHMENT PAPER?" "Is this supposed to taste salty charcoal?" "OH shit, THAT one was sugar and THAT one was salt?"

  • Cindy Benjamin
    Cindy Benjamin 29 days ago +1

    I admire her so much😢😢 i graduated in culinary arts but i wantted to be just like her..im my way studying cakes while working in a bakery shop now😄😄 im going to stick to my dreams idc how hard it will be.

    • nduka juliet
      nduka juliet 26 days ago

      Cindy Benjamin that’s nice Cindy

  • Nidaroi Wann
    Nidaroi Wann Month ago

    I wish to be like her.....

  • Roanne Sylvester
    Roanne Sylvester Month ago +1

    She says "I eat cake every day" and that's when I loved her 😍

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel Month ago

    So you can basically get this anal woman's cake, or you could probably buy a car. I'm going for the car.

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel Month ago +1

    Man, she sounds messed up. Perfectionistic and anal.

  • Natalie Kendel
    Natalie Kendel Month ago +1

    She shouldn't have put down Pinterest like that.

  • I Am Jeffrey
    I Am Jeffrey Month ago

    At least wear gloves

  • شوق وحنين
    شوق وحنين Month ago


  • Depot msa
    Depot msa Month ago


  • Harould Sparks
    Harould Sparks Month ago

    this made me tearful because of the passion and the beauty of the passion

  • Alli C
    Alli C Month ago

    She's right that if the cake tastes bad, you don't remember anything else. We went to a wedding where the cake was literally burned, you could see the blackened edges they failed to cut off, and we STILL talk about that nasty, scorched wedding cake 10 years later, yet I have no idea what else happened during that wedding. Not the colors, not the other food, not the dances, nothing. That wedding=burnt cake.

  • omar galia
    omar galia Month ago

    All respect

  • tyty990099
    tyty990099 Month ago +1


  • Arindam Mojumder
    Arindam Mojumder Month ago

    Superb work.... Salute to you mam....