Funniest Kid Test Answers & Funny Detention Slips (2019)

  • Published on Feb 23, 2019
  • Official “Funniest Kid Test Answers & Funny Detention Slips” video by Alonzo Lerone.
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Comments • 4 019

  • Amelia Casserley
    Amelia Casserley 5 hours ago

    A sea serpent

  • Amber Miller
    Amber Miller 17 hours ago

    Ride a sea serpent

  • Deerlyn Fawn
    Deerlyn Fawn 18 hours ago +1



  • Black Ninja
    Black Ninja 2 days ago

    2:00 it is spelled wrong its spelled explanation not explaination

  • ladydubhblossom
    ladydubhblossom 2 days ago

    velociraptors are those pack dinos that kept following around the people in the Jurassic Park movies plotting their deaths but only ever killing off the side characters xD
    I've never seen one ride a hoverboard, but that would interesting enough to allow them to kill me while I'm still trying to figure it out...

  • Sarrah Miller
    Sarrah Miller 3 days ago

    The answer to the questions that says YOLO is fx+gx it's not hard it's the commutitave property with letters
    JTLYN: I'm not capping

  • Sarrah Miller
    Sarrah Miller 3 days ago


  • Amanda D
    Amanda D 3 days ago

    Book Fair day in Elementary school was AWESOME!

  • Heather Monroe
    Heather Monroe 3 days ago

    How do I submit pictures? I got a great one my oldest daughter did in first grade 😂

  • Ruby The Wild White Lioness

    Um..... aren't all roaches bald-headed? I mean, it would be weird if roaches had hair......... a mullet..... a toupee, maybe.

  • Ethan
    Ethan 4 days ago

    How was London?

  • Cdr Ghost Eye
    Cdr Ghost Eye 6 days ago

    6:51 it says "ride a sea serpant (snake)" snake that lives in water and no not an eel

  • Malik Despanie
    Malik Despanie 10 days ago

    f(x) is pronounced f of x.

  • Moammad Uddin
    Moammad Uddin 11 days ago

    He’s saying I want to ride a sea serpents

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K 11 days ago

    Umm hello in the question with the cherries you have yourself too thast 6 to divide from

  • dawn degidio
    dawn degidio 13 days ago

    That was a sea serpent

  • Brittany Holden
    Brittany Holden 13 days ago

    6:29 OMG

  • Princess Snow
    Princess Snow 16 days ago +1

    My biggest wonder, is what you are sitting on. Your always moving and falling, i think you need to get yourself a better chair.

  • A1F4 R3C0N
    A1F4 R3C0N 17 days ago

    Sea serpent

  • Assassinator 300
    Assassinator 300 17 days ago +1


  • Craig Phoenix
    Craig Phoenix 21 day ago

    At least 2 of those were featured in earlier videos

  • jayson & kimora.
    jayson & kimora. 22 days ago



    5:20 give this kid a dragon

  • Top Nep
    Top Nep 25 days ago

    Student: #yolo
    Teacher: #minimumwage #future #mcdonalds
    Student: #nani

  • Renée Gaudreau
    Renée Gaudreau 25 days ago

    Hes trying to say "ride a sea serpent" hahahaha

  • Trev Talks
    Trev Talks 25 days ago


  • James Jackson
    James Jackson 26 days ago

    breaking news: I am quite offended at the fact someone put: E: An Asian, because I myself am asian.

  • James Jackson
    James Jackson 26 days ago

    breaking news: get a dictionary.

  • LA Smith
    LA Smith Month ago

    Old or new your videos are repeats fr😩

  • Tianna Elizalde
    Tianna Elizalde Month ago

    So when i was young and stupid, i decided it would be a good idea to forge my mom's signature cuz she was pretty nasty when i got in trouble. So my teacher (somehow) figured it out and told my mom. How about that woman took me to a family friend who was a lawyer and we had a good 1hour discussion about why forgery was bad! 😞

  • Whitney Joseph
    Whitney Joseph Month ago

    12:28 😭💀

  • Whitney Joseph
    Whitney Joseph Month ago

    3:01 😭💀

  • docwood141
    docwood141 Month ago

    **Getty Images**

  • Dale Green
    Dale Green Month ago

    7:02 sea serpent

  • Mason
    Mason Month ago +1

    I love how his intro says get a dictionary when he cant pronounce half the things on student responses

  • Brianna Davis
    Brianna Davis Month ago +1

    I love him he's my favorite who agree's

  • Soleda Deleon
    Soleda Deleon Month ago

    Why is kash living a better life than me

  • Eli Manlapas
    Eli Manlapas Month ago

    A sea serpent is like a dragon but in the water

  • Brianna Bernthal
    Brianna Bernthal Month ago

    @6:47 he wrote sea serpent

  • Willow
    Willow Month ago

    6:59 he wants ride a sea serpent

  • erika schulte
    erika schulte Month ago

    "Ride a sea serpent"

  • Eddie Rogers
    Eddie Rogers Month ago

    You think that 2:09 and 3:08 are in the same town 🤣

  • Lil Frye
    Lil Frye Month ago

    Ride a sea serpent

  • Tasha Koolidge
    Tasha Koolidge Month ago

    Love your videos very funny

  • emily best
    emily best Month ago

    Sea serpent.

  • Dylan Shultz
    Dylan Shultz Month ago

    It was sea serpent not sed

  • carl mercado
    carl mercado Month ago


  • Luna Zeppeli
    Luna Zeppeli Month ago

    Kids can be brutally honest....we never know when the day of our eternal slumber will come. Its like one day you could just go to sleep and not wake

  • done
    done Month ago

    “ride a sea serpent”

  • Noah Tackett
    Noah Tackett Month ago

    Kid wants to ride a sea serpent. Like the mythical sea creature of legends

  • Bazinga Ascii
    Bazinga Ascii Month ago +2

    "Before I'm 100 years old I will..."
    "ride a sea serpent"

  • Kayla Lassiter
    Kayla Lassiter Month ago

    I will ride a sea snake...

  • Kristopher Brookenshillebrand

    Sea serpent

  • Gloria Garcia
    Gloria Garcia Month ago +1

    5:48 wooo I thought that smurf was someTHING else and that,that brain was also something else

  • Pookie-Chan Senpai
    Pookie-Chan Senpai Month ago

    For y’all curious, cystocele is a bulge in the (meow) when there has been pelvic muscle strain for women. I’m trying to be a medical major, so I thought of it immediately when Alonzo read that.

  • kimora simmons
    kimora simmons Month ago +1

    My dad speaks piglatin he taught me

  • Luna Tic
    Luna Tic Month ago

    Did you really ask if you'd be alive 100 years from now?? O.o

  • Lois Ison
    Lois Ison Month ago

    He is literally a mood and Iove it😆