Making 'Gold' YouTube Playbutton

  • Published on Jan 8, 2017
  • Making 4 RUclip Playbuttons from empty bullet shells.
    In this video we show you step by step how we created 4 brass RUclip playbuttons which will be given away to 4 of our subscribers.
    ***** Edit March 1st 2017 : We have one for sale ! *****
    Each button is pure brass from empty bullet shells which we bought at a local shooting range.
    The buttons weight aprox. 1.3kg or 2.9lb each. The original Silver Playbutton weighs 200grams so the brass ones are 6x heavier then the Silver Playbutton.
    Gold RUclip PlayButton :
    Gold Superman Logo :
    Gold Batarangs :
    Gold Bugatti Logo :
    Gold Flash Logo :
    =====HOW TO WIN===== (This giveaway has ended)
    The winners :
    1 : Samantha Hambright, Ohio
    2 : Xenocreations, Germany
    3 : Mertens X, Belgium
    4 : Roque Jesse, Netherlands
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    Good Luck to everyone !!!
    If you have any questions please write them in the comments and i will make a Q&A list down below in this description.

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    Alan Walker - Force
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