The Internet's Slamming Marvel After That Black Widow Trailer

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Marvel Studios has done it again... stoked the ire of some fans on the internet, that is.
    While reactions to the first trailer for the upcoming Black Widow were largely positive, a certain subset of fans took issue with what they perceived as the fat-shaming of the Red Guardian, portrayed by Stranger Things' David Harbour.
    The Guardian, real name Alexei Shostkov, appears at a couple of different moments in the trailer. Russia's answer to Captain America is portrayed as being perhaps a decade or two past his prime, and suffice to say that Harbour - never the trimmest of actors - didn't exactly get jacked for the role.
    This is obviously by design, as we first see Shostakov flexing his admittedly considerable muscles in a mirror, then attempting to squeeze into his old suit. He does, then proudly announces to his "family" - Scarlett Johansson's Natasha Romanoff , Florence Pugh's Yelena Belova, and Rachel Weisz's Melina Vostokoff - that it still fits.
    "Yeah! Still fits."
    That's when Vostokoff says:
    "You got fat."
    However, in the spot's very next scene, we see that the Guardian's added heft doesn't seem to be slowing him down much, as he single-handedly takes on the villainous Taskmaster.
    The response from some fans online was highly reminiscent of the "Fat Thor" controversy after the release of Avengers: Endgame. Many were incredulous that Marvel appeared not to have learned anything from said controversy, including Twitter user @The_GothDaddy, who wrote:
    "The Black Widow trailer looks pretty good I'd like it more if Marvel learned their lesson with Thor and maybe considered leaving out yet... A n o t h e r... Dig at fat people."
    User @Artists_Al agreed, writing:
    "So I watched the Black Widow trailer. Is Marvel just gonna do wall to wall fatphobic jokes in all their movies now or....? Yeah that's gonna be a no from me."
    There were a wealth of similar tweets to be found in the trailer's immediate wake, and while everybody is obviously entitled to their opinion, ours is that - as with the Endgame controversy - the approach to Harbour's character is being wildly misinterpreted.
    User @MediocreJedi contributed another critical tweet that touched on our reasoning:
    "Imma watch the hell out of #BlackWidow but did Marvel learn ANYTHING from their Endgame Thor fat joke backlash? Most women I know find David Harbour hot. So, another fat joke? Signed, guy who can barely fit into his 21-year-old dress uniform but can still kick ass."
    While one could certainly make the argument that Marvel didn't exactly think through the potential ramifications before committing to their portrayal of Red Guardian, we submit that those accusing the studio of fatphobia would do well to take a look at the broader context of the spot. Sure, the fact that Shostakov is old and out of shape, squeezing into his superhero costume only for his "family" to poke good-natured fun at him, is played for a laugh. Does this make the Red Guardian a buffoon, a punchline, like some in the Twitterverse are asserting?
    Respectfully, we don't agree that it does. Again, in the very next scene, we see the Guardian in all his overweight glory engaging one-on-one with one of the deadliest villains in the Marvel universe - and everything about his appearance in this sequence, regardless of how many extra pounds he may be packing, screams "utter badass."
    Those raking Marvel over the coals on Twitter obviously took away something different, and that's unfortunate - but we certainly didn't see Marvel encouraging audiences to point and laugh at the hapless fat guy. What we saw was much more along the lines of, "Hey, Alexei may be past his prime; he has to struggle to get into his old suit, and his family ribs him about it. He may not have the body of Captain America, but he can damn sure throw down like him."
    To us, this is the exact opposite of fat-shaming, and we took a similar position in defense of Fat Thor - AKA "Bro Thor." Yes, it was a shock to the system to see the God of Thunder having packed on the pounds, swilling beer and playing video games, and Chris Hemsworth leaned into the comedic aspects of his first onscreen appearance in that state. Yes, Tony Stark made fun of him; Stark made fun of everybody, every chance he got.
    With Red Guardian and Bro Thor alike, Marvel seems to be pretty darn consistent in its message, which is a timeless one: don't judge a book by its cover. You might be old, you might be chubby, you might be depressed; you can be any or all of these things, and you can still be a hero. That is a message anyone should be able to get behind. Watch the video to find out why the Internet's slamming Marvel after that Black Widow trailer!
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  • Looper
    Looper  Month ago +233

    Did you find the Black Widow trailer insensitive?

    • Bill Hardy
      Bill Hardy 14 days ago

      I didn't find the trailer at all insensitive. Your analysis of the why Thor as well as Red Guardian got fat was spot on.

    • Hans Wurst
      Hans Wurst 21 day ago

      @Max Chambers this so much!!

    • Jonathan Delgado
      Jonathan Delgado 21 day ago

      Snowflakes gotta flake

    • James letts
      James letts 29 days ago

      No! Simple as! Some people need to get a grip! 😩

    • daniel k. noguera
      daniel k. noguera Month ago

      no but i find the way you put your video stupid and opportunistic

  • nsthap1
    nsthap1 9 days ago

    People who start or agree with the controversy are the ones that are making fun of fat people.

  • Annie Laurin
    Annie Laurin 12 days ago

    Don't go see the freaking movie that's all!!!! I've been fat for like ever and I laughed. Relaxe people, it's a joke! That actor is awesome and hot! That dad bod is freaking hot!

  • Josue Animations
    Josue Animations 12 days ago

    Not the internet slamming just some stupid marvel fans

  • Creepy Crawler
    Creepy Crawler 17 days ago +1

    "You got fat" sounds like something a loving Russian wife would say about her husband.

  • Dixlexxik
    Dixlexxik 21 day ago

    Omg they are not fat shaming they are saying more what size u are doesnt realy matter!

  • Alexandra Lim
    Alexandra Lim 23 days ago

    It wasnt even so bad honestly. I think it's actually better that he's fat. Shows someone who's "fat" can still kick ass.

  • Boby Brown
    Boby Brown 24 days ago

    If you get offended by a movies portrayal of fat people, you have some serious problems. The only people who care about this dumb shit are overweight feminists. Because most people with weight could care less and they still will laugh

  • Zachary Harvey
    Zachary Harvey 26 days ago

    0:02 oh wait this is a looper video? I’m out.

  • CJ Klemonski
    CJ Klemonski 26 days ago

    Woke culture is destroying everything

  • Drawing with Pancakes
    Drawing with Pancakes 26 days ago

    Aren’t they being mean by calling the red guardian and Thor fat

  • mike yohanna
    mike yohanna 29 days ago

    Its a Fat shame... and you sjw people are hypocrites for it

  • mystery nigga Del
    mystery nigga Del 29 days ago


  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra 29 days ago

    4:20 nah, awesomeness just dont fade away easily you know. Ever see a vid about old boxing champ beating the shit out of younger-taller-looking-more-fit amateur boxer?
    Or that vid about retired marine beating young thug to pulp.
    So, a once-prime-hero going fat or old but still kick arse (with lots of effort) because he had to live up to his past glory would be a one badass scene.

  • Todd Alexander Wilson

    Nit wits don't understand that being fat is not a goal it is unhealthy i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, joint disorders and mobility issues. Criticizing it since the dawn of civilization was and is a defense mechanism for society having and un-healthy populous is detrimental for the continuance of said society. In Sparta if you were fat they would parade you out in public naked and mock you until you got with the program. Besides if you're not concerned with your BMI you should be able to take a joke. Un-bunch and workout and get healthy.

  • Alejandro Garcia
    Alejandro Garcia Month ago

    People need to RELAX!

  • Le Bello
    Le Bello Month ago

    Omg STFU. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Anderson M
    Anderson M Month ago

    Woke people offended by “fat shaming.” Gtfo

  • The Novanod
    The Novanod Month ago

    To be honest Marvel can do whatever the hell they want and guess what Looper everyone loves it. Keep it up MARVEL.

  • jwivan28
    jwivan28 Month ago

    Fake angry by fake people

  • Devin Wiggles
    Devin Wiggles Month ago

    Waaaaaa you can’t make jokes!!

  • Supah Tay
    Supah Tay Month ago

    Sounds like dc fans to me 😂

    • Me Me
      Me Me 26 days ago

      *liberal snowflakes

  • Chris Garvin
    Chris Garvin Month ago

    I’m 405lbs, and BroThor was incredible. (As is Red Guardian) Quit your bitchin’ people.

  • Hrema
    Hrema Month ago

    LolI literally know no woman that finds him attractive.

  • Kyle Reese
    Kyle Reese Month ago

    Hey people lay off Black Widow! She is 10X better than Captain Marvel and Mary Rey Sue combined.

  • Ness Phoenix
    Ness Phoenix Month ago

    This is ridiculous. People are soooo soft nowadays it's a wonder they even survive life! Yeah, he's fat but, a fat guy or woman can't be bad ass and kick ass on the big screen or in life!? For all you sensitive meat sacks out there with no back bone..... STOP IT and use that SJW energy towards real issues in the world. Smh

    CHAMPI Month ago

    I hate people, honestly no one can say anything bc stupid and sensitive people start crying and missunderstand everything

  • Chopperwocky
    Chopperwocky Month ago

    WW1984 trailer is better anyway.

  • Rolex Nambram
    Rolex Nambram Month ago +1

    Why can't people take a joke as just a joke?? I'm fat but I'm not offended either by Thor or Red Guardian's fatness.

  • Nina Kondza
    Nina Kondza Month ago

    Isn’t it awesome that they’re making out of shape heroes that still kick ass?

  • Joseph Bittner
    Joseph Bittner Month ago

    Why don’t all you fatties stop being so sensitive

  • Jordan Asa Oliva
    Jordan Asa Oliva Month ago

    "You got fat" is an okay dialogue. If You are sensitive about it. Then it isn't the trailer's fault. It's yours. You got fat. Visit the gym or jog a kilometer around your village. Do something about it and do not blame a good movie for your tardiness.

  • sve
    sve Month ago

    Fat jokes are funny, deal with it princess. If you find this offensive then you are more likely insecure fat pig than a princess. (im fat btw)

  • jacob maheu
    jacob maheu Month ago

    So are IMAGINARY characters not allowed to get fat???

  • Rugged Techie
    Rugged Techie Month ago

    Huh , who's slamming marvel. The loud minority.....most people think it's awesome. Just let them have their dumb ass opinions. Here's a suggested canned response.......... " so what ". Also another canned response is " then dont watch it " also " GO POUND SAND " WORKS.

  • L Joyce
    L Joyce Month ago

    new one is “lifeshaming”. ridiculing the lowest common denominator that should just stop their own life.

  • L Joyce
    L Joyce Month ago

    shame on anyone who thru lifestyle and poor diet allows their body to gain unhealthy weight. the shame should be inherent.

  • Silvanna w
    Silvanna w Month ago

    Lol stop complaining and lose some waight!

  • josue Fuentes
    josue Fuentes Month ago

    So being obese is GOOD? No no no no NO it's actually a bad thing the trick is to get back on your own two feet and exercise, being overweight isn't "healthy".

  • Cedrick Jackman
    Cedrick Jackman Month ago


  • Buzzard the clown
    Buzzard the clown Month ago

    If media outlets would stop quoting what people on Twitter say, the world would be a much better place.

  • Mikayla Davey
    Mikayla Davey Month ago

    3:50 Stark MADE... not makes... 😭😭😭

  • Ragingmarmot
    Ragingmarmot Month ago

    Love it, I am psyched and I will go see it.

  • Pappy O'hoolihan
    Pappy O'hoolihan Month ago

    The real question is; why is the complaints of useless nobody's being 'reported'? The controversial thing to do would be ignore these participation trophy recipients like we used to

  • Test86 One4
    Test86 One4 Month ago

    missionary rape kidz and nuns jesus is fake god its time you wake up rise above hate accept the truth only allah can save you end time is coming

  • Banshee Drogon
    Banshee Drogon Month ago

    People will use anything as a reason to be offended these days. Its pretentious and annoying how even the smallest things are offensive to some people.

  • LC 716
    LC 716 Month ago


  • christian vallejo
    christian vallejo Month ago

    boohoo they said a guy was fat. I was fat and I lost weight because I didn't want to be FAT anymore. Stop whining

  • uh ahai
    uh ahai Month ago

    Shut the fuck up

  • No.
    No. Month ago

    Twitter doesn’t account for the whole internet Looper.

  • I Shot Blanks
    I Shot Blanks Month ago

    Who cares...fat is fat...funny is funny...and fat people are funny....not gonna change...

  • Wayne Ward
    Wayne Ward Month ago

    Wow I just need a Twitter account and my voice will count

  • Dashaun Twyne
    Dashaun Twyne Month ago

    Hated fat thor.y

  • The Pros
    The Pros Month ago

    the internet is going crazy over the depiction of someone fat, and not about the fact the woman leading movie came after the end of an era, instead of putting it before endgame?

  • Edgar E.
    Edgar E. Month ago

    LOL No. People are actually pumped for a movie about a dead character. That should tell you they are happy on one level or another.

  • Jake Angelo Paden
    Jake Angelo Paden Month ago

    "The Internet"? You actually said Twitterverse. Hahahaha, I'm fat but not offended. Insensitive? More like too sensitive.

  • Matt Decker
    Matt Decker Month ago

    I’m fat and I thought it was funny get over it . Thanks and have a great day

  • James Morton
    James Morton Month ago

    Fat shame? I think he's an absolute snack, lol. Bro Thor too.

  • Dylan Mounsey
    Dylan Mounsey Month ago

    Why it was amazing

  • Russ Shanks
    Russ Shanks Month ago

    Oh so now "fatphobia" is a thing? So what happens if Marvel brings the Blob to the big screen again? What about Volstagg in the Thor movies? Bouncing Boy from the LSH? Where was all this noise when Mr. Icredible got fat after he retired??? People need to get over themselves. All these folks pointing out these "offenses" are getting annoying!