Empty Bags Can Be Deadly for Dogs

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
  • RUclip is filled with videos of dogs getting snack bags stuck on their heads, but they're no laughing matter. Joe and Breanne Yarbrough told KTLA they came home to find their 1-year-old dog Riggs with a chip bag covering his face. They immediately rushed him to the vet, but it was too late. Riggs had been dead for hours, having suffocated with his snout in the bag. It turns out that two to three pets in the U.S. die every week from suffocation, and most pet owners aren't aware of the risk.

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  • Breeanna Leonard
    Breeanna Leonard 12 days ago

    not cool

  • Amber Maple
    Amber Maple 23 days ago

    My cat always does this...I didn't know she could suffocate. now I'm paranoid

  • 10K Subs without vids?

    His wife hot asf

  • Christopher Diaz
    Christopher Diaz 28 days ago

    0:36- he starts to laugh when she said , “HE WAS MY SHAWDOW” lmaoo she’s a weirdo for saying that 🤣

  • the bill cipher channel

    Some peope think this is funny when theres a bag on a pets head but all i think is (please get that bag off its head hes gonna die!)

  • E. Simon
    E. Simon Month ago

    First World Problems

  • El Venado
    El Venado Month ago

    Poor doggy

  • TBG Ninja
    TBG Ninja Month ago

    why does this have to happen Save the pets

  • Coolgirlcuot
    Coolgirlcuot Month ago

    Me:*looks at dog*
    Me:be freaking thanks full

  • Lizzy_Katt
    Lizzy_Katt Month ago

    Poor dog...that’s so awful..

  • KingOfTheWolfs 0
    KingOfTheWolfs 0 Month ago

    Why don’t u buy a foot open trash can or a in side of your cabinet trashcan?

  • Amaly Fresco
    Amaly Fresco Month ago +1

    What type of dog was riggs?

  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez Month ago

    So sad

  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez Month ago


  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez Month ago


  • Miranda Loveard
    Miranda Loveard Month ago


  • chillbrite - Fortnite

    dang, Lisa gurrero would’ve confronted the bag

  • The Roblox’s mysterious Player

    I once found a cat with her head stuck in a bag of leftover fish
    I got her out :3

  • I like Green
    I like Green Month ago

    I remember watching those funny pet videos and thinking: "OMG YOU FING IDIOTIC RE***DS TAKE THE FING BAG OFF!"

  • Monica Atkins
    Monica Atkins Month ago

    God bless

  • PhoenixTool
    PhoenixTool Month ago

    FREDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!! I only like one kind of FREDOS cmon men

  • Big Biscuit
    Big Biscuit Month ago

    Let me guess, we have to ban chip bags now?

  • Angel Amezquita
    Angel Amezquita Month ago

    What happened to the dog's body? Rip

  • GM Squad
    GM Squad Month ago

    My uncle took a 15 minute phone call in a different room and forgot about his Cheetos and his beloved dog died

  • EmmaLantern
    EmmaLantern Month ago +2

    *Sees dog with chip bag over head*

  • Uncle Lester
    Uncle Lester Month ago

    But am I still okay to let my dog heat up in my oven?

  • Toxic Gaming
    Toxic Gaming Month ago +1


  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen Month ago

    How does a chip bag get on a dogs head that easi-

  • Marina A
    Marina A Month ago

    That is so sad!

  • Sara Almansori
    Sara Almansori Month ago

    Poor puppy

  • Noelle Wescott
    Noelle Wescott Month ago

    um.... DUHHHH

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Month ago

    Poor pup

  • Razor
    Razor Month ago

    2027: *air can be poisonous to fish*

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak Month ago

    Very sad for the owners

  • Diamond Freddy Mlg gaming and vlogs

    S s sad 😢

  • Rabbit0
    Rabbit0 Month ago

    Never think about. Haven't people been wary about animals and bags for a long time?

  • Penny's Channel
    Penny's Channel Month ago

    Vet:pets can die from suffocation if the bag gets on their heads
    Also vet: *puts bag on pets head*

  • Alex Sanglez
    Alex Sanglez Month ago

    R.I.P I will pray for you everyday.

  • konner mcclain
    konner mcclain Month ago +1

    It hape to my cousin's dog

  • namjoon’s crab
    namjoon’s crab Month ago

    i’m never eating chips again.

  • PaPa Krispy
    PaPa Krispy Month ago

    Rigs Jr lol

  • Anish Heda
    Anish Heda Month ago

    This video is so sped

  • Djaid123
    Djaid123 Month ago

    *lisa guerrero should have confronted those bags*

  • JeanDylanKevin
    JeanDylanKevin Month ago

    Cats do the same

  • skeleton in velvet
    skeleton in velvet Month ago

    My Pomerania got her head stuck in a peanut butter jar and almost died

  • Daniel Choy
    Daniel Choy Month ago

    Couldn't tell if this was satire.

    BANΔΞΞT Month ago

    Or don’t eat chips and avoid obesity.

  • Umbrella Academy
    Umbrella Academy Month ago +1

    May the puppy rest in heaven or dog heaven🙏😢😭

  • Stefano Gomez
    Stefano Gomez Month ago +1

    My dogs head is too bit to fit in a chip bag & on top of that no one in my house eats that garbage. Our kitchen trash cans both have lids so... plus my dog is scared of them lol

  • Emily Miguel
    Emily Miguel Month ago +1

    I have a dog and I want him to live a long doggo life and right now his only 10 months and I would be heart broken if he died his bday is almost comming up in August 10

  • Shunderious Collins

    My mom just told me about this Bag Hazard,I know its really hard for the couple,my little man is 1 too.

  • Duffin_Muffin 420
    Duffin_Muffin 420 Month ago

    Me: *breathes*
    Inside Edition: GET THE CAMERA

  • vallie _val
    vallie _val Month ago

    The crazy thing is that I'm eating fritos and I have a dog I'm kinda scared now ima throw my chip bag away as soon as I'm done

  • Lisa Patrick
    Lisa Patrick Month ago

    My sister almost lost their dog this way, her husband left the house but forgot his wallet (thank God) he came back to their dog suffocating on a Doritos bag, he did some blowing in the dogs nose and was able to bring her back around. Very scary!

  • I want Eat Chicken
    I want Eat Chicken Month ago

    Reporters: Talks about the dangers of chip bags to dogs

    Vet : *Puts* *bag* *over* *a* *real* *dog*

  • BTMFB Tsunami
    BTMFB Tsunami Month ago +1

    0:56 I mean, not to be all “save the animals” but that’s kinda like hanging a person while explaining how a noose kills someone.

  • K F
    K F Month ago


  • *MENUU*
    *MENUU* Month ago

    No dip sherlock

  • SimplySnazzy
    SimplySnazzy Month ago

    RIP Riggs... :(

  • Tracy Felmer Johnson


  • schindlerteejay94
    schindlerteejay94 Month ago

    Brian griffin would be mad at this.

    YOUNGMEXICAN KID Month ago +2

    R.i.p buddy fly high 🙏🤲

  • Jaylen Turner
    Jaylen Turner Month ago +1


  • gaming with me
    gaming with me Month ago

    True !!!!

  • Mike Kloncamper
    Mike Kloncamper Month ago

    0:35 The guy wanted to laugh lmao

    SVT LORD SVT LORD Month ago

    But what happened if you don’t have a dog

  • Corp Whoops
    Corp Whoops Month ago

    And cereal bags...

  • Asriel Rose Playz
    Asriel Rose Playz Month ago

    My puppy chews bags :p
    But she chews the side of it

  • Ray Ibo
    Ray Ibo Month ago

    wow I had no idea this could happen.

  • wicky John
    wicky John Month ago

    Omg I didn't know bags were deadly

  • yassmin diaz
    yassmin diaz Month ago +1

    I cryde because i love dogs🐕🐕🐶🐶🖤🖤😫😫😫

  • N D
    N D Month ago

    Poor doggy 😭

    IKONIK JT Month ago

    My dog can fit it's full body in it

  • Jolie Ta
    Jolie Ta Month ago

    Oh and can cats do the same?

  • Jolie Ta
    Jolie Ta Month ago

    I don’t have a dog but this was so sad!

  • Tyler
    Tyler Month ago

    My dog got a chip bag on her head but thankfully my dad got the chip bag off

  • Sabina Thompson
    Sabina Thompson Month ago

    My dog ate a lego once

  • Q The Dcviper
    Q The Dcviper Month ago

    Me: (me with Doritos in my hand) Doritos I love you
    Doritos bag: (pulls out a knife) put the Doritos in the me

  • Unreal.zombies
    Unreal.zombies Month ago +1

    Wow! Dumb dog!

  • -_-
    -_- Month ago +3


  • Rockruff
    Rockruff Month ago

    This is why I always put my dog in the cage

  • Anna Lexi
    Anna Lexi Month ago +1

    *_It’s common sense to put trash cans under the sink cabinet & to buy a trash can with a covered top if you have pets.._*

  • Taylor mana12345
    Taylor mana12345 Month ago

    My dog did that once but he was being silly, but I will not let him do that anymore

  • Rita C
    Rita C Month ago

    we all care if its a dog but not marine life

  • sen boofy
    sen boofy Month ago +1

    Oh so cats don't matter 🤷‍♂

    • K F
      K F Month ago +1

      Cats aren't that dumb.

  • satisfyingslime1454

    Everything is bad to dogs

  • тнereѕ a ѕnaĸe ιn мe вooт

    He protecc
    He atacc
    But most importantly,
    He want a snacc

  • Xb1: Kroe805
    Xb1: Kroe805 Month ago

    Already?! How can they replace him so easily , smh .. people these days

    LLUDDY LOZANO Month ago

    I know I shouldnt have watched this video but at the same time im glad cuz now I know that chip bags can be dangerous but a pet dying makes me so sad

  • Ahilyn Acevedo
    Ahilyn Acevedo Month ago

    That dog look like my cute dog.

  • [_OakWood_]
    [_OakWood_] Month ago +2

    Oh my god I feel so sorry for Riggs or Rigs. Rest In Peace Riggs/Rigs. We will all love you and prayers Riggs/Rigs. 😔🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


    He’s choking that dog

  • Sylvie Dogpie
    Sylvie Dogpie Month ago +1

    This hurts my heart 😭

  • queen morgan
    queen morgan Month ago

    Rip Riggs

    VANCE Month ago +1

    Moral of the story- everything is dangerous.

  • Miku_Miku_Rose
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  • paper machete
    paper machete Month ago

    Fritos lays. The best chips for dogs

  • Chillalex
    Chillalex Month ago

    Rip all those dogs

  • HyperBlox
    HyperBlox Month ago +90

    Inside Edition: Empty Bags can be dangerous to dogs
    Vet: Puts Bag on dogs face..