Feeding Time!

Upside down aquarium over a pond. No mollies were eaten in this video. The pacu is eating the fish food.

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Автор Nico Dominguez ( назад)

Автор R Lamb ( назад)
wat the f**k is that

Автор Rashaun Campbell ( назад)
Attack on fish

Автор Daniel Song ( назад)
n [oooooooo

Автор Reggie Plays ( назад)
It's an old man taking viagra in


Автор Reggie Plays ( назад)
I bet that guys hands were like

I smell lik bef lol

Автор Reggie Plays ( назад)
I died this...is

The flying touched a man

Автор Isaac DeHaven ( назад)

Автор pls no ( назад)
I'm still confused on how that fish tank works.

Автор Julius Toledo ( назад)
Expensive food

Автор Mister_Surf ( назад)
To us it's just a calm feeding time but to them it's like freakin world war 2 kids screaming out for their mommy and guns being fired and it's just terrible

Автор Hulk YT ( назад)
1k dislikes from pussies who can't accept the fact that nature is mean

Автор Kyvan Husain ( назад)
Was that a black piranha?

Автор Charlie old ( назад)
That is one chunky carp

Fun fact: Carp can reserect themselves in certain situations (they can survive without water during a drought for a long time)

Автор Spencer rounds ( назад)
its a massacre!

Автор 0heck ( назад)
1204 dislikes? What the heck for?

Автор Retalak ( назад)
This tank violates the laws of physics bro what the fuck?

Автор Greg H ( назад)
this what you can call "click bait"

Автор Phu man chu ( назад)
did it eat a smaller fish?

Автор MrSnapy1 ( назад)
Good thing Pacu's rarely eat other fish (for the little fish anyway) these things can get huge. In a small tank they will only get so big but in the wild they are pretty enormous.Look alot like and kin to Parana's but like I said are mainly vegetarians.

Автор TheR3dFox ( назад)

Автор Smile More ( назад)
The thumbnail looks like a bunch of piranhas eating some huge creature

Автор Big Bongo ( назад)
thanks YouTube recommended algorithm 👌 this was actually quite cool

Автор SAVAGE308SNIPER ( назад)

Автор Madame Malurpss ( назад)
Wtf is on his elbow?!

Автор Ipsak the hen ( назад)

Автор Alex Claar ( назад)
this is amazing!!! messed with my head 😵

Автор Reptile Z ( назад)
U go to petsmart
"I would like 100 fish plz"

Автор Driesta 83 ( назад)
in the thumbnail, I thought it was a bear eating fishes

Автор Marc Kim ( назад)
I am still pretty certain that is a sock puppet

Автор Daniel Bull Runner Lamb ( назад)
are you feeding them mollies?

Автор Cleo Jung ( назад)
fucking awesome!

Автор Najee Jackson ( назад)
So how is the tank not submerged under water.

Автор yarabbi şükür ( назад)
Are you fucking serious?

Автор aisyah asyiqin ( назад)
First I was like..
"aww~ cute fiss~"

and then 0:20...

Автор Takao Yukihira ( назад)
what kind of fish is that?

Автор mr joex3 ( назад)

Автор Eric S ( назад)
I wanna make this!

Автор I Need Help ( назад)
Bear. Dog. Nope, fish.

Автор Soua Yang ( назад)
is that a blue gill lol

Автор Partytime890 ( назад)
Umm what type of fish is this? Because I'm thinking that's the cousin of the meglodon

Автор Rory ( назад)

Автор Leroy Maddison ( назад)
kill the big fish save the little fishes

Автор mathew danley ( назад)
what kind of fish is that

Автор Gabbrielle Lemorin ( назад)
so cool so cool so cool so cool

Автор Deadman Typing ( назад)
I thought the little minnows were getting fed to the things in the tank, but then boom, mega fish out of thin air.

There's always a bigger fish.


Автор Owen Elkins ( назад)

Автор Dickens Cider ( назад)
Feeding Frenzy!

Автор Jake Thompson ( назад)
Quick! Screenshot, blur, post online that this person has the lochness in their back yard!

Автор Golden Eagle ( назад)
Well then

Автор Tom M ( назад)
Shit video

Автор The Tinman ( назад)
I just heard that guys voice on Deuce Bigalow male gigalow say , "hey fishy fishy,.. what happend to my big fish ?"

Автор eman Navarro ( назад)
easy way to catch fish if u put a board after they go in

Автор Matheus Silva ( назад)
how does the water not fall?

Автор dave m ( назад)
That fish tank need to be inside. Pphhssttt

Автор Lion Altroz ( назад)
why did it look MUCH bigger in the thumbnail...honestly i thought it was a whail. lol

Автор dreamydisaster ( назад)
why am i here

Автор Joshua okoro-sokoh ( назад)
is that a pacu?!!

Автор Regina Melendez ( назад)
Poor fish

Автор Macho Man ( назад)
what the fuck was that

Автор Derpy ( назад)
Purpose of distracting little fishies plz reply.

Автор Avengaline Jones ( назад)
Did he, or whoever, put the fish food underneath so it would float in the aquarium up to the top?

Автор MARTIN Z ( назад)
es como un canibal gigante

Автор Gin san ( назад)
*Feeding Frenzy*

Автор GGPRoductonz ( назад)
Bro don't feed the fish mollys get a minnow trap

Автор Jonas Klement ( назад)
WOW What an cool Aquarium

Автор Mert Yeşilyurt ( назад)
This is wrong. You cannot use live fishes to feeding big ones. Its terrible.

Автор Paul Legge ( назад)

Автор Peusterokos1 ( назад)
This isnt an aquarium, its a death trap!
*insert 'nam flashbacks here*

Автор mar kan ( назад)
woow, respect :)

Автор SharkBird ( назад)
How did that one get so big and all the other ones stayed small?

Автор Half left Bob ( назад)
Very cool setup

Автор neeraja unni ( назад)
Does pacu swallow human beings? Its size is making me a bit alarmed

Автор Jb Serrano ( назад)

Автор David Welgan ( назад)
I'm never ever going swimming again sez YouTube California dadah or David welgan

Автор Adam Wintetbottom ( назад)
What's that on his elbow

Автор Eric Carrillo ( назад)
So that big fish doesn't pop Molly? Good for him. Drugs are no good.

Автор Gainsville ( назад)
i though i was going to see a fat man in a suit getting eaten by Parana's

Автор Ali Zava ( назад)
wtf is happening here

Автор SuperFrankski ( назад)
The ballcutter ?

Автор Maria Hearths ( назад)
Release the kraken!

? goúd? Doesn't snap sum n mistakenly?Black mollies right?Thx u. 🙌😤💀♎

Автор Jake Cook ( назад)
April Fools! thought big guy was gonna feast on little guys but lowest me lol

Автор NV fishing 13 ( назад)
That's a big ass pacu

Автор bob dylan ( назад)
it's OK to eat fish cus they don't have any feelings

Автор chey bloom ( назад)
reminds me of ponyo

Автор Ash Warden ( назад)
pacu's like, just gonna slip in here... ya, don't worry, nothing to see here... lol
I literally noticed the blonde fish under the surface, and not the pacu slinking in xD

Автор Dragon 6007 ( назад)
He is feeding it mollies

Автор kaboomkid241 ( назад)

Автор E-A. ( назад)
so awesome:)

Автор BAM ( назад)
that's cheating!!!! That big fish better get faster if he want to eat. Not slow everyone else down so he can keep up.

Автор Jan A HOGARYGGI ( назад)
How and why are people not expecting the big fish? It's in the thumbnail.. For me the big fish was the reason I clicked the video.

Автор Backyard Arsenal ( назад)
Clever way to film it! 👍

Автор Big Dawg ( назад)
Is that a diferent species of Pacu? It seems so much bigger than the ones that appear when you Google it.Or maybe it just seems much bigger because it is next to smaller fish? Idk.Great Video anyways!

Автор ismaeel747 ( назад)
You mean to tell me that big thing didn't eat your other fish... I wouldn't be surprised if the numbers kept decreasing every day.

Автор Andrew Agustin ( назад)
When people don't know the big fish is eating the same food as the little ones

Автор Andy M ( назад)
sir, you have something on your elbow

Автор Papyrus ( назад)
0:20 when my family says come to us

Автор Dion yohertya ( назад)
you like a monster bruh

Автор John Smith ( назад)
this tank is awsome !! i don't know how i havn't thought about it earlier !

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