Feeding Time!

Upside down aquarium over a pond. No mollies were eaten in this video. The pacu is eating the fish food.

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Автор Dino Gojira Guy ( назад)
I didn't realize the small wish were the food and I was freaking out like "OMG NOO, YOU ARE A TERRIBLE FISH OWNER"

id still prefer I never saw that, sure it's nature but it's disturbing nature, make the title more specific next time >:l

Автор theking ofstars96 ( назад)
i thought it's a cat on the other side

Автор Xeam Tii ( назад)
What is this for a fish ?!!!!!!!!

Автор Abel Thomas ( назад)
inverted aquariums look really cool

Автор 조스바 ( назад)

Автор 신태일 ( назад)

Автор Kaeli Lagerquist ( назад)
probably scared the crap outta the fish 😂😂😂

Автор MAW arrow ( назад)
Whoa big fella

Автор Dulce Flores ( назад)
The big fish surprised me

Автор Joshua Montalvo ( назад)
That's a big fish 😲

Автор Kamal Zidan ( назад)
it just camera effect

Автор saber samuri ( назад)
what is that ugly thing

Автор Gregor Gass ( назад)
thid is fake

Автор Seong Mim Soo ( назад)
what is that

Автор Yung FA ( назад)
big fish or bear?

Автор SantaismySavior ( назад)
I thought the small fish were piranha and that they were about to shred the big one lol

Автор Brandon Keegan ( назад)
This reminded me of when my dad who weighed 16 stone mostly muscle tryed putting my shirt on by accident when I was 14 and was about 8 stone

Автор Shinobi V 101 ( назад)
Big Pacu

Автор GoldxT20 ( назад)
I thought that it was an anaconda lok

Автор Myoui Messi ( назад)
wht the fuck is tht?!

it's a fish

Автор Sofia Espinosa ( назад)
haha i honestly thought that was an otter in the thumbnail lol

Автор Leu Alexis ( назад)

Автор Henry The dog ( назад)
I thaught they were peranas or something small but cool then fucking massive Mike comes in scranin on some minis

Автор Niall McDermott ( назад)
out of this world. 10/10 .

Автор Nico Dominguez ( назад)

Автор R Lamb ( назад)
wat the f**k is that

Автор Rashaun Campbell ( назад)
Attack on fish

Автор Daniel Song ( назад)
n [oooooooo

Автор Reggie Plays ( назад)
It's an old man taking viagra in


Автор Reggie Plays ( назад)
I bet that guys hands were like

I smell lik bef lol

Автор Reggie Plays ( назад)
I died this...is

The flying touched a man

Автор Isaac DeHaven ( назад)

Автор pls no ( назад)
I'm still confused on how that fish tank works.

Автор Julius Toledo ( назад)
Expensive food

Автор Mister_Surf ( назад)
To us it's just a calm feeding time but to them it's like freakin world war 2 kids screaming out for their mommy and guns being fired and it's just terrible

Автор Danny Smiles a lot ( назад)
1k dislikes from pussies who can't accept the fact that nature is mean

Автор Kyvan Husain ( назад)
Was that a black piranha?

Автор Charlie old ( назад)
That is one chunky carp

Fun fact: Carp can reserect themselves in certain situations (they can survive without water during a drought for a long time)

Автор Spencer rounds ( назад)
its a massacre!

Автор 0heck ( назад)
1204 dislikes? What the heck for?

Автор Retalak ( назад)
This tank violates the laws of physics bro what the fuck?

Автор Greg H ( назад)
this what you can call "click bait"

Автор Phu man chu ( назад)
did it eat a smaller fish?

Автор MrSnapy1 ( назад)
Good thing Pacu's rarely eat other fish (for the little fish anyway) these things can get huge. In a small tank they will only get so big but in the wild they are pretty enormous.Look alot like and kin to Parana's but like I said are mainly vegetarians.

Автор TheR3dFox ( назад)

Автор Smile More ( назад)
The thumbnail looks like a bunch of piranhas eating some huge creature

Автор Big Bongo ( назад)
thanks YouTube recommended algorithm 👌 this was actually quite cool

Автор SAVAGE308SNIPER ( назад)

Автор Madame Malurpss ( назад)
Wtf is on his elbow?!

Автор Ipsak Art ( назад)

Автор Malik Roman ( назад)
I was like ok when I saw that tank cause I've seen bigger then holy shit that's a big fish

Автор Alex Claar ( назад)
this is amazing!!! messed with my head 😵

Автор Reptile Z ( назад)
U go to petsmart
"I would like 100 fish plz"

Автор Driesta 83 ( назад)
in the thumbnail, I thought it was a bear eating fishes

Автор Marc Kim ( назад)
I am still pretty certain that is a sock puppet

Автор Daniel Bull Runner Lamb ( назад)
are you feeding them mollies?

Автор Ponyo ponyo ( назад)
fucking awesome!

Автор Najee Jackson ( назад)
So how is the tank not submerged under water.

Автор yarabbi şükür ( назад)
Are you fucking serious?

Автор aisyah asyiqin ( назад)
First I was like..
"aww~ cute fiss~"

and then 0:20...

Автор Takao Yukihira ( назад)
what kind of fish is that?

Автор mr joex3 ( назад)

Автор Eric S ( назад)
I wanna make this!

Автор I Need Help ( назад)
Bear. Dog. Nope, fish.

Автор Soua Yang ( назад)
is that a blue gill lol

Автор Partytime890 ( назад)
Umm what type of fish is this? Because I'm thinking that's the cousin of the meglodon

Автор Rory ( назад)

Автор Leroy Maddison ( назад)
kill the big fish save the little fishes

Автор mathew danley ( назад)
what kind of fish is that

Автор Gabbrielle Lemorin ( назад)
so cool so cool so cool so cool

Автор Dr. Bees ( назад)
I thought the little minnows were getting fed to the things in the tank, but then boom, mega fish out of thin air.

There's always a bigger fish.


Автор Owen Elkins ( назад)

Автор Dickens Cider ( назад)
Feeding Frenzy!

Автор Jake Thompson ( назад)
Quick! Screenshot, blur, post online that this person has the lochness in their back yard!

Автор Golden Eagle ( назад)
Well then

Автор Tom M ( назад)
Shit video

Автор The Tinman ( назад)
I just heard that guys voice on Deuce Bigalow male gigalow say , "hey fishy fishy,.. what happend to my big fish ?"

Автор eman Navarro ( назад)
easy way to catch fish if u put a board after they go in

Автор Matheus Silva ( назад)
how does the water not fall?

Автор RAMON MEJIA ( назад)

Автор dave m ( назад)
That fish tank need to be inside. Pphhssttt

Автор Lion Altroz ( назад)
why did it look MUCH bigger in the thumbnail...honestly i thought it was a whail. lol

Автор dreamydisaster ( назад)
why am i here

Автор Joshua okoro-sokoh ( назад)
is that a pacu?!!

Автор Regina Melendez ( назад)
Poor fish

Автор Macho Man ( назад)
what the fuck was that

Автор Derpy ( назад)
Purpose of distracting little fishies plz reply.

Автор Avengaline Jones ( назад)
Did he, or whoever, put the fish food underneath so it would float in the aquarium up to the top?

Автор MARTIN Z ( назад)
es como un canibal gigante

Автор Gin san ( назад)
*Feeding Frenzy*

Автор CoolKicks ( назад)
Bro don't feed the fish mollys get a minnow trap

Автор Jonas Klement ( назад)
WOW What an cool Aquarium

Автор Mert Yeşilyurt ( назад)
This is wrong. You cannot use live fishes to feeding big ones. Its terrible.

Автор Paul Legge ( назад)

Автор Peusterokos1 ( назад)
This isnt an aquarium, its a death trap!
*insert 'nam flashbacks here*

Автор mar kan ( назад)
woow, respect :)

Автор SharkBird ( назад)
How did that one get so big and all the other ones stayed small?

Автор Half left Bob ( назад)
Very cool setup

Автор neeraja unni ( назад)
Does pacu swallow human beings? Its size is making me a bit alarmed

Автор Jb Serrano ( назад)

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