350 Packs of Pop Rocks (14,000 calories)

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • Pop Rocks were much more fun when I was a kid....
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Comments • 37 689

    SMLEFGFJB pMan 36 minutes ago

    Sir... how are you still living? you cannot be. You simply cannot exist. Someone call fucking professor X.

  • Piano kid
    Piano kid 45 minutes ago

    After:I can do it
    Before:this is not possible

  • Dayla gakuba
    Dayla gakuba 2 hours ago

    How do they even taste

  • Feliciano Zamora
    Feliciano Zamora 2 hours ago

    Maybe from urban legend the movie

  • Ka Bonjing
    Ka Bonjing 2 hours ago

    Hope I could i finish ittt

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin 2 hours ago

    You are going to get diabetes like meg from family guy.

  • Izzy Thompson
    Izzy Thompson 2 hours ago +1

    I need an ASMR edition.

  • Basak Tok
    Basak Tok 5 hours ago +1

    asmr video

  • EmporesesGaming
    EmporesesGaming 5 hours ago

    He鈥檚 not scared of diabetes.

    Diabetes are scared of him..

  • TheDarkArtist
    TheDarkArtist 6 hours ago

    Can you make an unsped up video of this ASMR?

  • TheDarkArtist
    TheDarkArtist 6 hours ago

    *Shoulda drank 3 litres of coke with it*

  • 2day b
    2day b 8 hours ago

    He should film vids on his own or tell whoever is with him to stfu

  • half chips
    half chips 8 hours ago

    Matt: eats 350 pack of pop rocks
    Dentist: Am I A jOke To yUh?

  • Tamas Hajdu
    Tamas Hajdu 12 hours ago

    I think he is a dentist so he knows what HE does

  • MrFauzan Gaming
    MrFauzan Gaming 13 hours ago

    This is asmr video or fast eat challenge 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃嚠馃嚛馃嚠馃嚛馃嚠馃嚛

  • Destyni Jackson
    Destyni Jackson 15 hours ago

    Matt: It should be able to fit
    Bowl: Not today

  • 未ALivyu 未
    未ALivyu 未 15 hours ago


  • ShaggyyDoo 420
    ShaggyyDoo 420 16 hours ago

    This time food wonnnn!!!

  • iNFiNiTE YT2
    iNFiNiTE YT2 21 hour ago

    Pop Rocks: I hurt after a handful
    Matt: Hold my Diabetes

  • Toxic Uchiha
    Toxic Uchiha 22 hours ago

    Matt: goes to shops
    Bank account: gone

  • Block Strike TV Egor TV

    I like pop Roks

  • hellooxd
    hellooxd Day ago +1

    after that his shit must have looked like a rainbow

  • Sophie Pietsch
    Sophie Pietsch Day ago

    Live you in england ore Amerika

  • DAMN mkv A
    DAMN mkv A Day ago

    I can do it i love pop rocks馃槏馃槀

  • Sherman Mozumder

    Matt: Walks into the dentist

    Dentist: Really the 16th time this year

  • Adoxe
    Adoxe Day ago

    Y sont o霉 les fr ?

  • Vitaliy Beyko
    Vitaliy Beyko Day ago +3

    1960:We will have flying cars in 2019

    2019:Guy eating 350 Pop Rocks

  • Obsessed Watcher

    Sounds like he鈥檚 munching on cat litter

  • Nuk Fuk
    Nuk Fuk Day ago

    I noticed he wears only black shirts

  • rebecca finn
    rebecca finn Day ago +1

    That moment there's no advert . . . *OOF*

  • Danday t
    Danday t Day ago

    Like a kid with 1st pack of pop rocks hilarious

  • Danday t
    Danday t Day ago

    $700 for sugar rocks shiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttt

  • Lola Pulkin
    Lola Pulkin Day ago

    How is he not 500lbs or dead

  • Gacha Nuggies XD

    Who else is too afraid to eat pop rocks because they are gonna pop in your mouth?

  • 4DogsSake
    4DogsSake Day ago

    Why 350 packs? Is 7.5 pounds a sacred number? Did I miss something?
    Did anyone else wish he'd have poured some 7-Up on rest, or offered some to the pigeons?
    I'm glad you didn't eat them all Matt. After all, Pop Rocks killed "Mikey," right? 馃槀馃槣

    B1ZZAR3 BAND1T Day ago

    At this point its painful too watch

  • Peepthestreak
    Peepthestreak Day ago +1

    Imagine what his toilet looked like after 馃槀

  • Your Problems Aren't Mine!

    My buddy ate about 16 packages of Pop Rocks and it actually cut up his tongue pretty bad so I wonder how you made out with that?. Plus all those Pop Rocks going off the whole way down must've felt really weird. To me it has to be almost like swallowing Alka Seltzer with no water lol.

  • Blitzeena
    Blitzeena 2 days ago

    Asmr channels got nothing on this

  • Omer Sheikh
    Omer Sheikh 2 days ago

    I'll probably buy a used iphone x for this much money

  • Marcelo 诪专住诇讜 驻专讜驻讬住 Profis

    #CorbucciEats 馃構

  • phil punxsy
    phil punxsy 2 days ago

    Kid: mommy, can I have a treat?
    Mom: yes only one
    Kid: * takes one bowl of pop rocks

  • Kryptor Gaming
    Kryptor Gaming 2 days ago

    Matt ASMR where you at!鉂わ笍馃槀

  • Abdul Abedine
    Abdul Abedine 2 days ago

    Tastebuds Left The Chat:

  • Karcsi Gameplay
    Karcsi Gameplay 2 days ago +2

    Man this is what you do king i really like your videos just so much more

  • Jermy Saimon
    Jermy Saimon 2 days ago

    Cavities 馃Ψ:(

  • 10,000 subs Without any videos

    He is literally eating pure sugar

    Diabetes am I right??

  • Samarra Medina
    Samarra Medina 2 days ago

    It is 1:00 in the morning and I鈥檓 watching asmr videos and tbh this is the best video I鈥檝e seen馃槀

  • Albert Ruiz
    Albert Ruiz 2 days ago

    How did your ass not popped

  • Denzel銈儸銈ゃ偢銉

    People:do you hurt your mouth when eating?
    Matt stonie:yes but actually no

  • Ian Mehr
    Ian Mehr 2 days ago

    I do this just not on RUclip

    MOOSE GAMES 2 days ago


  • Tanelle N a t a s h a

    Spending $700 on pop rocks?! Smh馃う馃徑鈥嶁檧锔忦煉

    • Abir Alvi
      Abir Alvi 8 hours ago

      I subscribed to ur channel

  • Cynx X
    Cynx X 2 days ago

    Matt: **finishes pop rocks**
    Matt: aww man I鈥檓 pretty thirsty!
    Matt: **Drinks coke**

    I. Don鈥檛. Feel. So. Good. :(

  • Alysha C
    Alysha C 2 days ago

    Mary Poppins

  • Tana Vierra
    Tana Vierra 3 days ago +2

    Matt: I can eat anything

    Pop rocks: want a bet eat 350 packs of pop rocks you will lose


    2 hours later

    Matt loses

    Pop rocks: told you

  • petting namjoon鈥檚 crabs :D

    I wonder how much food he likes anymore.

  • FluffyKitty Kitty
    FluffyKitty Kitty 3 days ago

    Matt : *Eats 350 packs of pop rocks and never gets fat*
    Me. : *Eats 1 pack of pop rocks*
    *Gains 500 pounds*
    (锝∨廮艔) *sigh*

  • Arkanite600 wilko
    Arkanite600 wilko 3 days ago


  • einhornnelly DES TODES

    Matt stonies teeth: am i a Joke to You

    GAME IS LIFE 3 days ago

    Like but try good experience

  • T岷 Khang V农
    T岷 Khang V农 3 days ago

    Just eat 1 at a time xD it would take 10 years

    ACHUM WANTH 3 days ago


  • Helen Mejia
    Helen Mejia 3 days ago

    You should do hot wings馃サ馃槏

  • Raini Kusumawati
    Raini Kusumawati 3 days ago

    Jelek banget 馃憥馃憛

  • honzoman615
    honzoman615 3 days ago

    U had more than 3 packs of apple, Where is the rest ?

  • cpl
    cpl 3 days ago

    Every kids dream

  • GaMEs_INsiDe
    GaMEs_INsiDe 3 days ago

    That looks like a giant snow cone i really get pranked and die if i ate it

  • Tati Mel铆a
    Tati Mel铆a 3 days ago

    Que asco !!!

  • AznGuy Jr.
    AznGuy Jr. 4 days ago

    matt looks so chill

  • Sophia Yonker
    Sophia Yonker 4 days ago

    Does anyone else wonder how he's not overweight???

  • Apotheosis
    Apotheosis 4 days ago

    My teeth hurt.

  • april302017
    april302017 4 days ago

    Feel bad for ya toilet

  • Hiyuke La Vie
    Hiyuke La Vie 4 days ago +2

    Matt: I inhale all food like my stomach's a black hole
    Poprocks: Hold my food coloring

  • Mujaab Mirza
    Mujaab Mirza 4 days ago

    the sound is so satisfying
    like if u agree

  • Bro Army
    Bro Army 4 days ago +1

    are you doing asmr

  • mrtcNN
    mrtcNN 4 days ago

    RIP an眉s..

  • Mr Leon
    Mr Leon 4 days ago

    Matt Stonie.exe has stopped

  • Evan Reichert - FS_Evtron

    Lmao if he put (ASMR) in the title he would鈥檝e gained another 10 mill views at least

  • Twickzys
    Twickzys 4 days ago

    Diabetes鈥檚 is afraid of this guy

  • Darryck Prounh
    Darryck Prounh 4 days ago

    Is this the first vid he did not finish all the food

  • Call of duty909 0909

    Oh god!

  • Kellan Patcha
    Kellan Patcha 4 days ago

    all this mans is doing is making me hungry

  • Avery Daniel
    Avery Daniel 4 days ago +1

    If he was in a cooking show, he would win more trophies.

  • Jamylette Sanchez
    Jamylette Sanchez 4 days ago

    Me:how do you not get cavities!?

  • Alanis Osorio
    Alanis Osorio 5 days ago

    how the hell do you not get sick I would get sick by now with all of that or candy

  • xXbxterXx
    xXbxterXx 5 days ago +1

    Or as i call it Friday night

  • Infinity Channel
    Infinity Channel 5 days ago

    Looks so good

  • Infinity Channel
    Infinity Channel 5 days ago

    Do u have diabetes

  • Dri ey
    Dri ey 5 days ago

    I got diabetes after watching this...

  • Perri wong
    Perri wong 5 days ago

    You're not supposed to swallow it when its still popping

  • Just A Joke
    Just A Joke 5 days ago +1

    3:50 it Start They

  • Souriya Thongphrachanh
    Souriya Thongphrachanh 5 days ago +29

    Matt: walks in to the store holding 20 shopping bags...
    SELLER GUY: not this again

  • norpisah mahasan
    norpisah mahasan 5 days ago

    I have never eaten pop rocks before is it poppin

  • Noah Conklin
    Noah Conklin 5 days ago +2

    Do sour patch kids!

  • mia guidi
    mia guidi 5 days ago +1

    How the hell are you skinny?

  • Greener
    Greener 5 days ago

    I worry for his health

  • Gabrielle Fox
    Gabrielle Fox 5 days ago +2

    Watch this with your eyes closed, and don't imagine someone eating toenails.......

    Your Welcome.馃榿

    • Spencer Le
      Spencer Le 3 days ago +1

      It doesn鈥檛 even sound like toenails...

  • Parker Booth jr.
    Parker Booth jr. 5 days ago

    Matt: I鈥檓 dumb

  • Matthew Arce
    Matthew Arce 5 days ago +4

    Next time do 2x more pop rocks, and 15 gallons of coke, lol bet he鈥檒l do it!