• Published on Dec 5, 2018
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    ICONSIAM is Bangkok's newest shopping Mall and is located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. We celebrated Loy Krathong, which is an annual event and is one of the most picturesque festivals in Thailand. People gather around lakes, rivers and canals to pay respects to the gods of water by releasing lotus shaped rafts, decorated with candles, incense and flowers onto the water. The sight of thousands of Krathongs, their flickering candles is a truly magical site.
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    We are a couple who met in Thailand over 3 years ago now. I was travelling through Bangkok, and met Sai while working as a receptionist in a hotel she worked at. We put together a plan on how we could be together long term, It has been quite the adventure and we are having so much fun a long the way... We are living and travelling all over Thailand together now!
    Our channel is a video diary of our adventures, It is not meant to offend any person or culture. Don’t forget to subscribe, and turn on notifications so you never miss an episode.
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    Cartoon - On & On

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  • Cowboy Alien
    Cowboy Alien Month ago

    Be more lively bro ...

  • Marcco Fuddin
    Marcco Fuddin 2 months ago

    Adam is an typical stupid White Whom always try to make fun of something they don’t understand

  • Dennis Carver
    Dennis Carver 2 months ago


  • Christopher Strong
    Christopher Strong 4 months ago

    dream bigger piece out!

  • Herman Karsowidjojo
    Herman Karsowidjojo 4 months ago +1


  • Tone twice
    Tone twice 4 months ago

    Thanks Adam and Sai for the great videos God bless you always!

  • Ross Bateup
    Ross Bateup 4 months ago

    Very busy evening would of been nice to see Sai make the candle thing

  • Pearl bo Parks
    Pearl bo Parks 5 months ago

    Sai u should have ur own Chanel and thanks for sharing ur culture💕

  • Jerry Baldwin
    Jerry Baldwin 5 months ago

    So many people

  • Bassdrop Jambo fuck your 1902

    Class video xxxx

  • Drive Secure 247
    Drive Secure 247 6 months ago

    Hi guys good video Sai did a good job with the Vlog the food looks so good there that was one heck of a mall

  • Owen Butcher
    Owen Butcher 6 months ago +1

    Peace Health and Happiness to Adam and Sai, Happy New Year.

  • David Bond
    David Bond 6 months ago


  • Max Power
    Max Power 6 months ago +1

    Hey Adam, did you work at Crown back in the day?

  • Patrick Irish
    Patrick Irish 6 months ago +1

    Literally i cannot say what a dorkhe is

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 6 months ago

    Adam/Sai do you celebrate the Thai Coffin Ceremony? It is for the removal of bad luck and starting fresh for the new year.

  • j D
    j D 6 months ago

    Must be married by now...NOBODY.....NOBODY is that STUPID not to marry her....MAYBE he is punching WELL above his weight....

  • whiter park
    whiter park 6 months ago

    You both look right couple

  • whiter park
    whiter park 6 months ago

    she so beautiful from thailand

  • Thomas Thomast
    Thomas Thomast 6 months ago

    She has really grown on me. I think I love her!!

  • hoopervFixes
    hoopervFixes 7 months ago

    I'm not sure if Sai is more beautiful on the inside or the outside. I love how she enjoys food. lol. Great job guys. I love seeing all the places you two go.

  • Shan Timothy
    Shan Timothy 7 months ago +1

    The guy needs a lower lip reduction. He looks like a suitcase handle when he smiles.

  • MasterPiece 1419
    MasterPiece 1419 7 months ago

    It is pronounced "sy-yarm"

  • SOLOMON .T *****
    SOLOMON .T ***** 7 months ago

    Are u married with sai?

  • Nigel Thomas
    Nigel Thomas 7 months ago

    once again beautiful video guys.Wishing you both a very happy and peaceful Christmas together

  • Arturas Paulauskas
    Arturas Paulauskas 7 months ago

    Ačiū ☺👍

  • Arturas Paulauskas
    Arturas Paulauskas 7 months ago

    Labas.Labai gražu įdomi tradicija ☺❤👍🌹🌹🌹

  • Michael Alan
    Michael Alan 7 months ago

    I'm curious what you thought of David Bond whose in Thailand but alot of us thinks he demonizes the women there?

  • Mick Byrne
    Mick Byrne 7 months ago

    Just realised who you remind me off, its George Ezra a pop singer have a look at one of his photos

  • artvelcro
    artvelcro 7 months ago +1

    I would need 3 jobs just to feed her.

  • Wayne Bishop
    Wayne Bishop 7 months ago

    has si got her own channel?

  • AcidGlow
    AcidGlow 7 months ago

    *You 2 are happy together. I tried the philippines twice to find what you have. Maybe it's time to try Thailand?..* ✅😀

  • Wayne Bishop
    Wayne Bishop 7 months ago

    not see am

  • Wayne Bishop
    Wayne Bishop 7 months ago

    sa eye am

  • COFFEE 4 Me
    COFFEE 4 Me 7 months ago

    Sai has awesome skill and talent....wearing a white suit and not one drop down the front... WINNING 😉 👏
    and buddy “punching above your weight” don’t ever take this smart young gift for granted, you won’t for sure, good video.

  • Fortnut
    Fortnut 7 months ago +1


  • Osman Yegin
    Osman Yegin 7 months ago

    Awesome video.thank.s
    çok harika bir anlatım

  • M Marchanda
    M Marchanda 7 months ago

    Thx for more the "Sai-style". At first sight it looks a little bit amateur filming, but it´s not so superficial like some other travel videos from you. More information about thai culture. I like it; good mix. Pls more

  • Danny Mccullagh
    Danny Mccullagh 7 months ago

    she's so precious!

  • Wayne Bishop
    Wayne Bishop 7 months ago

    Your are selling positions in bitcoin that you doont have, i have to stop you

  • Wayne Bishop
    Wayne Bishop 7 months ago

    I not apologize its same christmas its bullshit :)

  • Wayne Bishop
    Wayne Bishop 7 months ago

    i apologies for pee and poo in the water , i cannot apologies for big corporation toxic in water

  • toalopez
    toalopez 7 months ago

    OMG that mall is so beautiful, and so exotic, and the food that Sai is eating too, I ate Pad Thai, and ribs, but can you recommend me any awesome Thai food to eat in New York? I want to learn more about the Thai food. I wish, I can learn how to cook it.

  • Jon Peters
    Jon Peters 7 months ago

    @10:21 the comment "I'm super hungry" implies that there are times when Sai is not super hungry.

  • Aprender Embroidery
    Aprender Embroidery 7 months ago

    Eu gosto desse lugar!

  • Brad Beckett
    Brad Beckett 7 months ago

    Like your shirt! I have a similar one.

  • the2060ish
    the2060ish 7 months ago

    Good job by Sai doing her video in the beginning.. Like to see more of the remote control duck.. 🐔

  • Randy Larkin
    Randy Larkin 7 months ago

    I would like to see Sai do a food channel, she always describes her meal very well, you to work good together, keep it up!

  • Rod McLaren
    Rod McLaren 7 months ago

    Beautiful mall, as only Bangkok could do. Have a great one Adam and Sai!

  • Mark
    Mark 7 months ago

    Another great video. Probably the best Thai based content on RUclip at the moment. These videos have me and my wife thinking about moving to Bangkok 😀

  • Greg
    Greg 7 months ago

    Sai You did very well!!! Great Job!!!

  • Pro GER
    Pro GER 7 months ago

    I now you from Lick BarSoi6 nice to see you now! How are you?Wow you still very buity Thanks

  • George Dann
    George Dann 7 months ago

    You are a very lucky man. What a beautiful young lady.

  • berry vnwml
    berry vnwml 7 months ago

    bin a while since i saw an update of u 2... enjoyed. nice 2 c u again. keep it up guys.

  • Chansamone yotsavath
    Chansamone yotsavath 7 months ago

    Man seems to be fun but city got to do a lot of clean up love the show

  • Reginald Drake
    Reginald Drake 7 months ago

    I love this I wanna go to Thailand

  • 124marsh
    124marsh 7 months ago

    0:36 Sai your flower is pretty too!!

  • Rob Bleeker
    Rob Bleeker 7 months ago +1

    I do not wish it to you BUT, if ever....you two break up....Does this also mean the end of your blogs in Thailand?

    • The Holistic Trainer
      The Holistic Trainer  7 months ago +2

      Rob Bleeker I will always go to Thailand, and next year we will be traveling to more places internationally.

  • 陳勝偉
    陳勝偉 7 months ago +1


  • Destiny Angel
    Destiny Angel 7 months ago

    Look good
    When u guy are marry?

    PREPFORIT 7 months ago

    Always good film footage. I also liked that Sai-Cam (tm) Moment : ) That was quite the adventure tp float that thing but it does honour their/ her culture .

  • The Big W
    The Big W 7 months ago +1

    Was a duck not a Chook ya pelican 555

  • Sweet Guy In Pattaya
    Sweet Guy In Pattaya 7 months ago

    nice video. i have been in iconsiam last week too.

  • Timmins Loves Life
    Timmins Loves Life 7 months ago +1

    Yay! A part day with Sai! so much fun! Thank you for sharing your culture with us! :) I wonder if Adam wished to get rid of bad comments. Haha! :P Enjoy your week you two and always start your day with a smile!

  • Terry Flynn
    Terry Flynn 7 months ago

    top notch vid guys....Sai did an excellent job on her own explaining things and of course the two of you in the mall and by the riverside was awesome as well. i can understand the dislike for the crowd but its a NEW mall. cheers

  • Junior Jr
    Junior Jr 7 months ago

    Love to se you guys again. I want to go to Thailand to visit you both.

  • bernardo alves portela neto

    Um lugar muito bonito!

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 7 months ago


  • 124marsh
    124marsh 7 months ago

    4:48 Three pretty flowers

    • 124marsh
      124marsh 7 months ago

      @It's Me Sai 0:36 Sai your flower is pretty too !

  • Todd Taylor
    Todd Taylor 7 months ago

    I curious how the floaty, thing was made.

  • Bob Oxo
    Bob Oxo 7 months ago

    Brilliant Sai, your a natural. Look out Adam she's good, you'll be out of a job mate.

  • Yiorkis
    Yiorkis 7 months ago

    What’s up guys from Cyprus

  • Алла Дорофеева

    Went to Iconsiam yesterday. Sparkling new but very crowded.

  • Bo Sheek
    Bo Sheek 7 months ago

    You forgot to put Sai's ass or boobs in the thumbnail

  • Frank O
    Frank O 7 months ago

    Perfect click bait pics,. Clever man Adam.......

  • Kevin Macrae
    Kevin Macrae 7 months ago

    U said taxi (3 35)more Aussie than most Australians 😂 😂 Adams rubbing of on u, 😍 u

  • chris lion
    chris lion 7 months ago +1

    I always enjoy your positive vlogs,no bitching or complaining ,and your partner is a perfect compliment to East/west relationship and respect for both your cultures

  • Vimal Jaypal
    Vimal Jaypal 7 months ago +2

    Sai is the perfect ideal woman!! addam will be damned if he wrongs her

  • Dave Nelson
    Dave Nelson 7 months ago

    I think this is first time I saw Sai with NO makeup....... she is a natural beauty........ It was nice to see her behind the camera also........ get her perspective on Thai culture.

    BIG RICAN 7 months ago +1

    Two thumbs up!

  • Pes Yonzon
    Pes Yonzon 7 months ago

    The best thing is that khun sai eat a lot but her figure is 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • norrick higa
    norrick higa 7 months ago

    Wow..!!! We don't have beautiful malls like that in Hawaii either... That thing you floated away was very beautiful...

  • Sintauli Mora Tampubolon Sinta

    Wow beautiful

  • Nona Ubiz
    Nona Ubiz 7 months ago

    That makes perfect sense, to apologize to the god of the river.....for all of the shit that they throw into the river while they are apologizing for all the shit they threw into the river? HUH? LOL. Interesting culture, fascinating and beautiful people, and great food. Man, I want to visit Thailand so bad, perhaps one day.

    • Nona Ubiz
      Nona Ubiz 7 months ago

      @It's Me Sai I was only joking around. I hope you didn't take offense, Sai. I agree, it's cool that it is plants, etc. If it was PLASTIC boats, PLASTIC flowers, etc etc etc getting put in the water it would have been a bummer. You'll use ice next year, that's funny, you have a nice sense of humor. It was another great video, by the way.

  • Stephen Kite
    Stephen Kite 7 months ago

    Sai did a 4 minute solo , she getting hungry , she could have eaten that floating flower thingy , it looked edible , no sorry joking . A nice custom to get rid of all your worries :-)

  • bruce wayne
    bruce wayne 7 months ago

    I always come away after your videos with a big smile

  • april Villanueva
    april Villanueva 7 months ago

    Crowded place and nice..great vlog😘

  • Daryl Miller
    Daryl Miller 7 months ago

    You should offer travel packages, i think you would find a new revenue stream. Nice vidoe, glad to see Sia lead some of video.

  • Denis Malizani
    Denis Malizani 7 months ago

    That shopping centre looks nice. You're right there's nothing in Australia like that. Your comment I thought it was gonna sink. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • eric thefathead
    eric thefathead 7 months ago

    Sai almost ate that floral thing. has there ever been a time when Sai was not super hungry?

  • ena naa
    ena naa 7 months ago +3

    Hi Adam and Sai, it has been so long you didnt make a video. Today i enjoy seeing the video and this month Thailand celebration Loy Krathong day. Sai now can do her video by her own even a short while,😀😀😀 thats good for starting. Happy day ,wish all the best both of you. Thanks for the video😀😀😀😀

    • Adeline Dile
      Adeline Dile 7 months ago

      You both are great couples. Im waiting to see/ hear your big day. Do make it. Adam take care of her. Sai is generous and beautiful.

  • samuel Townsend
    samuel Townsend 7 months ago +8

    You guys have a winning combination, I do enjoy the locations the chemistry and overall positive nature that your presenting to us the viewers. Thanks for taking me down memory lane, the future is looking bright it’s going to be fun watching you grown this channel. I wish you good luck as you continue to shine ever brighter.

  • jigar patel
    jigar patel 7 months ago +1

    Is that chao phraya river ?

  • Tresor Itama
    Tresor Itama 7 months ago +1

    Don't cheat on her bro otherwise no views and some will unsubscribe 😂

  • Daryl Rowland
    Daryl Rowland 7 months ago +1

    That place was full on all to say bye bye to some flowers at least the food looked great thanks heaps daz

  • Keith Hogg
    Keith Hogg 7 months ago +1

    Well that was cool Adam. How does Sai like being a vlogger? I think she done a pretty good job. Beautiful looking mall. There sure was a crowd. Awesome mate.

  • Sean Bowman
    Sean Bowman 7 months ago +1

    Thsnks for another gr8 vid. Wish u both the best

  • jusskatin
    jusskatin 7 months ago +1

    Great video y'all

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    Bernie Cook 7 months ago +1

    Great video buddy thanks for sharing

  • Jimmy Berry
    Jimmy Berry 7 months ago +2

    Iconsiam just opened, that's why there are so many people.
    It's always nice to see both of you together. Don't stay gone so long.