Easy trick to remove plagiarism 100% from any type of document | How to Remove Plagiarism [Turnitin]

  • This trick is quite simple and easy to remove plagiarism 100% from any plagiarism checking software such as Turnitin etc.
    In this video by one trick you can remove 100% plagiarism means you get plagiarism free document. only by Microsoft word is required which is easily available.
    A trick to Beat| Remove| Reduce| plagiarism from to 10 Plagiarism checking tools
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    Unplug Checker

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  • Nashrat Hassan
    Nashrat Hassan 11 months ago +199

    Oh my God! This works!
    This trick is a saviour to people like me who have assignments due one week after the next. THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH...

    • Af Rin
      Af Rin 11 days ago

      How do you remove the red line

    • Amber_Razzaq
      Amber_Razzaq 15 days ago

      same question

      RINA YADAV 26 days ago

      How to remove red lines after plagiarism is completed

    • Hello Corp
      Hello Corp Month ago +1

      @Michael Beamer “Good artists COPY Great artists STEAL.”
      ~Pablo Picasso

    • edwin juma
      edwin juma 2 months ago

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  • 3d Music
    3d Music 3 hours ago

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  • Bawlaxoxo game
    Bawlaxoxo game 3 hours ago

    hello sir, this trick is useful. however i wonder what if teacher sees your video and then covert pdf into word and see that all document has redline. what should we do then?

  • biswajeet routray
    biswajeet routray 18 hours ago

    this is wont working

  • Ilona Gabriel
    Ilona Gabriel Day ago

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  • Dineeka Himashi
    Dineeka Himashi Day ago

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  • priya 2020
    priya 2020 2 days ago

    Sir maine bilkul apke way se plagiarism remove kiya ..fir b 67 % aa raha plagiarism

  • payam HASan
    payam HASan 2 days ago

    Does it workk if u copy a document from google and paste it to Microsoft then to this steps ???? Plzz answer merr

  • Anjali Kumari
    Anjali Kumari 3 days ago

    Showing black sign after plagiarism check.Why?

  • Aubrey McBride
    Aubrey McBride 3 days ago

    I spent like three days in a row to write my unique paper, but the teacher still said it was plagiarised! I didn't have any willingness to write more left, so I looked for academic writing service. I only used it once, but I really like myeasypaper.com. Especially how cheap they are. Received a 100% original research paper for only $60.

  • Shayan Abbas
    Shayan Abbas 4 days ago +1

    Thank you brother.. It didn't work

  • Chris Hawking
    Chris Hawking 4 days ago +2

    I was afraid to get caught on plagiarism or something like that, but the paper was crystal clear in regards to plagiarism and really well-written. I received A for that myeasypaper.com

  • Chem##1234 Bio
    Chem##1234 Bio 6 days ago

    Sir I am writing a review article I took many sentences from many research paper can I do the same .on my collected data?

    • KM. Tube
      KM. Tube  5 days ago

      No, I don't recommend this method for scientific publication.

  • zaenuri muhammad iksan

    I have uploaded file and save repository on turnitin and then i check again my file got 100% similar, if i try this way can be 0% similar ?

  • P Scan
    P Scan 7 days ago

    free checking files with URKUnD and Turnitin
    and for remove plagiarism send your files to pscan786@gmail.com

  • Rahaf Abdullah
    Rahaf Abdullah 7 days ago

    how can i get rid of the red lines

    KRAZY GAMES 8 days ago

    Holy cow recommend this if your need submit an assessment

  • Agash Thileep
    Agash Thileep 9 days ago

    Does it work on istlearning

  • Abdullah Butt
    Abdullah Butt 10 days ago

    How to undo this trick? Anyone please help!!!

    • Olivier
      Olivier 18 hours ago

      @Sai Rohith Karanam You tried to betray the teacher therefore God has made it impossible to fix, and you can only write a new paper.

    • Sai Rohith Karanam
      Sai Rohith Karanam 18 hours ago

      @Olivier Still if i open a new word document,i am facing this issue..please do say a solution sir,give ur mail id,i will cotact you sir

    • Olivier
      Olivier 18 hours ago

      @Sai Rohith Karanam You can only do it manually.

    • Sai Rohith Karanam
      Sai Rohith Karanam 18 hours ago

      yes sir,i am also facing this problem.please say if u know

    • Olivier
      Olivier 6 days ago +1

      write a new paper.

  • MUHAMMAD Mutakabir
    MUHAMMAD Mutakabir 10 days ago +1

    How to undo the changes made? Please help i need to submit my assignment. I suspect something is wrong after following this method.

    • Sumanth kasi
      Sumanth kasi 9 days ago +1

      Bro just on the replace button replace the space+I with the space and set the font to normal

    • MUHAMMAD Mutakabir
      MUHAMMAD Mutakabir 9 days ago

      @Abdullah Butt maybe a step by step guide will be better brother.

    • Abdullah Butt
      Abdullah Butt 9 days ago

      @MUHAMMAD Mutakabir go to that replace dialogue box first and then read my message slowly and carefully see step i am explaining for each 1) the replacing word (space) and 2) the word to be replaced (space+i). Which is the opposite of what we did before. Just adjust the font settings of both as i instructed.

    • MUHAMMAD Mutakabir
      MUHAMMAD Mutakabir 10 days ago

      @Abdullah Butt very confusingly. If u can show a video that will be great

    • Abdullah Butt
      Abdullah Butt 10 days ago

      @MUHAMMAD Mutakabir I've found the solution.. replace space+i with space but format of font of the latter should be what your standard font size is and of no color while the former should be if size 5 and of white colour as selected before. There are two seperate format settings for the word that replaces and the word to be replaced.. got it??

  • Iqra Khan
    Iqra Khan 10 days ago

    This trick is nothing but just making fool. Do not try this because it just add letter 'i' infront of every letter !! Do not try this if you don't want to fail.

  • linda flores
    linda flores 10 days ago +1

    I'am taking Business classes and we use turnitin.com to check my work , for plagarism and also for checking the gramatical too, I l❤ve it. and is easy 👍👍

  • MUHAMMAD Mutakabir
    MUHAMMAD Mutakabir 12 days ago

    Please help brother, how not to get the paradigm software not to see the i word.

  • MUHAMMAD Mutakabir
    MUHAMMAD Mutakabir 12 days ago

    Just wanted to check, any possibilities to find this out?

    • MUHAMMAD Mutakabir
      MUHAMMAD Mutakabir 12 days ago

      Don do this, i just try paradigm software able to see the i.

  • MyTech
    MyTech 15 days ago +1

    Kind of a crude method, but I suppose something is needed to deal with the outdated plagiarism expectations. By that I mean the use of checking software implies that a billion people can all write about the same subject without describing it the same way twice, which is totally not in touch with reality. Not plagiarizing a specific section of a school library is a lot easier than not having phrasing that has ever been posted on the internet.

  • Ahmed Askar
    Ahmed Askar 16 days ago

    waste of time

  • Anindita Pradhan
    Anindita Pradhan 17 days ago

    How to remove the red lines?

  • Kenneth Stone
    Kenneth Stone 18 days ago +29

    To all my students I know how this sh*t works. So don't you ever try :D

  • Azaleah Rose
    Azaleah Rose 19 days ago

    Didn't help at ALL

  • Rahayu Indry
    Rahayu Indry 20 days ago

    If I used this way could I be free from the plagiation with using turnitin application?

  • Cray Zee
    Cray Zee 20 days ago +1

    folks when i put in plag checker it shows all space replaced by that "i" and exported pdf by given method is ok I.e not replaced by I as same as original...why?

  • humaira ramzan
    humaira ramzan 21 day ago

    i try alot to remove plagiarism from my thesis but not succeed

  • ashok v
    ashok v 22 days ago

    we use this trick for publishing articles......?

  • Maria rebecca
    Maria rebecca 23 days ago


  • android Refat
    android Refat 25 days ago

    Thanks a lot

  • Kamrul Islam Shipo
    Kamrul Islam Shipo 26 days ago

    Get yourself expelled from a University. Fuck with shitty unis but do not even try it with big uni!

  • xN0F3AR_47
    xN0F3AR_47 27 days ago

    Bro thank you xD

  • insidejob2012
    insidejob2012 28 days ago

    You have to love indans

  • ss bb
    ss bb Month ago

    you have to give me your face and I will do a lot of with it

  • Cynthia Luciano
    Cynthia Luciano Month ago

    How do you disable the red lines from microsoft word?

    GODSWILL CHILAKA Month ago +1

    Fast track to ignorance .
    Hard work pays believe me guys!

  • titima dz
    titima dz Month ago

    Can anyone please Tell me how I would check if I have any plaregiasim in my thesis ???

  • A K
    A K Month ago

    does this trick work if you are coping your friends assingnment and send it to the same teacher.

  • Ebenezer Owusu
    Ebenezer Owusu Month ago

    how do i get rid of the red lines in word

  • Al jarrah
    Al jarrah Month ago

    very smart!!

  • swod dave
    swod dave Month ago

    Do not care.. do you know how to get turn it in software for free.

  • Khurshid Mattoo
    Khurshid Mattoo Month ago

    Non sense.... U don't know what plagiarism is..... This screws up the grammar

  • Sooper Vidz
    Sooper Vidz Month ago

    Adding word but its cannot be seen us because of color but software can see so

  • Mazhar Bukhari
    Mazhar Bukhari Month ago +1

    I appreciate the effort that you have made to bypass plagiarism check. I suggest to all true researchers not to choose shortcuts in research. Higher Authorities have mentioned the people on their websites about plagiarism cases. It is just an embarrassment at highest level. Thanks and bye from Pakistan.

  • Wild West Gunslinger
    Wild West Gunslinger Month ago +1

    You have more than earned a like my friend.

  • Ruwaid Humaid
    Ruwaid Humaid Month ago

    What an idiot and ignorant you are 👆

  • Vigyan4you#1
    Vigyan4you#1 Month ago

    Yes it will definitely work

  • Azhar K
    Azhar K Month ago +1

    This is how to cheat. Very bad!!!!

  • Rasel khan
    Rasel khan Month ago

    Thanks a lot.....!

  • Sayid Zaki
    Sayid Zaki Month ago

    What will happen if i use the color of black?

  • Ellis Tomago
    Ellis Tomago Month ago +9

    How to cheat yourself out of an education by having no integrity at all.

    • AllerGrappigst
      AllerGrappigst 25 days ago

      @Clap Nation haha he is obviously a teacher indeed. Or that one girl that reminds the teacher of the homework he would check.

    • Clap Nation
      Clap Nation Month ago +3

      Ellis Tomago your a teacher

  • PhantomPack
    PhantomPack Month ago

    does it work ?

  • Emdadul Haque
    Emdadul Haque Month ago +3

    if you use this technique you will just heart attack!!!!!!!!!!

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar Month ago +1

    It's a known technique, same as white quote. Don't try this, most college require it in doc format and they adjust the color settings

  • cool view
    cool view Month ago +1

    hello guys, reporting at feb 12, 2020...can someone tell me if this works and is still valid?

    • James Mburu
      James Mburu Month ago

      hey, this method is still working but most colleges have discovered the trick. So the best way to avoid is to paraphrase and citing the right away. In case you need any help with assignments and term papers please let me know or reach me via jamesmburu460@gmail.com

  • AlamGeer Khan
    AlamGeer Khan Month ago

    Could we use the method in Latex?

  • Callum
    Callum Month ago

    There should be marks for this level of sneakiness. That's got to be desirable to employers somewhere

  • Anthony Mckinney
    Anthony Mckinney Month ago

    You need to speak up.

  • Radhe Chaudhary
    Radhe Chaudhary Month ago

    fuck this technique , red line is removed by some way, but when i put this paragraph it will show" i "in every word and which many spelling mistake in grammerly , do not use this technique. i tired of removing i of every word , then i have to write same report in new Ms word file.

  • Hello Corp
    Hello Corp Month ago +2

    583 teachers disliked this content. 😂

  • Zvi Davis
    Zvi Davis Month ago +1

    I am a professor. When I catch a student doing something stupid like this, I don't give them an F. I have them expelled from the school and make sure on their transcript it says expelled for unethical behavior. This way they will have this black mark for the rest of their career.

  • Nouman waqar
    Nouman waqar Month ago

    If you need Turnitin account for three years you can contact my WhatsApp number or directly call my number +36203176369 or email: researchassistance105@gmail.com

  • Hassan Jamil
    Hassan Jamil Month ago +2

    This is totally unethical and unprofessional. As being Momin one should consider this act of deception as a sin.

  • Kassahun Gashu
    Kassahun Gashu Month ago +1

    OMG 100% working previously 64% now 1%

  • Tony Halk
    Tony Halk Month ago +1

    Guys better you leave this for professionals. For those who has no time to watch videos feel free to check out myeasypaper.com. You can get 10 pages like 2800 words college essay for just $100 within a few days. Also you can directly contact the writer and ask whatever you want even outside your topic. I always ask them to make it easier because im international student from UAE you know. I used them 2 years and only 1 time writer was late because I gave him wrong topic and he needed to redone it.

  • Anusha Vengala
    Anusha Vengala Month ago +1

    In searchenginereports.net/plagiarism checker site here in video mentioned "i" is visible
    How to get out of this problem😭😭😭

  • Creative Savants
    Creative Savants Month ago

    we can provide you turntin report free

  • Tamil Lifestyle
    Tamil Lifestyle Month ago

    Hi by doing this, will it effect the Google ranking?

    • Tamil Lifestyle
      Tamil Lifestyle Month ago

      @KM. Tube Google search results . By doing this type of shorcut. Will Google pagerank come down

    • KM. Tube
      KM. Tube  Month ago

      what do you mean by google ranking?

  • Madhav mukhiya
    Madhav mukhiya Month ago

    How to Undo it??..

  • Mfaume H. Rissasi
    Mfaume H. Rissasi Month ago +1

    I bet all who come to view this video are cheaters. You were figuring out ways of plagiarizing without being caught and found this video

  • Amna Arshad
    Amna Arshad Month ago +1

    Can u please tell me that how to remove i letter from my whole document.

    • Amna Arshad
      Amna Arshad Month ago

      @KM. Tube Agar save kar liya hy then ab usy i ko remove karna ho tu kya kary?

    • KM. Tube
      KM. Tube  Month ago

      if you have applied this trick to your doc and you don't want it to be applied on your doc just close your doc and don't save it.

  • Majorie Figaro
    Majorie Figaro Month ago

    Lol scared to do it

  • Mewdo 007
    Mewdo 007 Month ago

    this is bs

  • Muzamil Ijaz
    Muzamil Ijaz Month ago

    It's not applied in University

  • Javed Sultan
    Javed Sultan Month ago +3

    KM. Tube
    but you have to turn it in with your name to your college or university.. Write now you checked it with the names of original researchers.. so it is obviously not detect is as plagiarism.