Epic Party Dishes

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
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  • Bára Navrátilová

    I need to teď those 😱

  • Dippy_DoT_Mann
    Dippy_DoT_Mann Day ago

    I might consider these, but first, I don't think my lawyer wants to stay buried...
    **Beating down screaming dirt mound with bloody shovel**
    Think cheese and sauce might help this..?

  • VR VR
    VR VR 2 days ago

    Why am I watching this? Ill never bother and now I'm hungry.

  • Nimmie!
    Nimmie! 3 days ago


  • People R. Animals
    People R. Animals 3 days ago

    Bake one hour? This is fake. Those marshmallows would have melted flat. I would know this because my famous dish is baked with marshmallows on top. You add them last after the dish cools down, then put them on top of your dish and put them under the broiler between 30 seconds to one minute TOPS.

  • Im Temmie
    Im Temmie 5 days ago


  • Rosey The Demon
    Rosey The Demon 5 days ago

    7:28 Okay, these people *clearly* did 9/11.

  • Rosey The Demon
    Rosey The Demon 5 days ago

    When you're allergic to about all of the things in this video

  • Ceeka Peeka
    Ceeka Peeka 6 days ago

    I am the sort of person who loves cooking but never cooks

  • GTW !
    GTW ! 6 days ago

    When I’m not hungry I watch these to make me hungry

  • SinB Jjang
    SinB Jjang 7 days ago

    **makes the food**
    ...ill eat it by myself

  • Metal8Lover
    Metal8Lover 8 days ago

    Sweet baby jesus stop with the cilantro🤢

  • Maniac Jack
    Maniac Jack 8 days ago

    Don’t watch if you’re lactose intolerant

  • The Random Dudeman
    The Random Dudeman 9 days ago

    I want to be a professional eater at tasty

  • The Master Gamer 123

    That was hat first monstrosity?

  • erio milk
    erio milk 9 days ago +1

    7:22 are you left or right

  • erio milk
    erio milk 9 days ago +1

    1:00 oh my god that is so extra imagine how much batter and stuff you have to make 😂😂 looks tasty tho 👀

  • Limoonade
    Limoonade 10 days ago

    Who does not get hungry here

  • Kirsty Ferguson
    Kirsty Ferguson 10 days ago

    Why does everything have so much cheese on it? 😂

  • jenni viinikka
    jenni viinikka 11 days ago

    I feel like these look way easier to make than they actually are

  • Maya Abdelgadir
    Maya Abdelgadir 11 days ago

    2:15 those pieces looked the best 🤤🤤🤤

  • Omar Qatarneh
    Omar Qatarneh 12 days ago

    The sad part is that people won’t appreciate that you just cooked a feast and proceed to look for Doritos

  • oh no it's her again
    oh no it's her again 12 days ago

    I recognize Alvin's hands when i see them

  • Em H.
    Em H. 12 days ago +1

    i was watching this half-asleep and when the person took off the watch at 4:07 i thought they were gonna mix it in the batter

  • xxXPrakharXxx
    xxXPrakharXxx 13 days ago

    *No 5-ingered beings we're hurt in making of this video

  • Elsa Huffman
    Elsa Huffman 17 days ago


  • Lemon0s
    Lemon0s 17 days ago

    I'm going to make all this one day and eat it by myself.

  • Kg do ae email and Gjjf a we q be back

    Bro they stole the content from the second one from a guy named tasty

  • Newt Scamander
    Newt Scamander 19 days ago +1


  • Ariana Espinoza
    Ariana Espinoza 20 days ago

    Looks like more trouble than it’s worth

  • Sound Cat
    Sound Cat 20 days ago

    You guys must have some really really really really really really really full bellies

  • Fatima K
    Fatima K 20 days ago

    Christians be like: hey Haffsa have you tried bacon
    Muslims be like: Nope it’s haram for us
    Dude: WaIT wHAt YoU haVEN’T iTS dA BEst
    Haffsa: thanks for making life miserable ;-;

  • TheClover | Pack Openings

    Roses are red violets are blue I’m to lazy to make this and so are you

  • Shane Turner
    Shane Turner 22 days ago

    Like the cakes you are doing

  • Maijanae Mcewen
    Maijanae Mcewen 22 days ago

    Who else notices how the rice was already gummy and then they still added an egg to it @4:08

  • Trevor Rasberry
    Trevor Rasberry 22 days ago

    god this video is shit you cant make shit fuck you you suck dicc anus thats too much noodles you fucking anus shit

  • Dragon girl draws 112264

    Wow, they made allot of these salty AF

  • Julie DaFreak
    Julie DaFreak 24 days ago

    Sees first recipe
    Me:I want dis
    Sees the rest of the recipes
    Also me: and dis and dis and dis and EVERYTHING YOU GOT

  • Maria P.
    Maria P. 24 days ago +1

    Tasty: sorry did we say epic? Lol.. We meant expensive 😂 😂

  • Makyela Harris
    Makyela Harris 25 days ago

    At 7:41 - 9:21 they didn’t tell us what they were making

  • Krishna Rao
    Krishna Rao 25 days ago

    01:57 that's how they made states of the United States of America

  • achuarplayzyt
    achuarplayzyt 25 days ago

    On the 8 treats one tray i would've just got the brownie smores cookie dough m"m and cheese cake batter then leave the rest

  • Dora Maria Sanchez
    Dora Maria Sanchez 25 days ago +2

    Come to my house and make those please, 😂lol, you have one more subscriber, keep making these videos, plus, they're super satisfying❤❤❤

  • Eleventh Piløts
    Eleventh Piløts 25 days ago

    Wait am I the only person who’s brownie batter actually pours? Cuz I know damn well when I make brownies the batter can’t mold like theirs.

  • Саша Шмидт
    Саша Шмидт 26 days ago

    Просто поверни в разные стороны

  • I_ Fox
    I_ Fox 26 days ago

    On 15:42 so wunderful 18:17

  • Yoggur t
    Yoggur t 26 days ago +1

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  • TRY ME you old women
    TRY ME you old women 26 days ago

    Yall are upsessed with circles

  • Lee Nelson
    Lee Nelson 27 days ago

    I love the fact that there's two sets of hands. Gives an Abbott and Costello feeling to it.

  • Ube Taro
    Ube Taro 27 days ago

    Tasty has an obsession with molding food into a bowl shape or something

  • CHICKEN_HACKER46 gang_gang_fatty46

    DON'T TRY THE PIGS IN A BLANKET I threw up for 4 days straight

  • Anant Bedekar
    Anant Bedekar 29 days ago


  • Naushaad Bera
    Naushaad Bera Month ago

    I LOVE TASTY IT MAKES MAH DAY ! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Andrea Macchia
    Andrea Macchia Month ago


  • Electric Lucario
    Electric Lucario Month ago

    I'm watching this a 1 am with no food In my pantry and not having eaten in 7 hours wish me luck

  • Miguel Garzon
    Miguel Garzon Month ago

    Who classified these as "party dishes" whoever didn't really didn't go out much

  • FuzzyPineapple
    FuzzyPineapple Month ago

    Not considered party food if you’re eating it all by yourself and crying in the corner

  • Tom Hann
    Tom Hann Month ago

    Noone gonna talk about when they called croissant dough, "cresent roll dough" like whut the hell vshjdbduxksnn at 9:30

  • Vilding QUeen with every bias

    So much mozzarellas , cheese and salt


    Show my subscriber and get this menu

  • Kiziah Forever
    Kiziah Forever Month ago

    iI would love to make these dishes but, I don't want diabetes...

  • Asian AppleGamer
    Asian AppleGamer Month ago

    Thia shoyld be renamed to "Making the Gruesome Foods Matt Stoney Eats on a Daily Basis"

  • Mehas Dervisi
    Mehas Dervisi Month ago


  • Michael
    Michael Month ago

    Some of these are absurd and ordinary recipes made much harder

  • Shaniya Nicholls
    Shaniya Nicholls Month ago

    13 easy microwave cake recipes & epic party dishes

  • Shaniya Nicholls
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    13 easy microwave cake recipes

  • Shaniya Nicholls
    Shaniya Nicholls Month ago

    13 easy microwave recipes

  • Mr. Potato
    Mr. Potato Month ago

    1:53 when they lift it up it makes me cringe

    #THEMUSICALMAN !! Month ago


  • queen222 queen222
    queen222 queen222 Month ago +2

    Una cosa con mozzarella e pomodori , Non è sempre pizza 😂 dai ! (Comunque Non parlo italiano molto bene) 😅

  • RavenFromTeenT
    RavenFromTeenT Month ago

    Now Im hungry. I want to steal one of those cookie bars in 1:54

  • Raúl Quintana
    Raúl Quintana Month ago


  • Laura Gabriela
    Laura Gabriela Month ago


  • Kaniel Upchurch
    Kaniel Upchurch Month ago

    Who still uses bay leaves 😝 😂 😆

  • Pig Rebel
    Pig Rebel Month ago +21

    Did anyone notice and 11:53 it says Chillin dog ring after tomato basil mozzarella

    • x f l o r a ガチャ
      x f l o r a ガチャ 6 days ago

      Pig Rebel It said chili dog bread ring, but no I had to go back because I skipped most of the video to find the thumbnail

    • 3lectro
      3lectro 23 days ago

      Bailey Boo chili dog bread ring*

  • Stefano Patti
    Stefano Patti Month ago

    Quella non è una mozzarella bitch son

  • MEME BABY 666
    MEME BABY 666 Month ago +1

    Unsubbed too much chicken breast.want chicken legs

  • Lifestyle Blogs
    Lifestyle Blogs Month ago

    Nice Video..yummyyyy

  • Slime Nation
    Slime Nation Month ago

    2:55 uses caned tomato’s
    Gordon Ramsay is triggerd

  • Tiong Sherwynn
    Tiong Sherwynn Month ago

    Gonna actually try these, make them for my girlfriend❤

  • Miki The Gamer 895
    Miki The Gamer 895 Month ago

    7:21 this is cool but who tops their pizza with that much basil?

  • drygolem rock
    drygolem rock Month ago

    it's so satisfying to watch this channel

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  • Ieuan Law
    Ieuan Law Month ago

    Is it just me who gets really hungry after watching this

  • Music Man
    Music Man Month ago +9

    Now for party drinks
    2.More beer

  • ŁakiCzaki
    ŁakiCzaki Month ago

    I have to do it soon 😍

  • Arianna Arrollo
    Arianna Arrollo Month ago +1

    The person with pepperoni: TRIGGERED!!!!!

  • Rachel king
    Rachel king Month ago

    Why am I watching this at 3 in the morning please 😂☺️

  • River B
    River B Month ago

    I'm crying in Sicilian dialect here, what in the everlasting hell is wrong with you and basil? Are you trying to singlehandedly extinguish the entirety of basil plants on the planet? I don't understand..

  • Aiden Giles
    Aiden Giles Month ago +2

    Uh... why must I make myself suffer from these videos?

  • Cole B
    Cole B Month ago +1

    Why am I watching this at 1:00 am...

  • Simple Life Cooking
    Simple Life Cooking Month ago +1

    My favorite channel.:)

  • Kinzie Burton
    Kinzie Burton Month ago

    Bbbbbv vvvvvvvvvbbvvvvbvbvvvvv. Dvdeed,

  • Logan Carty
    Logan Carty Month ago

    the only 2 things i want to make are the italian ring and the chicken buffalo ring

  • Logan Carty
    Logan Carty Month ago


  • kawaii gaming
    kawaii gaming Month ago +2

    I'm watching this at 3 a.m OMG I said to myself wth am I still doing on da phone??

    • Zaza zaza
      Zaza zaza Month ago

      Lol 2 hours later it 5:18 am and I found your comment just now. It's nice to know that someone is doing the same thing as me! XD

  • Rue_The_Fluff:3 :3
    Rue_The_Fluff:3 :3 Month ago +21

    9:45 cook till golden and beautiful 😂

  • Sydney the smol potato

    Albert: now that’s *EPIC*
    Comment if you watch Albert :3